17 Photos Eva Marie’s Husband Doesn’t Want Us To See

She’s gone from WWE at the moment but who knows, given her words with Wrestle Talk, a return isn’t out of the question. Here’s what she had to say; “If the opportunity arises and the timing is how it’s supposed to be, I definitely would come back to shake things up because I can always bring the heat. That’s for sure.”

For the time being, she marches on outside of the company. Fans can follow her via IG, clearly, she’s doing just fine without WWE. Her husband might be skeptical when it comes to some photos, however, whether they be WWE related or just a little too steamy for his liking.

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17 Throwback Photoshoot

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Before entering WWE, Marie was working modeling and commercial gigs, trying to get her name out there.

Here’s a throwback pic featuring Eva and a ball. During her earlier days, Marie was a great soccer player and if not for confidence issues, perhaps she would have perused the sport longer.

16 No Work

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As a husband, such moments must be hard to watch. This throwback pic from Total Divas shows Eva at WWE television, despite the fact that she didn’t even get an invite to the show. At that point, she was basically getting paid while watching on the sidelines.

We appreciated her commitment, showing up and trying to improve her relationship with management.

15 Wardrobe Malfunction

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We’ve seen such moments a lot in the past, especially during the ‘90s and early 2000s. Heck, we still see a lot of them today.

Jonathan can sleep a lot easier knowing that this moment was part of the show and not unscripted like the other malfunctions. Nonetheless, seeing his wife half-naked in the ring isn’t exactly ideal.

14 Controversy With The Other Divas

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She went through her fair share of controversy, both on and off camera. This one took place with the locker room leader at the time, Nikki Bella.

The Divas were concerned with Eva’s dedication towards her WWE career – believing she was only in it as a stepping-stone for something else down the line.

13 Bikini Babe

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Whether her hair is black, purple or red – Eva always grabs our attention. Especially when it comes to pics of Eva in a bikini, we just can’t look away.

She puts so much work into her physique and when we look at photos like the one above, that becomes really obvious. Sorry, Jonathan.

12 Catwoman

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I think we can all agree, Eva would make the perfect Catwoman. Yes, Halloween is now done and dusted, nonetheless, we can’t help but look back at some of Eva’s best moments on the October day.

This is among her top costumes, though she has a bunch that are just as appealing... visually.

11 With The Boss

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Clearly, Eva and Vince had a close relationship. Despite her limited experience and talent, she was constantly pushed by McMahon and the higher-ups.

In a way, this worked against Eva as it made the fans believe she was only getting pushed because of her look and not because of her potential in the ring.

10 Candid Down The Street

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Eva Marie takes great pics not only via photoshoots but also in candid settings. She’s a true beauty in the pic above, rocking a tight pair of jeans that look as though they are perfectly painted on.

We assume Jonathan would rather that thousands of people didn’t drool over such photos but hey, that’s life.

9 Husband Mode

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Let’s give Jonathan some credit, at least he admits via IG that he’s in full husband mode in the picture above. When it comes to anything wrestling related, he’s usually watching on the sidelines as a spectator.

Which begs the question, why is Eva in her ring gear? Is a return in the works?

8 Dodging The PC

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It was an admirable decision for Eva to send herself down, in search of some extra help.

However, what the locker room wasn’t too pleased with is the fact that Eva got private help, instead of joining the rest of the recruits at the WWE’s Performance Center.

7 Big Brother Stint

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This was a very big deal for Eva, as she enjoyed a spot on the cast of Celebrity Big Brother, which is watched by millions.

Unfortunately, her run wasn’t the greatest and she was portrayed as a villain more than anything else. Perhaps she aligned herself with the wrong houseguests.

6 More Match Trouble

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During the final part of her run, Eva was finally getting TV time. The only awkward part? Her persona was based around a gimmick that would make excuses for not competing match after match.

This was another example as Eva suffered from an apparent “leg injury.”

5 Gym Selfie

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She posted this photo to her IG account and boy are we ever happy that she did. Every now and then, you must stop and admire those gains – if we looked anything like Eva, we might be snapping pics throughout the entire workout.

Since leaving WWE, she’s only getting better.

4 White Dress Selfie

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A stunning selfie in a white dress. We definitely approve of both the outfit and the look. This is a throwback to Eva’s redheaded days with WWE.

In truth, she could’ve thrived with the company had she been eased in, instead of being thrown on Total Divas right from the get-go.

3 More Flexing

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She’s busting another flex while rocking the yoga pants. She also has the advantage of being able to train in the comfort of her own home, away from the madness of the fans.

At times, training without any distractions is that way to go – Eva surely knows that more than we do.

2 One More With The Boss

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Another pic of Eva alongside her former employer, Vince McMahon. This picture was taken from a tour overseas. Also in this picture, Big Show, Alicia Fox and R-Truth, all WWE vets.

Alicia Fox appears to be done with WWE as well, we haven’t seen the veteran in quite some time.

1 WWE Botches

We assume Eva’s husband wants to put such moments in the past for good. Eva made some bad mistakes during her career, but one of them in particular was really bad.

She took a terrible bump off the apron which looked completely amateurish. Unfortunately, similar moments would continue throughout her WWE run.

Sources – IG, YouTube & Twitter

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