17 People Who Should Have Thought Twice Before Posting That Selfie

Society as a whole has always been vain, and people have always loved having their picture taken. Thanks to modern technology, it's now easier than ever to take a photo of yourself. We’ve gone from having cameras, to having digital cameras, to having phones with cameras, to having phones with cameras that allow you to view the photo as you take it. So there is really no excuse for taking a "bad" selfie.

But if you do manage to take a bad selfie, you still should have time to think about it before you post it on social media. Not all people take such caution, though. It's unfortunate for them that these selfies made it onto cyberspace before they realized what they were doing, yet very fortunate for us. Here are some people who should have thought twice (or at least once) before posting their selifes.

17 A good, clean selfie

Via: wastedpotatoes.com

One of the biggest problems with selfies gone wrong is that they usually involve someone wearing way too little or doing something inappropriate, or at least have some sort of R-rated background. This little guy has none of those problems with his picture. In fact, he took a good, clean selfie. But his background does have some questionable content . . . like his selfie stick, which is ironically what makes this selfie so clean. The attempt at throwing up a gangster sign with the other hand makes it even funnier. Maybe he didn't catch too much flak from his middle school peers, though we're pretty sure he did. Hopefully, if his parents see this, they will buy him a real selfie stick to help him along with his future profile pictures.

16 A picture's worth a thousand shirts

Via: wastedpotatoes.com

Here's a guy who thinks he's smooth with the ladies, all while trying to be a bit rough around the edges. He's trying to impress the ladies with his thug life clothing choices and smug look. At first glance, it appears that he is implying he lives in a house full of girls. But a closer look at the background of this selfie reveals that he may actually mean "dollhouse" in the literal sense. He obviously has a real dollhouse in his home. Hopefully, he has a little sister so that he can at least say the dollhouse is hers in case any b*tches come to visit. But we're going to take a bet and say that he's probably safe from any girls coming to his house unless he really does have a younger sister that they're coming to visit instead.

15 Just a little anal

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Anal—uh, we mean Lana—is a pretty girl who doesn't look to have any major character flaws like using dustpans for technology devices or trying to thug up a dollhouse. Her one downfall, however, is forgetting to check the mirror. Like most girls, she probably checked her hair and makeup before posting this selfie, just not the backside of the mirror. Had she took a second to read between the lines, she would notice that the name 'Lana' reads like 'anal' in the mirror.

We’re pretty sure that it didn't take long for someone to point out this little mistake to her on social media. Even if she took the photo down after that, it's obviously still circulating online. Hopefully, she escaped all this without a new nickname, though it's quite doubtful.

14 R-rated reflection

Via: i.imgur.com

Just as Lana proved to us with her selfie, objects in mirrors are not always how they appear in real life. Sometimes, they're smaller, larger, or just plain anal. But reflections don't always lie, which is why it's never good to look up intimate issues online when you're wearing sunglasses. This girl did just that for whatever reason, and then decided to take a selfie during her online shopping spree. Then, she decided to post the selfie before checking out the lens—glasses lens, not camera lens.

If she was wanting to keep her purchases to herself, it's a little too late for that. Perhaps, while she's online looking up "accessories," she should head on over to a sunglasses site and find a new pair that won't reflect so directly.

13 The classic fake girlfriend

Via: successwithkirk.net

Mirrors and sunglasses are bad for selfies with their ruthless reflections. Another culprit is the good old car window. It can reveal that an image is actually a selfie when the guy in the photo is trying to act as if his girlfriend actually took the picture. This poor guy tried just that, and probably would have gotten away with hiding the fact that he actually took the photo had it not been for that window getting in the way. Of course, we can all see that he really doesn't have a girlfriend, and after posting this photo, it's doubtful he will have one for some time. Maybe he should meet the girl who got caught browsing online for sex toys. They would probably make a good couple, considering that they are both in the market for some attention and both have been humiliated online.

