18 Celebrities Who Were Caught Thirsting Over Other Celebrities

I wrote an article not too long ago about the meaning of being “thirsty.” While older generations may view someone being thirsty as someone being dehydrated, the younger generation sees someone being thirsty as someone being flirtatious — someone who is asking or needing attention.

For instance, many people would say the Kardashians are thirsty for likes. Now, I don’t really mind the Kardashians (please don’t shout at me!), but I would have to agree that their family is thirsty for fame, money, likes, you name it. (No that I blame them, of course. Their thirst for fame is making them rich, honey.)

Since we’re on the subject of people be thirsty, however, let’s take a look at some other celebrities besides the Kardashians. Just because someone is a celebrity, does not mean they don’t have the urge for thirst. And thanks to the account @CommentsByCelebs, they have shown us time and time again that celebrities can—at times—be the thirstiest of them all. I mean, it’s one thing to thirst on a celeb as a commoner, but when a celeb thirsts on another celeb, they might actually have a chance with them. And here are 18 amazing instances of that.

18 Thirsty For His Then-Girlfriend

And they say chivalry is dead. #CommentsByCelebs

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Now, Amber Rose and rapper 21 Savage didn’t date for too long (not even a year), but the two seemed madly in love. Rose even stated she wanted to marry the young rapper. After being hounded by videographers for TMZ, the crew suggested she was getting married soon (which was false), and she stated I want to marry him but we'll see."

Well, I guess that didn’t work out because the pair broke things off in March. However, back when they were going strong, the two would thirst on eachother’s instagram accounts often. I mean, just look at this precious throwback of little Amber at 14 years old! (Can I just say I looked NOWHERE as mature and beautiful as Amber did at 14? My teeth were so jacked up.)

By 21 Savage thirsting on his then lady’s Instagram, we found out that he thinks of her as his “Lil Caesar pizza.” Good to know….Good to know. I mean, I know every couple has their own baby talk and little language they use with only each other, but calling someone a “lil Caesar pizza” is definitely a new one for me. It makes me more hungry than anything else.

17 Antoni Is Bae

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up. #CommentsByCelebs

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If you don’t watch Netflix’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, are you even living? That show is impeccable! It follows around five gay men who make it their mission to make over straight men. They help the straight man with everything from self-confidence, to how to cook, to their living space, to goal reaching, to beauty — these five men are a godsend. They truly are.

And thanks to @CommentsByCelebs, we can see the ever so gorgeous Antoni (the food and wine specialist on the show) giving some fierce looks on his Instagram. He of course receives plenty of comments on this selfie because, come on, LOOK AT HIM. The hair… the eyes… that smolder… He’s a better version of John Mayer.

Anywho, Antoni’s castmate on Queer Eye is Karamo Brown (he helps with goal reaching, soul digging, and self-confidence on the show. He’s major), came to the comment scene reaffirming that Antoni set up a thirst trap! (Which is another way of being thirsty, in a sense. It’s someone setting themselves up for compliments, really.) But honestly, Antoni can send out thirst traps all day if he wants. He’s one man I can’t get enough of and hope I never have to live without him on my screen.

16 Rita Likes What She Sees

Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora are two women in show business that really need no introduction. They’re always popping out amazing hits and are truly adored by fans. Although these two have had their ups and downs in the media, they still seem to come out on top and seem like pretty good people to me. (Is anyone else ecstatic that Miley is back to the old Miley? I’m all for showing your truest self but, I was over the whole tongue and twerking thing.)

Miley posted this image of her on Instagram, as many people do, and Rita Ora came in hot with the thirstiness. Rita is known for dating a few very famous men; A$AP Rocky, Rob Kardashian, Calvin Harris — and a bunch of other guys that might be rumors or not.

However, once Cara Delevingne made it big in the modeling world, it seems Rita Ora was thirsty for her hard. Not that I blame her, of course. Cara is bae.

Rita denied that the two were a pair, however, they did call one another wifey, and Ora called their relationship “ambiguous.” Knowing the flexibility of Rita's preferences, makes me believe that Ora was interested in Miley too. Miley also came out as bi when she started dating Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell.

15 When Demi Lovato And Henry Cavill Were Spotted

Something that doesn’t happen very often is people finding celebrities thirsting for one another equally. It’s very easy to find one celebrity or person thirsting for another. But to see the two thirsty equally? That’s a potential relationship or hookup on our hands, folks. And with two people are stunning and single as Demi Lovato and Henry Cavill, what’s not to love?

