18 Amazing Moments When Ellen Degeneres Was A Cheeky Icon

It's hard to believe that The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the air since 2003. That's 15 years of deep belly laughs, Ellen's dance moves, and iconic pranks that literally only Ellen can pull off.

The former actress, comedian, and talk show host has won 59 Daytime Emmy Awards (as of last year, has one of the 20 most subscribed channels on YouTube, and to follow up with its constant success — the show has been extended until 2020. If those stats prove anything, it's that Ellen and her show aren't slowing down anytime soon.

Considering Ellen has well over 2,000 episodes and she has interviewed countless celebrities, athletes, YouTube sensations, and more, there are a lot of moments worth mentioning that are all-time favorites. However, let's go through 18 of the funniest interviews and moments to date. Interviews that didn't just make the audience laugh, but made Ellen close to tears (which is hard to accomplish!). From introducing Grace & Sophia to the world (and to their idol Nicki Minaj), to showing the world Channing Tatum is petrified of porcelain dolls, to comedian Kate McKinnon impersonating her — these are 18 of the funniest moments from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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18 When Kate McKinnon Became Ellen

For those that don't know, Kate McKinnon is a comedian and actress most known for her skits on Saturday Night Live, and portrayals in Rough Night, Ghostbusters (2016), and coming up in 2018 The Spy Who Dumped Me. The actress is in her mid 30's and she's not slowing down anytime soon.

However, one of my favorite moments of Kate's is when Ellen invited Kate on The Ellen Show, so Kate could do her portrayal of Ellen in front of Ellen. In March of this year, Ellen introduced the actress by saying, "She impersonates me on Saturday Night Live. She's beautiful, she's charming, she's smart, she's hilarious, she's me!"

In classic Kate McKinnon (and Ellen) form, Kate dances out on stage wearing the EXACT same outfit as Ellen (even with a matching wig!)

"I got this blondie, step aside," Kate says to the epic talk-show host. "I Gotta tell you something that happened outside of the house. Portia and I got a puppy. Uh, we named it 'Kid' to make it sound like we have a kid. Funnily enough, a kid is also a baby goat, and I love baby goats. I LOVE BABY GOATS!" To make things awkwardly funny, Ellen insists that what Kate was saying was false and that she did not sound like that.

"True story, I once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat... I'm up at the house and all of a sudden one of the uh, kiddie, kiddie, kiddie cats..." (again, Ellen says she has never said "kiddie, kiddie, kiddie cats" before, to which Kate ignores). "One of the kiddie, kiddie, kiddie cats jump off the bed — right on my head. And then Kid (that's the puppy, not the goat, though I do love baby goats) jumps right on the bed, right on Portia's head, and suddenly the rest of the cats jump up on the bed and the rest of the dogs and one of Portia's horses... and there's animals everywhere and I can't find the remote and I'm laying there thinking 'I'm Ellen!'"

To say Kate sounds JUST like Ellen is an understatement.

17 When Sophia And Rosie Met Nicki Minaj

It all started in 2011 when English cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie posted a video on YouTube of them singing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." Considering the duo were just 8 and 5 years old at the time, seeing those two English beauties rap so fiercely was exactly what the world needed. As if their video going viral wasn't enough, Ellen DeGeneres made their stardom even bigger by having them on her show. The two became instant (adorable) superstars.

After performing "Super Bass," the two went on to cover other songs, but it's safe to say Nicki Minaj was the idol who started it all for these gal pals.

In October of 2011, Ellen decided to fly the two English beauties over to the show to not only sing "Super Bass" in front of a live audience (which Ellen typically does), but to surprise them with Nicki Minaj herself!

Ellen starts off the surprise by saying "I just love you so much, and you said you loved Nicki Minaj, right? Do you wanna meet her?" As you'd expect, the two girls went NUTS, jumping for joy at the possibility. And that's when the screen opened up and Nicki Minaj walks on stage making these two little girls' lives! And, of course, the threesome sang "Super Bass" together.

16 When She Made Kris Jenner Go To The 99-Cent Store

Ellen DeGeneres is the only talk-show host that can make me cry laughing. She has such a way with connecting to the stars and making them feel comfortable enough to do ridiculous stunts.

In November of 2017, Ellen decided to have Kris Jenner on her show for her prank segment. In these segments, Ellen usually has her celebrity fans do these ridiculous things while wearing an ear-piece so Ellen can tell them what to do and say from afar. Meanwhile, the whole thing is filmed and the audience can laugh in embarrassment.

