17 Prom Outfits These Teens Actually Got Away With

This is why individuality is a terrible idea. Look, we know it's generally important for things like thought and passion. But when it comes to fashion, it can be an utter disaster. Don't believe us? Well, take a little look at some of these outfits that teens actually wore to their proms. Somehow they were able to get away with draping themselves in these atrocious garments without significant reprisals. But maybe that didn't matter to them? After all, no amount of unavoidable snickering, side-eye glances, or full-on beatings could stop them from dressing precisely the way they wanted to... like crap... Seriously, brace yourselves because some of these outfits will surely give you nightmares. At least, they should. Without further ado, here are 17 prom outfits these teens actually got away with.

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17 When Your Dress Arrives Looking Absolutely Nothing Like it Was Advertised...

via: The Independent and HBO

This teen made news when she ordered a dress she had seen online and it arrived looking nothing like what she ordered. In fact, it ended up looking like a dress an actor would wear during an interpretive dress about "that time of the month". Nevertheless, she wore it to prom as some sort of statement. What statement exactly? Well, you be the judge because we're too busy with our heads hung over the toilet bowl.

16 Where For Art Thou, Fashion-Sense?

via: Imgur and CW

We're pretty sure Bughead wouldn't approve of this Medieval-themed prom outfit, even though they did the same for an episode of Riverdale. We're not sure which one. We don't watch it. We have taste. Unlike these teens who are clearly so starved for attention that they're willingly setting themselves up for a life of rejection. Not just from other romantic partners, but also work. After all, who'd hire people with judgment this poor?

15 What Happens When You Get Banned From Going To Prom... Or Absolutely Should be...

via:Runt of the Web

Would someone please tell us what the heck is actually going on here? These two are dressed more for a rave than a prom. Then again, if we saw them at a rave, we'd probably stay clear. In all likelihood, the organizers of prom would feel the same way. These outfits are a surefire way of getting your butt thrown out of the high school gymnasium. And for good reason.

14 If You Dress Like Coors Light, You'll Be Treated Like Coors Light... Like The Absolute Last Choice

via:Runt of the Web and Netflix

Did these girls actually want to be chugged, forehead-crushed, and forgotten to be recycled? That's the attitude they surely inspired after showing up to prom like a fraternity house's living room. There's no way that these outfits jived with school policy. But, more importantly, these girls really need to be introduced to some better beer. Something from France or Belgium, perhaps?

13 If Elsa From Frozen Had A Love-Child With Jim Carrey's Character In Burt Wonderstone


So, we can't harp on the girl's outfit too much. It's fine. And those glasses actually look good on her. The boa may be a big bowl of a bit too much, but otherwise, she's fine. It's the guy we have issues with. Serious issues that go beyond his insulting goatee. He looks like he covered himself in glue and rolled around in Elton John's discarded glitter from the 1980s.

12 Peace, Love, And W-What The Heck Are You Doing?

via: Runt of the Web

Woodstock and the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s had an enormous cultural impact as well as inspired some of the best music ever written. Not to mention some fashion that's still cool today. But this is just a mockery of everything good that it influenced. Thir uniformity and planning also goes against some of the tenants of the movement. Besides that, they look like idiots.

11 Just Make Sure That Thing On Her Shoulders Isn't Still Alive

via: Runt of the Web and Pinterest

If that Ursula from The Little Mermaid? Maybe it's the creature in that new Kristen Stewart movie, Underwater? We're really not sure. We just want to make sure that it's not still alive by the time it reaches the dancefloor. Seriously, this thing's scary. It's simultaneously an outfit that inspires fear and mockery. Funny how those two traits often go hand-in-hand. But in this case, we'd like to add another descriptive... "disgust".

10 Where Are These Guys From And Just How Far Away From The Sun Is It?

via: eBaulm's World and Nicki Swift

There's so much going on with these outfits that it's hard to pinpoint what exactly they're trying to be? Is there a cultural significance to what they're wearing? Or is it just a cluttered mess? Whatever it is, it's not suitable for polite society. To quote Seinfeld, it's not even suitable for impolite society. Seriously, what were these two thinking? Maybe we'd know more if they told us where their home-world is.

