17 Secrets The Travolta Family Tried To Cover Up

Famous actor John Travolta and his longtime wife Kelly Preston sure have had their fair share of ups and downs. They have seen their life's work soar and plateau, have welcomed children into the world and let them go far too soon. The couple has also battled murmurings regarding their love and marriage for the entire span of their union.

It's a minor miracle, especially by Hollywood standards, that the Travoltas are still living under the same roof. Their love seems strong, but it certainly is not standard. Normal is not what this eccentric family strives for. Here are some fascinating secrets that the Travolta family tried to tuck away.

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17 The Trauma Of Travolta's First Love

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Actor John Travolta has been through the wringer for sure. No pain can even come close to what he experienced with his son Jett suddenly. Before Jett's tragedy, however, there was the loss of John's former love, Diana. Diana Hyland was one of John's first paramours. She left this earth back in 1977 with John right by her side.

16 High School Drop Out

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Sure, John Travolta is accomplished in the acting world and wealthy beyond most of our wildest dreams, but he isn't exactly accomplished in the educational realm. Travolta dropped out of high school at sixteen years old to better focus on his acting gigs. It worked out for him, but he really is one in a million.

15 First Foundations Revealed

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Today Travolta is recognized as one of the world's most staunch believers in nonconvention. His devotion to a particularly popular, offbeat group of believers wasn't always the case though. Travolta grew up as the son of an Irish mother and Italian father, meaning traditional values coursed through his veins. Very different compared to his current belief system.

14 His Deep Connection With Actress Kirstie Alley

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These two famous actors have been close friends for decades. Children of the eighties will remember their popular movie flick Look Who's Talking. Viewers could straight feel the chemistry oozing through the screen. Of John, actress Kirstie Alley has said that she has always loved him and nearly ran off with him at one point. We wonder how John's wife Kelly feels about that little tidbit of information.

13 And Even Deeper Connection With A Certain Pilot

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A couple of years back, John and Kelly faced slanderous accusations that Travolta had engaged in a smoldering relationship with his former pilot. The Travolta family has never wavered from their position on the matter, denying everything and saying that the former pilot was only trying to squeeze money out of the family.

12 Mess With The Masseur

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Pilots are not the only ones making claims against the Saturday Night Fever actor. A male masseur also claimed that John made certain moves on him and comments towards him that were anything but professional. Travolta again dismissed these accusations, saying he did nothing outlandish. The case ended up getting closed.

11 Kelly Preston's Own Possible Discretion

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Travolta has always been questioned about his wandering eye. At this point, he has found his way into the tabloids almost every year of his famous life for possible indiscretions. John isn't the only one who might be doing a bit of dabbling though. His wife Kelly Preston and her costar Kevin Costner raised people's brows when they too looked a bit close for comfort.

10 Jett's Fate Called Into Question

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When Jett Travolta met his untimely fate, the world was stunned and saddened. People near and far mourned the loss of the young and innocent son of Kelly and John. Following this devastating turn of events, many have questioned whether or not the family's strong beliefs might have had something to do with his untimely end. The Travoltas might have steered clear of neurological meds. The same meds that might have helped Jett better manage his health conditions.

9 Kelly's Addiction Woes

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It's hard to imagine Kelly Preston, John's longtime wife, as anything but squeaky clean. It turns out that she too has a turbulent past, especially when it comes to less-than-savory past times. These days Kelly has a new outlook on life and seems to be the picture of health, but that wasn't always the case.

8 Constant Divorce Rumors

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When it comes to their marriage, the Travoltas are forever doing damage control. The tabloids love to claim that the family is in shambles, thanks to the crumbling union on John and Kelly. Whether or not some of these blips have had merit, the couple continues to weather whatever storms pop up. No divorce papers have been filed yet.

7 Counseling Coverups

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In the early 2000s, Travolta attributed the health of his marriage to couples counseling, saying that without it, he and Kelly would have most certainly divorced by now. The famous actor argues that be because people and relationships are forever changing, it's crucial to update the relationship to avoid growing apart.

6 First Marriage NOT Legal!

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The Travoltas have actually been married TWO times. This is because their first big day with a minister of the couple's belief system presiding over the ceremony was deemed illegal. They decided to double down and make sure their "I Do's" were completely legit so that they were bound in the eyes of their religion as well as the law.

5 John's Obsession With Java

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Travolta loves himself a steaming pot of java in the morning. He loves the popular beverage so much that he claims to put back roughly a half a pound of the good stuff each morning. His favorite blend? Starbuck's Sumatra. We wonder if he ever leaves any in the pot for his wife Kelly?

4 Travolta In Drag

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Sure John looks good in a sharp, white suit, like his character on Saturday Night Fever, and he struts around like a straight boss while playing his roles in Pulp Fiction and Gotti, but the guy also rocks a short dress like no other. More than once John has put on some pretties and taken a walk on the feminine side.

3 The Family Is Practically Nocturnal

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It might be all that coffee the Travoltas are consuming, but John and his entire family are total night owls. The father of two claims that one of the best ways to avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi is to stay up all night long and sleep through most of the day. The unconventional family is certainly on an unconventional schedule.

2 Jett's Neglected Diagnosis

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The Travolta's late son Jett was the center of many rumors during his lifetime. Many wondered what exactly ailed the child, but the Travoltas stayed notoriously mum, only coming out years later with their child's condition. Speculation has surrounded both Kelly and John, with people claiming that more assertive action in regards to Jett's diagnosis could have altered the course of his life.

1 Kelly and John's Shared Romantic Interest

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We have heard about John's possible love interests, and Kelly's maybe-man as well, but did this married pair share a flame? Probably not. This wild thought seems a bit far fetched, even for this duo. We are calling nope on this one, although in Hollywood, you never quite know.

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