17 Photobombs That Turned Engagement Photos Into Something Spectacularly Awkward

Getting engaged is one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life, and because it’s such a special time, this moment is usually accompanied by a lot of photos. Sometimes these photos are adorable and will serve as a special memory for the rest of the couple's married life, and other times, well other times, the couple get photos that have been photobombed. Some are hilarious, but others you have to really feel for the pair because they’re never going to get that moment back, and their engagement photos are now cringeworthy, blurry, or were simply captured at the worst time.

Below are 17 photobombs that turned an engagement picture into something super awkward, and unfortunately, not all of the couples will be able to see the humor in their situation.

17 Bet They Wish He'd Stop Horsing Around!

You can spend months planning the perfect proposal, but when it finally happens you can never be sure how it's going to turn out. Take this couple's photo as an example; they decided to get their photos taken in the wilderness, surrounded by sunshine, fresh air, and horses, and it seems like the perfect plan and the most picturesque location, but animals can be so unpredictable.

What this couple didn’t plan on was getting a very inquisitive horse involved in their photos. But on this day, this majestic creature decided it wanted in on the action. And thus, what would have been a really romantic engagement photo, ended up with a horse sniffing the future Mrs' face, and she really doesn't look as though she's comfortable in this situation.

16 Never Work With Animals Or Children, Unless It's Baby Hippos

This may be an engagement photobomb, but it’s probably the cutest one you’ll ever see because who doesn’t love a baby hippo? The answer to that question is probably no one because this image became viral thanks to the cuteness of Fiona, the (then) 10-month-old hippopotamus.

Also, since this man decided to propose at Cincinnati Zoo, he and his bride obviously love wildlife, so this photo couldn't have been more perfect!

In fact, according to Patch, the pair were waiting in line to have their photo taken with the animal when the man decided to get down on one knee and ask his girlfriend of one year to marry him. She said yes, and with a photo like this to remember the moment, who wouldn't accept?!

15 A Shirtless Man Doesn't Make For A Romantic Engagement Memory

It’s summer and you’re making the most of it having a few drinks in a beach bar, you're relaxed and happy, so what better time to ask the love of your life to marry you, right? Umm… wrong! This may have been the perfect moment for these two, but it's definitely not the most romantic location for a proposal, especially considering there is a shirtless man not far behind them who is adding an awkward element to an otherwise cute snap.

This photo turned viral when the woman in the picture requested the help of the online community to remove the unwanted man from their loved-up photo.

But unfortunately for her, what you get from people on the Internet is never what you ask for, and instead, she was left with a bunch of hilarious memes.

14 Once You See His Face, You Can't Unsee It

At first glance, this looks like a very normal photo of a happy couple, but when you look closer, you can see that something is not quite right. There’s a face of what looks to be a man sticking out between their shoulders, and he looks to be really glaring at the couple who were a little freaked out about their picture after it was taken.

According to Brides, the man took to Reddit to share this photo and then the community spotted the photobomb. The scary thing is the couple claim they don't recognize the person behind them, and this prompted a few theories from Redditers; including the claim that it could be a ghost. Yep, there goes the last time they sleep with both eyes closed.

13 When Your Dad's Not So Thrilled About The Engagement

When you ask someone to marry you, you are also marrying into their family and this is usually why a man or woman will have a discussion with the person's father before popping the question. That is very old-school and traditional, but it seems that this father knew about his daughter’s big moment ahead of time, because he decided to come to the proposal and hold up a sign. But unfortunately for the couple, the woman's father wants her to say "no."

Hilarious for the rest of us, and it looks as though she’s going to say yes regardless, but it must be devastating knowing that your dad doesn’t approve of your choice of future husband.

That said, it was the bride who actually decided to post this picture to Twitter, so her old man was probably just messing around.

12 A Sweaty Celeb Doesn't Exactly Set The Mood For Love

Nothing sets the mood for romance like a sweaty celebrity photobombing your engagement photo! Then again, seeing Amy Schumer is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to you when in the Central Park.

According to Us Weekly, Alisa Siegel, the photographer behind this snap, was doing an engagement photo shoot, when Schumer interrupted it. She claims to have initially been shocked because she thought it was just a random sweaty runner shouting about how they wanted to be involved, but she agreed anyway. Little did Siegel and the couple know the random person was an A-list actress.

Had Schumer been less sweaty at the time of this photo, then it may have been a more memorable moment for the couple, but as it is, you can tell they don't even want to get close to her.

11 When The Stingray Won't Play Nice

Some people go to a great deal of effort to ensure that the person of their dreams gets the proposal they've been dreaming of, and it's pretty sweet how much thought went into making this a perfect moment. The man organized an elaborate proposal at a Canadian aquarium and even got a diver to hold up a sign asking his girlfriend to marry him, a question to which she obviously said yes to because otherwise, she wouldn’t be giving him a big smooch.

There’s just one problem, when it came time to photograph the happy couple’s moment, a stingray decided to make a photobomb and cover up half the sign!

And he didn't move for any of the photos because the future bride admitted on Reddit that she spent 10 minutes crying and laughing when she saw the result.

10 Their Big Moment Has Been Destroyed By An Awkward Tourist

Disneyland is the place where dreams come true, and that statement is accurate for this couple who got engaged there. The future groom obviously asked someone to take a photo to commemorate their special moment, but you can imagine the disappointment that these two felt after looking at their photo and realizing you can’t see the ring or the bride's face, because a tourist ended up ruining their moment by running in front of the camera.

His face says it all, he realized he was making an error, but by the time he did, he had already crossed over into the line of the camera.

Although we can understand how Disney or the aquarium can be meaningful places for a couple, a nice candlelit dinner at home could have produced more memorable photos. Just saying.