9 It Wasn't Only Her Dad Who Was Furious About This Prom Dress; Her Daddy, On The Otherhand, Was Thrilled


She's peaking and she knows it. Maybe she doesn't know it consciously, but somewhere under that barely-there, highway-side bar dress, she knows that prom will be the high-point in her life.

This is a realization was also shared by her disappointed father and that creepy kid in the back. We don't know exactly what happened, but we can imagine it involved him getting rejected. But the kid shouldn't worry, he's likely to see her working at Walmart while he's trying to buy it in four or five years.

8 Just Because Howard Stern's Hair Is Iconic Doesn't Mean Your Dress Should Move Like It

via: Runt of the Web and Daily Mail

Howard Stern has iconic hair. It's real and barely greyed after so many years of being in the spotlight. But it's not a suitable influence for a prom dress. So what if this girl is in the middle of swooshing it? It shouldn't resemble it at any stage. It's not a good look. Nor is the pink top that looks as though it's been made from her melted Barbie's Dreamhouse playset.

7 Somebody Warn Alice That Wonderland's In Trouble


This truly unsettling. The guy looks as though he's a cheap rip-off of The Mad Hatter while the girl reminds us of every person we've avoided on the subway. These are two people who are in dire need of extensive therapy. After all, they have some issues to work out regarding their need for attention.

6 His Name Better Be "Christopher Robin" Cause That Would Be The Only Excusable Reason For These Outfits

via: Runt of the Web and Tumblr

Adults with this kind of obsession with Winnie the Pooh probably should be set adrift on a liferaft. For some reason, we find these matchy-matchy outfits really unsettling. Especially when they incorporate cartoon characters. Maybe if this was some clever way of marketing his name. But even then, it's still pretty icky.

5 These Two Almost Got Prom Right... Almost...

via: eBaulm's World and Netflix

The top halves are okay. Sure, they're not the nicest prom outfits around but at least they're acceptable. However, things take a dive once we reach the bottom. It's fine that they both have a thing for sports. It's nice that it's something that brought them together. But the rest of us don't need to be distracted by that ugly neon while we attempt to spike the punchbowl without getting caught by the principal.

4 Being Starved For Attention Isn't As Fun As It Looks

via: Runt of the Web and HBO

Prince had a style of his own. So does Madonna and Lady Gaga. But these are styles that just work for them. They certainly don't work for some 17-year-old kid from Nowhere, Minnesota heading to his underfunded prom. It just screams of, "Mommy and daddy never gave me enough attention so I need it from you!". Seriously, this is some sad stuff right here. Not just for him, but for every kid who trips over that excessively long cape.

3 When Your Dress Gets Caught In A Cotton Candy Machine

via: Runt of the Web and Netflix

Something tells us that this girl actually thinks she looks good. But, in fact, she either looks as though her dress got caught in a cotton candy machine or something really bad happened to Bozzo the Clown. Not everyone can afford a half-decent dress. But everyone can have some style. Nonetheless, she's probably the only person on this list that would be fun to party with.

2 Somebody Call A Shrink Cause These Two Clearly Didn't Get Enough Love From Their Parents

via:Runt of the Web

These two take "peacocking" to a whole new level. Even if the prom was themed, these outfits would be far from appropriate. Not because they have some revealing features, but because they are ugly AF. Also, those little hats are a tad disturbing. Someone needs to tell them that just because they have some creativity doesn't mean they should use it.

1 Fashion Is A Black And White Issue... You Either Look Good Or You Look Like This...


Black and white is a classy combination... when it's used in almost every circumstance but this one. Duct-tape is never a good material for clothing. Not only is it dreadfully unattractive and look cheap, but it's also remarkably uncomfortable. People usually pick between comfort and style. These two morons pick neither.

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