18 Dogs Who Should Be Made Illegal (For Cute Overload)

Whether we have pet owners in the house or not, I think we can all agree on one thing: we don’t deserve dogs. With their adorable wet nose, floppy ears, quick-moving tail, and endless amount of love, what’s not to like about these four legged creatures?

They are quite literally man’s best friend.

However, have you ever looked a dog and felt such a flood of emotions that you didn't even know what to do with yourself? The highs, the lows, we wanna hug them, we wanna squeeze them, we wanna steal them… Some dogs are too cute — they should be illegal. Or they should at least get some kind of fine for being too adorable.

There’s no way these 18 fluff balls should be allowed to roam around these streets a free dog. They’re too cute… Too happy… Too lovable. I can’t take it. The fact that I can’t even physically touch these dogs through my computer screen is tough for me, which is why I think every police officer in the world needs to ticket these dogs for being too cute for their own good. I don’t know how much these fines should be, but enough to shield us from the cuteness.

18 I Can't Look Away

This entire scene is enchanting. Those ears.. Those paws… That tail… That BACKPACK. This is what heaven looks like, ladies and gentleman. This is what a snowball looks like in puppy form, and I certainly don’t blame this person for being late to work because of it.

To be honest, whoever walked behind this woman and dog, and walked around them are the kinds of people I don’t trust. One doesn’t simply walk around something so angelic and fluffy. You can’t look at that engaging face and say “eh, no thanks, I have places to be.” No. One must follow this lady wherever she is going just to get a few more minutes of doggo time.

However, now that I think about it, having such an adorable dog in one’s backpack is just asking for some crazy stalker to follow her home and pet her dog. It also invites crazy dog lovers to pet this doggo’s head while this woman is just trying to get from Point-A to Point-B. So maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all… I guess the least she could do is give herself a ticket for owning such an immaculate dog that clearly is just happy to be alive.

17 The Perfect Name For The Perfect Dog

DOG EXPERTS UNITE! I have a question! What breed of dog is this and how old could this puppy be?! Because I need 15 of them. Whether they stay this small for life or if they grow as big as a Great Dane, I’ll take 15, please.

And to name your dog Mashed Potato….when it looks JUST like a mashed potato is borderline flawless. There’s nothing more gorgeous than a pile of mashed potatoes on your plate accompanies by salt, pepper, butter, and chives. It’s the ultimate side dish that never disappoints. And since everyone (except those sad souls allergic to potatoes) loves mashed potatoes, why not name a new puppy after them! Everyone loves the side dish, so why wouldn't they love a puppy that looks JUST like it?

This dog is cute and all, but its owners are smarter than they get credit for. I can’t even imagine what my heart would do if I saw this Q-tip walking towards me on the street, telling me its name was Mashed Potato. I don’t even think I’d be able to soldier on with my day. I would need a few minutes to gather my breath — realign my thoughts. Life isn’t the same when you see a puppy this cute, which is why it must be charged a fine of 100 naps.


No. Nope. Nah. I can’t.

I am the kind of person who goes into pet stores just so I can play with the puppies. Some people view this as cruel because it gets the doggos hopes up, but I view it as time to give them love, affection, and hugs. It’s the ultimate 30 minutes to let these little dogs without homes know that they are loved and to keep their spirits up. Because one day, the perfect owner is gonna stroll in and change their lives.

But this meme brings up something I never thought about before. I seem to always ask dogs what they’re doing — I’m never asking them how they’re doing.

They seem to always be getting in to some sort of trouble, so asking them what they are doing isn’t too far fetched. But this little guy needs to talk. He needs to vent. He needs to talk about how he is feeling and needs to he heard. SO I WILL LISTEN. Well, I can listen from my laptop. But whoever took this image better have taken this puppo home. THEY JUST HAVE TO. Even if you’re not in the market to get a dog, no one has the walls up that high to say no to this dog’s face.

15 Excuse Me, Sir?

I typically think dressing your dog up in clothes seems silly. Dogs are not people. They don’t need to wear clothes. The don’t need to wear jackets to keep them warm or shirts to walk around society. They have their fur, their hair, and their love to give. They don’t need to deal with the inconveniences of clothing. Plus, while wearing so many clothes, how can a dog receive the proper amount of belly rubs? You can’t just see this adorable dog and rub their belly without unbuttoning one or two of its bottom buttons.

But now that I got my feelings out of the way, let’s just appreciate what this dog owner has done. Sure, this dog doesn’t need fun button-ups to look adorable, but the fact that its wearing them, made them maybe five-times cuter. Even its little head tilt in the second picture on the right is making me have feelings.

