17 Unflattering Photos Of The Big Bang Theory Cast

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, then you know that CBS's sitcom The Big Bang Theory completely took the world by storm. Recently wrapping up its final season a few months ago in May, 2019, the series really left an impression on viewers. Even though the show is not airing any new episodes, it is still being discussed by the masses, clearly demonstrating how loved it was.

Penny, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon graced our TV screens since 2007, and although we're sad to see them moving on to different things, we're glad we'll always have reruns (and the internet for photos). The main cast might not have cared so much about their looks on The Big Bang Theory (with the exception of Penny), but still we're sure that they'd rather fans wouldn't see the photos below. Here are 16 unflattering photos of the cast of Big Bang Theory.

17 Kaley Cuoco Post Yoga

It’s obvious Kaley Cuoco works hard on maintaining her shape, and we’re sure she doesn’t mind when the paparazzi catch her coming out of a class looking lean and toned (even if she is sweaty after a class, we’re sure she feels okay with it).

This photo though is definitely one that Kaley probably wishes the paparazzi never snapped. It looks like she’s having a really bad day and based on her facial expression, this seems like a moment she wants to forget about.

16 Cuoco’s Mix and Match

We mentioned how Kaley Cuoco is sort of a yoga queen and loves to get a good sweat session in, what we’re questioning here is why she couldn’t make her mind up and pick just one outfit. We’re guessing she wasn’t sure if she was going to be cold (or not) wearing a pair of shorts, so she opted for a pair of leggings underneath.

The loose blue shirt she paired her leggings/shorts with is not doing her any favors, either.

15 Melissa Rauch Is Not Camera Ready

There is no denying that Melissa Rauch is one pint-sized hottie. Whether she’s portraying Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, or is just hanging with some friends, she definitely grabs our attention. Unfortunately, when looking at the photo above, she grabs our attention for the wrong reasons.

We’re going to give her a pass since it seems like she’s just taking a small break on set, but that pink robe is not complimenting her figure.

14 Mayim Bialik Trying To Pretend

Amy Farah Fowler is one of the most beloved stars on The Big Bang Theory, and we don’t have to tell you why (she did steal Sheldon’s heart, after all). It would seem that Amy’s character is not too far off from her real life counterpart, Mayim Bialik, based on her humorous social media posts. Bialik posted this photo on Twitter and wrote: #tbt to pretending the paparazzi were following me in NYC while I waited for the subway. I think I blend in!

Although we can appreciate Mayim’s humor, we can’t say that this is the most flattering shot of her.

13 No Time To Change

There is nothing wrong with celebrities going out and running their own errands, rather than have assistants do it for them. Well, it looks like Johnny Galecki waits for no one and decided to go out and purchase some logs. He must have really been in a rush to get those logs, because he didn’t even bother to take the time to change his pants… which seem to be covered in paint. His jacket and vest look clean, at least.

12 Bialik’s Odd Outfit Choice

Earlier in the article, we featured a photo of Cuoco wearing a pair of shorts over her leggings, and it seems like Penny isn’t the only Big Bang character who is undecided about what to wear when she’s out and about.

Maybe she assumed we wouldn’t notice the leggings under her skirt since they both seem to be the exact same color. But we noticed, Mayim, and we’re not impressed.

11 We’re Not Digging The ‘Stache, Kunal

Kunal Nayyar plays the lovable Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory, and the show just wouldn’t be the same without Raj’s quirky behavior and his inability to talk to women. Raj’s naivety definitely makes him an appealing character on the show, but unfortunately the same could not be said about his moustache in the photo above.

We realize this might have been for a role, but we doubt Kunal would want to show this photo to anyone now.

10 Bialik’s Most Controversial Image

Now, we’d like to start off by saying there is nothing unflattering about the image itself. The reason we’ve included this picture is due to the controversy that surrounds it. If you haven’t been living under a rock in the past few years, then you’ve definitely seen this photo before, and it was likely attached to the subject of attachment parenting, and the intense debate it causes between moms.

