17 Stunning Photos Of Electric Motorcycles

Most drivers on the road know by now to keep an eye out for silent electric cars that don't make their presence known with exhaust and engine noises. The problem has even led manufacturers to make their futuristic EV models beep like old moving vans so that pedestrians in parking lots know a car is reversing.

In many ways, electric cars have become the future of the industry—even boasting impressive performance stats such as the Tesla Roadster, which Tesla claims will go from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds. But all that power comes in the form of a very heavy vehicle due to the weight of batteries, so most people probably think that the technology wouldn't translate well to motorcycles.

But a surprisingly large number of motorcycle manufacturers have embraced electric bikes. From startups to established brands, keep scrolling for 17 electric motorcycles that are absolutely stunning in design and engineering.

17 Zero FXS

via Electrek

Zero has become one of the biggest players in the electric motorcycle industry, with some pretty impressive exposure in an emerging marketplace. Their FXS is a perfect example of how the company has taken traditional bike design and brought it into the future. With clean lines and just a bit of angular aggression, it looks just the part perfectly, plus Zero claims to have a 100-miles charging range.

16 BMW Electric Concept

via Engadget

If the bike above looks like Tron come to life, there's a good chance the design was intentional. But the sleek, swooping lines and powerful metallic exterior are truly secondary compared to what BMW claims is a self-balancing system, which hopefully will make it to full production in at least something close to this design.

15 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

via Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson has been working on an electric motorcycle for a long, long time in an attempt to continue its design heritage and cement its position in the evolving industry.

The LiveWire looks to play the part with a sleek profile that's nonetheless instantly identifiable as a Harley. Harley claims that the LiveWire can go 95 miles per hour with its 105-hp motor.

14 Johammer J1

via Johammer

One of the most unique designs for an electric motorcycle comes from Johammer, a company based in Austria. Those insectoid rearview mirrors also house display screens, while the bike's motor and battery are integrated with the rear wheel. The result is a bike that definitely looks like nothing else in the world.

13 Tarform Concept

via Return of the Cafe Racers

Part of the appeal that draws so many people to motorcycles is style. As a result, any electric bike had better be ready to look good. Startup manufacturer Tarform definitely hits the mark with an exterior that looks simultaneously futuristic and classic at the same time. Tarform hopes to start production in late-2019.

12 Fly Free Smart Old

via Elektrek

The name "Fly Free Smart Old" sounds a little wordy, though the bike itself definitely harks back to cafe racer style, which makes sense. This little motorcycle has an estimated 50-mile range, according to Fly Free's website, and a 50-mph top speed, so it's more about tooling around the city looking good rather than all-out performance.

11 Newron Concept

via designboom

Earlier this year, French electric motorcycle design team Newron revealed their first product, complete with distinctive curved wooden panels around its large central battery pack. Whether the bike will make it to production without massive changes remains to be seen, but there's no arguing that the design is sure to turn heads no matter what.

10 Ethec Concept

via New Atlas

Motorcycle technology has evolved to the point where even bikes are being built almost like Teslas. In the case of the Ethec electric bike pictured above, this means that both wheels are powered—just like how Tesla puts motors at each axle. The Ethec bike also uses regenerative braking to harness otherwise lost energy while slowing down.

9 Novus Bike

via Visordown

Moving into the future of electric motorcycles means that traditional designs will become outdated quickly. German manufacturer Novus has essentially blurred the lines between motorcycle and bicycle with their largely carbon fiber bike, which trades weight for range—all at a surprisingly huge price tag of $39,500, as reported by Electrek.

8 Fuell Flow

via Uncrate

Fuell stands for "Freedom. Urban. Electric. Love. Life.," and the brand's Flow electric motorcycle definitely fulfills that mission. It's big, bulky, and boxy, but there's serious power hiding beneath the slick skin.

Fuell claims the bike has a range of 150 miles and can sprint to 62 miles per hour in only 2.7 seconds.

7 ERT Eray

via RideApart

Not every electric motorcycle out there comes as the result of some startup spending huge wads of money to revolutionize the industry. Plenty of home builders and engineering students have put together electric motorcycles, such as the ERT Eray above, which was designed by students at the Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Spain.

6 Zero SR/F

via CNBC

Zero's strategy for motorcycle design doesn't rest solely on one model, as the brand has come out with many different bikes that will appeal to different audiences. The SR/F above looks a bit beefier than its dirt-bike-inspired sibling, though the weightier bike also boasts stats such as a 124-mph top speed and a 200-mile range when equipped with the Power Tank option.

5 Zero DSR

via gearpatrol

For riders who are looking for a more upright touring-style electric motorcycle, Zero has also released the DSR pictured above. As with the others, the DSR can pair with a smartphone and, in terms of cost-to-own, produces an impressive amount of savings thanks to an estimated $1.61 for a full charge, according to Zero's website.

4 Shanghai Customs

via Pinterest

This electric bike doesn't look nearly as advanced as some of the others on the market, with styling that's more reminiscent of a street tracker than anything else. But the build, by Shanghai Customs, offers a simple exterior and an impressive range of 155 miles and can hit over 86 miles per hour, according to Bike EXIF.

3 Cake Kalk&

via YouTube

For some builders, prioritizing one component of a design can help simplify the development process. In the case of the Swedish company Cake, the whole idea was to build a lightweight off-road electric bike. The result came off quite well, so the company then designed the Kalk& for street-legal cruising, while keeping it so light a person can pick it up off the ground.

2 Sarolea N60 MM.1

via betttter

It seems that electric motorcycle manufacturers want their products to stand out from and lead the industry, so the designs are getting more and more aggressive. The Sarolea N60 MM.01 looks about as advanced as possible, coming with carbon fiber fairings mounted on the body, which is also largely held together by titanium screws and bolts.

1 Jambon-Beurre Flat-Tracker

via ottonero

This gritty flat-tracker looks perfectly designed to combine elements of futuristic tech with the tried-and-true toughness necessary for competition in the dirt. Built by Parisian firm Jambon-Beurre, the bike uses an electric powerplant sourced from military-grade drone use. It weighs 350 pounds, with a top speed of about 100 miles per hour, according to Bike EXIF.

Sources: Bike EXIF, Zero Motorcycles, Electrek, and Wikipedia.

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