17 Sketchy Pics Captured On Cruises

Cruises are meant to be relaxing and refreshing. After all, people pay good money to enjoy a week or more at sea. They expect comfy amenities, lots of things to do and see, and of course, good food.

While cruise ships can’t always guarantee that the meals will be top-notch or the rooms will be spacious, there are certain expectations folks have when it comes to setting sail on open waters. But as these photos will prove, sometimes cruises don’t always live up to expectations.

From bizarrely behaved guests, people who decided to do dumb dares, or ships that ran out of basic supplies, these pictures show that a lot can go wrong. Hopefully the people in these photos got refunds (or criminal punishment, depending on the pic) – or else, we bet HR got a lot of complaints.

17 She Was Having A Bad Hair Day

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Oftentimes on cruises there are photographers that come around to the dinner table to capture passengers’ pictures. Clearly, this woman wasn’t feeling herself when it was her turn, given that she threw a napkin on her head before the photographer could say “Cheese.”

16 Crying Over Spilled Condiments

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Messes from guests aren’t the only thing cruise ship employees have to clean up on a regular basis – they can also make spills, too. This photo shows the behind-the-scenes of a cruise ship kitchen. They must’ve hit bumpy waters to sent condiments and plates flying like that.

15 They Called It  The 'Poop Cruise'

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This cruise was aptly named the ‘Poop Cruise’ in 2013 after it became stuck at sea due to an engine problem. However, during that time, conditions on the boat became heinous. The hallways were flooded with human waste, passengers had no A/C or running water, and there was limited food and water supplies. Things got so bad passengers had to got to the bathroom in plastic bags (both #1 and #2!).

14 Doing It For The Content

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Back in 2017, a man was heavily criticized after jumping 50 feet from a Princess Cruise Star liner. The man’s friend filmed him as he pulled off the dangerous stunt in a video that was later uploaded to YouTube. The friend could be heard in the background laughing. Since the man wasn’t caught while in the act, he didn’t receive punishment.

13 Meet The '90s Jack Sparrow

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Although this ‘90s cruise ship photo is cringey, it’s not exactly sketchy. Or is it? Once you realize that this photo was taken over two decades ago, you’ll realize that Jack Sparrow hadn’t made it to the big screen yet. So, either this is a time travelling pirate or an uncanny coincidence.

12 And Down She Went

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Back in 2012, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia met a fateful end when it overturned after coming in contact with an underwater rock off the coast of Tuscany. It took authorities six hours to rescue survivors and bring them ashore. Unfortunately, 32 perished as a result of the incident.

11 When The Open Bar Closes

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Sometimes things can get out of hand when a cruise offers an open bar! This past summer, security footage went viral after a man in a clown suit was involved in a physical altercation with other passengers on the P&O cruise ship Britannia. According to Travel and Leisure, “large amounts of alcohol” contributed to the incident.

10 She Only wanted A Good View

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This past October, an anonymous passenger was caught standing over the railing of her balcony on a Royal Caribbean a allure of the Sea Ship as it neared Haiti. The woman, whose name has not been identified to the media, has reportedly been banned for life from traveling on the cruise ship line give her dangerous stunt.

9 Hopefully, They Have Insurance

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While cruise ships are safe most of the time, there are rare cases (like this one) that might make you think twice about booking a trip. Bad weather led to this ship incurring some serious damage on its exterior. We hope that no one got hurt in the process.

8 Do It For The 'Gram

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Nowadays, people go to all sorts of ridiculous lengths to get incredible selfies. Oftentimes, the things they do involve serious risks. This guy climbed to the very top of a cruise ship to capture this epic selfie. While it may have gotten a ton of likes, we’re betting it also got him in trouble with the cruise ship company.

7 Someone Better Be Paying For This

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Many families opt for cruises to celebrate special milestones, such as a wedding or family reunion. Whoever booked this on-the-water party clearly had a bit too much fun since the ballroom was left completely trashed. We feel bad for the cruise ship employees who spent the rest of the evening sorting this sight out.

6 A Goodbye To Remember

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This September, a royal Caribbean ship Freedom of the Sea employee made headlines for waving a giant hand that spelled ‘bye’ to a couple of passengers who missed the boat. The cruise shup was leaving from St. Maarten when the pair seemingly missed it in the knick of time. The employee had a funny sense of humour about it, though we doubt the couple was laughing.

5 The Rear-Ended Photobomb

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Like we mentioned, many times photographers go around capturing many of the guests on the ship. But the photographer responsible for this epic photobomb should’ve thought twice about placement. If they had, they may have realized there’s a huge marble butt that’s taken center stage.

4 How'd He Manage This?

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While this photo didn’t technically happen on the cruise ship, it did happen to one guest who was enjoying sometime in the water while the boat was docked. We have no idea what they were doing when this photo was taken, but they’re completely flipped upside down in the air. That must’ve hurt when the guy eventually landed.

3 This Isn't What We Paid For

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Once again, welcome to the lovely Poop Cruise. Since rooms and hallways were getting flooded with human waste, people on board the infamous ship had to find elsewhere to sleep. One passenger set up a makeshift bedroom in the ship’s bar. At least they have wine nearby!

2 Too Close To Land For Comfort

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It’s bad enough if any boat comes into contact with land, but considering how big a cruise ship is, it would be tragic. A few years ago, during a particularly bad storm, this Norwegian cruise ship almost crashed into the coastline. The photos show just how much of a close call this was.

1 This Is Truly A Horror At Sea

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No one wants to be on the water during a hurricane- and this is proof why. After a nearby hurricane caused particularly rough waters (including 30 feet waves), this ship narrowly survived. Luckily, everyone on board was okay, though they had a huge mess to attend to.

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