Now, as we all know, Kris Jenner is a very wealthy woman; a woman who doesn't really need to shop for "deals" and can afford full price (whether she looks to do so or not).

However, in this segment, Ellen makes Kris go to a 99-Cent store and essentially embarrass the heck out of her. 

Ellen starts off telling Kris to grab a cart and to head to isle one, telling her to say "Hi! I'm Kris Jenner, I'm a BIG celebrity!" to the woman at the checkout counter (to which the woman just giggles uncontrollably). She then goes into asking the worker a bunch of questions all thought up by Ellen.

"This coconut right here, how much is this?" After the nice lady tells her the price is not 99 cents, Ellen tells Kris to say "Ah, that's how they getcha. THAT'S how they getcha." Things get even funnier when Ellen makes Kris ask about razors, says she shaves her back, says she's broke, and laughs uncontrollably in front of the store. Trust me, it's not an episode you want to miss.

15 When Ellen Scared Channing With A Doll


Does Channing Tatum even need an introduction? The new single actor isn't just talented at his job, he's also extremely humble and always gives incredibly honest interviews. I think it's part of the reason why so many people are attracted to him. Sure, he's flawless and all that, but it's his down-to-earth nature that everyone adores.

Nevertheless, Tatum visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014, when he was bombarded by the one thing he'd never buy his only child: porcelain dolls. Mainly because he's scared of them. Not that I can blame the man, there are some dolls that just look dead inside.

“I just think they’re freaky! “I just think they’re really super freaky. They have, like, real eyes and they look real" the Magic Mike star told Ellen. But, of course, in true Ellen fashion, she whipped out a porcelain doll to hold in front of Channing's face.

“I just imagine when I walk by them their heads turn with you the whole time.”

The doll had its face painted white and had black pigtails, which made her look like she DEFINITELY moved around when humans were asleep. And as you could have guessed, Ellen got that doll up close and personal to Channing, to which the star could be seen crawling out of his seat (and his skin).

14 When Ellen And Michelle Obama Went Shopping

In September of 2016, when Michelle Obama was still the First Lady of the United States of America, Ellen decided to have her on her show to make Michelle feel like a "normal" woman again. (Good luck, Ellen.)

The pair roll up to a local CVS, where patrol guards and secret service patrol the premises to make sure the two have the safest shopping experience of their lives.

(Imagine rolling up to a CVS with hoards of security cars next to you "just in case.")

Ellen—who was ready to get her shopping game on—grabs a stack of coupons as soon as she walks in, saying "Here we go, Michelle. There's coupons because you know, you're gonna need these probably." She then proceeds to grab the cart and remind Michelle that she'll need to push the cart because no one pushes it for normal folk.

They then begin pushing their cart around the store while Ellen tries her best to terrorize Michelle. The former First Lady is dumbfounded by a few of the products, while Ellen immediately grabs them and starts opening them in the store (without buying them yet, which of course embarrasses Michelle).

The two try out a Coinstar, practice how to us an ATM machine, play with a back-scratcher, oh and Ellen chants in a Megaphone sporadically. It's honest to goodness TV gold.

13 Ellen Loses It Laughing At Amy Schumer

Comedian Amy Schumer has made quite a name for herself these days. After getting her first big break in 2010 on A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus, she has climbed the charts to people's hearts in the comedy world.

Since making it big, Amy has been on the Ellen Show quite a few times. And it seems like every single time she's in that iconic coffee chair, Ellen can't seem to keep her eyes dry.

In 2015 Amy appeared on the show to give a dose of humor to the audience (as if there weren't enough already), when Ellen asks Amy why she doesn't live in Los Angeles. I mean, if you're in show business you either live in California or New York. There's really no in between. Amy answered Ellen's answer (hilariously) honesty.

"I mean, I don't fit in here. Just straight-up body type. Like, in LA my arms register as legs," Amy says while mimicking her own body (with Ellen laughing to herself).

She then goes into a lavish story about her business manager buying her courtside Lakers tickets, and Amy ended up sitting next to actress Dianna Agron at the game. She pretty much goes into detail about how Dianna knows exactly how to pose and smile while sitting courtside, because she knows she's being photographed. Meanwhile, Amy has zero idea and her resting face is less than pleasurable, which ended up making hilarious paparazzi photos.

In short: Ellen was crying at Amy's reaction to it all.

