17 Strange Photos People Took At Gas Stations

Everyone who drives a car must, at some point, visit a gas station to refuel. The only exceptions are individuals with the means to pay someone else to do it for them. But even celebrities who have plenty of money are often spotted refilling their Ferraris or Rolls-Royces at the local filling station.

Usually a gas station is uneventful and tedious, lacking anything unusual. Even mistakes made by drivers while visiting the pumps are considered routine.

Some drivers leave their unlocked cars with the engine running while they go inside to get a drink or buy a lottery ticket. It’s an easy opportunity for a thief who wants to acquire a car. Owners of gas cars (older) have been known to fill up with diesel. Gasoline cars won’t run on diesel fuel.

However, many other unusual and awkward moments make fascinating photo opportunities. Here are seventeen photos people took of strange events at gas stations.

17 F-16 Fighting Falcon Pulls into Gas Station to Refuel

Via: Reddit.com

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon was designed and built for the United States Air Force. However, the aircraft is used by several other countries.

While fuel consumption will vary, an F-16 Fighting Falcon typically burns 5,290 pounds per hour cruising at 480 knots. In automobile terms, that is a fuel economy of 0.7 mpg. Even the worst gas-guzzling cars do better (but they don’t fly).

Perhaps the pilot of this aircraft was running low on fuel, so his best option was a quick stop at the nearest gas station.

16 Pushups or Planks While Pumping Gas

Via: BoredBug

At first glance, it appears this woman is doing her pushups or planks while filling the tank. However, the plank exercise involves maintaining a position like a pushup for the maximum possible time.

This woman is lying down, touching the filthy, dirty, wet-with-spilled-gasoline-and-oil pavement next to the pump. Perhaps she missed her session at the gym and was making use of wasted time while waiting for her car to refuel.

15 Woman Cleans Windshield with Gasoline

Via: busy.org

Experts recommend the front windshield of an automobile be cleaned with a standard commercial cleaning solution, the soap supplied at a gas station, or a mixture of one-quarter cup of vinegar, two cups of water, and half a teaspoon of liquid soap.

Although gasoline is a solvent that is sometimes used to dissolve oils and fats, it should never be poured on car windows. Apparently, this woman thinks otherwise.

14 Autogyro Circumnavigation of The Globe

Via: gyroxgoesglobal.blogspot.com

On August 13, 2015, a British adventurer became the first person to travel 24,000 nautical miles, circumnavigating the globe on a gyrocopter. The six-month journey was fraught with dangers and risks but finding gasoline may have been one of his biggest challenges.

Somewhere in the middle east, these two gentlemen are thinking, “Hey, this might be better than using a camel to cross the desert!”

13 A Horse Drawn Buggy Never Runs Out of Gas

Via: darkroom.baltimoresun.com

The contrast of a horse drawn buggy and the gas pump is humorous, but why would a one-horsepower vehicle with no internal combustion engine nor an electric motor need to stop at a gas station?

Most likely, the horse needed water, and every gas station has an ample supply. What’s more, it’s free (generally to paying customers).

12 Military Tank Crew Refuels a Leopard 2A5

Via: Reddit

The Leopard 2A5 tank has a maximum road speed of 72 km/h and 31 km/h in reverse. To push the tank, which weighs over 65 tons at those speeds, requires a lot of gas. The 2A5 has four fuel tanks, giving it a total capacity of approximately 1,160 liters (306 gallons).

To fill the tanks (15 times the capacity of a car) requires about 45 minutes. These soldiers should leave the pumps running and get lunch!

11 Where Does the Gas Go into a Tesla?

Via: torquenews.com

This woman has no idea she is driving an EV and that it doesn’t require any gas. She has found the plug for the electric cable connector but seems to be wondering how the gas will go into such an odd-looking nozzle pipe.

Where is a gas station (or EV charging station) attendant when you need one?

10 My Big Fat Greek Gas Station Wedding

Via: Photo District News

When couples plan a wedding reception, they generally look for a picturesque venue that can be enjoyed by all. Often selected are elegant banquet halls, lush parks or gardens, fine restaurants and lavish country clubs.

