18 Hilarious Screenshots From 'The Office' That Require Zero Context

The Office was an incredible show that only lasted nine seasons (I say only, because I need about 100 seasons from this show) but made quite the impression on fans. Copying the BBC series of the same name, The Office depicted the everyday lives of one particular office in Scranton, Pennsylvania: Dunder Mifflin. The small office had characters that were all very different in nature and made the show what it was. From the long lasting love story between Jim and Pam, to Dwight's outrageous antics, to Michael Scott's need for making everything about him — this show was legendary.

While the show wrapped up in 2013, there have been talks about doing a revival of the series but with new characters and new storylines. I'm not saying I'm opposed to this idea, but if they're expecting to make it better than the original — they have another thing coming for them. (Who could possibly top Dwight?!) Don't they know sequels are never as good as the originals?!

Regardless, The Office is now streaming on Netflix and I recently decided to rewatch the whole series from start to finish. So here are 18 moments that will never get old to us Office fans.

18 Asian Jim

In this particular episode, Jim and Pam are obviously finally together with two babies and they wanted to throw Dwight off his tracks (as per usual). To convince Dwight that he’s losing his mind, actor Randall Park (Asian Jim) acts as Jim. In the show, his name is Steve and he’s a friend of the couple who’s also an actor. Nevertheless, he sits at Jim’s desk doing exactly as Jim does.

“You’re not Jim. Jim’s not Asian,” Dwight says to Steve. In response, Steve says “You seriously never noticed? Hat’s off to you for not seeing race.” But just as Dwight was getting bored of the whole prank, Pam comes over and KISSES “Jim”! Pam would never kiss someone that wasn’t her husband.

To add more hilarity, Pam went the extra mile and took a photo with Asian Jim and his children — to make it look as if that was their family portrait. (How the writers came up with this idea, I’ll never know.)

17 When We Knew A Proposal Was Happening

It’s VERY obvious that Jim and Pam have something special from the beginning. Unlike most of the office workers, they have the same personality and same sense of humor. As we’re all aware though, Pam was in a serious relationship Roy for a long time. Meanwhile, Jim just sat on the sidelines waiting for his opportunity to open up. Jim, of course, dated around and even got serious with Karen, but she (and every other girl) was never Pam.

When the stars aligned and Jim and Pam FINALLY came together… You could hear collective cheers across the globe. WE’VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS MOMENT. And now that they were dating, we were now waiting for the next step in their relationship: a proposal.

After the two were joking around about moving with another, Pam noted she wouldn’t move in with someone unless she was engaged. And after a few jokes back and forth about how messy the other person was, Jim whips out that engagement ring to the production crew, saying “I’m not kidding. Got it the week after we started dating.” Jim obviously joked about proposing to Pam a few times, but it never happened… So when it finally did happen — hearts melted EVERYWHERE.


One of my favorite things about the one and only Dwight Schrute is how serious he is in all times of the day. He doesn’t really understand small talk or classic humor. His face is always straight and laughing doesn’t happen much unless he’s trying to impress Michael. Seeing someone so tightly wound all the time is kind of hilarious, especially in an office filled with people he finds incompetent.

In the third season Jim finally gets promoted and moves branches from Scranton to Stamford. This was HUGE move in the show considering everything that happened between Jim and Pam to this point.

Now with Jim in another branch, is Pam going to actually marry Roy? Will Jim and Dwight’s pranking relationship come to a close? WHO could possibly help Pam get through her days!?

We all know Jim eventually comes back to Scranton, but before then it was clear there was some kind of loss for Dwight. He and Jim have been working beside one another for years. So for Dwight to look over and see Ryan’s face instead of Jim’s? That was tough. But leave it to Dwight to not show one shred of emotion. “False! I do not miss him.”

15 When Jim Portrays Dwight

I think fans realized how much of an amazing actor John Krasinski was after we saw him act as Dwight. While Dwight is a standout, his character is aggressive, which kind of makes it easy to act out. However, seeing John act as Jim acting as Dwight… it’s comedy at its best.

The scene starts off with Jim walking into the office just as Dwight does. He’s walking tall, hair is parted, briefcase is in hand… He strolls right past Pam without even saying a word and takes his seat. Dwight glances at him without so much as a blink. But as soon as Jim puts on those glasses that are identical to Dwight’s… we all knew what was going on.

After bringing up the conversation of bears, Jim begins to list some of Dwight’s favorite things. “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.” It’s then that Dwight catches on and asks Jim WHAT he’s doing.

“Last week I was in a drug store, and I saw these glasses. They were four dollars. And it only took me seven dollars to recreate the rest of the ensemble. And that’s the grand total of 11 dollars.”

