17 Times Asia Kinney Was The Most Fabulous Dog On Instagram

If you're not an Instagram addict or a Lady Gaga fan, you may not have heard of Asia and Koji. Owned by Lady Gaga, these French Bulldogs are fabulous and very photogenic, but it's Asia's Instagram account that you must follow ASAP! It's full of cute photos of her doing everyday things like getting massages, exercising in a private gym and posing for numerous magazine photoshoots. You know, just your everyday celebrity dog stuff.

And if that alone didn't convince you, here are 17 times she proved that she deserves the title of the most fabulous celebrity dog out there.

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17 When she needed a massage after a long, stressful day of doing whatever it is that celebrities do.

It's not easy to be the it dog.

16 When she enjoyed a nice, long beauty nap.

Batpig beauty nap!! 🐽💤💕🐾

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

Not that she really needs beauty naps. But she did look fab while dreaming.

15 When she showed off her winter fashion style.

Ready for the slopes! 🎿🐷🐾

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

Which is impeccable and very unique, just like her mom's.

14 And when she brought out the ballerina tutu.


A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

Asia is such a trendsetter!

13 When she was promoting how important exercising and being active is.

Dog fitness is a must for Asia!

12 And when she went on a road trip in one of her many cars.

Love to all my friends, puppies and people 🌷 I'm off for another ride!

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

It's not that easy, when you have to pick which car you'll take for a ride this time.

11 When some fan named Alexander Wang wanted to spend time with her.

🐾my friend

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

It was actually fun; he knew a lot about fashion and Asia loves fashion.

10 When she gave everyone a lesson on how to play the piano and how to be a true boss dog.

We are just peasants living in Asia Kinney's world. But we do not complain.

9 When she gave us a glimpse of just how glamorous her room is.

Inside 😇🎀🌸🐽 from my favorite movie and actress Mulan

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

And the decor suits her personality so well.

8 When she and her brother, Koji, were chilling next to a fire place.

Cuddle Pigs!! 🐷💕🐾

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

You know, just your everyday celebrity dog life.

7 And when they were having their weekly Tuesday afternoon brunch.

With flowers, fresh berries and champagne. No big deal.

6 Here they are on a car ride, probably to a red carpet premiere.

I like to play tennis, my brother Koji is all about sailing and boats.

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

Those outfits are too cute. Clearly being fashionable runs in the family.

5 When she was on the cover of V Magazine.

And nailed every single shot taken, because, you know, she was born that way.

4 When she posed for the paparazzi thorough her rolled down limo window.

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

Yaaas Asia, you look so good!

3 When she was the star of a Coach fashion campaign.

Watch my #CoachPups video! 💗

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

She even had her name on a chair, because, let's face it, she is a true Hollywood star.

2 When she went on a fancy picnic and brought all the essentials with her.

Like magazines, food and champagne, obviously.

1 And when she was thinking about how hard life is as a celebrity dog.

Missing daddy and looking out the window.

A post shared by Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on

It's not easy – people always take photos of you, and it's essential that you look cute and put together all the time. But hey, someone's gotta do it.

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