12 Toilet time

Via: looneylane.org

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest pooper of all? This girl has gotten ready for the day and wants to take a quick selfie before she leaves. But she also really needs to pee. Decisions, decisions. Why not multitask and take a toilet selfie? That's exactly what she did, totally ignoring the fact that there was a mirror on the door directly behind her. Not only do we now have a photo of her on the toilet, but we also can see that she's not the tidiest of all either. That door could use some major cleaning. The least that she and anyone else who lives there could do is wash their hands before touching the door. But who has time for all that? Taking a selfie is so much more important. Time is apparently so limited that there's no time to double-check the background of the photo before posting it.

11 An accidental nude

Via: pinteresthumor1.inspireworthy.com

One of the biggest scandals since the invention of the selfie is nude photos. This has caused more breakups, job losses, and every other imaginable problem than any other type of photo online. What's sad is when someone posts a nude photo accidentally. But is there such a thing as an accidental nude? There is when you attempt to take a face selfie, but forget that you're in front of a mirror like this poor guy. We can all tell that he didn't mean for his white butt to be in the background. A big tan line with a side of crack sitting on the dresser isn't something you would intentionally post for all the public to see. That big smile on his face lets us know he is totally ignorant to the behind hanging out behind him. While we're making online matches, he should perhaps meet toilet girl. Let's just hope his selfie isn't used on an online dating profile already.

10 Curve appeal

Via: lamebook.com

While nude photos will certainly get someone in trouble, so will doctored photos. Thanks to advances in technology, smartphones are filled with filters that allow us to manipulate photos. This can be used for cool effects or to help make oneself look better. The latter was in play with this girl's dressing room selfie. She appears to have an hour glass figure with a tiny waist and curves on either end. At first glance, this will make everyone want to shop at this store! That is, until you spot the curvy door behind her. Someone called her out on it in the comments, and she admitted to filtering the photo "like 8 times." Well, there's your curve appeal right there! So much for magic clothes. Next time, she should just crop the door out of the photo and let everyone continue to envy her fake figure.

9 One hairy situation

Via: someecards.com

This picture is none the less disturbing, and the position of the girl's hand makes it even more disturbing. That is, until you read the caption, and then it's downright hilarious! A fuzzy little black dog can really cause some confusion when put in this position. Only recently would this pose such a problem, as the infamous leg selfie has grown in popularity. Girls take a photo of their legs with a peaceful background such as the beach or park to show that they are getting some sun and enjoying a relaxing summer. This girl should have let her dog relax elsewhere, or at least position the furry creature where you could see it's face to cut down on the ambiguity in this photo. Not only will we know that there's a dog in her lap, but it can also help rule out that this is another case of the nude selfie.

8 Attack of the crack

Via: someecards.com

Now here's a cute girl trying to take an innocent selfie. Sadly, she was photobombed by a crack in the background. What's even funnier, or more disturbing, than having an old man's butt hanging out behind her is that his crack almost matches her cleavage. They are both wearing red shirts, and the crack and cleavage seem to be the same size. This image helps prove that while one kind of skin is welcome to show by most and the other is found as an eyesore, they're really not all that different after all. What a bummer for the cute girl! So much for trying to look subtly sexy in a smiling selfie. She could benefit from some image cropping before posting, much like the girl who fell victim to the curvy door in her dressing room selfie.

7 Police photo opt

Via: izismile.com

Judging by the youthful expression and acne spots on his face, this kid couldn’t have had his driver's license for too long. He is obviously a novice at getting pulled over, too, as he doesn't quite seem to understand the common "there's a cop in my window" etiquette. He comes from the generation of "let's document everything we do with photos," including such moments as sitting on the toilet and even getting pulled over by the cops. The policeman doesn't look too amused by this selfie. There's no doubt that if he was planning on letting this young driver off with a warning, he's now decided to give him a ticket instead. If this kid was trying to look cool by taking a photo of himself being pulled over and posting it online, he seriously failed.