Dwight, of course, is not pleased with Jim “stealing” his identity. “MILLIONS OF FAMILIES SUFFER EVERY YEAR” he screams at Jim, who doesn’t seem phased in the slightest.

14 Nice Try, Michael

I don’t think it would surprise anyone if Michael Scott said his favorite artist was Britney Spears. He’s such a fun loving person who loves to act ‘hip’ and ‘with the times’ that him listening to those Kids Bop CDs seems like the only music for Michael Scott.

But just as Michael Scott does, he likes a lot of things even though he’s not always accurate on where those things come from or what they are.

In this particular episode, Michael has decided to screw over Dunder Mifflin and create his own paper company. After all, he knows the ins and outs of the paper world and needed a change.

The scene starts off with Michael rolling up in his red car, blasting Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” when Michael Scott says “It’s Britney b—h, and I’m back in the form of a new paper company; The Michael Scott Paper Company.” He then proceeds to parallel park in his convertible—looking all sly—but he flops hard when he hits the car behind him.

It’s in these moments where we’re not sure whether to laugh at Michael or with him. He does the silliest things and you feel so bad for the dude, that you just gotta laugh at the sheer confidence he exudes — no matter the situation.

13 When Dwight Dresses Up As Everyone In The Office

Now that I’m writing this article, it appears that Dwight contradicts himself in season seven! After telling Jim that identity theft is no joke, he dresses up as everyone in the office. Hmmm, we caught on to you, Dwight.

In part one of “Classy Christmas,” Dwight and Jim are in an epic snow fight battle. Considering how resourceful both men are, Dwight took his tactics a step further. He dressed up as Pam (wig, sweater, everything), and sat her desk waiting for Jim to take his seat at his desk. And as soon as Jim saw the real Pam walking towards him, he slowly turns to see Dwight dressed as his wife, with a bowl full of snowballs.

After nailing Jim with 10+ snowballs, Dwight looks at the cameras and says “Yes, I have a wig for every single person in the office. You never know when you’re gonna need a passing resemblance to someone.” The screen then goes to the image above, showing Dwight dressed as most of his co-workers.

This was one of those moments we never knew we needed in The Office. Dwight dressed as Stanley and Meredith? Sure, why not! And to be frank, I wouldn’t be mad if the new spinoff was nothing but Rainn Wilson portraying Dwight.

12 Pam And Jim Making Dreams Become A Reality

There’s something so pure about the relationship between Pam and Jim. Even when we see their hardships later on in the series, you can still see so much love between the two. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer did such an outstanding job nailing their characters, that they made everyone fall in love with their love story.

While not everyone falls in love with a co-worker, I think we can all relate to having deep feelings for another person who is tangled up with another person; the wrong person.

You can feel the passion between the two of you but something seems to always be in the way. Likewise, we saw the lingering looks between the two of them, and we saw how much Jim was hurting when Pam was with Roy. But now that these two are married with kids — they gave hope to so many people out there.

I’m not saying it’s okay to kiss other people when you’re engaged to someone else, but I do think people should follow their hearts and be honest with themselves. Being engaged does not mean married, and a person can never be trapped. There are always ways to make yourself truly happy. And that’s what Pam ended up doing for a better life with her long time BFF, Jim Halpert.

11 Not Quite, Michael

One of my favorite things about Michael Scott is how out of the loop he is on everything, even though he acts as if he is IN the loop. He totally knows the ins and outs of the business world (as he schooled Ryan in season one, when Ryan mentioned he was in business school). He believes that everyone should stick to the Secret Santa cap (even though he splurged and bought an iPod to look like the better guy in the office), and he acts more worldly than he is. Don’t get me wrong though, there are small glimmers of hope in Michael, they just don’t happen all the time.

In the last season of the series, we saw the ups and downs between Angela and Dwight. She was in relationship with the senator, but she was also fooling around with Dwight at the same time. The heart wants what the heart wants, I guess. But when we finally find out that Angela’s baby was Dwight’s and that these two were getting married — all was right in the world.

It made everything 10x better when Michael Scott came back into town to see his “kids” get married. While his choice of words were… wrong on every level, we all knew what he meant.

10 Prison Mike

In an episode called “The Convict” (which might be the funniest episodes to date), Michael finds out that a new employee has been previously locked up. Knowing Michael, he can’t just keep someone’s personal information to himself, so he ends up telling the entire office, which is not only releasing personal information but it was also extremely racist. But, as we know, Michael doesn’t seem to understand racism all that well.

After the new employee, Martin, tell his story as to why he was locked up (insider trading), he goes into detail about what jail was like. In awe of it all, Pam mentions that being locked up seemed better than working in Scranton.

