17 Symbiotes Who Make Venom Look Weak (3 Who Don't Measure Up)

If there's a Marvel character that can conjure up gross images of sheer terror and primal ferocity, it's gotta be the notorious lethal protector Venom. Venom's menacing teeth and towering figure are enough to make even the most muscular thug cower. While Venom might seem like the most dangerous symbiote in the Marvel universe, he's not the only alien suit who's considered a major threat.

In fact, there are dozens of parasitic Klyntars that come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Dark lord Knull has spawned all sorts of symbiotes that can even rival Venom's notoriety. Of course, these eclectic troupe of alien menace look just as nasty as the infamous lethal protector himself, while some have even done far worse things than Venom could ever imagine!

Who says there's only room for one symbiote menace, right? Other symbiotes can even make Eddie Brock's Venom look tiny, and that's saying a lot considering how downright scary Venom can be. Here we wrangle with 17 nasty symbiotes that could give Venom a run for his money, along with 3 weaker ones that should make the lethal protector feel a lot better about himself.

20 Hybrid (Scott Washington)

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What's better than one lethal symbiote? How about four of them combined? That's exactly what happened when Scott Washington bonded with four other nasty symbiotes from the Life Foundation.

While Hybrid might not look like the most menacing symbiote, he certainly is one of the most powerful. With four different symbiotes at his disposal, Hybrid makes Venom's powers look like cakewalk.

19 Toxin (Pat Mulligan)

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If Carnage and Venom had a baby, the result would be this nightmarish creature. Toxin takes the malevolent nature of Carnage and mixes it with Venom's brutish physique. In fact, Toxin even managed to single-handedly beat both symbiotes on one occasion! Good thing its host Pat Mulligan is on the side of justice, but for how long can he keep the symbiote's violent tendencies at bay?

18 Mania

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The Mania symbiote was actually a clone of Venom himself! A part of Venom actually turned into a menacing symbiote that's capable of as much destruction in its own right. What makes the Mania symbiote special is its special bond with a slew of notable hosts including Flash Thompson, Andrea Benton, Lee Price and even the indomitable Wolverine! Its appearance even becomes more frightening depending on its host.

17 Void Knight

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The Void Knight holds cosmic powers beyond anything that Venom could ever muster. The Power Cosmic, that is. Yes, that's right, the Void Knight is actually a result of Knull's symbiote bonding with the ethereal force that is the Silver Surfer.

Good thing he was powerful enough to resist the symbiote. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if the symbiote got full control over the Silver Surfer's powers.

16 All-Black

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Symbiotes have come a long way from the ravaging alien beasts we see today. In fact, the very first symbiote started out as a sword. A very sinister sword, that is. Although this is no mere blade, Knull brandished the All-Black to threaten gods! He has even slain Celestials with this symbiote. Now that's power that Venom could only dream about.

15 Scorn (Tanis Nieves)

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Symbiotes have an array of biological weapons at their disposal. Scorn on the other hand, has all of that and more! Thanks to its host Tanis Nieves, Scorn possesses both superhuman symbiote powers and tech armaments.

Aside from being able to fuse itself with various technology, Scorn even has weapons that can wrest symbiotes straight from their hosts!

14 Superior Carnage (Dr. Karl Malus)

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What Carnage lacks is control and focus. However, he was able to fix that deficiency when he turned into Superior Carnage. The new and improved symbiote looks like a cross between Carnage, Deadpool and supervillain Onslaught!

On top of looking more menacing, he also has a newfound inclination for guns and various firearms. As if his symbiote tendrils weren't lethal enough, right?

13 Sleeper

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Some symbiotes are mindless beasts while others are more cunning than the rest. The Sleeper symbiote is the latter. It's a symbiote that certainly has a lot of tricks on its sleeve. Despite its hulking physique, the Sleeper can actually be quite stealthy, given its camouflaging abilities and debilitating pheromone secretions.

Who says symbiotes only have to rely on their brute force, Venom?

12 Anti-Venom

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Just when the Sleeper symbiote thought it's the only one who can be stealthy, Anti-Venom comes into the picture. Anti-Venom is capable of replicating all sorts of clothing. It even ups the ante by being able to heal all sorts of diseases as well!