He knows he’s a good boy. He knows he’s dapper AF.

And there’s something about those face, chin, and neck rolls that just make me wanna squish that face and never let ago. And because of this, I’m gonna have to fine this dog $10 for being too cute. Good day.

14 UM, Is This Dog In 'Harry Potter'?

Um, Miranda, are you sure your dog isn’t some sort of magical elf from the Harry Potter world? When your dog has been with you from elementary school to the end of college… That just almost doesn’t seem right. I know some dogs live for years and years, but thinking about owning a pet from the time I was four until my senior year in college just seems unfathomable. But hey, maybe I just don’t know that much about dogs.

Regardless of my dog knowledge, this dog needs to be arrested for witchcraft.

He deserves to be in a jail cell filled with fluffy blankets, SpongeBob SquarePants on TV, and endless treats.

Sure, he’s a little grey in the face and maybe Miranda has to carry his fluffy little body from room to room, but he’s still alive and kickin’. He’s probably laughing at everyone who feels bad for him being so old. He’s literally being catered to in every way possible — there’s no way anyone should feel bad for him. He’s got the good life. Because of this, he must be fined $2 for tomfoolery. He’s a puppy-witch who “passes away” and is automatically born into a puppy again.

13 Downward Doggin'

A few years back I wanted to get into yoga because I heard about all of the benefits. However, at the time, my workouts basically consisted of fast-paced movement. So when I did my first yoga class, I was so incredibly bored. I didn’t feel anything, I wasn’t sore the next day, and all I wanted to do was to stop downward doggin’ and get up and run around. I think I had way too much energy.

Nowadays, however, my lifestyle has changed significantly. In short: I’m out of shape. So to do quick and effective workout, I tuned to yoga and this time around, I enjoyed it. I now try to practice every day. It’s one of the highlights of my day and I genuinely feel off when I don’t practice yoga. And since yoga is such a fad these days, they now have classes that involve animals. Dog yoga, cat yoga, baby goat yoga, alpaca yoga… Seriously, the only thing the yoga world is missing is elephant yoga. (SOMEONE DESIGN THIS.)

While animal yoga typically consists of kitties, dogs, and goats running all over you while you practice, this yoga pictured is a little different. Move over humans — these dogs wanna workout too! It’s because of their brights, their fitness, and their adorableness that they deserve to be jailed. They’re too cute.

12 Independent Woman

There are so many poems, novels, movies, songs, and works of art that go along with this image. This pup is on a midnight train to nowhere. She has no plans. She has no time restraints. She has no place to be. She’s just being herself. She’s living in the moment.

She even has a sweet bandana on to keep her both fashionable and warm.

The way her ears fly into the air with the wind is also poetic. She doesn’t need anyone but herself to get by in this world. She’s a classy dog; one that appreciates high taste and high content. She’s not interested in the everyday, mundane events. She wants culture. She wants to roam around Paris streets without a care in the world, while eating a few biscuits. She wants to visit an art gallery where the halls are filled with complete silence. She wants to sleep on a dog bed that’s decorated in lace and frills. She’s high class.

But is she too high class for her own good? Is her cuteness overbearing? Are those ears flopping around in the air making me wanna hold her tightly so she’ll never have to travel alone again? Yes. Yes to all.

11 They're Matching In Every Way

Okay, okay, that’s enough of this. How is it legal to have this much cuteness in one picture. In one household even! Owning a cute puppy is good enough, but owning a piglet that literally matches that puppy is unbelievable.

My question, however, is how did they get their pets to match… Did they find this spotted piglet and spotted puppy at the same time? Or did they find one first, and the other a few weeks later? It’s all so questionable. I mean, the dog and pig even have matching spots over their eyes! HOW CAN THIS BE!

They are literally brothers from another mother.

I wonder if they have coordinating names and if the dog acts like a piggy and the piggy acts like the dog? What a fun household this must be. Nevertheless, we must get back on topic here. We absolutely must.

Due to the matching spots and the way that they’re practically BFFs, these two have been targeted for a ticket. This kind of cuteness shall not be legal because I would lose my cool if I saw these two cuties in person. Actually, a lot of people would lose their cool. And we would lose it real fast.

10 Smarty Pants

Everybody, I want you to take a look at this man. This is a man who has life figured out. He not only bought himself a dog—which automatically attracts anybody who’s anybody to him—but he also taught his dog an amazing party trick.

One day when this dude is looking to pick up someone they find attractive at the park, all he has to do is jog by, take a seat, extend his arm, and the rest will be history. Seeing a Great Dane in person is special on its own, but seeing on that is trained to take selfies is a whole other ballgame.

