18 Hilarious Parents Who Totally Won Twitter

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18 Hilarious Parents Who Totally Won Twitter

Parents can be embarrassing on social media. I think everyone has had one of those moments where they post something on Facebook or Instagram and have a parent or other relative comment something embarrassing. If anyone hasn’t gone through this humiliation, they should consider themselves lucky because it is embarrassing. There are some parents who aren’t so embarrassing on social media though, and lay low. Some parents are hilarious and their posts are totally worth hitting the retweet button. Even when  parents aren’t posting themselves and it’s just their kids showing off their behavior, parents are totally the true winners of Twitter. I’m super jealous because while these parents are hilarious and totally savage all over Twitter, my parents are just embarrassing on Facebook. Check out this list of 15 hilarious times parents totally won Twitter.

18. My Teachers All Needed These

This is honestly a brilliant teacher’s gift. Especially if the parents are friends with the teacher and know that they like wine or know what kind of wine they like to drink. Plus, it’s a hilarious way of making a joke about their kid. However, this gift might not be such a great idea if they’re not tight with their child’s teacher. Like, what if they don’t drink or are allergic to wine or something? #Awkward. So if anyone wants to copy this DIY teachers gift, make sure the teacher likes wine first. It’s comical and just so clever. I wonder how they came up with this idea? I would definitely appreciate this as a teacher, especially from the parents of a more difficult child. I can’t imagine that kid is too bad, though – look at his cute little smile.

17. This Up-To-Date Mom

How cute is this mom? Good for her keeping up with what’s popular with her kids these days. Well…kind of keeping up with it. She knows more about One Direction than I do, at least. I knew Zayn left, but I just barely knew which one Zayn even was before that. Does that make me a bad millennial? Probably. It could be worse. I’m not really ashamed of myself for being so behind in the pop culture world as much as I am just jealous that this mom is. I wish I had a cool mom like this. Mine shows me Harry Potter stuff on Facebook a lot, but I’m pretty sure her version of One Direction’s name would be a lot farther off than this mom’s. 1 Dimension isn’t too bad. That sounds like the name of a One Direction cover band.

16. What A Savage Kid

This must be how everyone who rides in the car with me feels. I sing along to whatever music we’re listening to so loudly that it’s almost embarrassing. Almost. I don’t really get embarrassed by how bad my singing is in the car, though. I’m way too into just singing along and not caring about how terrible it sounds to care about that. But I imagine everyone who rides with me just wishes I had more shame and would stop singing so loud and proud. Sorry! Not gonna happen. This kid is a total savage trying to get their parent to stop singing along. I wish I was as honest as some kids are about how they feel. Imagine how much easier life would be.

15. #RelationshipGoals

These two are just too cute. I want to be this extra as a wife too, but I also want to have a husband who I can give the “Best Husband” Oscar to like this. I wonder what he did that inspired her to go get that trophy made for him? It must have been something pretty great. He looks so pleased with himself standing there posing with his new trophy. I seriously can’t handle how cute this is! I wish these two were my parents because this is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. This is absolutely the pinnacle of parents who win Twitter. Without even posting the tweet themselves, just by being in it and being adorably over the top. Congrats to this dad and his Oscar.

14. These Problem Solvers

These kids are going places. How many 5-year-olds do we know who are rational enough to end an argument like this? I don’t even know very many adults who would think to do something like this. If only everyone else could be so reasonable and just agree to end an argument like this because they don’t need to fight when they can have some cheese. I would stop fighting with anyone who suggested we just calm down and go eat something. Especially if it was something delicious like chicken strips or a donut. Just thinking about this is making me hungry… Maybe I should go start a fight with someone so I can suggest thing and see how it goes. Or just go buy chicken strips.

13. Me As A Parent

This is so petty and I love it. This is what I’m gonna do when I have kids and make Thanksgiving dinner with no one’s help. We can take family photos later, right now I’m gonna take a picture with the delicious food that I made. When you guys all go do the dishes, you can have a picture posing by the sink. This isn’t going to work out very well for me if my kids actually do help me to cook, though. Then I’m gonna have to think up another reason to be petty and get a solo picture with my delicious dinner taken. Is “because I wanted to” a good enough reason? Because it should be. I’ll be petty like this mom and take a picture by my food for any reason I want.

12. This Truth About Kids

Seriously. Even if we don’t have kids and just spend time around them, like having a younger sibling or working as a teacher. It’s especially bad when the kid learns a new word or something and won’t stop saying it. When I was growing up, one of my younger cousins was six years younger than me. One year, for Christmas, she got a portable CD player and some random Barney CD for it. Her favorite thing in the world was to sing along really, really badly. Her singing was mostly bad just because, well, obviously she was a kid who couldn’t sing super well, but also I think she was singing badly to annoy me on purpose.  Because I tried to teach her the words, but she would just come back to where I was and keep singing the wrong ones within a few minutes. Kids are such trolls.

11. What A Lucky Kid

Can we all just agree on one thing here? Kids don’t appreciate naps enough. As an adult, I would kill to be forced to lay down and take a nap for an hour every day. As a kid, I thought naps were the absolute worst thing. I would get so mad if an adult implied I might be tired or need to lay down and take a nap. Looking back, I think the fact that I got so mad about it is how they knew I needed to take a nap. If I didn’t get mad and I was just chill about the accusations, they wouldn’t think I needed one so bad. But they got me every time. This kid will regret not taking advantage of every minute of naptime that they had once they hit adulthood.

