18 Former WCW Stars Who Look Unrecognizable Today

In 1988, Ted Turner made the bold decision to start World Championship Wrestling. As of 1993, things began to shift thanks to the hiring of Eric Bischoff. He took the aggressive approach of hiring established WWE stars and giving them lucrative contracts. It turned the industry upside down.

WWE won the war but we’re still feeling the aftermath till this day. Heck, a lot of the WCW stars still make a great amount of coin off their former fame via conventions and memorabilia. In this article, we’ll take a look at 18 former WCW stars and what they look like today. We decided to choose wrestlers most haven’t heard from in a while – in truth, a lot of these ‘90s and 2000s stars look downright unrecognizable today.

Enjoy the article, folks!

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18 Shawn Stasiak

via Twitter

He’s completely out of the wrestling business nowadays. Shawn knew it was time to change professions in the early 2000s when his WWE run turned out to be a failure, despite the promise he showed with WCW.

Don’t feel too bad though, he has a great job as a doctor (believe it or not) residing out of Dallas, Texas.

17 Jeff Farmer, Nick Patrick & Scott Norton

via IG

We get three for the price of one in this rare wrestling convention photo. Where to start... let’s begin with the first dude, former WCW referee Nick Patrick. In the middle is Jeff Farmer, the former wrestler that briefly took on the role of nWo Sting, an underrated storyline from back in the day.

And oh, let’s not forget the legendary Scott Norton, who looks like he can still kick butt.

16 Tank Abbott

via YouTube

WCW made a lot of mistakes and Tank Abbott was one of them. The idea to have an MMA star in a great position was the right call – however, Abbott just wasn’t the guy for the role.

He’s out of the business today and the aging process took over despite the fact that he really isn’t too old at 54. That’s one year older than Shawn Michaels.

15 Shannon Moore

via IG

If Shannon Moore was over six-feet tall, he could’ve been a major star in the industry. He still managed to do well for himself enjoying runs with both WWE and WCW.

The 39-year-old remains in the business – he’s got nearly 25 years of in-ring experience at this point. Who knows, maybe he’ll join the PC as a trainer one day, or even as a coach with AEW.

14 Psicosis

via Twitter

What an underrated gem this guy was with WCW during the prime years of Bischoff’s Cruiserweight division. We highly recommend going back in time to look at some of his work – what a talent!

Believe it or not, he’s still in the business today recently appearing at the Canadian Wrestling Elite’s 10-year anniversary tour.

13 Dale Torborg

via Twitter

We can’t help but feel bad for Torborg, even till this day. WCW slapped the wrestler with a KISS Demon gimmick, it was literally the kiss of death for his career. He never rebounded and would leave the business altogether.

He looks unrecognizable in his new gig, rekindling his old love for baseball. He’s currently a coach.

12 Daffney

via IG

We remember Daffney primarily for her time alongside David Flair in WCW. The company needed more fresh faces like Daffney – she was so different and well ahead of her time. She looks tailor-made for someone like Bray Wyatt today.

The 43-year-old doesn’t compete any longer, however she does appear at various conventions alongside other WCW alums.

11 Big Vito

via IG

Big Vito was another step in the right direction for WCW as they attempted to create a new star out of the Italian and his fellow FBI group. He also caught WWE’s attention, enjoying a brief run with the company.

As evidenced by his IG account, the 55-year-old still looks pretty similar to his earlier days.

10 Midajah & Scott Steiner

via IG

Model turned pro wrestler, she joined Scott Steiner during his prime WCW run in 2000. WCW fans might be marking out at this recent photo above taken of the former duo. Perhaps WWE should have brought her along during Scott’s failed run – she could’ve helped his cause...

Like so many others, Midajah continues on with meet and greets, and so does Scott.

9 Juventud Guerrera

via IG

Speaking of phenomenal Cruiserweights, Juventud is another brilliant fan favorite from the WCW glory days. Known as The Juice, he oozed with talent, it was his attitude behind the scenes that hurt his career ultimately.

He’s still in the business today doing most of his work over in Mexico. He also takes part in conventions over in the US.

8 Gorgeous George

via IG

Till this very day, the former exotic dancer admits that she would have never got started in the wrestling business had it not been for Macho Man Randy Savage.

Age 43, the former WCW star has two children today. As evidenced by her IG account, she still takes part in various conventions alongside WCW alums like Goldberg and Sting.

7 Perry Saturn

via IG

Saturn has to be one of the most underutilized wrestlers in the business. He had the look to thrive and the talent, he was just never put in the proper spots.

Life after wrestling hasn’t been easy for Saturn. He went MIA for several years; it was later revealed that he was completely homeless while turning to a drug-filled life. Thankfully, he’s back on his feet today.

6 Johnny Stamboli

via IG

The 42-year-old hung up the boots and he’s now completely out of the business. Hugger resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. The former WCW star is working as a senior mortgage banker nowadays. He is also happily married.

Known as Johnny Stamboli in his in-ring days, he’s remembered for his time alongside Big Vito and Nunzio.

5 Steve Mongo McMichael

via IG

WCW had major plans for the football player turned wrestler. He was at one time a US Champion – though most remember him for his days in the commentary booth.

At the age of 61, he isn’t in the wrestling industry, though he does appear at wrestling conventions from time to time. The photo above is an example of that; Flair posted this picture to his Twitter account.

4 Mark Jindrak

via IG

Jindrak had the look and he could have been a major WCW Champion. His North American failures would only motivate him to make a name elsewhere. That’s exactly what he did over in Mexico with CMLL, becoming a household name overseas. He also got himself plenty of acting gigs as well.

Most importantly, he’s a proud father and husband today.

3 David Arquette

via IG

Arquette joining WCW and winning the World Title basically sunk the company to the ground – though let’s face it, WCW was already a sinking ship long before.

Little do fans know, David is actually a huge wrestling fan. Not only that but he returned to the industry most recently with NWA.

2 Vince Russo

via IG

Ultimately, Russo did more harm than good during his run with WCW. Without McMahon filtering his work, Russo ran wild with WCW and not in a good way.

He’s keeping busy these days with his own podcast along with critical tweets on the current state of the business. It seems unlikely that he’ll find work in the wrestling business again.

1 Ted Turner

via CNN

This is the man that started the Monday Night Wars. Ultimately, he was forced to fold with his network going in a different direction.

Nowadays, the billionaire mogul is 80-years-old. According to a recent CNN interview, he’s dealing with dementia. We wish Turner all the best in his ongoing battle.

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