17 Times Kylie Jenner Blatantly Copied Rihanna

When it comes to celebrities and what they wear there's certainly a lot more rules for them to follow than us mortals are used to. There's the rule that you can't wear the same look twice, that you shouldn't wear the same thing as someone else to an event, and the rule that copying another celebrity's style is considered unoriginal and lame. Frankly, most of these rules are quite harsh, and we shouldn't hate on a celeb for not always following them — which brings us to today's list: Kylie Jenner copying Rihanna's style. Sure some of the looks Kylie wore were spot on copies while others were only inspired by RiRi's iconic style, but can we even blame Kylie? Who wouldn't want to copy Rihanna's fashion — the singer has one of the best styles in the game!

Either way, here we go — 17 times Kylie wore a look that was very similar to something Rihanna had worn previously!

17 Let's Start Off With Kylie Wearing A Fringe Playsuit Pretty Much Identical To Rihanna's

Via: mtv.com

Rihanna rocked the green fringe playsuit after the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and according to Seventeen Magazine, the playsuit was custom made for the star by a boutique. And while Kylie's was made by The Dolls House in the U.K. it surely looks like a rip-off of the one Rihanna wore.

16 And Here Are Both Divas Wearing Corsets And Oversized Shirts

Via: vogue.com

Now while most of us will most likely think of the Kardashian/Jenners first when someone mentions a tight waist-hugging corset, it is a fact that Rihanna has rocked them for ages now. And as you can tell from the pics above, Kylie did sort of copy Rihanna's choice to wear a corset with a wide-fitting top.

15 Rihanna Wore A Leopard Print Catsuit So Soon Afterwards Kylie Wore One As Well

Via: pinkvilla.com

If you didn't believe us by now, how about this — Rihanna wore a sheer leopard print jumpsuit for an Interview magazine photoshoot and soon after those pics were published, we got to see Kylie rock a very similar one in one of her mirror selfies. Both ladies obviously looked amazing, it's just that we can't help but think about who wore it first!

14 And If You Don't Believe Us Yet, How About This Gray Camo Jacket That Kylie Got Once She Saw RiRi Rocking One?

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Okay, if you still had any doubts we're pretty sure we managed to squish those as it's very obvious that Kylie is wearing the exact same gray camo jacket that Rihanna has been seen in. Well, we all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Kylie must be a big Rihanna fan!

13 Denim on Denim Is Also A Look Both Can Pull Off Pretty Well

Via: capitalfm.com

Honestly, we're not even mad at Kylie for copying Rihanna's denim look because we definitely want to copy it as well! Anyone who remembers Justin Timberlake and Birtney Spears' attempt at pulling off an all-denim look knows how badly things can go — so seeing Rihanna (and Kylie) nail it definitely proves she is a style queen!

12 And Here's Kylie Wearing A Pinstripe Suit Just Like Rihanna's Except In Brown

Via: starstyle.com

How cool are these pinstripe suits Rihanna and Kylie wore on separate occasions? We have to give it to Kylie though, while she may have copied Rihanna's suit choice, she certainly did manage to give the look her own twist by combining it with a metallic top and icy blonde wig!

11 Both Ladies Looks Incredible In These Beddazled See-Through Gowns

Via: hollywoodlife.com

When we saw that Kylie Jenner chose to wear a bedazzled see-through gown to the 2017 Met Gala we couldn't help but immediately think of the gorgeous see-through gown Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards in 2014. As you can tell, the dress isn't an exact copy but it is certainly giving us very similar vibes.

10 And Let's Just Say That Both Like Themselves Very Much

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, who could blame them — if we were Rihanna or Kylie we'd probably also wear t-shirts with our own pics on them. And while we're not necessarily saying that Kylie copied Rihanna — as Rihanna definitely wasn't the first celeb to rock this — we do find it a bit suspicious that Kylie chose to hop on that trend after Rihanna did.

9 When Kylie Saw Rihanna Slay In Green She Decided To Give It A Shot Herself

Via: pinterest.com

Honestly, a green coat isn't just something one goes out to buy, which is precisly why we think Kylie may have gotten inspired by Rihanna to do that. As you can tell, it isn't exactly the same style of coat, and Kylie definitely styled it differently, but in essence, she is wearing a very similar look to Rihanna's.

8 We're Not Too Sure If This Jacket Is Something One Should Copy

Via: twitter.com

We're all about celebs experimenting with unusual clothing items and serving us looks we haven't seen before, but sometimes they do take it a bit too far. And we think this giant puffer jacket might be an example of just that. Rihanna barely managed to pull it off but Kylie's is definitely too big!

7 And Here's Both Girls In Orange Wrap Dresses

Via: dailymail.co.uk

While every girl should have a little black dress, it seems as if Rihanna's (and therefore Kylie's) motto is that every girl should have an orange wrap dress. Honestly, we're totally digging the look on both ladies, and if Rihanna inspired Kylie to pick this dress — we are so glad she did!

6 It Seems As If Rihanna Was Kylie's Style Inspiration For A Very Long Time

Via: pinterest.com

As you can see above, these two pics are a bit older but you can also tell that even back then Kylie loved Rihanna's fashion style. So while Kylie opted to combine her leather skirt with a black tee, you can totally still tell that the whole look was very much inspired by RiRi.

5 Both Of Them Love Their Dior Pointed-Toe Lace Ankle Booties

Via: fashionbombdaily.com

Here's an example of Kylie having the exact same shoes as Rihanna — a pair of gorgeous Dior pointed-toe lace ankle booties — yet wearing a slightly different outfit with them. Yes, both ladies are rocking long coats but while Rihanna chose a pair of distressed jeans, Kylie went for a gray jumpsuit.

4 And Here's Kylie Wearing A Satin Dress Very Similar To Rihanna's Yellow One

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Both, Rihanna and Kylie looked absolutely stunning in this Alexandre Vauthier sultry satin creation — and while the two ladies rocked the exact same style of dress, each wore it in a different color. Personally, we can't decide whose we like more, Rihanna's fun and bright version or Kylie's dark and mysterious one...

3 When Rihanna Was Seen In A Juicy Cotoure Tracksuit, You Bet Kylie Immediately Pulled Hers Out Of The Closet Too

Via: pinterest.com

Anyone who remembers the early 2000s knows that a Juicy Couture tracksuit was a staple item and something you could find in most girls' closets. And here are Rihanna and Kylie rocking them as the ultimate throwback item and frankly — we are so here for it. Watch us dig through our closets to find our old ones as well!

2 And Her Giant Red Faux Furr Coat

Via: pinterest.com

The same way you don't just go out and buy a giant green coat, you also don't go out and buy a red one — which is exactly why we think Kylie once again got inspired by style queen Rihanna for this purchase. Luckily, both ladies can totally pull the coat off!

1 Lastly, Here's Kylie Getting Inspired By Rihanna's Chill Yet Trendy Everyday Look

VIa: stylebistro.com

To wrap things up we chose this denim and black boots look, that honestly screams Rihanna — even when Kylie's the one wearing it. At the end of the day, we can't really blame Kylie for getting inspired by Rihanna's looks because who wouldn't? Rihanna is definitely one of the most stylish celebrities out there, and she inspires millions of fans worldwide to express themselves through their fashion!

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