The fans that spotted this entire thing going down are patiently waiting to hear the news of them dating or even hanging out, if you know what I mean. They could be ‘Netflix and chill’ buddies without the title… *wink, wink*

Nevertheless, it all started when Demi liked a few of the actor’s Instagram photos, and then she uploaded a very promiscuous selfie of herself, and then lastly started following Henry. It was the great strategic Instagram move I’ve ever seen live. Then to add some juice to the whole scenario, we have Henry liking her pictures, commenting, and following her back! WHAT IS HAPPENING!? Thirsting gold is literally happening right in front of our eyes. I don’t ever want this to end — I want more. Plus, these two are single at the same time… Why not keep the thirst traps going?

14 Friendzone

If you’ve seen Amy Schumer’s standup routines, you would know that the funny-woman has a lot of famous friends in high places, especially in the comic world. And one of those people is Chris Rock.

While it’s been known that their friends, Amy getting married (randomly) might have pushed Rock to the edge, showing off that he is now stuck in the friendzone for life.

Back in February, Schumer married chef, Chris Fischer. The pair were only dating a few months (Schumer also just got out of a long relationship) so it was quite a shock when people found out they had a surprise wedding.

According to Schumer, Chris proposed when she was sleeping. She told The Howard Stern Show that she was sleeping with earplugs and a face mask on, when he gently woke her up, holding the ring, and said “I got you this.” Once the pair were officially engaged, they decided they couldn’t wait any longer. So they planned the ceremony in three-four days!

And just in case you were wondering how that was even possible, Amy sent out a text to around 80 guests saying “I’m getting married on Tuesday. I hope you can come.” You go, Amy.

13 Do Michael B. Jordan And Lupita Nyong'o Love Each Other?

After starring in the mega hit Black Panther alongside each other, actor Michel B. Jordan and actress Lupita Nyong’o have been throwing fans in for a whirlwind. The question is: ARE THEY OR AREN’T THEY? Throughout all the press tours these two did for their movie, fans couldn’t help but notice the chemistry these two had. And since both are very private about their private life, something tells me we’ll never know for sure whether or not these two are a hot item or not.

Apparently the two had some kind of “on call push-up” contest, and Lupita surprised Michael while he was onset of the The View. After having to do a pushup on the spot, the pair exchanged some flirty tweets, especially when Michael told Lupita he was ready for round two and called her CHOCOLATE CAKES. I can’t. I just can’t. I’m flatlining. (Okay, so he didn’t really call her chocolate cakes, but he told her to bring those “chocolate cakes back.” Need I say more?)

Regardless of their relationship status; whether they’re just castmates, friends, or lovers, I think Black Panther fans everywhere are thirsting for their thirst for each other. (Does that make sense?)

12 Classic Flirting Strategy

A damn shame. #CommentsByCelebs

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Okay let me clear something up real quick. Just because a person is gay, does not mean that straight people can’t thirst for them (and vice versa). Thirsting can be towards anyone, regardless of their orientation. Also, may I add, although Lisa Rinna is a happily married woman, that doesn’t mean she’s not able to thirst on a gay man.

You can thirst on anyone as long as your spouse (or the person being lusted over) is cool with it.

While Brad is a known fashion stylist, and loved by his celebrity clients and friends, it seems like he was thirsting for some likes in this picture. I mean, when you post a picture of yourself in underwear, showing off your rock-hard abs, you’re typically looking for some kind of attention. He knows he looks good and he’s ready to show it off!

Although his comments were lit, Lisa just brings it all home. She was obviously being sarcastic saying he let himself go, but that’s also a reversed style of flirting with a person. Because this encourages some kind of rebuttal or comment back. But, honestly, Brad DNGAF. You can just tell by his face.

11 Who Doesn't Thirst For Beyoncé?

ICYMI. #CommentsByCelebs

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Beyoncé is life, life is Beyoncé.

If there’s a soul out there who doesn’t thirst for Beyoncé, I have some serious, hard-hitting questions for them. Mainly being, are you okay? When it comes to Beyoncé, what’s not to like? She’s charitable, a supportive wife, an incredible talent in every single area, and a devoted mother. Everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold. She could honestly put out a CD with no music or words, and I’d buy it. I have no problem adding to her riches while I’m losing mine. Anything for Queen Bey.

King Bach, on the other hand, well, he’s easy on the eyes, but there’s no way he’s as known or as successful as Beyoncé. Bach is an actor and comedian, so it makes sense he thirsted for her in this kind of way on her Instagram. Making a joke out of being thirsty is a classic thing to do when the person is shy. But if I’m being real, Bach has NO chance with Queen Bey. I mean, she stayed with her rapping husband after he snook around on her with other women! If that doesn’t show dedication and loyalty… I don’t know what does. She's too good for everyone.

10 But Seriously, Gigi!

But seriously… who gave you permission, Gigi?!

As aforementioned, if you’re not watching Netflix’s Queer Eye, you’re missing out on some quality personalities. One of those personalities being Jonathan Van Ness. This hair guru is without a doubt the star of the show. He’s charismatic, dramatic, a little cocky — and it’s everything we never knew we needed. His one-liners are, hands down, the making of the show. Thankfully for us, he brings his quirky personality to Instagram pages everywhere.

