18 Gross Photos Customers Posted Of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is set to make a billion dollars in the coming year, so shoppers expect a certain level of quality when they order from the band. Kylie Jenner founded the company in 2015, which started off with only lip kits. But now the brand has expanded to have everything from highlighters to eyeshadows to skincare. The only thing it’s missing is face makeup, but knowing Kylie, it won’t be long until her makeup brand releases those, too. Despite Kylie Cosmetics’ success, the brand has found itself under fire several times for the poor condition its products have been received in. Customers have received everything from empty palettes to broken lip sticks. Take a look at the photos for proof!

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18 The High Was Short With This Kylighter

via poshmark

Kylie Cosmetics highlighters- aptly named Kylighters- are supposed to be some of the best on the market. So, if we used part of our hard-earned paycheck to pick one up, we’d be devastated if it arrived already broken like in this photo. Sure, you can still use a makeup product if it’s broken, but it’s not the same- and it can sure get messy.

17 That’s Not Going On Our Lips

via poshmark

The person who received this tragic Kylie Cosmetics lipstick in the mail was trying to sell it on Poshmark after she claimed it arrived with a smushed tip. “Brand new in box but arrived with heat damage, such as its smudged or broken but still usable,” the seller wrote in the description. Why didn’t they just get a refund from the company?

16 She Needs A Refund Pronto

via kassie's korner

Kassie Kay, the blogger behind Kassie’s Korner, placed an order with Kylie Cosmetics in order to review the 2018 summer collection. Unfortunately, one of her eyeshadow palettes arrived damaged, as seen in this picture. “My palette arrived DAMAGED.I emailed Kylie’s customer service account and they offered to send one right away,” she wrote. Well, at least she got a refund!

15 Crying Over Spilled Lip Kits

via instagram

This unhappy shopper took to social media to share a photo of their lip kit, which had unfortunately spilled while still inside the package. “I opened the box and the product was completely EVERYWHERE,” she wrote. “I see that Candy K is missing a stopper- the little plastic piece that goes on the top to remove excess product.”

14 This Is Definitely Missing Something

via poshmark

One social media user was dismayed when their palette arrived with two colours completely missing. Evidently, Trophy and Purple Smoke were entirely crumbled and broken when their package arrived. Though the makeup lover cleaned up the palette to the best of their ability, we’d be peeved if our new palette was missing two colours.

13 The Controversy With Kylighters

via buzzfeed

Tons of makeup fans were ecstatic when Kylie Cosmetics released their line of Kylighters. However, the debut got off to a rough start when many shoppers reported their highlighters were sent without any product in them, Buzzfeed reports. It caused quite the stir online as customers took to social media to share their similar experiences.

12 We’re Still Split Over This

via glamour

Many unhappy shoppers have reported that their Kylie Cosmetic lip kits- aka. the makeup products that made the brand famous- have arrived with damaged applicators. Dozens of customers have posted photos like this one online showing the applicators with a frayed tip, despite never being used before. Clearly, this doesn’t make applying one’s liquid lipstick easy.

11 We Need A Sales Associate Pronto

via pinterest

Believe it or not, this photo was taken after customers trashed a Kylie Jenner pop up shop in December of 2017, Business Insider confirms. As you can see, many of the liquid lipsticks had been spilled or broken, making them clearly unsellable. We doubt the makeup mogul had a lot of profits from that fateful date.

10 The Box That Arrived Empty

via twitter

Although this customer didn’t receive any broken products, the problem is that they didn’t receive any products at all. The understandably angry shopper took to social media to share a photo of the empty box. It’s unclear if or how they got a refund, but seeing that this is completely unacceptable, we’re hoping she got refunded in the end.

9 Our Hearts Are Broken Over This

via ladycode

According to Lisa Opie, a blogger for Lady Code, her Kylie x Jordyn Palette arrived horribly broken when it came through the mail. In the end, she did film a video review of the palette and enjoyed it despite its broken state. “Overall, I loved the palette. The colors are gorgeous and I was very impressed with the formula,” she wrote.

8 Cracked But Still Cute

via poshmark

We don’t know what it is about Kylie’s so-called Kylighters, but they always seem to break. This photo is from another seller on Poshmark who was upset that their order arrived defective. “Ordered several for gifts and they were damaged in transit, so I’m selling at discount,” the seller said of the Kylighter in Chocolate Cherry, which she wanted $10 for.

7 Don’t Smile For The Camera With This

via twitter

Here’s another customer whose lip kit arrived without a proper applicator. According to the poster, the wands were frayed and bent before she even used them on her lips. In fact, it would be hard to get a smooth application with a wand so badly damaged. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time Kylie Cosmetics has face this issue.

6 This Palette Can’t Be Saved

via pinterest

We bet the shopper who ordered this Kylie Cosmetics palette was super excited to finally get their package… until they realized that one of the shadows was completely broken. Although there are hacks out there to save a palette once it starts crumbling, no one wants to have to deal with that when the palette is brand new. Smh.

5 This Looks Like It Was Already Used

via poshmark

When buying clothing, it’s normal to expect that someone has already tried the garment on. But the same can’t be said with makeup. It’s a matter of hygiene that makeup should arrive unused entirely. When this woman received her Kylighter looking this disastrous, it almost seemed as someone had tried it out before it arrived at her doorstep.

4 Someone Took A Bite Out Of This

via poshmark

Here’s another Kylie Cosmetics August Lipstick that disappointed upon arrival. The person who received this makeup item wrote on Poshmark that the tip appears bitten off, even though arrived in its original packaging. She was able to sell the product for $10 on the site. Would you buy a potentially used lipstick?

3 Give This Box A Break

via blush

Although their makeup was (hopefully) okay, the buyer of this Kylie cosmetics order likely had a scare when they saw how beat-up their box looked upon arrival. No one would be surprised if some of their products had been damaged in the process. While it’s unclear what led up to this disaster, we only wish we knew if the makeup was okay.

2 How High-Quality Is Kylie’s Makeup?

via poshmark

Everyone knows that Kourtney is the most pulled-together of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. So, we’re sure she wouldn’t be happy that her name is associated with a palette that arrived broken. This makeup shopper’s green Kourtney X Kylie palette arrived with multiple shadow pots crumbling, making us question just how high-quality Kylie’s makeup brand really is.

1 We Can Hear This One Shatter

via reddit

At least some of the palettes and highlighters that made this list were still usable. Sure, they might have a crack in them, but for the most part everything was intact. Well, the same can’t be said about this ill-fated Kylighter. This photo shows the golden highlighter arrived crushed into oblivion. What a sad ending!

Sources: Poshmark, Reddit

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