18 Candid Pics Of Disney Employees Who Just Don't Care Anymore

They say that Disney is the happiest place on Earth. And who could argue with that? There are some pretty cool rides, massive castles, and childhood characters eager to take selfies with kids and kids at heart. But some folks, particularly children are saying, “Ha! What a joke!” and so are some employees. But execs wouldn't be laughing if they saw these Disney characters getting caught up in some pretty compromising situations.

So, take a look at a couple of these hilarious moments caught on camera that will have you wondering if some Disney villain has put a curse on everyone inside the Magic Kingdom.

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18 The Day Mickey Learned Kids are Major Nutcrackers


Some kids will come running towards Mickey Mouse at the mere sight of him. And he’s always ready to welcome them with open arms. But this time, Mickey discovered a whole new meaning to the term nutcrackers, when he greeted this little girl who was obviously not a fan.

17 And Then Chip Got a Sudden Craving


Chip from "Chip and Dale" may not be human, but at the core, he’s just as bad as a typical guy with only one thing on his mind. Either that, or he was having flashbacks of the time he was a baby and was craving mommy’s milk that day.

16 The Day Goofy Got Hungry and Ate a Kid


When parents take their kids to Disney World, they expect them to have a good time. But this kid wound up scarred for life after Goofy decided to try and eat him alive. This shines a light on the dark side of Disney execs who don’t provide their employees with enough cans of dog food.

15 Nothing’s More Damaging Than Seeing Goofy Unmasked

Bored Panda

Adults know that there’s a real person hiding under those enormous costumes. And on some level, kids know it, too. But they’d rather remain blissfully ignorant. Who can blame them? But finding out that Goofy is just a regular guy underneath the mask is downright unnerving. Don’t you think?

14 The Time Minnie Left Mickey for Goofy


Everyone always assumed that the love that Mickey and Minnie Mouse shared would last forever. But then, someone snapped this photo. And the world felt Mickey’s pain at the sight of Goofy and Minnie holding hands before opening hours. Now poor Mickey needs to find a divorce lawyer on his lunch break.

13 When Snow White Met a Girl Who Didn't Care


Snow White has been one of the most popular Disney princesses for ages. But it looks like her time in the spotlight has passed because the little girl she’s trying to cheer up doesn’t care. Maybe she just doesn’t like people creeping up on her while she’s trying to eat in peace.

12 The Time Donald Duck Took a Dive on Stage


The performers under these costumes are always trying to act as silly as the characters they’re embodying. But some of them take things too far. Take Donald Duck for example. He proved he was just as clumsy in real life as he is on screen. And Minnie seems to be waving and saying “Have a nice trip!”

11 Kids were Horrified When Woody Lost an Eye


Woody is a fun-loving character from the Toy Story franchise. And he’s a total goofball. But the kids weren’t exactly laughing when this performer had a wardrobe malfunction and lost an eye. The kids undoubtedly watched in horror as their favorite cowboy turned into a Disney villain.

10 A Toy Soldier Discovered That Leather Boots and Rain Don’t Mix


Whoops! Lost one. Oh, that poor toy soldier! He’s as clumsy as an ox! The expression on his face is priceless as he’s lying on his back. It’s like a mixture of sheer agony and embarrassment. He covered his face with his hand and was probably thinking his career at Disney was over.

9 That’s Almost as Bad as Dropping Your Drum in Mid-Performance


Stuff happens during a live musical performance, like someone accidentally dropping their drum the way this clumsy guy on the far left did. But he seems to be doing some sort of Jedi mind trick to try to get the drum to come to his hand. Or maybe he’s so ashamed he’s pretending he’s leading the band.

8 The Kid Who Freaked at the Sight of Minnie Mouse


He was having a great time eating his food and minding his own business when Minnie Mouse suddenly showed up. Oh sure! She’s all smiles, but we're sure she was uncomfortable as hell. Everyone else sees a cute Disney character, but all this baby sees is an enormous monster in a dress walking over to take his food away.

7 Some Employees Aren’t Afraid of Getting Caught Red Handed


If you thought that Minnie Mouse and Goofy’s relationship was a one-time thing, guess again. It turns out that they just can’t quit each other. And if you’re wondering why Mickey’s smiling, it’s because he took some snaps that he could use as evidence when he goes to divorce court.

6 While Clarice Signed Autographs, Chip and Dale Put a Whole New Spin on Lovable Chipmunks


Clarice the chipmunk is too busy signing autographs to notice that Chip and Dale, or rather the humans inside the costumes, are breaking character. But in all fairness, Clarice is looking very cute in that Tinkerbell-style dress. Ff those chipmunks aren’t careful, they’re going to have to stop by HR for a quick chat.

5 The Time Minnie Mouse Realized She Was on Someone’s Hit List


Poor Minnie! She approached someone she assumed was an all-around nice guy to take a selfie with him. But she had no idea that she was about to become his next target. It turns out that he’s wearing a Deadmau5 shirt, and if she doesn’t run, she’s going to be joining Walt Disney in that Magic Kingdom in the sky.

4 When Tweedle Dee Discovered That Gravity and Heavy Costumes Don’t Mix


Those character costumes are heavy. Just ask the guy in the Tweedle Dee costume. It must have been his first day on the job, and he learned a valuable lesson. Gravity was not his friend. But he got no sympathy from his “brother” Tweedle Dum, who was too busy laughing to lend him a hand.

3 Gaston Proved That He Was So Vain, He Didn’t Want to Share the Spotlight


Anyone who has ever seen the cartoon and live-action version of Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast" knows that Gaston is a real piece of work. He thinks he’s all that and more. In fact, he’s so vain that when this fan asked to take a selfie with him, Gaston covered his face so people would only focus on him.

2 The Day Beauty Learned That the Beast Doesn’t Like Kids


It’s obvious who the nice one in this relationship is. If Belle was planning on having kids with the Beast someday, she’s out of luck. If this photo proves anything, it’s that he’s not a fan of children. Those kids are going to have a tough time proving to their classmates they met Beauty and the Beast with their faces covered like that.

1 Every Little Girl's’ Heart Sank When They Saw Snow White Getting Arrested


Every Disney fan will remember the day Snow White got taken by the Po-Po for singing too loudly in public. Those cops must have been working for her wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen. But even as she was being taken away, she continued singing in the hopes that the prince would hear and come save her.

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