Michael, of course, took offense to Pam’s comment, and decided to scare the entire office straight…

He asked everyone to meet him in the conference room and portrayed a man named Prison Mike. It was Prison Mike’s (Michael’s) job to make the employees realize that working at Dunder Mifflin was way better than being locked up. His speech was so off base and out-of-this world (please check the image regarding the Dementors), that it made for one of the most memorable moments on the show.

And just in case you forget, Martin quits. Yeah, he wasn’t down with Prison Mike.

9 The Million Times Jim Pretends To Propose To Pam

After Jim and Pam FINALLY become official in season four, he teases her with the idea of becoming engaged from time to time. Whenever they were out doing something, he would randomly drop to his knee, making her think he was going to ask her to marry him, but he would always pretend to be doing something else. As a viewer of the show, it became annoying (in a funny way, I guess). I couldn’t help screaming at my screen! I couldn’t imagine these two dating longer than she and Roy did just to confirm they should get married.

They started their relationship off as friends and it blossomed and blossomed for YEARS. These two CANNOT waste any more time!

Part of the reason I was so angry at Jim for not proposing to Pam almost immediately was because I didn’t want any more interferences. I didn’t want Roy back in the picture. I didn’t need Karen meddling in where she didn’t belong… I NEEDED THESE TWO BOUND BY A CONTRACT. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Karen. She was clearly very devoted to Jim and starting a life with him; but his heart belonged to Pam… SO BACK OFF, KAREN.

8 When Michael Was The Ultimate Supporter

One of the things I really admire about Michael is how pure he is. He’s like a kid in a man’s body.

When we first meet Michael, he’s so goofy and wants so badly to be liked. As viewers, we see him trying to be something he’s not just to please other people. But it’s in season two when it’s Take Your Daughter To Work Day that we see Michael truly shine around children. He’s at first super uncomfortable being around kids, which is surprising, considering how fun and lighthearted he is.

It’s only when Michael shows the kids an old video of his being interviewed on TV that we saw his hopes and dreams. As a young kid, he said he wanted to be a husband and a father to a bunch of kids. Considering Michael was probably in his late 30’s/early 40’s then, his dream was never accomplished and it clearly bothered him.

It was then that we saw the real Michael. We saw he was guarded.

Fast forward a few seasons later, Pam finally followed her dream in art and graphic design. Surprisingly enough to Pam, Michael showed up to her art show and praised her talents. It was a tender moment that really pulled on the heartstrings.

7 Poor Stanley

Stanley Hudson is the office grump. He’s always in an off mood, playing his crossword puzzle, and is just there to make money and leave. He never wants to join in with office games and activities, but he always ends up doing so because that’s just the kind of day he is. Although Stanley is kind of quiet, he definitely has a voice and uses it when irritated.

In an episode called “Beach Games” in season three, Michael gets the gang to go to the beach to partake in various competitions to see who would be best to take over the Scranton office in case he was promoted to New York’s office.

While on the way to the beach, Michael decides to give the employees a little background on what he plans on doing at the beach. Stanley, of course, grumbles under his breath in disapproval when Michael says “If you don’t like it Stanley, you can go to the back of the bus.” Obviously aware of what he just said (and who he said it to), Michael covers it up by telling him he can move to the front of the bus, too or even drive the bus. It’s just one of those moments that would ONLY happen to Michael Scott and you can’t help but laugh in awe.

6 The Toby And Michael Feud

One of the best parts about The Office is the unforgettable feud between Toby and Michael.

Michael Scott is obviously Scranton’s regional manager, and in his office is also Toby Flenderson, Dunder Mifflin’s human resources point of contact. Now, as you can imagine, these two bump heads all the time because Michael doesn’t really understand boundaries or corporate rules, for that matter.

This scene in particular cracks me up because Michael just has zero filter. “Why are you the way that you are?” WHO SAYS THIS?!

Viewers (and literally every other employee) understands that Toby is just doing his job; he’s not trying to be a fun-sucker all the time, but Michael pushes the limits time and time again, which makes Toby look like the villain. In reality, though, Toby is actually really soft spoken and sweet. Even though Michael dislikes Toby in every way possible, Toby just shakes his head at Michael and continues on with his job. He’s a true professional who doesn’t get enough credit, if you ask me.

In this particular episode (“Casino Night”), Michael decides to turn his production warehouse into a casino for the Scranton Business Park. It actually turns into a semi-success, but not without Toby telling Michael he can’t do certain things.

5 The Relationship Between Jan And Michael

The relationship between Jan and Michael is a weird one. Considering that Jan is a power-hungry, corprate leader and Michael is this happy-go-lucky regional manager, no one really pictured these two together. However, we do eventually find out that these two kissed and fell asleep in the same bed together one time, which was Michael always tried to impress Jan afterwards.