12 Kevin Heart Has No Idea What Organs Are

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a hilarious segment called "The Five-Second Rule." In it, Ellen's DJ (tWitch), asks Ellen and her guest tough questions where the they have five seconds or less to answers. Since there's only five seconds on the clock, Ellen and her guests typically end up biting their tongues and saying things that don't make sense.

But none were funnier than Kevin Hart's "Five-Second Rule" segment in March.

Twitch prepares Kevin for the question by saying "Kevin, besides the heart, name three other organs." Now this funnyman could have literally said any of the five vital organs that we have or the 70+ others that we have. However, the comedian flopped hard.

"Uhhhh BLAHHH uhhh, lung, kidney, blahhh ahhh THIGH."

THIGH. KEVIN HART SAID THIGH. Ellen begins laughing uncontrollably saying, "That's not an organ!" to which Kevin says "What?!" in disbelief. Sorry, Kevin, a person's thigh is not an organ. But nice job on the lung and kidney. Those were solid answers.

Luckily for him, Kevin Hart's a hilarious dude who owns his mistakes, so his flub wasn't too embarrassing. But seeing his reaction to the tWitch's question was everything I never knew I needed. Seriously, please check it out.

11 11 Ellen Tells Adam Levine How To Behave

Just like Kris Jenner's prank segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen also had Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, embarrass the pants of himself in front of a total stranger.

While backstage in his dressing room, Ellen hung up hidden cameras to catch every embarrassing detail. While wearing an earpiece, he essentially has to do and say whatever Ellen tells him to do.

To start the entire prank off, Ellen orders some food on his behalf from a place across the street, to which she asks Adam to speak very softly because he's saving his voice...

The nice gentleman walks into his dressing room, places the food on the table, and Adam tells him to take a seat — which, considering he's just dropping off some food, it's a little weird.

"I can only have soft food because of my throat. Did she get me any soup?" The man hands Adam the soup to which Adam reiterates that the soup has to be "very, very soft." After taking a sip, he's then instructed to say "Ouch! This is too hard!" And if you think that's awkward, it only gets worse. Ellen has Adam do more taste tests with pasta and bread, making this poor delivery man do all tasks for him.

But don't worry, Adam eventually tells him he's on The Ellen Show and the two run out so Ellen could apologize.

10 Ellen Makes Adele Cut Her Own Wheatgrass

One of the things that not many people don't know about Adele is that she's quite funny. She's known to pull a few pranks in her day, so it makes sense that she and Ellen have teamed up to embarrass her in public once more.

Ellen kicks off this segment with Adele waiting outside a cafe, while her assistant walks in to tell the workers to treat Adele like she's a normal customer. But that all goes to Hades and back when Adel steps in with Ellen in her ear.

After asking what size cups Jamba Juice has (the have small, medium, and large, just like every other company), Adele asks if they have an extra-large or an extra-small. The cashier is a little thrown off and tells her those are the only sizes they have.

"Okay, I'll take a large in a small cup," she says. (Can you feel the awkwardness through the screen?!)

"What should I get? Money is NO object," Ellen makes Adele say. After the sweet Jamba Juice employee goes through the entire menu, telling her what's in each drink, Adele tells him she'll take 'em all. But it gets funnier... Ellen hid some objects in Adele's purse, and tells her to cut off some wheatgrass from their wheatgrass plant and EAT it while standing in line. I just... I don't think you understand the hilariousness that is Adele chowing on grass at a Jamba Juice.

9 The Three Sofias

If you've been watching The Ellen Show for the past 15 seasons, then you know that she has a lot of famous friends. I'm sure it's hard not to be friendly with Ellen — she's the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo for crying out loud, there's no way she could have a negative bone in her body.

Two people that Ellen seems to have on her show frequently are Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. And since Ellen appears to take a liking to these two women, she started a skit called "The Three Sofias." And in case you couldn't guess, Reese and Ellen dress up like Sofia, try to sound like Sofia, and makeup stories as they come. Honestly, just imagine Sofia Vergara as a triplet — that's what the skit's about (except sweet little Reese and Ellen's attempt at a Columbian accent is... well, they try).

Now, I don't know who thought of this skit, but part of the hilarity is that most of them can't keep a straight face. Sofia and Reese crack up whenever Ellen tries to speak Spanish, not to mention the things they say are so random, it's hard not to laugh. I'm sure this skit doesn't happen often considering how popular the three are, but here's hoping.