Like I said earlier in the Brad Gorski image, you don’t need to be gay to thirst after a person of the same gender, nor do you need to be straight to thirst over the opposite gender. Thirsting is for everyone!

While JVN is a proud gay man, he is thirsting on Miss Gigi Hadid, and who could blame him? Did she even ask any of us if she could take our breaths away? It’s kinda rude if you ask me. That’s theft, Gigi. You can’t just steal someone’s breath away and not say sorry or at least ask for it. You’re lucky you’re drop-dead gorgeous or this would be a problem. Thankfully, we don’t need to remind Gigi of this, JVN did it for us.


Okay, I know you might think I’m obsessed with the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cast, and that’s because I absolutely am. I'll admit it. The producers couldn’t have chosen a more phenomenal group of men. Bravo.

As always, Antoni is serving his thirst traps and is looking all different kinds of flawless. That look… that messy hair… those abs… those briefs… His thirst traps are dangerous. They’re dangerous because his expression leaves so much for the imagination. TELL US WHAT YOU’RE THINKING ANTONI!

Not only did his castmate, Tan France, comment “WELL, WELL, WELL,” but comedian and actor Pete Davidson also commented on the picture! The hilarious thing is, I’m pretty sure Davidson is a straight man, which just goes to show how dangerous Antoni’s thirst traps are: he’s catching everyone looking at him.

There are some people out there who think Antoni isn’t really a cook (as he is on the show), but with a smoldering glare like that, does anyone really care? I mean, I know I sure don’t. Although the image of him cooking in this undies for us makes this thirst trap all the more thirsty. Thank you for your abs, Antoni. Thank you.

8 No Madonna, He's Not

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Kortajarena Jon is a Spanish model and actor who is known for his messy hair and flawless eyebrows. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and hi! He speaks Spanish. He might be one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever set sites on. However, I’m not the only one who was thirsting for him when he posted this Instagram moment. Madonna was five steps ahead of me. Although Madonna is almost 30 years older than Jon, she doesn’t give a rat’s behind. She likes her men young and beautiful. (I’m serious, if you did a quick Google search of men Madonna has dated, they’re all a tad older than her oldest child. She DNGAF.)

Nevertheless, Jon set up this thirst trap, and I hate to break it to Madonna, but he’s not proposing to you sweet cheeks, it’s probably to his potential (on again) boyfriend, Luke Evans (you know, Luke Evans from Fast and the Furious 6 and Beauty and the Beast? THAT Luke Evans)

So, not only is he not proposing to you Madonna, but he’s straight up not even attracted to you.

But that doesn’t stop us from being attracted to him, ammmirighttt? If he didn’t want us thirsting over him, he should delete his page.

7 John Stam-OH!-s

Okay, I feel indifferent about this thirst trap — let me tell you why. John Stamos is, without a doubt, every person’s fantasy. He is gorgeous, funny, talented, and that smile can do all the talking for him.

After Stamos got divorced in 2005, I was devastated. How could someone so adorably perfect be single? Not only that, but who would be crazy enough to walk out on John Stamos! (Rebecca Romijn — that’s who). Once he got divorced and figured out how influential Instagram was, he started posting non-stop — making single women everywhere wishing they had a chance with the dark haired beauty. Secretly, I always wished he would get together with his Full House co-star, Lori Loughlin (aka: Aunt Becky). Any ‘90s kid will always say they were the dream couple, and the fact that they never dated is disturbing to me.

6 Paris Not Messin' Around

Paris Jackson, MVP. #CommentsByCelebs (cc: @caradelevingne)

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Off The Streets Of Fashion is an Instagram account that showcases different styles and bigs in the fashion industry. It’s a popular page, but it’s definitely not the most popular fashion page by a long shot. So I found it interesting that Paris Jackson found her way to the fashionista site. Her little comment must have blew up this page’s social media presence, to be honest.

Paris Jackson is, of course, Michael Jackson’s oldest. Through the years we have seen her grow into the young woman that she is today. And though she’s had some issues in the past with identity, she seems more self-confident and happy than ever.

Last February, Paris was spotted spending some time and kissing model Cara Delevingne. And anyone who’s a fan of Cara’s knows that she is adorable and deserves someone great — which is where Paris comes into play.

However, the two broke things off (whatever their relationship was), and now Paris is back to thirsting online. God bless her too, because this comment is gold. Who wouldn’t wanna wear that model’s outfit and even her body! Show the world what you’re made of, little lady.

5 Orlando and Katy Are Always Thirsty

Just gonna leave this one here. #CommentsByCelebs

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On again - off again couple, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom seem to be “on again” as of now. And the one thing I love most about this couple is how thirsty they are for one another. They are constantly leaving comments on each other’s Instagram accounts. It doesn’t even matter what the image is, these two go in on each other hard.