This wedding couple chose an outdoor location (fresh gas fumes), plenty of space for tables and dancing (cement floor with good fuel drainage) and an extraordinary view (gas pumps).

9 Gas Station Burnout Party

Via: YouTube

In Bowling Green, KY, the owner of a local Raceway gas station threw a party. He invited car enthusiasts and racing fans. The highlight of the event was this burnout that produced enough smoke to choke any nearby spectators and wear out a new set of tires. So, what is the point of burning rubber in a gas station without moving when a racetrack is so close?

8 Where is the Gas Station Attendant?

Via: Pinterest

“Oh, now, I understand. ‘Self-Service’ means I not only have to put the gas nozzle in the car, activate the pump, and pay at the cashier window, I also have to pull the nozzle out!”

“Don’t gas stations have attendants who provide that service anymore. I wonder if they will charge me for the broken hose?”

7 Two Heads are Better Than One (Maybe)

Via: hahahumor.com

These two twin girls dress identically, down to the smallest detail including the matching fuzzy ball keychains. Both probably attended the same driver’s education class in school. They were, no doubt, absent the day the instructor discussed refueling a vehicle.

Even with her sister helping, this girl has no idea where the gas goes into the car.

6 Heavy Traffic? Try a Helicopter

Via: hahahumor.com

A 2019 Texas, A&M Transportation Institute study confirms what everyone already knows: city traffic congestion is getting worse. The study predicts that with the current trend, traffic congestion across the U.S. will increase by approximately 20% in 2025.

This man has found the solution with a helicopter. It flies over bumper-to-bumper traffic and refueling at a gas station is not an issue if there is clearance for rotating propeller blades.

5 Pumping Gas and a Bite to Eat Always Go Well Together


Gas station convenience stores are essential for picking up a few snacks for the trip. A bag of potato chips, some M&Ms and an ice-cold drink help make the time in the car go by faster.

But the idea of “Pump N’ Munch” or eating a sandwich while standing at the self-service gas pump holding on to the nozzle is much less appealing.

4 These Gas Pump Hoses Are Too Short!

Via: dailypicksandflicks.com

Perhaps manufacturers should install two fuel filler pipes on every car, one on each side. Owners would no longer have to remember which side of their vehicle must be close to the gas pump to refuel. Drivers of rental cars would no longer be required to search for the fuel filler pipe door as they pull into a gas station to refuel.

No more “tug of war” with the gas pump hose!

3 Gas Station Bathroom with Tire Sinks

Via: Pinterest

Gas stations are notorious for their filthy, disgusting bathrooms. Most of them are dirty enough to discourage even the most desperate travelers and convince them to wait for the hotel or home bathroom.

Although this bathroom is clean, the auto service theme with new tires and gas pump hoses for dispensing water is a bit disconcerting. It’s hard not to wonder if fuel will flow out of the nozzles instead of water when they are turned on.

2 2001 Toyota Prius with Ripped Off Gas Pump Nozzle

Via: The Engine Block

Perhaps it is easy to forget that the Prius Hybrid, although it runs on electricity, still needs some gas. The fuel efficiency is so high, owners seldom visit gas stations, and therefore they forget how the self-service pumping gas process works.

So, it is entirely understandable that an owner would forget to pull the nozzle. He or she might have forgotten to pay for the gas as well!

1 Even Planet of The Apes Actresses Stop for Gas

Via: community.ebay.com

According to Thomas Breuer, an ape researcher with the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Republic of the Congo, apes have very high intelligence. They have been tested and achieved an IQ score between 70 and 95 on the human scale where 100 is considered “average.” Breuer says, “Great apes have [language] skills that are similar to small children.”

This ape must be a genius. She knows where the nozzle goes in the car, and no doubt, she can even drive the car out of the gas station.

Sources: reddit.com, gyroxgoesglobal.blogspot.com, edition.cnn.com

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