8 She Sings With Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig has been working her way up in Hollywood for a long time (since the early 2000s). Personally, it wasn't until Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids that I found out who she was and became obsessed with her immediately. She's so hilarious and her comedic timing is impeccable. Knowing this, imagine how it goes when she and Ellen team up!

After interviewing Kristen, Ellen suggests the two perform a duet from Frozen

"I'm probably one of the only human beings on this planet that doesn't know that song 'Let it Go," Ellen says. Kristen agrees, saying "I just know that the words 'let it go' were in there, I don't know any of it..." This alone should be an indication that them singing this song together was gonna be a hot mess.

Since the two women have no idea how the song goes, they're reading the words off the screen, but the two are both incredibly off key, not knowing how to fluctuate their voice with the lyrics. They try to spice their performance up a bit by adding hand gestures to go along with the words, and they eventually get off their seats to add some theatrics. But considering most people know how Frozen's theme song goes, the whole thing is painfully hilarious to watch.

7 Miley Cyrus Helps Out Ellen

Miley Cyrus is like a lot of us Millennials because she's essentially one herself. We grew up watching her play Hannah on Disney's Hannah Montana, while our parents grew up watching her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, perform on stage. The difference between Miley and other childhood stars is that Miley seemed to keep her stardom while growing up in the public eye. She may have taken a break from music or acting here and there, but she never disappeared.

So when Ellen needed some help on how to connect to people her age, who better to call and ask for some assistance?

"I've learned a lot in 15 seasons, but there's still some things that I don't really understand in this world," Ellen says. "I don't understand the fidget spinners, I don't understand Axe body spray, and when I don't understand something it's easy to just start hating on it, and especially haters, because you know 'haters are gonna hate, hate, hate.' One thing I don't understand are Millennials and I don't like ignorance, so I want us all to be open and try to understand one another. So I asked one of my friends to bridge the gap between Millennials and my generation."

*In walks Miley Cyrus*

In the segment, Miley pretty much helps Ellen with what the kids are doing these days. Like why they take pictures of their food, why they go to these dirty music festivals, why they watch concerts through their phones, etc... It's enlightening, it's entertaining, and hey, it's even educational.

6 Ellen Tries To Help Bill Gates' Grocery Store Knowledge

Bill Gates is the 62-year-old billionaire who founded Microsoft. The businessman is obviously successful in the office and knows how to run a company, invest, and seek opportunities, but does Gates know how to be a normal civilian? Does he do what a lot of us normal folk do every day? Does he check his bank account after purchases? Well, that's exactly what Ellen wanted to find out.

This past February, Ellen had Mr. Gates on the show to have him on a segment called "Bill's Grocery Bills."

Ellen kicks it off telling Bill "Alright, we're gonna test your knowledge of some every day items that you get from the supermarket. When's the last time you have been at a super market?" Bill ponders a few seconds before saying "A long time ago." (Side note: can you imagine not remembering the LAST time you went grocery shopping?)

Ellen begins the game by asking Bill how much Rice-a-Roni, Tide PODS, dental floss, Totino's Pizza Rolls, and TGI Firday's Spinach and Artichoke dip is. Let's just say the billionaire flopped hard.

He guessed Rice-a-Roni was $5 (it's a dollar). He assumed Tide PODS were around $4 (they're actually quite pricey and are $19.97). He was pretty on the ball with dental floss, guessing that it was around $4 (it was actually $3.78). With Totino's Pizza Rolls, he guessed the bag was $22 (nice try, Bill, the bag is actually $8.98). Lastly, he assumed the spinach and artichoke dip was $4 (it was $3.66).

5 Snapchat With Kate Hudson

First of all, anything dealing with social media and Ellen is a treasure. I don't know if she's the one who runs her social media accounts or if she has someone doing it for her, but her content is always hilarious.

Back in 2016, Ellen joined actress Kate Hudson in bed to talk about Snapchat.

"Why do you Snapchat in bed so much?" Ellen asks Kate. "Because it's the only time I really have to Snapchat. Because I'm in bed, and I have a moment, and I'm like 'Ooh I wanna Snapchat for a second.'"

Kate decides to show Ellen what Snapchat is all about and even had a filter created for their time on the show. The two huddle up together around Kate's phone where Kate shows Ellen how to get the best angle (and compliments the lighting, of course).

It's pretty much a three-minute moment that reminds me of everyone and their best friends. Just two gals in bed playing on their phones together. The two play around with different filters and then Kate actually sends them out to people on her contact list. And to be honest, just seeing Kate and Ellen with weird, chubby face filters is oddly satisfying.