As a fan of them both, I love the fact that we can see these two flirting through technology. Their comments to one another are like a small window inside their world. And considering how beautiful these two souls are… That world is looking pretty sweet.

Side note: I know I’m supposed to be talking about Orlando’s washboard abs and all that, but can we just take a second to admire the fact that his name is Orlando. Orlando — the name of the most popular city in Florida. The name Orlando automatically makes you a confident and happy person whose favorite fruit is an orange. It just works.

Now that we all know my thoughts on the matter, let’s get back to thirsting over Orlando and Katy shall we? First, let’s ask who in the world took this photo for Orlando...

4 I Love These Two

Nice work, you two. #CommentsByCelebs

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I’m sorry but Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos needs to come out with their own brand of toothpaste. With smiles and teeth like that, there’s nothing I don’t like about their mouths. Like, even just by looking at this image, I feel like I can smell their minty breath. Can’t you!? I know I’m not alone in this.

This is one Hollywood couple that has been together for a long time and are still going strong. The two are constantly thirsting over one another and raving about their spouse. Also, amazing teeth aside, they’re genuinely beautiful people and seem to have a heart of gold. So, in the end, they’re the perfect match and I love them. I can’t even imagine what their fights consist of. Who’s the better looking on in the relationship (trick question: it’s a tie).

After some sassy lady named Samantha ripped on Mark Consuelos for being short and for “trying” to be tall (um, okay?), Mark fired back with a reply.

But not so fast! In walks Kelly with with a thirsty reply to the Instagram feud to end it all with on sentence. Boom! Rippa: one, Samantha: zero.

You can’t rip on someone when their thirsty wife is a mere click away, sweet cheeks.

3 I'm Uncomfortable

Chantel Jeffries is an interesting woman to describe. I feel like she’s the perfect example of Millennial, in a sense. I mean, besides being broke, because I feel like she’s doing just fine financially.

Chantel seems to a social media personality, blogger, and a DJ. I don’t know how all those things come full circle, but they seem to be working for her because she has over three million followers. And since she is such a beautiful young woman in the spotlight, she has been thirsted over by a few men in showbusiness (The Weeknd being the most recent one, after looking quite cozy at Coachella).

However, this time around, Chantel posted an image of herself at Snapchat Headquarters. She, as usual, looks stunning, and who decides to thirst on her photo? DJ Diplo, that’s who. It appears things got awkward after he stated that Chantel had been ghosting the popular DJ, but if anything, it only makes him look thirstier. Saying something kind of controversial is begging for a reply from the stunner.

Now, whether he’s thirsty to work with her or just be with her, who’s to say. All we know is that Diplo is thirsty AF for Miss Jeffries.

2 The Start Of It All!

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande is dating fellow singer/rapper Mac Miller, but did you know their entire relationship dwindles back to 2012 when they bagan thirsting for one another via Twitter!?

Here’s the proof folks. After tweeting about the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Mac replied to her tweet, wishing her a happy Thanksgiving. Shortly after that, Mac used his small window and reached out about working together. A few months later the two recorded a duet for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and, of course, “The Way.” The only problem, however, is that Ariana was a taken woman at this time. When asked about a potential romance, Mac said “That's the homey. She's got a boyfriend and everything.”

A few years down the road, though, when both Mac and Ariana were single, they were spotted kissing while on a dinner date in 2016.

The rumors were kind of confirmed when the pair showed up to that year’s VMAs as well. I guess you could say their earlier friendship led to a stronger relationship.

And while the two are quite private about their relationship nowadays (still going strong, apparently), who would have known it all started with a few thirsty tweets from Mac Miller back in 2012?

1 What An Interesting Pairing

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fan of John Mayer’s music. But I am a fan of his social media presence. He is very active on Twitter and Instagram, and the way he reacts to pretty much everything is phenomenal. He’s way funnier than his brooding look gives off.

In September of 2017, however, Mayer tweeted something no one in the world expected him to tweet. It seems he was publicly thirsting Nicki Minaj. Yes, THE Nicki Minaj. Twitter totally chimed into this tweet, which was retweeted over 15-thousand times, and even Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen, chimed in with ““She would roll her eyes at you endlessly.” (Also, not saying I disagree with Cohen. This could be a very possible situation.)

However… Even though Mayer never tagged Nicki Minaj in this tweet, she somehow became aware of it minutes after it was sent out. She responded with “Would my body be your wonderland?” #MicDrop. That’s how thirsting is done folks! Pulling a little pun from one of Mayer’s songs was the ONLY way to respond.

Mayer essentially lost control over Minaj’s reply and never responded since. I guess he never thought his thirst trap would work?


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