This man must be doing pretty A-okay on the love department with a dog like this. He doesn’t even need to do any of the work — no pick-up lines needed. He has his dog.

Besides this cutie’s flawless training, we also have to acknowledge how gorgeous he is (the dog, not the man. I mean, the man is pretty, too, but we’re here to ticket this dog for being too cute, okay?). Those deep eyes, those pure-white spots, that flawless, giraffe-like neck — he could be a model for Great Danes everywhere. He does look a little skinny, though, so I’m wondering if this dane is still a puppy or even a teenager. Adolescent pets are always the best. They’re so mischievous and adorable.

9 This Dog Is So Majestic

Is there anything more majestic than seeing a Golden Retriever in the water, retrieving things? I’m sorry, but there’s not. If anyone knows me, then it shouldn’t be a secret that Golden Retrievers are my favorite breed. I have NEVER met a Golden that I didn’t like. I have met many dogs—of which I love them all—but there were always a few that were either too wild, too yappy, too emotional, or too aggressive. But goldens? Nope — they’re all perfect.

My life is far too busy to own any kind of pet at the moment, however, when I do have a pet one day, I’m gonna do everything in my power to get a Golden Retriever. Do I have a name for it already? Yes, I actually have a few: Pickles, Mr. Floppy Ears, Skittles, or Bogie. If my future Golden is named any of those names, I’ll be a happy little lady.

Since I do not have any pets, however, I am forced to just look at them on the Internet and literally touch them all when I see them on a leash. (And yes, I always ask the owner if I can pet their dog. Some owners get VERY snappy about random strangers touching what’s theirs. Not that I blame them, of course.)

8 Goodbye, Mom

Going to the vet with a pet is never a pleasant experience. Even though most vets give pets little treats for being good boys and girls, those treats can’t makeup for everything that just happened…. The thermometers, the picking and prodding, the anesthesia… The whole thing can be quite traumatic for a pet. Heck, it’s even traumatic for the owner. The owner at least knows what the heck is going on. They most likely know everything will be okay in the end, but an animal has no bloody idea.

Plus, animals sense of smell is so much higher than a human being, so imagine all of the smells they’re smelling while waiting in that place! Poor dears.

I think this little pooch’s face says it all. They’re horrified. You can see the pain and confusing in their face.

They’re getting one last look at their mother before they’re taken away to a room far, far away. Little do they know, they’re probably gonna see their mom in like, five minutes. But still. The horror! It’s the cuteness and horror that makes this dog’s likability illegal. It’s all too tragic for me. This is something that will make me lose sleep at night.


UM, excuse me, little Dalmation, who gave you the permission to take my breath away today? Who made it okay for you to not only have the most adorable look on your face but to have actual hearts over your eyes. You don’t just have one heart shape over your eye — you have two. TWO. It’s not everyday something like this happens! And the fact that it happened on a Dalmation just makes it that much better because they already have so many black spots. Adding a few hearts over the eyes is like something we’d see from Lisa Frank’s artwork in the ‘90s. I just… I just can’t believe this is real life.

If there’s on dog on this list that has the maximum penalty — it’s this Dalmation. Not only is this little cutie serving us that ‘puppy dog’ look, but they also have hearts covering their eyes for effect. It’s because of this that human beings have no chance. Zero chance at all. No human in the world can walk past this puppy and NOT have a stroke due to the cuteness. I’m gonna fine this heart-shaped dog a whopping $1,000.

Don’t they know it’s illegal to be too cute?

6 Friendly Neighbors

There are so many shows that gave me false hopes about neighbors when I was younger. Sure I made it out alive, thanks to the fact that my best friend in elementary school was also my neighbor. But now that I’m older, becoming tight with the neighbors isn’t as easy as shows make it seem.

Think of Boy Meets World, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob (and more), all these shows follow them home where they also have a close neighbor. Not everyone can be this lucky, though. When I rented my first duplex with some friends from college after college, I really wanted to get to know my neighbors just in case we needed anything or if I could help them in any way. But as it turned out, my neighbors were a bunch of messy dudes who literally couldn’t care less about making friends with the neighbors. Little did they know, I was gonna offer them a parking space in our driveway, but NOT anymore!

If my neighbor looked like the one above, however, everything would have changed for me.

I would have been spending a ton of more time at home. I would have been spending way more time outside. And I would have been spending way more money at the grocery store on dog treats. It’s because of all of this home time and money spent, that this dog should be locked up for its cuteness.

5 A Family That Prays Together, Stays Together

Honestly, you don’t even need to be religious to appreciate this photo. The fact that this family either taught their dog how to pray with them or how to at least hold their hands is a godsend.

