18 Very Flattering Pics Of The All Girls Garage Cast

Motoring TV shows are hugely popular with the viewing public, with millions tuning in every week to watch experts renovate and repair old cars. The vast majority of these programs are fronted by men, with male mechanics doing all the work back in the garage.

There is one motoring series, however, where the women are in charge and are very much the stars of the show. All Girls Garage features a team of female auto aficionados and garage owners who work together to create amazing custom vehicles.

While all the women who have featured on All Girls Garage are all talented mechanics in their own right, the popularity of the show is probably helped by the fact that they are all easy on the eye – as these photographs show.

18 Girls Together

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All Girls Garage provides a perfect opportunity to show off the skills of some of the best female mechanics in the US, many of whom can give their male counterparts a run for their money. The most successful line-up on the show was the one pictured above; Rachel de Barros, Cristy Lee and Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner, although other girls have featured on the show.

17 Blonde Bombshell

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While the show may be known for picking female mechanics who are both attractive and accomplished at their jobs, male fans of the show tune in for the eye candy. And when it comes to the current All Girls Garage team, blonde Cristy Lee is undoubtedly the star of the show, thanks to her good looks and the leather outfits she wears to ride her motorcycles.

16 Behind The Scenes

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New girl Rachel De Barros may have been a big hit with viewers in front of the cameras, but not everyone who watches All Girls Garage knows that the automotive expert is also an executive producer on the show and on other motoring TV series. The Brazilian bombshell is clearly much more than just a pretty face!

15 Biking Beauty

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When it comes to the projects that the team tackle on All Girls Garage, they are happy to customize everything from classic cars to vintage motorcycles. And there is one member of the team who has a special place in her heart for motorbikes: Cristy Lee. As well as enjoying any motorcycle projects which come through the garage door, Lee also loves to ride in her spare time.

14 Fans’ Favourite

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After taking over from Jessi Combs back in 2014, Rachel De Barros soon became a favorite with the fans who watch All Girls Garage, not just because of her good looks but also because she was not afraid to get her hands dirty. Having worked on cars since she was a teenager, De Barros does not seem to be intimidated by any mechanical issues.

13 Not Just A Pretty Face

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While the girlfriends of those guys who watch All Girls Garage may think that they know how a blonde bombshell like Cristy Lee got a job on television, they may be surprised to know that she wasn’t hired simply because of her attractive looks, but also because of her experience and passion for cars and motorcycles.

12 Automotive Expert

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Rachel De Barros may have been a late addition to the All Girls Garage when she joined the team in 2014, but this was hardly her first dalliance with the world of automotive repairs. De Barros had already founded her own online repair community for amateur female mechanics called Gearhead Diva, which also secured its own YouTube channel.

11 Velocity Girls

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All Girls Garage was first screened in 2012 on the Velocity Network, later renamed Motor Trend, a channel aimed at male viewers. Despite the female stars of All Girls Garage, this is definitely a show aimed at car-loving guys who also like to see pretty girls getting their hands dirty in the repair shop!

10 Brains And Beauty

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Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner might not be considered the most beautiful star of All Girls Garage, but if you find intelligent women attractive, then Bogi might be the girl for you. She is probably the most capable mechanic on the show and even owns her own business, 180 Automotive, in Phoenix, Arizona.

9 Part Of The Team

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Rachel De Barros wasn’t part of the original All Girls Garage line-up but joined the team when original presenter Jessi Combs left the show in 2014. Coming from a Brazilian background, De Barros doesn’t just offer auto expertise but also her stunning South American looks and would be just as much as home on Copa Cabana beach as in the repair shop!

8 Model Repairs

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Cristy Lee isn’t just a respected motorsports reporter, having covered Motocross Racing and Off-Road Truck racing for Fox and NBC, but her stunning good looks mean that she has also done a fair bit of modeling – with photoshoots usually taking place in the repair shop to make the most of her two talents.

7 Leading Lady

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There is no doubt that all the women on All Girls Garage are extremely talented when it comes to tinkering with cars, but only one of them has won awards for the work carried out at their own repair shop; Bogi Lateiner. Her 180 Automotive garage not only carries out repairs but also educates female drivers so that they can fix their own cars with confidence.

6 Easy On The Eye

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No-one would deny that most gentlemen prefer blondes, as the title of the Marylin Monroe movie suggests, which also explains Cristy Lee’s popularity with the mainly male viewers of the All Girls Garage show. Add the fact that Cristy often turns up to “work” wearing her tight-fitting motorcycle leathers, and the success of the series is suddenly less of a mystery…

5 Brunette Bombshell

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Not every male fan of All Girls Garage is into blondes, however, and that’s where stunning Brazilian beauty Rachel De Barros comes in, with her dark hair and South American good looks. All of the women who have featured on the show have brains as well as beauty, and the show wouldn’t work if they didn’t know what they were doing when it came to vehicle repairs.

4 On-Screen Success

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Cristy Lee may have started her automotive career tinkering on cars at home, but she has managed to make a multi-million dollar career out of what was once a hobby. Aside from her work on All Girls Garage and her motorsports reporting gigs for TV channels, Cristy also earns money from modeling and public appearances at motoring shows like SEMA.

3 Geek Chic

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Cristy Lee and Rachel De Barros might be the more typically attractive women on All Girls Garage, but Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner has plenty of male fans too – and not just because she clearly knows her way around an engine. The geek chic look is very in these days, and Bogi embodies it perfectly, as can be seen in the image above.

2 Funny Girl

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Looks aren’t everything – although the stunning Rachel De Barros and Cristy Lee probably both had an advantage when it came to the All Girls Garage auditions! As well as her attractive Brazilian looks, De Barros is also noted for her great sense of humor; an approach which has won over All Girls Garage fans as well as those who watched her Gearhead Diva online series.

1 Automotive Artiste

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Every car renovation show needs a team that knows how to fix an engine, but also creative minds who can come up with automotive works of art. Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner comes up with most of the show’s best creative ideas – all thanks to the fact that she had to set up her own business when other repair shops refused to attract a young female mechanic.

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