9 When He Wanted To Ask His GF To Marry Him, But Asked A Giraffe Instead

Giraffes are beautiful creatures, and it must have been an incredibly special moment to see them up close, so you can imagine why this was a time and place that held importance to this couple. This is why the man got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. The only problem is that as he was popping the question, the giraffe decided to get in on the action, too, making it look as though he was proposing to the animal instead of the love of his life. Hilarious! 

If you want something to go off without an issue, then you should probably not include children or animals because both are incredibly unpredictable,

and if you ever needed proof of that statement all you have to do is look at this photo.

8 I Don't Think They'll Sleep After Seeing These Photos

When you see what’s lurking in the background of this couple’s photo, it’s going to give you nightmares forever, because who the heck wants Pennywise the clown from IT to be following them?

It’s become increasingly common for people to dress up like clowns and hide in forests and walk on highways in the middle of the night, which is unimaginably creepy. But the good news is that this picture has been altered and there was no clown actually hanging out in the woods. If that was the case, this couple would be forced to burn their engagement photos because you don’t want a reminder of that.

Rather, this photo is thanks to the future bride’s brother, who thought it would be funny to ruin her engagement photo shoot by adding in the clown, post-production. It’s unlikely he’s going to be thanked for his handiwork because couples take engagement shoots seriously.

7 Well, This Is Awkward!

You decide to bring the woman of your dreams to the woods to ask her one question, and when your happy moment is being captured on film, a dog in the background decides it’s the perfect time to relieve himself.

Although the couple appears to be oblivious to what's going on behind them, when they see the result of their engagement photo they're going to be pretty disappointed.

This is one surprise they could have definitely lived without. The timing of this photo couldn't have been worse, because instead of just having a dog in the background, they have a dog in a very awkward pose.

The good news is that with the help of Photoshop, they can crop this photo, or eliminate the dog altogether.

6 This Couple Surprised Celine Dion And Her Face Is Everything

If you could choose who or what is going to photobomb your engagement photo, a choice between Celine Dion or a dog relieving himself is a very easy choice. So really, this couple doesn’t have it that bad. Especially since they are big fans of the singer, and the snap was taken at her pre-concert meet-and-greet for her Las Vegas residency, which is also where the guy chose to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Dion clearly wasn't in on this proposal, because unless she's been taking acting lessons she looks completely shocked, which makes the photo even more brilliant! Over the years, the singer must have seen fans do a lot of crazy and wonderful things, but it seems there are still some things which surprise her!

5 The Surprise Wedding Guest Stole The Bride's Big Moment

Up until this point on the list, we’ve mostly been interested in engagement photos, but this one, as you can see, is from a couple’s wedding day and it's far too good to leave out.

These lovebirds decided to say their vows in an unusual location, and it seems their choice for a wedding ceremony was at a local aquarium, but what they probably didn't bet on was getting a surprise wedding guest which would steal the bride's thunder!

And no, that guest was not an ex-girlfriend or a former friend who showed up wearing white, rather it was a white beluga whale, which decided to watch the proceedings from behind the glass.

This is one of those times when a photobomb is hilarious, but also improves the image, because who doesn’t want to look back on their big day and say they had a beluga whale as a wedding guest, right? And by the looks of the bride’s face, she’s not that upset.

4 This Woman Captures How We All Feel About Public Proposals

Sometimes you have to wonder why people choose to do public proposals. After all, this is a moment between two people, not the rest of the world, and there are enough videos and photos on the Internet of rejections and fails that would put most people off of this for good.

But not this couple, whose engagement was even featured on Good Morning America. Not because of their love story as much as it was for the brilliant reaction from the shocked woman behind them. Not that you can blame her, because how often do you witness a proposal in Disneyland between two people who appear to have been running (so they're super sweaty) only moments earlier? There's that, and then the woman's unusual choice of attire, a bright, neon tutu!

3 Cameron Dallas Figured He'd Make His Sister's Proposal Memorable

If this list proves anything, it’s that celebrities love a good photobomb (maybe because they’re so used to posing for pictures that these candid shots change things up for them), and Internet personality, Cameron Dallas, decided he was going to be a part of his sister’s big moment, whether she wanted him to be or not.

Sierra and her boyfriend got engaged at the Urban Light installation, and rather than giving the happy couple a moment to themselves, Dallas decided to jump in on the action and pose with an overly dramatic hand gesture.

No word on whether his sister found his actions hilarious, but Dallas was clearly proud of himself because he took to Twitter to share this photo along with his well-wishes.

2 When Bill Murray Photobombs Your Photo, Then Your Life Is Goals

OMG, it's Bill Murray! I'm pretty sure this is the way this couple will remember their engagement photo for the rest of their lives, because how many people can say they have a photo with a mega-famous actor in it? You have to love how casual Murray is. While the newly engaged couple is all dressed up, and the contrast between them makes for a hilariously awkward shot.

According to Mashable, the couple was having their photos taken by Raheel Gauba, from Fia Forever Wedding Photography, when Murray stumbled upon the shoot and tried his best to make the couple laugh from the sidelines. The photographer then asked the actor to join in, and because he's an awesome guy, he agreed. I can't lie, this is one engagement photo shoot that's going to make a lot of people jealous!

1 This Happens When Your Best Friend Is Having Separation Anxiety

When your best friend decides to get married, it can be tough because the relationship that you had is going to change dramatically. Your BFF is essentially replacing you with their future spouse, who will then take on the role of their best friend. So with this in mind, you can’t help but feel for this guy who is clearly having separation anxiety.

When the groom revealed to his best man that he would be getting married, his friend decided to do what any friend would, and include himself in the proceedings.

The thing is, this guy just went a little too far with his involvement. That said, the end result is absolutely hilarious and considering the couple posted it on Facebook, I think they agree.


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