6 Karma's coming

Via: dumpaday.com

If you're fortunate enough to be a decent driver and not get pulled over by the cops, then you can at least avoid the cop selfie. Maybe you're even a good enough driver to escape a wreck on a wet day out on the road. But being a decent driver doesn't necessarily translate into having some common sense. This guy is happy that he missed the wreck that happened to a car near him on the road. That doesn't mean he has to get all smug about it, though.

Instead of stopping to see if the people in the wreck needed help, or even just feel a little bad for them, he had to brag about missing the catastrophe himself. But he didn’t just brag to his passengers, he also bragged to everyone on Twitter. Not cool dude. Karma's coming for you!

5 Personal evidence

Via: izismile.com

As if taking a photo of yourself getting pulled over by a cop or missing a wreck were not bad enough, some more teens decided to go the extra mile and document their extreme bad behavior. Driving fast is one thing, but an armed robbery is just too much. Apparently, it wasn't too much to keep this pair of teens from taking a selfie before they committed a crime. They thought they were slick by carrying a camera on the scene, but neglected the fact that there might be another camera on the scene too—a security camera. It not only caught them dressed in ski masks, holding a large knife, ready to rob someone, but also caught them documenting a before picture of the robbery. As if the crime itself didn't get them in enough trouble, we’re sure this little act of vanity for bragging rights on committing a crime sealed the deal in getting them arrested.

4 Jail cell selfie

Via: izismile.com

So much can be said about this photo. This puts the adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words" to the test as the words are more important than the picture in this case. These two girls could easily be in any public building given the background, including a university classroom or a church community room. Sadly, neither of those are true as the caption lets us all know they are in the county jail. They are not wearing orange yet, so either they haven't been booked or they're not the actual criminals. Maybe they're visiting their boyfriends who just committed a robbery and took a selfie beforehand. Whether they're the bad guys in this scenario or they're just innocent bystanders who happen to be at the jail, this is no good place to take a selfie. What were they thinking?

3 Making fun of Mrs. Mama

Via: @SpideyNikka/Twitter

It's a hard job to be a teacher, especially to high school or college students. It's often a thankless job that puts you at the mercy of a bunch of cocky, smart aleck kids. The job can get worse if you're pregnant. Imagine having mood swings and feeling sick, all while having to teach a bunch of bratty kids. The only thing that could be worse is if you went into labor at school, during class. This poor teacher did just that! She started having contractions in class in front of her students. The worst part of all is that one of her students decided to get in front of her and take a selfie. We can clearly see that she is in pain, but her student is all smiles in the foreground. Hopefully, the final grades were in before her contractions started. Otherwise, the student is sure to regret posting this selfie of his teacher having contractions.

2 A weird way to grieve

Via: izismile.com

We can all agree that there are definitely some inappropriate places to take a selfie. Some of the before mentioned examples include on the toilet and in the county jail. Then, there are some situations in which you would have to be stupid to take a selfie, like right before committing a crime. Just when you think you've seen it all, this crazy girl takes a funeral selfie. But not an innocent one with family members or friends, but rather one of herself in front of the coffin, full smirk across her face. It looks so creepy and devious that you have to wonder if this is really just an actress on the set of Pretty Little Liars. Who in the world would take such a photo? The only person who may come close to approving of this photo would be the guy who tweeted about the car wreck. Let's hope that Karma doesn't come after her, too!

1 The selfie of shame

Via: viralands.com

This guy is pretty proud of his shameless act. He just bagged the girl of his dreams, and he wants to share that news with the rest of the world. And thanks to selfies and social media, he can do just that. Maybe his post was a little premature, though. He should've consulted the girl in the bed before he posted this photo. Of course, we're sure, she would've said "no" and thought he was a pervert. Now she will really think he's a pervert, thanks once again to social media. The smile on his face says that he thoroughly enjoyed their time together. That's good for him, because once she catches a glimpse on this photo online, she'll never want to see him again. Much less do what was implied in the photo with him.

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