18 Embarrassing Pics Of Actors And Stunt Doubles Who Look Nothing Alike

While many actors claim to do most of their own stunts (and many of them do), there are occasions when it’s simply too risky to let the big celebrity jump off a building or fly around during an intense car chase. In those instances, they call in the pros: stunt people.

Stuntmen and –women are some of the hardest working people in the industry, willing to risk life and limb in pursuit of the perfect shot and the story. Often, these people are called to double for multiple actors and actresses, earning a reputation for their athletic prowess as well as their ability to conquer all the odds – and their own fears – to get the job done.

While loads of stunt-people are dead ringers for the actors they double for, these 18 aren’t likely to be mistaken for their famous counterparts.

18 Zoe Bell As Lucy Lawless

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Xena may be a warrior princess, but the woman shouldering a good deal of the work was actually stuntwoman Zoe Bell, who doubled for the titular star, Lucy Lawless. She doubled for Lawless throughout the duration of the series, and has also covered for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds, and Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok!

17 Eunice Huthart As Angelina Jolie

Via The Independent

Angelina Jolie has been called the most beautiful woman in the world on many occasions by many publications, which means that stunt performer Eunice Huthart was out of the game before the race had even begun. Huthart doubled for Jolie on the set of the movie Salt, but even under a blonde wig and hat, she doesn’t really resemble the star.

16 Domonkos Pardanyi As Brad Pitt

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Like his ex Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt’s famous visage is one that is unlikely to be copied by anyone else, which set up his stunt double Domonkos Pardanyi for failure from the get-go. Pardyani doubled for Pitt on the set of World War Z, and has also covered for actors Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio!

15 Paul Darnell As Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson set tweens heart fluttering when he was cast as Edward in the Twilight franchise, but we doubt that was the case for his stunt double Paul Darnell. While the hair department did their best to match Pattinson’s signature coiffure, Darnell just didn’t have the same smoulder. (Darnell also doubled for Pattinson in Water for Elephants and Remember Me.)

14 Unknown As Mark Wahlberg

Via Us Weekly

We have no idea what the stunt department was thinking when they offered up this as-yet-unknown guy to double for Mark Wahlberg, because they look nothing alike! Wahlberg is a guy who prides himself on getting up at 4am every morning to start his workouts, whereas this dude just doesn’t have the same commitment to the gym (or anything else resembling the Ted star).

13 Dakota Brown As Lena Dunham

Via NY Daily News

While Lena Dunham is more than willing to perform her own bare scenes, a stunt performer is called in when things get a different kind of physical. Myra “Dakota” Brown doubled for Dunham in six episodes of the HBO show Girls, and has also been the stunt double for actress Rebel Wilson in the movie Isn’t It Romantic.

12 Vanessa Vander Pluym As Jennifer Lopez

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As we know, Jennifer Lopez took is upon herself to do much of the stunt work required of her in Hustlers, but the set of the TV show Shades of Blue was a different story. Vanessa Vander Pluym was called in, although, aside from the wig, these two don’t look much alike at all!

11 Monica Braunger As Zooey Deschanel

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Who would have thought that Zooey Deschanel would require a stunt double while filming the TV show New Girl? Well, as it turns out, one was needed, and that role went to Monica Braunger! We have to applaud the hair and wardrobe departments of the show because, with those exceptions, Braunger looks nothing like Deschanel! (Others seem to disagree, since she also doubled for the star in Yes Man.)

10 Jordan Scott As Zac Efron

Stunt people are usually in pretty amazing shape, due to the intense physical requirements needed for them to perform safely. However, Zac Efron’s torso is on a level far above anything most people could dream of, and that, coupled with performer Jordan Scott’s larger ears, makes it difficult for us to match these two on the set of Dirty Grandpa.

9 Kiran Shah As Elijah Wood

Via Horizon Times

Admittedly not exactly a stunt double and more of a size double, Kiran Shah was brought in for the Lord of the Rings to double for Elijah Wood in wide-lens shots that showed the actor at his “hobbit height”. Wood’s iconic boyish features are all but erased with his double, though, making the resemblance a lot less convincing.

8 Kara Petersen As Ty Simpkins

Via V10 Stunts

Not the first instance of a female actor taking on the stunts of a young male performer, Kara Petersen stepped into her flannel best to cover for then-13-year-old Ty Simpkins in Jurassic World. Since children are legally required to have a stunt double for the dangerous parts of filming, people like Petersen step in – even if they don’t really look the part.

7 Emily Brobst As Chandler Riggs

Via Horizon Times

Like Ty Simpkins, Chandler Riggs was also aided by a female performer: Emily Brobst. (It’s common among prepubescent male actors to have female stunt doubles, since males might be too stocky) Long before Riggs’ voice dropped a couple octaves, the four-foot-eight stuntwoman doubled for him on The Walking Dead. While the two are a closer match in costume, outside of it, they look nothing alike.

6 Unknown As Quvenzhané Wallis

Via Us Weekly

Looking more like her mom that her stunt double, this as-of-yet unknown stunt performer was another adult who was tasked with doing the riskier aspects of the job to protect the child star. Quvenzhané Wallis was starring in the film Annie and was only 10 or 11 at the time of the shoot. We can’t imagine the stuntwoman was too pleased with her childish wardrobe!

5 Three Guys As Michael J. Fox

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While Back to the Future may be about time travel, there’s no glitch in the universe that’s giving us four Michael J. Foxes! In actuality, these three other men all served different purposes on the set (despite not looking much like the star at all). There’s stand-in Robert Bennett, stunt double Charlie Croughwell, and photo double Kevin Holloway!

4 Mariko Saito As Ashley Benson

Via Us Weekly

Pixels (where this photo was taken from the set of) might have been a total bust, but stuntwoman Mariko Saito is an absolute pro – it’s just that she looks absolutely nothing like Ashley Benson. Performing stunts in both film and TV, Saito may have donned a blonde wig and red leotard to match Benson, but it’s clear that these ladies don’t resemble one another at all.

3 Ilram Choi As Andrew Garfield

Via The Korea Times

Ilram Choi has the distinction of being one of three stunt doubles on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, doubling for actor Andrew Garfield. Fortunately, while Choi looks nothing like Garfield – although he’s adorable in his own right – the benefit of costuming really came through here: with a unitard and a mask, audiences were never the wiser!

2 Daniel Arroyo As Jennifer Lopez

Via Mirror

While women have doubled for young boys (especially children), it’s not often we see it the other way around! While filming the music video “Follow the Leader”, Jennifer Lopez opted to leave the more dangerous work to a male stunt double, Daniel Arroyo. Despite the cornrows and some killer cheekbones, the differences were obvious.

1 Unknown As Dakota Johnson

Via Us Weekly

While that atrocious wig did a major disservice to Dakota Johnson on the set of Cymbeline, what was more insulting was the fact that they got a man to ride the motorcycle for her! Clearly, this scene was shot from far away or at a fast pace, because it would take some very poor eyesight to mistake this stunt performer for the Fifty Shades of Grey star.

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