Michael, of course, can’t let these big moments in his life go by without being noticed, so he ends up telling a lot of people that he and Jan were more than just colleagues. While that wasn’t always the truth, these two did eventually spiral into some kind of relationship. It was a weird on, don’t get me wrong, but they tried to make it work.

I think Jan liked the feeling of someone being obsessed with her, and in turn, Michael liked the fact that she was playing cat-and-mouse with him.

There was this unspoken tension (?) that the two shared; a tension that eventually turned into something more.

However, the two were not meant to be. They were complete opposites and Michael never got the respect he deserved in that relationship. So I’m glad he had the willpower to leave that relationship behind.

4 Angela Being Angela

I cannot believe I made it through this list without mentioning Angela yet!

Angela Martin (I had no idea her last name was Martin) was Dunder Mifflin’s accountant. She has been in the office since the beginning and focuses on her work, her cats, and not much else. She was tightly-wound and only seemed to smile slightly when other people were suffering or when Dwight did something kind for her on the down low. In short: she was quiet but had a big presence on the show. She was short, sassy, and the most passive aggressive person in the office.

It didn’t seem like Angela cared about much, but the things she did care about seemed way off base for the sassy little accountant. She adored cats (and owned several), she even watched them through a camera while she was at work. She had a thing with babies dressed as adults and even had a calendar of it (to which Oscar detested). And she took her role as office party planner very seriously. And—HI!—she had a secret relationship with Dwight for YEARS. There was literally no better person for her than Dwight. Not even the senator, to whom she married before Dwight.


There are a few times in the series where Michael and Dwight go on these adventures. Michael doesn’t really like Dwight all the time, but whenever he needs a sidekick, Dwight is always down for the ride.

In one memorable scene, the pair are driving somewhere and Michael typed his wanted destination into his car’s navigation system.

“Why do you use that thing? It lets them know where you are at all times” Dwight asks Michael. “Who?” Michael asks while driving. “The government, spy satellites, private detectives, ex-girlfriends….”

After reaching their final destination doesn’t work, they still try following the navigation system to get to where they need to go, which happens to be on the other side of a lake. The navigation tells them to make a right turn (which is a slight right turn, if you want to get technical), but Dwight asures Michael the navigation means slight right over the bridge, not a hard right into the lake… But this is Michael we’re talking about. So he makes a hard right INTO the lake. But have no fear, he’s with Dwight, the king of safety. He’s trained to escape a vehicle when submerged in water, of course.

2 Dwight In Shining Armor

It’s not every day we see the softer side of Dwight Schrute. I think as time goes on he gets a little more vulnerable, especially when it comes to his relationship with Angela and even his friendship with Jim and Pam. But when that soft side is shown, a soft tear happens in our heart strings.

In the third season of the series (and an episode titles “Back from Vacation”), Jim is back at the Scranton office and so his new girlfriend, Karen. In a weird turn of events, Pam is now single and is giving Jim love advice to Karen (which is ironic considering that’s what Jim did for the first two to three seasons when it came to Pam’s relationship with Roy).

After Jim confides in Pam that he’s not ready for Karen to live a few houses down from him, Pam tells him it’s a good idea and that she should do it. They should move along in their relationship. Now, OBVIOUSLY, Pam does NOT want Karen and Jim to move forward in their relationship, but she’s just trying to support her friend.

Overcome with emotion, Pam goes to the hallway to catch her breath and let out a few tears. That’s when Dwight comes in. “Who did this to you? Where is he?” Pam tells him “It’s nothing,” but Dwight still feels the need to console his friendemy. He hands her a handkerchief and sits next to her as a shoulder to cry on. It was probably one of the most endearing moments we saw between the two.

1 Let's Talk About Phyllis

I LOVE PHYLLIS. She is one of the most underrated characters in the whole series. She definitely comes into her own as the series goes on, but I’ve loved her every step of the way.

She’s the shy and quiet sales-woman who does her job but loves a few jokes here and there. She’s also no stranger to girl chat. And while this screengrab shows Phyllis getting ready to take her ID photo (with Dwight insulting her), she’s one of the jolliest characters in the bunch.

Finding out that she wasn’t as lonely as she appeared made my life. Knowing that she was loved and adored by Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration) made fans’ hearts soar.

One of Phyllis’ shining moments was around the fourth or fifth season when she FINALLY took over Angela's position as head of the party planning committee. Angela never agreed with anyone else’s ideas when it came to planning parties, and it was frustrating to watch as a viewer because Phyllis had so much to offer the world.

Thankfully, Phyllis came to really shine later in the series and seemed way more positive and outspoken than ever before. She became more passionate for her job, stood up against Jim and Michael when sales were unfair, and even got in on some of the office pranks. I love Phyllis and I think we can all agree we just want her happy.

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