18 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Who Tumbled Right Off The Wagon (+ 2 Who Kept It Up)

The Biggest Loser is an American TV series where contestants compete to win cash by losing the most weight. Since the show graced our screens, more than a million viewers tuned in weekly to watch contestants struggle with their diets and weight loss programs.

Nonetheless, the show faced many controversies from medical professionals disagreeing with their weight loss methods. Despite all that, a good number of contestants lost weight. Now the hard part of keeping the weight off began. Here are 18 contestants who fell off the wagon and two who kept the weight off:

20 Ali Vincent Maintained For Seven Years

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Competing in season 5, Ali Vincent was the first female contestant to win in the show. She lost a total of 112 pounds by the end of her season. According to thelist, she managed to keep the weight off for seven years but fell off the wagon in 2015. Ali is currently focusing on raising her twin boys who she gave birth to in Nov 2018. Who knows she might get back to her weight loss journey.

19 John Rhode Gained A Bit But Is Still Healthy

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Winner of season 12, John Rhode went from 445 pounds to 225 pounds losing a total of 220 pounds. He later revealed on Today that he tumbled right off the wagon and gained 50 pounds three years later. According to womenshealthmag, he tries to live a healthy lifestyle when at home or out.

18 Ryan Benson Gained Most Of It Back After 5 Years

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Ryan Benson was the show’s first-ever winner back in 2004. He lost a staggering 122 pounds by the end of the season one and seemed to have turned his life around. Five years later, he slipped back to his old ways and gained back most of the weight as moagiza reports.

17 Erik Chopin Held On For Four Years

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After losing a whopping 214 pounds and crowned the winner of season 3, Chopin went for excess skin removal surgery. Thereafter, he did many interviews on health and wellness. Unfortunately, according to wiki, he fell off the wagon four years later by gaining 52 pounds. While he has not gone back to his lowest weight, Chopin is trying to maintain his current weight.

16 Bill Germanakos Is Comfortable With His New Weight

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Competing alongside his twin brother Jim, Bill Germanakos emerged the champion of season 4. He lost 164 pounds by the end of his season. According to liherald, he gained 40 pounds since the show end and revealed that he is comfortable with his new weight. However, he manages it by reducing his carb intake and working out regularly.

15 Michael Ventrella Focuses More On Health Not Scales

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Chicago born Michael Ventrella was the proud winner of The Biggest Loser: Couples 3 after dropping from 526 pounds to 262 pounds. He was the heaviest male contestant to date. According to healthyeater, he has gained 27 pounds and does not focus too much on the scales but his health.

14 Matt Hoover Started Regaining After The Show

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Season 2 winner, Matt Hoover transformation was remarkable. He lost 157 pounds by the end of the season. He also found love on the show and married fellow contestant Suzy Hoover. According to womenhealthmag, Matt fell off the wagon and gained back most of the weight almost immediately. However, he tries to live a healthy lifestyle.

13 Jeremy Britt Is Private About His Weight

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By the end of season 13, Jeremy Britt had lost a whopping 199 pounds and declared the youngest contestant ever to win a season. He maintained his weight loss for a while and then gained a few pounds. As monagiza reveals, he has not gone public about his weight. He is now a mortgage consultant and is busy raising his four kids.

12 Danny Cahill Is Eating Much Fewer Calories

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Season 8 winner Danny Cahill dropped down from 430 pounds to 191 pounds in just seven months. Unfortunately, he tumbled right off the wagon and gained more than 100 pounds back. According to businessinsider, he has tried to maintain his weight by eating 800 calories less than what a man his size should eat.

11 Roberto Hernandez Will Lose Weight For His Fans

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The last winner of the show, Roberto Hernandez dropped nearly half of his weight during his season. Hernandez weighed 348 and dropped to 188, losing 160 pounds. Hernandez has struggled to keep the weight off after the show and has gained a few pounds in the process as womenhelathmag reports. However, he shared on Instagram that he will strive to maintain his weight for everyone who supported his journey.

10 Michelle Aguilar Is Fearless Despite Adding A Few

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Season 6 contestant Michelle Aguilar lost 110 pounds during the show and earned the season’s title Biggest Loser. As heathyeater reports, she then got married and had a baby, which made her weight loss journey a little difficult. Afterward, she wrote a book, Becoming Fearless, and has never disclosed her weight publicly but from the look of things, she definitely fell off the wagon.

9 Toma Dobrosavljevic's Instagram Is Revealing 

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Winner of season 16, Tom Dobrosavljevic shrank from 336 pounds to 165 pounds by the end of the season. Toma started gaining weight after sustaining a calf injury. According to thelist, he tried losing the weight after but judging from his recent Instagram photos he seems to have gained a few pounds.

8 Dina Mercado Added Almost Half Of What She Lost

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Season 8 contestant, Dina Mercado, weighed 248 pounds when the season premiered. She dropped to 173.5 pounds giving her a loss of 74.5 pounds. Unfortunately, she went back up 205 pounds thereafter. According to nytimes, this was because there was a certain weigh one’s body has to maintain without any effort.

7 Rebecca Wright Gained Almost All Of It Back

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Contestant Rebecca Meyer graced our screen in season 8. She lost from 270 pounds to 131 pounds, shedding 139 pounds. Rebecca also found love with fellow contestant Daniel wright and the duo lost a combined weight of 250 pounds. Unfortunately, Daniel passed away after losing his battle to cancer. According to nytimes, Rebecca fell off the wagon and gained back most of the weight.

6 Sean Algaier Got Back To Square 1

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Season 8 contestant Sean Algaier weighed 444 pounds when the season premiered. He dropped down to 289 pounds losing over 155 pounds. While on the show, he also found a diagnosis for his sleep apnea problem. As nytimes reports, after he left, he lost another 49 pounds but sadly fell off the wagon and gained back all his lost weight.

5 Rudy Pauls Is Keeping Up The Fight

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Compton native Rudy Pauls began the show weighing 442 pounds with a height of 6 foot 4 inches. He lost 234 pounds on the show and was season 8’s, runner-up. According to nytimes he went up to 390 pounds, had bariatric surgery and went down again to 265 pounds. Pauls has struggled to keep the weight off.

4 Rachel Frederickson Added To Get To A Healthy Weight

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Rachel Frederickson went home a proud winner of season 15 after losing 155 pounds. Viewers allegedly thought she had an eating disorder because she lost too much weight too fast as thelist points out. A year later, she gained 20 pounds and announced she added weight to reach a healthy weight. She has since kept away from the spotlight.

3 Helen Phillips Removed Excess Skin But Still Gained

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Winner of season 7, Helen Philips lost a tremendous amount of weight at 48 years old. She started at 257 pounds and ended the season at 117 pounds. According to healthyeater, she revealed that she underwent plastic surgery to remove the excess skin and only gained 18 pounds. Philips is no longer in the spotlight, therefore, we are not aware of her current weight.

2 Olivia Ward's Job Has Helped Keep The Weight Off

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Season 11 winner, Olivia Ward is one of the few contestants who have managed to keep the weight off after leaving the show. She began her journey at 261 pounds and ended the season at 132 pounds, losing 129 pounds. According to thelist, Olivia has maintained her final weight by being a soul Cycle instructor and keeping fit.

1 Patrick House Is Asking People To Focus On What Matters

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Another contestant who has managed to keep the weight off is Patrick House. Patrick lost 181 pounds making him the winner of season 10. According to womenshealthmag, Patrick has defended the show against contestants who felt the show was to blame for their weight gain after. He further added that they should focus on losing weight rather than point fingers.

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