17 Ronda Rousey Photos That’ll Make Vince McMahon Miss Her

Since leaving WWE following her defeat at WrestleMania 35, we haven’t seen much of Ronda Rousey in the ring. She admitted to this multiple times in the past, she misses the company and the grind involved in being a WWE superstar. Fans are gossiping when it comes to a return, entering the Rumble and winning it all seems like a favorable scenario. However, according to Forbes, absolutely nothing is set in stone yet pertaining to her return.

So instead, we’ll reminisce in this article, looking at some of Rousey’s best moments, both in and out of the WWE world. Surely, Vince will miss her taking a look at some of these pics.

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17 Total Divas

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If Vince McMahon turns on Total Divas, he’ll likely miss Ronda Rousey as she’s the new star on the show, participating in her first season.

We’re seeing a lot of Rousey’s behind the scenes moments, especially pertaining to her simple life outside of WWE, well, at least when it comes to her home life. The work-life is hectic as always.

16 Photoshoots

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Just a couple of years ago, the business was in a different place. It was all about being a Diva and with that came several photoshoots.

McMahon loves his photoshoots and we can safely say the Ronda Rousey knows a thing or two about professional shoots, just check out her work with SI. She’s doing a shoot with WWE in the pic above for Total Divas.

15 WrestleMania Moment

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Vince McMahon loves those classic WrestleMania moments that live forever – now this wasn’t like Andrea getting slammed by Hulk but it was still a special moment regardless.

It featured Rousey putting Triple H on her shoulders and showing off her incredible strength. It was her first match and it completely stole the show.

14 Working Together Behind The Scenes

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This picture takes place before the madness known as WrestleMania. McMahon is intense prior to the show, each wrestler gets to practice their entrance and some like Rousey even get one-on-one time with the boss.

Ronda didn’t disappoint at either of her WrestleMania appearances. WWE hasn’t been the same since she parted ways after last ‘Mania.

13 FOX UpFront

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Any time McMahon can get Rousey to rep the company, it isn’t a bad thing. She did so on FOX UpFront alongside John Cena – that’s a dream combination for the boss of WWE.

Unfortunately, it was only a PR appearance from the two and we have yet to see either return. With WM 36 looming, it’ll be interesting to see if they make a return in some capacity.

12 Bonding Backstage

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This is what makes Rousey even more likable behind the scenes – the way she’s able to get along with her peers.

Ronda was a total team player backstage and she did not have a big head despite all of her success in other endeavors – which we can say the same for others in the past.

11 The Backstage Segment

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WWE constructed this angle perfectly – all three women came out of this segment looking like true champions.

The angle saw the cops try to tame the women, only for the brawl to continue. Who can forget Rousey sticking her head out the window only for it to get pounded by Charlotte’s devastating boot – McMahon was likely drooling backstage.

10 The Debut

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WWE did a wonderful job of keeping this a secret with Rousey shooting a film on the other end of the world just prior.

Like McMahon would have hoped, the news of Ronda’s debut made the headlines everywhere, including with networks like ESPN. Who can forget Ronda telling reporters, “this is my life now.”

9 Putting In The Work

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Surely, McMahon respects an athlete like Rousey and all the work she was willing to put in behind the scenes.

She worked mad hard on the road to her WWE debut, spending hours a day training at the PC, whether it was in the ring or improving her strength and conditioning.

8 The Main Event

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What made Rousey’s WWE run so special is the fact that it wasn’t on a part-time basis – she wanted the true experience for a year.

This was her first major RAW match, main eventing the program. The bout was completely called in the ring against Natalya, it was a great learning experience for the former Women’s Champion.

7 FOX 9-1-1

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Ronda is keeping busy away from the ring – that’s what McMahon like to hear. She was on FOX 9-1-1 most recently playing the role of a cop.

Rousey has several cameos lined up in the future – which just goes to show how great of an asset she is for WWE.

6 Title Run

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Her road to the title was kind of sudden. She dethroned Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, dominating the Goddess during their matchup.

It was clearly her time and she did a fantastic job holding the championship, which resulted in a run of over 200 days. She didn’t get pinned either till ‘Mania.

5 Overseas Rep

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Another great way WWE used Rousey was during overseas tours. She was always at the center of posters – that would lead to a lot of butts in seats, Rousey brought the fans to every show that she was featured on.

She was usually involved in tag matches during live events, WWE wasn’t complaining.

4 UFC Days

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McMahon can’t avoid Rousey’s past and all her success with UFC. She was one of the most dominant athletes in the history of the sport, at one point in time it was impossible to stop her.

Towards to end of her run, the PPVs she featured on were drawing extraordinary numbers. Who knows if she’ll ever return.

3 Mania Moments

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McMahon lives for these pics and scenarios with Rousey backstage at WrestleMania.

It remains up in the air as to whether or not she’ll be featured at the upcoming event in 2020. Maybe she’ll even return at the Rumble and win the thing on route to a rematch everyone wants to see against Becky Lynch.

2 The Horsewomen

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McMahon definitely misses Rousey when he sees a pic of her alongside the Horsewomen. According to the gossip online, Shayna Baszler is in line for a mega push with the company.

She didn’t start things off on the right track, however, as Vince wasn’t pleased with her Survivor Series matchup in the main event.

1 Triple H Relationship

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Vince has to love Rousey and Triple H’s relationship. The two are very close, who can forget Hunter sniping a pic of Rousey following her Rumble cameo – he was like a proud father supporting his girl and trying to soak in every possible memory.

He’ll play a big role in Rousey’s return to the ring, as will Vince.

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