We respect that Mayim is proud of her choices, but at this point, this image does not seem like it’s doing the job it was meant to when she posted it.

9 Mayim Is NOT Happy

Given the circumstances on the day this photo was taken, we can understand why Mayim looks so upset in the picture above.

Mayim was involved in a car accident in LA in 2012 which resulted in her needing to be hospitalized due to an injury on her right hand. She was spotted leaving her home and heading to film The Big Bang Theory just one day after the incident, with a full cast. We doubt that Mayim actually cares whether this image was flattering or not….

8 Not Sheldon’s Best Look

Jim Parsons plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, and quite frankly, the show would not be what it is if it weren’t for his character. The reason we love his character so much is because he does not hold back from displaying his intelligence and his childlike qualities.

Sheldon Cooper’s style and personality are consistent through the entire series, and we are glad this is the case. The photo above show Jim Parsons seemingly trying to go for a Sheldon Cooper look with his T-shirt, but he takes it way too far with his hat and cardigan.

7 We Almost Didn’t Recognize You, Sheldon

Do we really need to explain why this photo of Jim Parsons made it to our list of unflattering photos of The Big Bang Theory Cast? We think not. We know this photo was taken at Comic-Con, based on the background and logo on the name tag, but what we don’t know is why Jim Parsons is making that creepy face. We’re guessing it has something to do with Johnny Galecki’s name being in front of Jim Parsons’ seat.

6 What Happened Here?

Okay, we have to admit this photo is really funny, not matter how unflattering it is. It seems as though Leonard, Sheldon and Howard took dressing up as superheroes to another level by donning female costumes. They added the wigs as a final touch, and we’re glad they did!

Although all three characters look funny, we think Sheldon dressed up as Wonder Woman takes the cake.

5 We Didn’t Recognize You, Johnny

We really had to do a double-take here to figure out that this is really Johnny Galecki. It looks like since Big Bang Theory ended, Leonard decided to go for a new look, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. The goatee definitely makes him look older, but then again, the actor who portrayed Leonard is now 44 years old, so we guess the new look makes him look his age.

4 Long Hair, Don’t Care

This one might be a little unfair given that no one really thinks their high school yearbook photos are flattering, but we had to include it anyways. Simon Helberg portrays Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory, and plays his role to perfection. When looking at the photo above, we can’t help but wonder if Simon’s real life mom made him cut his hair this way… We feel like it’s something Mrs. Wolowitz would do.

3 What’s With The Face, Kaley?

Looks like Penny isn’t the only one with a sense of humor. Kaley Cuoco seems to be humorous, too. She was spotted leaving Yoga class and hanging out with her friend Jamie Greenberg, and based on the face she’s pulling in the picture, she was clearly trying to make her laugh.

We’re guessing it was mission accomplished for Kaley, but for he rest of us, what we got was a really unflattering photo of the actress.

2 Ouch

She might have posted this one to her IG account herself, but that doesn’t mean it’s a flattering photo of her. Kaley’s got a slew of really attractive photos on her social media, but this one doesn’t qualify as one of them. Granted, we do respect the star for showing us the reality of what it’s like to be hurt.

She captioned the photo: When your ‘honeymoon’ is shoulder surgery and your husband looks just as happy lol on the road to recovery - thank you for all the love and support! ❤️ knowing @mrtankcook I’m sure he will be posting tons of hilarious gems 🙄🤪

1 Not A Care In The World

Even the most beautiful celebrities take some really unflattering photos. Kaley Cuoco is definitely a beauty (but it helps when stars are all made up and have a team working on their hair and makeup). When a celeb is just out and about, going to run some errands, they often end up looking like regular Joes (unless we’re talking about the Kardashians, of course).

Kaley really didn’t seem to care when she went shopping for groceries with her husband, as evidenced by her hair and baggy jacket.

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