This photo shows us a couple of things. Not only does this dog have an unbelievable family, but it knows how to pray, how to stand on its hind legs, AND it doesn’t even know how cute it is!

This dog has no idea that not every dog in the world prays with their family or is even included in its family’s daily praying activity. So, you could say this dog is #Blessed. (I also just noticed that the dog’s head is also bowing with its family. I’m dying.)

However, since we can now all see that this dog is most likely an anamorph — it’s safe to say that it must be ticketed. This dog must be fined for its cuteness and wit. You know what, on second thought, since the cuteness witnessed is due to religion, I’m gonna give this pup a pass. No — I’m giving this dog a warning. Be cute all you want, but be careful who you show this adorable photo to.


When a dog has to go, a dog has to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny and humid or rainy and windy — most dogs do their business outside, which means, they’ve got to bare the weather whenever nature calls. The good thing about this owner though, is that they prepared their little lady with a stylish raincoat, so she can pee in peace. She doesn’t need to get all winded and wet just to drain that bladder — she can stay dry and stylish while also doing what animals do.

Now, it’s not just the fact that this little dog is barely tall enough to see inside the house or that her pink raincoat is making me tear up on the inside, it’s a combination of things.

She’s so little, wrapped in a pink raincoat, just looking for a sign. She’s looking for any human life inside that home to let her in so she can warm up and go back to napping. You can tell she doesn’t understand why she has to pee outside while her humans get to do their business inside, but she’s not complaining; she just likes to ask questions.

As aforementioned, I don’t really dig when people dress their pets up in clothing, but considering the weather looks so bad, and this little fur ball really had to use the ladies room — I’ll make an exception.

3 Help, I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

Like all young beings — puppies learn as they grow. This little pup is so stumped by this contraption—that is also known as a door—that they’ve given up on the whole day. You can just tell by the little thing’s demeanor.

I can’t tell what kind of breed this beautiful puppy is, but its head is slumped, it’s fluffy belly is chilling on the floor, and they just look defeated. Little does this little guy know, there’s a whole new world on the other side of that door, and it’s easily attainable! All they gotta do is feel the breeze come in and follow the sounds of birds!

It’s due to this dog’s naive nature that makes me wanna file a complaint against this dog. There is NO way a puppy should be this adorable. How on earth is someone supposed to go to work or run errands knowing a puppy of this nature is hanging out at home by itself?! HOW? How is one to do anything without taking this pup with them?!

I think the saddest part about pets is that they don’t know that you’re coming back home at first. When they get older, they understand that humans will leave for awhile, but they usually come back at the end of the day. Puppies, on the other hand, have NO idea what’s going on. And that’s what’s heartbreaking.

2 'I Want 37 Of Them'

When I was in high school, I never really cared much about wanting a dog. I was more of a cat gal. I loved when my cats cuddled me. I also loved how independent they were; dogs just seemed so needy at the time. But no that I’m almost 30 years old and don’t have any children, there’s a part in me that’s kind of yearning for something more… Something more than a cat (and no it’s not a baby), it’s a dog. I WANT A DOG.

Dogs are cuter than kids, they don’t talk back to us, they’re easy to train (sometimes), and they’re never going to grow up and leave you for a man name Kyle. Dogs will always be there.

My mom felt the same urge so she actually ended up going through with it and bought herself a dog. Buy not just any dog. She bought a Siberian Husky. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom’s dog–she’s fabulous—but as a first time dog owner, I don’t think a husky was the right choice for her. They’re super smart and can be undoubtedly stubborn, witch gets frustrating when training them. And since my mom’s dog is so hard to control sometimes, this image above is something I see on a daily basis. That dog is constantly putting her paws in the tub or her water bowl. EVEN in the winter.

1 Oh... Oh My

It actually breaks me up inside when I hear other countries eat dogs or how some people neglect their dogs. How can anybody treat these fluffy beings in any way other than respect? AND what part about this Golden Retriever’s face looks appetizing? HM? TELL ME!

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let’s list some of the reasons why this gorgeous little pup needs to citated for being too cute.

Um, for starters he collects dirty socks as a hobby. He’s also an all-star and shares his dirty socks from his collection — even though he loves them so much. I mean, this dog is more than a good boy — he’s the best boy. He’s the best boy I’ve ever seen.

Do you know hard it is to teach people empathy? Compassion? How to share? Well guess what, this dog learned all those things on his own; no classes needed. I know adults today who still have NO idea what any of those words even are. So if this doesn't make you wanna shed a tear or write a check to the ASPCA, then I have no idea what would. You have a heart of ice, I guess.

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