17 Vince McMahon Rules All WWE Employees Must Follow

Working for WWE is a dream for talent all over the world. However, as former and WWE employees have come to realize, it is ultimately McMahon’s world. Some talent is so micromanaged by the system that the entire experience turns into a nightmare rather quickly, just ask Dean Ambrose.

Other non-WWE companies are a lot more flexible with the rules – for that reason, options outside of the company are more interesting to the employees than ever before, especially in terms of regaining that creative freedom.

In this article, we’ll go through some of Vince’s wackiest rules behind the scenes. Some make sense while others might be a little too harsh for the WWE employees. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

17 Listen To Instructions Given By Refs On The Fly

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Referees play a crucial role in the setup of a match. No, they aren’t just there to count the 1-2-3, Vince is also relaying information during a match.

WWE employees must be ready to listen to the instructions on the fly. That took place during the Survivor Series main event, with McMahon unhappy with the pace and demanding more high spots as the match was going on.

16 Don’t Acknowledge Everything The Crowd Does

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This one is truly bizarre and it has us scratching our heads. The Rock said it himself during a motivational speech to the LA Lakers, listening to the audience was a huge key in WWE.

Well, as we learned in recent weeks, don’t listen to everything. During a RAW telecast, McMahon blew up backstage for Seth Rollins acknowledging the CM Punk chants, cause it simply wasn’t part of the story. We’re pretty sure he didn’t have the same reaction when Stephanie acknowledged the chants back in the day...

15 Get Ready For A Name Change

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McMahon can change a talent’s name at any point, even if they used a certain name with NXT. Let’s take the War Raiders for example. They were changed to the Viking Experience... it is said that even Triple H nodded his head at the decision.

The duo tried to change it but McMahon said they’d try it out and see how it went... Clearly, it didn’t go over so well.

14 Layoffs Can Happen At Any Point

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Getting a release can truly happen at any point. Back in the early 2000s, post-WrestleMania was usually the season. Back in 2004, McMahon would even rip into the SmackDown locker room according to Bruce Prichard and even threaten to release some of the talent.

He hasn’t granted mass layouts in quite some time though according to the rumor mill, that might be changing in early 2020.

13 Go Through The Departments Before Meeting With Him

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If you want to meet with McMahon, it just isn’t that easy. Dean Ambrose shared the details which involve going through several departments prior to talking to the boss.

Face time with the boss just isn’t as easy as it once ones, it seems like the company has a department rep for everything these days.

12 Get Over With The Audience When Given A Push

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This rule is definitely a hard one. If it is your time, make sure you are doing the absolute best job possible to get over with the crowd. If not, that push can come to an end real quick.

Cedric Alexander was a recent example, joining Roman Reigns in a main event spot only to see him climb down the ladder. The same is currently going on with Humberto, his push might already be done due to McMahon not liking his crowd reaction.

11 Don’t Take Live Events Lightly

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Who can forget that classic story of McMahon storming out during the Tajiri and Rhyno match at a WWE live event back in the day? He ended the match while tearing into the locker room backstage.

The live event loop is a lot lighter these days so McMahon expects the absolute best from his talent, even when he’s not there.

10 Keeping Healthy Lifestyle Afloat While On The Road

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McMahon is huge on a talent’s image. He’s a gym guy himself and according to the likes of Jim Cornette, WWE’s boss simply sees food as fuel.

He expects the same out of the WWE main roster talent, even though it isn’t the easiest task. Nowadays a lot of the roster rely on meals preps along with hitting the gym as soon as they got off the plane in whatever city they’re in.

9 Use WWE Verbiage Only

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Vince lives in his own world, which includes certain words. Back in the day, McMahon blew up on The Revival for using the term, “pro wrestlers.”

Hilariously enough, it seems like the word wrestlers, is now okay to say, Scott Dawson would even issue a sarcastic tweet stating, “you’re welcome.”

8 Instant Feedback After A Match

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In the world of WWE, feedback tends to be instant. As soon as you go backstage, McMahon and company are at the gorilla position waiting.

Vince usually gives instant feedback, like who can forget when he ripped into KO for his WrestleMania match. Even Ciampa got a bit of a slap on the wrist following his War Games match for using one too many vulgar terms.

7 Talent Must Push The Product On Social Media

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Go take a look at Becky’s social media via IG and it is evident that she has to promote the product and maintain her gimmick online.

The same goes for platforms like Twitter, we typically see talents going at it and for the most part, it is all about them playing up their gimmicks.

6 Get Travel Schedule Sorted With WWE App

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In order to keep up-to-date with their grueling travel schedule, WWE stars have an App they get to follow. This was revealed by Zack Ryder via the Edge and Christian Podcast.

However, travel can get complicated, just ask Renee Young who missed a recent PPV event because of an obnoxious passenger – the plane was forced to ground, kicking off the passenger.

5 Stay Committed To Contract Length

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This is the newest rule put in place by WWE. If a talent signs a deal, it is best that they follow the verbiage of the deal, especially given the length.

WWE is refusing to release employees, given that their contracts are still running. They might be going back on this rule with releases set to take place in early 2020.

4 Rivals Must Stay Separated Out Of The Ring

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Things aren’t as strict when it comes to keeping a gimmick a secret like they were back in the day. However, WWE still wants to keep things real. If rivals are feuding, they simply cannot ride together on the road.

Seth Rollins revealed on Ride Along that the hardest part of breaking up with The Shield was the fact that he was no longer able to ride with his buddies.

3 Arrive To Arena Hours Before The Show

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This is a Vince McMahon rule talent isn’t too crazy about.

Everyone is expected to arrive hours before the show – this can lead to a lot of the talent becoming ice cold and in some cases, they’re at the show for hours only to go out for a five-minute match.

2 Lengthy Overseas Tours

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Pack a big suitcase if WWE books a show overseas (aside from Saudi Arabia). McMahon looks to take advantage when he’s overseas, booking lots of shows, most of which are non-televised events.

By the end of the tour, WWE employees are likely so spent that they aren’t even visiting the beautiful parts of the new location.

1 Busy WrestleMania Week

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When its WrestleMania week, all WWE employees must bring their A games. Talent usually arrives at the scene as early as Thursday.

The company has strict policies with employees making several appearances prior to show, whether it be with the fans or PR events promoting the event.

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