4 When Ellen Thought Chris Pratt Said Something Naughty

In 2017, Ellen had actor Chris Pratt on the show to play "Speak Out." It's one of the funnest games on the market at the moment, where people have to wear a contraption in their mouth, while trying to say what's listed on their card. The thing is, with this mouthguard-esque contraption, anything that is read on the card sounds completely different with said allowed.

Also, anytime Chris Pratt and Ellen DeGeneres are in the same room, you know it's gonna be hilarious. 

He starts off the game (looking insane, might I add) with him asking Ellen "Where did you place the parakeet?" And after two tries, Ellen actually got it right! But one of the best moments of the segment was when Chris had to read "I'm gonna bump you." It, of course, sounded way dirtier than it needed to, and Ellen almost fell out of her seat from laughing at Chris' reaction. He's practically covering his mouth to stop himself from drooling.

All Ellen can do is laugh her butt off and say "That doesn't sound good," while grabbing a tissue to wipe the tears away from her eyes. In short: Chris won this round but making Ellen laugh so hard she cried.

3 When The Little Magician Made Her Cry

One of the things I love so much about Ellen is she makes tiny stars more well known. Usually when she finds funny kids or teens on YouTube, she finds a way to bring them to her stage to share the hilarity with others.

In this case, it was the Tiny Magician. Ellen tells him her stage is the best place to showoff his magic skills, so he tells her "just a second" because he needs to get "everything ready." And by everything, he pulls out a small, red handkerchief. He tells Ellen he's about to make it disappear by shoving it into his fist, only to show everyone that it is no longer in his hand. This, for whatever reason, makes Ellen crying laughing. His little voice and charisma is what truly sells his act.

He then wants to show Ellen another act (and again, he stands up to get "ready"). "So, put your hand out. When I put it [a ball] in your hand, you're gonna close it fast and tight." He places the ball in Ellen's hands and whispers a little spell into Ellen's hand. And when she opened her hand, she now had three balls instead of one! Ellen can't stop crying through the entire act, mainly because the kid is trying so hard and is so adorable. It's one of those moments you wish she had more kid segments, just to see the sheer honesty.

2 When Ellen Gave Some Advice To Taylor

Taylor Swift is only only 28 years old, but it seems like she's been around forever, no? She's constantly coming out with hit after hit. Her tours get sold out, her songs go straight to number one, and her private life becomes public with every new relationship of hers.

It honestly makes me think if her stardom would fade once Taylor gets married one day. How could she possibly sing and write about heartache if she's in a happy relationship all the time?! I guess we'll see if that day ever comes.

Regardless, back in 2011, Taylor came to The Ellen Show where the two talked awards, her perfume, and boys.

After talking about Taylors perfume launch at the time, Ellen asks if her boyfriend likes the way it smells. "I don't have one! I keep telling you that!" Taylor says to Ellen. (Side note: she says this in a way that a little girl would be telling their nagging aunt.)

"I for real don't have a boyfriend. I sit by myself and I watch Law and Order. I don't even have like, 'kind of' a boyfriend. I don't have someone I'm texting that's a guy, that might someday be my boyfriend. There's like nothing going on right now." And in classic Ellen manner, say says "That's pathetic." But the real kicked of the whole thing is when Ellen says "Take it from me, you don't need boys. You don't."

1 When Ellen Really Wanted To Be In Nicki's 'Anaconda' Video

If you follow The Ellen Show's Instagram account, you would know that they Photoshop her face on other people's bodies all the time. From the Kardashians, to The Rock's newborn, to Cardi B — you can't stop Ellen.

In 2014, after Nicki Minaj just dropped her song "Anaconda," Ellen interviewed her and wanted to talk more about the song and its video.

Considering the success of the song and its scandalous video, Ellen wanted to help Nicki in any way possible. "I wanna help you be successful—and you're very successful—if you would have put the version of the one I was in, the one that I shot with you, it would have had more views..." Ellen tells Nicki.

Ellen then shows the audience the "Anaconda" music video that showed segments of Ellen dancing JUST like Nicki in similar attire. Now, of course, Ellen isn't a professional dancer, but she gave it her best go which only adds to the hilarity. In fact, one of the moves has Ellen sitting in a chair where she has to spread her legs apart. And while all the other dancers do this effortlessly, you can see Ellen in pain, laughing at herself.

It's genius.

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