Unlike most symbiotes, Anti-Venom is actually impervious to sonic waves and fire, two of the most prominent weaknesses that inhibit almost every Klyntar symbiote.

11 Dreadface

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Dreadface takes the resilience of symbiotes to another level. While he may not look as monstrous as Venom, Dreadface is just as tough, not to mention a lot more clever. He even gave the entire Fantastic Four team a good beating!

Dreadface has a knack for using the superpowers of his host and amplifying them with his own shape-shifting symbiote tendrils.

10 Grendel

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Arguably one of the most powerful Klyntar symbiotes since ancient times, the Grendel symbiote is as terrifying as its name suggests. It's no exaggeration to say that Grendel has the power of an entire symbiote army. In fact, the Grendel symbiote is practically an army itself, capable of spawning symbiote minions to do its bidding.

While Venom decimates thugs, Grendel eradicates entire civilizations!


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Venom prefers to work alongside his chosen host while fiends like ZZZXX would rather consume his host instead. ZZZXX doesn't make friends with his host, he prefers to take a bite out of their brains! This vicious symbiote lives to consume and resume, apparently.

Its savage impulses makes it even more of an animal than Venom. Given Venom's appetite for destruction, how is that even possible?

8 Phage/Lasher Symbiote Amalgam (Deadpool)

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Deadpool can wreak enough destruction on his own. Just imagine how powerful he can be if he's bonded with, not one, but four other menacing symbiotes? That's exactly what happened when Phage and his symbiote brethren combined in order to help Deadpool take on Carnage. This amalgamated monstrosity just might be too hot for Venom to handle.

7 Conrad Marcus

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Conrad Marcus' Venom looks way more massive and intimidating than Eddie's. He's like Venom on steroids, if that was even possible! Despite his short stint as the symbiote menace, he still basically caused the death of Miles Morales' mother Rio.

His run as Venom might've been short-lived but just imagine what else he could've done if he was still alive.

6 Symbioids

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What if Venom had the power to replicate the powers of any opponent he encounters? While Venom can't exactly do that, Symbioids can, all while retaining Venom's powers too!

Just when we thought one Venom was dangerous enough... How about an army of Venoms that can copy the abilities of the most powerful superheroes? That's pretty much the problem that these nasty-looking creatures present.

5 Doesn't Measure Up: Energizer Venom (Katie Power)

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Katie Power also donned the notorious Klyntar suit albeit a pint-sized version of it. Of course, Eddie still wore it better as Katie's version was anything but threatening. This is actually one of the few times that a symbiote actually looked more cute than menacing. That said, it's only natural for this Energizer Venom to go down as easily as taking off a onesie.

4 The Poisons

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Poisons prove that there's room for more than one symbiote menace in the Marvel universe. Poisons are parasitic beings who infect hosts, taking their superpowers in the process. Unlike Klyntars, Poisons aren't weak to sonic and fire. In fact, Poisons can even infect hosts who are already wearing a Klyntar symbiote!

As if that wasn't enough, their army also includes Poison Magneto, Captain Marvel and even Thanos.

3 Doesn't Measure Up: Raze

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Raze looks as menacing as any other Klyntar symbiote but that doesn't mean she's as dangerous as Venom. Aside from being reduced to serving as Carnage's flunky, Raze also suffers from self doubt due to the conscience of her host Claire Dixon. This weakness makes her vulnerable to a lot of things. It also doesn't help that Raze basically dissipated out of reality during her latest outing, ouch!

2 Carnage (Cletus Kasady)

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Carnage still trumps Venom simply due to his sheer insanity. There's a good reason why both Spidey and Venom have frequent run-ins with this deranged lunatic. Carnage isn't just crazy, he's also extremely cunning, capable of organizing master plans of taking over the world. He even came close to doing so on multiple occasions! That said, giving a convicted psychopath a powerful Klyntar symbiote is never a good idea.

1 Doesn't Measure Up: Pork Grind

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What if Porky Pig got a hold of a Klyntar symbiote? The result would be kinda like Pork Grind. Fans might be asking themselves, Seriously? Apparently, yes, sort of. Pork Grind comes from an alternate universe, presumably where foes like Venom should look as least threatening as possible.

After all, heroes like Spider Ham could use some whimsical, silly-looking enemies too, right?

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