10. This Smart Mom

I’m gonna remember this for the future when I have kids. I wonder if this mom just saved this picture on her phone to send the kids every time they asked or if she made her husband or whoever she was with stop so she could pose and take a new picture. Personally, I would stop everything to pose for a new one every single time. Sending the same one over and over just wouldn’t have the same effect on the kids, I don’t think. This mom is such a savage about telling her kids they can’t borrow some money from her. The only thing that would have been even better would be if she had held up some money and sent a video of herself shaking her head while she counted it.

9. Susan’s Misunderstanding

No matter how many times I see this, it will always make me laugh. I love how she just says, “That felt weird :),” but still sends the pictures to the auto insurance company. Eva’s response is classic, too. What a polite way to say they misunderstood what they wanted and that they would need new pictures. That must have been such a funny series of messages to get from a customer, I bet it made Eva’s whole day a lot funnier. I wonder who was taking these pictures of Susan and why they didn’t realize that might not have been what the insurance company wanted? Personally, I’m glad they didn’t stop her. This is Internet gold. If, some day, someone makes a book of all the best tweets, I want this one in there.

8. This Savage Mom

That’s what we get for cropping our mom out! Her reaction is absolutely priceless. I love that she called the kid a “stupid idiot” for cropping her out of one of the pictures. I hope she sent back all the ones that she wasn’t cropped out of as a response to show her that it wasn’t personal. Or, maybe not. She seems pretty mad and I’m not sure that she would react very well to being proven wrong. She might have her mom calling her even worse than a stupid idiot if she tries to say anything back about it. I guess this just goes to show that we really have to be careful who we’re cropping out of our photos. We never know who might see it and get mad.

7. The Only Way To Eat Spaghetti

Okay, but how else can someone eat spaghetti? If we’re not slurping loudly and looking like a horse eating hay, I don’t think we’re eating spaghetti correctly. Maybe my parents just didn’t raise me with good table manners, though. It’s just one of those foods that I don’t think anyone can eat in a very polite way. But, it is one of my favorites, so I’ll look like a sloppy mess or a horse eating hay any day if it means I get some spaghetti and garlic bread. This tweet was hilarious and on top of making me laugh, it made me hungry. I guess I know what I’m gonna be having for dinner tonight! And I’m gonna try to focus on how I eat it so I don’t look like a horse… Maybe.

6. A Slice Is A Slice

This is a whole new level of petty. Why did the pizza place even cut a slice that small? Or did this mom just slice a normal sized peace until it was tiny to leave it for him on purpose. Either way, ridiculous. If the pizza place did it, I’d be annoyed with their poor cutting skills. If his mom did it, this is hilarious. Maybe he should’ve been home for dinner if he wanted a decent size slice of pizza. Leaving a slice like this for him makes me think his mom probably told him that they were getting pizza and to be home and ready for dinner. It’s his own fault for not coming home for a normal sized slice. This mom is a savage.

5. Surprise! Oh, Wait…

This is so cute and embarrassing. First of all, why was that dorm unlocked for that mom to get into? She should leave a note warning them about how unsafe that is. If they just leave their dorm unlocked, they deserve to have a strange mom hiding in it to try to surprise their daughter. That would honestly be so scary to come home from class, walk into our dorm, and see a strange parent there waiting for us. I don’t even know what I would do in that situation. Panic? Probably, yikes! Or, imagine if they had been in their dorm when this mom tried to get in. I can’t decide which one would be more embarrassing, but hilarious. This sounds like the beginning to a really funny movie.

4. This Over The Top Cat Mom

I say this a lot, but this mom is seriously me. And this might be one of the best text message conversations I’ve ever seen on Twitter. My cat loves to eat ice cream, too. I don’t give him his own ice cream or anything like this mom does, but he bothers me when I’m eating some until I hold out my spoon for him to have some. Is that weird? Probably. I’m sure there are other crazy cat owners out there like me who totally get it, though. Like this mom. I love that the daughter’s reaction is just that the cat doesn’t need ice cream (yes, she does) but the mom doesn’t care. She even goes as far as to send a picture of the cat with a strong message about wanting her ice cream.

3. This Familiar Feeling

This is honestly the most relatable feeling. It’s almost like when we’re chilling at home, alone, and we hear the car door slam. Then we remember our parents told us to get the meat out of the freezer for dinner, empty the dishwasher, and mow the lawn while they were gone and we watched Netflix for eight hours instead. Whoops! Then, we have to scramble and get up to start doing some of it while we think about what exactly we’re going to tell them came up to stop us from doing all those chores we were supposed to do. “Ummm, the lawn mower wouldn’t turn on and I spent the entire day trying to fix it and didn’t get to anything else?” Flawless, I don’t see any reason why they won’t believe it.

2. Every Single Time

Parents honestly do this every single time. Like, it’s impossible to show them a funny video or picture on the Internet without fifteen questions about who it is, why they’re doing that, where we found it, and everything else. “How am I supposed to know, mom? These are random people on Instagram. Just watch, appreciate, and scroll by.” Don’t question anything about it because I don’t have the answers. This is pretty much the 2017 version of telling our parents a funny story and getting a life lesson in exchange. Except, no life lesson and no funny story. Just us on our phone, trying to look at something funny, and our mom asking for the life story of the person who made that meme we’re showing her.

1. Me As A Parent

This is going to be my kid’s future. I try not to when I’m around kids, but it’s so hard not to swear. I know I’m gonna slip and accidentally teach my future children bad words. I can’t wait for the teacher to mention it at a parent-teacher conference. Then, I’ll have to pretend like I have no idea where they learned that word. I better start practicing my shocked face and the way I’m going to say, “Oh, wow. I’ll definitely talk to them about that! Thank you for telling me. I do not approve of this behavior.” Because I definitely want it to seem believable, you know? I don’t want the teacher to be able to tell that I know exactly where that kid learned those words.

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