17 Workout Photos Of Brooke That Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Want You To See

Back when Hogan Knows Best started airing on VH1, the show centered around Brooke's music career and Hulk's protective ways. The show enjoyed huge success as one of the first reality shows out there.

Brooke clicked with the audience and a lot of that has to do with her look. Once Hogan Knows Best came to an end, she was even given her own spin-off briefly, Brooke Knows Best.

Despite the lessened fame, Brooke continues to maintain a fantastic figure. In this article, we'll take a look at some of her best workout pics from both the past and present. Given how protective Hulk is - he would likely we rather not see these pics. Sorry Hulk, but that's exactly what we are going to do in this article. Enjoy and be sure to share it with a friend!

17 Glute Work

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We’re not quite sure what Brooke’s doing but we assume it might be some bodyweight glute work. A really awkward time to snap a photo but hey, she wanted one while performing the workout... we guess. Her attire on the day surely got a lot of attention, don’t tell the Hulkster, though.

16 Post Gym Sweat

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We have those days where we are completely zoned in and just focused on breaking a sweat. That’s exactly what Brooke does in this post-gym photo, showing us her drenched shirt. We also get a look at her stunning abs – she wasn’t messing around that day.

15 Legs In The Air

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We’re not entirely sure about the dude next to her but Brooke is once again getting it done – taking a pic during an exercise – this one seems to be leg raises, working her ripped abs till she can’t go anymore. As for that dude next to her, we hope he’s at least taking some tips.

14 Hike In LA

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A workout doesn’t have to be solely in the gym and Brooke knows that. She’s taking advantage of beautiful California, going on a hike with her friends.

Brooke truly has the best of both worlds with her mom residing out in Cali while Hulk is over in Florida. No need for a gym – outdoor work can also do the trick.

13 Boxing

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She likes to switch things up and in this picture, she’s got the boxing gloves on. Wrestling fans wish she was in the ring instead, without the gloves like her dad – but we assume that ship has finally sailed given her failed run with TNA Wrestling.

12 Goat Yoga

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Never thought we’d say this, but who else wishes they were that goat? Brooke switches things up taking to the popular goat yoga, which will only help her joints.

Maybe Hulk should also attend the class, he can use some yoga movement, then again, he also has WCW buddy DDP who has his own successful yoga company.

11 Hike With The Bro

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The two had quite the childhood, to say the least. They were put in the spotlight during Hogan Knows Best. Brooke thrived in the role, even getting her own spin-off.

It worked the opposite way for Nick, who faced various legal troubles – he’s now pretty much written off as a D-List celeb.

10 Skipping Rope

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Look at that conditioning... wow. At this point, Brooke was at the prime of her career, thriving in the music business as well.

She took a hiatus, though she recently announced a return – which is an admirable decision; don’t give up on those dreams, folks. She has it all, yet she’s still pursuing her long-time passion.

9 MTV Return

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She made her return to MTV a couple of years back, taking part in some grueling competitions, some that are a lot worse than a day at the gym.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, Brooke was put on blast from some of the teammates for her lack of effort. Brooke didn’t take too kindly to the criticism, thank goodness Hulk wasn’t around.

8 Flexible

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We can’t help but laugh thinking about Hulk potentially posing in the same way... it isn’t as easy as swinging on the rope and hitting a leg drop – this is a little tougher than that.

Brooke can do it and with a lot of ease. A lot of that has to do with her dance background. Brooke is multi-talented, she can both sing and perform – especially when it comes to busting some serious dance moves.

7 Gym Ready

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She’s on her way to the gym in the pic above, having a little pre-workout snack – likely a healthy bar.

Everyone in the background just can’t stop looking and we don’t blame them, Brooke has some fine looking yoga pants, enough to make Hulk turn red in the eyes.

6 Arriving At The Gym

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Not only does she train at the gym but she also signs autographs from time to time. On this day, Brooke wasn’t working out just yet – instead, signing some autographs for the fans.

Knowing Brooke, she still likely got a little workout in once she was done – that’s the kind of gal she is!

5 Flex Mode

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This is the type of pic we imagine Hulk pulling off, heck take a look at Hogan’s IG account and he does, in fact, have the same type of picture.

Hulkster still thinks he can go in the ring and if McMahon allows it, he would even take part in another match.

4 Down But Not Out

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We assume Brooke had one heck of a workout. She’s completely done and heck, the guy is even standing on top of her – yeah, that doesn’t look like an exercise.

Looks like Brooke endured quite the circuit – she puts in a lot of work in order to maintain her stunning figure.

3 Friendly Hike

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Another photo from Brooke’s hike out in Studio City. She had everyone looking on the day, especially given her attire of choice. Yoga pants always seem to be a good idea and we definitely believe so when it comes to Brooke – she has the perfect figure for them.

2 The Challenge

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Another pic from MTV’s Challenge: Champs versus Stars. This one features Brooke Hogan in a certain position, one that we just can’t look away from. We can just imagine Hulk running wild on us for looking too long – we just can’t help ourselves Hulk, the pic is just too good.

1 Different Kind Of Ring

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Never mind a WWE ring, Brooke is in a boxing ring. Nonetheless, there are rumors of Brooke heading back to wrestling, possibly starting her own all women’s wrestling promotion alongside other daughters of former pro wrestlers.

That would be a great idea especially considering the current boom in the female division today.

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