18 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Are The Valedictorians Of Their Class

We probably all have pretty mixed feelings about our high school yearbook. It was fun at the time to think about what our quote should be when we were graduating — the pressure was on because as everyone knows, our senior yearbook quote was a truly big deal. What route would we go down? Would we quote our favorite song that summed up our whole high school experience or would we quote our favorite TV show? What about putting down an inside joke that only our close friends would get? It's a big decision when you're 18 years old.

Yearbooks are absolutely an exercise in nostalgia and as a rule, the photos are never really all that good. Okay, so they're usually pretty bad. Or at the very least just okay. No-one really likes their high school yearbook photos — unless they're lying or spent way too much time getting ready for picture day. But generally speaking, yearbook photos are like a drivers license or passport photos. That's why we gotta dress 'em up with some epic yearbook quotes.

18 Bagels For Life


What food would I include in our high school yearbook quote? Would I go with bagels like this guy or pick something equally carb-tastic like pizza or French fries?

It's hard to know but it's safe to say that this guy liked bagels. I mean, he liked them a lot. Sure, he might have said that he only enjoyed a bagel once, but I find that pretty hard to believe. Bagels are amazing and make a really good breakfast, especially with some cream cheese or peanut butter (which might not be the traditional way to go but is definitely really good). He must have liked bagels enough to want to go down in his high school history as the Bagel Guy. I'm not sure if that's what his classmates actually called him... but I wouldn't put it past them.

17 A Big 'Shrek' Fan


We might not expect a high school senior to love the movie Shrek that much, but, then again, there are worse movies to put in your high school yearbook quote.

Everyone is totally entitled to their favorite movie because it's not like there's a right or a wrong answer. Sure, people might feel strongly about the film that they consider to be the best one ever made, and they might even insult their friends when they hear about the movies that have changed their own lives. But, generally speaking, you can love whatever film you want, and no-one can tell you any differently. I respect this guy for going with his Shrek love and refusing to back down. It's definitely a very unique quote that seems to fit him.

16 Making Rice Out Of Rice


The whole "lemons out of lemonade" saying is a bit played out at this point... plus there's the fact that it's not always applicable or even realistic. Also, lemonade is pretty sour most of the time, and it's not even that popular of a drink.

We need a new saying and this guy's yearbook quote totally fits the bill. Making rice out of rice does makes a lot of sense. It's logical and accurate and makes me smile, which is always a welcome thing. It's also pretty charming that this guy wanted to quote Pokémon when he was leaving his high school days behind. Who says that you have to grow up and forget everything that you loved when you were a kid? Growing up is not exactly that much fun anyways.

15 Everyone Loves 'The Office'


People love The Office. And I mean people really, really love The Office. And this girl loved The Office so much that she chose a Michael Scott quote for her high school yearbook quote. Now that's fandom right there.

There's also the fact that this is a really funny quote, especially when applied to high school, since most of us would probably agree that high school wasn't the best time of our lives. And that's an understatement. Is high school a good time for anyone? Maybe if someone is lying, then yeah. Or maybe if they're a cheerleader or part of the popular crowd and then as soon as they graduate and go to college, they realize that the real world is nothing like high school and they struggle a lot.

Okay, things just got really depressing and fast I have to stop.

14 High School Heartbreaker


This is definitely wishful thinking. (No offense to Joseph or anything.) We're sure that he's a perfectly nice guy and everything. It's just that there's no way that any high school guy is stealing everyone's girlfriend.

The coolest guys are the ones who didn't peak in high school at all and who became heartthrobs in college and beyond, so I'm rooting for Joseph to find his soulmate and one true love once he leaves his high school. I'm confident that he's going to find the right girl for him. Did any of us have epic romances when we were teenagers? We might have thought that we did, but chances are, they were kind of lame and pathetic. That stuff always seems better in the movies than in real life. Sorry, but I'm just being honest here.

13 A Mother's Love


There's nothing like an inspirational talk from your mom to make you quote your mom telling you to write an inspirational quote... Whoh, that was pretty meta.

I can't decide if this guy has a wicked sense of humor or if he thinks that he's a lot funnier than he is. Actually, it might be both of those things. On the one hand, this is pretty funny and definitely makes us smile. On the other hand, this is kind of a smarty-pants kind of thing to do and seems almost too clever. But, hey, at least it's unique and not something that everyone else wrote, and that counts for something for sure. There's nothing worse than a boring, expected yearbook quote. It just makes me really sad.

12 Breakfast Is Always A Good Idea


This girl quoted herself for her high school yearbook quote. Genius or conceited?

I'm gonna go with genius because let's face it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason: it's pretty amazing. Pancakes, waffles, toast, eggs, bacon — these are basically the greatest foods ever. I wonder what breakfast she would grab on the days that she was super late for class. Let's hope that she got something really epic, like a whole breakfast spread from a fast food joint, or even takeout from a fun diner. Okay, that's probably wishful thinking and there was probably nowhere that cool or trendy near her high school to grab breakfast. But I'm going to live with the fantasy for a little while longer.

11 At Least He's Honest


If this didn't make you laugh so hard that you snorted coffee out of your nose (if you were drinking coffee, that is), then I'm not sure what's going on, because this is truly hilarious.

Can a guy really have the same first and last name? No, really, how is this a thing? Well, clearly it is a thing because this guy has the same name for his first and last, and as he says, he's not exactly the biggest fan. I get it. I mean, I might not love my own name, But, hey, it's not like there's anything that I can do about it. It's the name that my parents gave me and I have to go through life with it. I guess I could go through the effort in changing my name, but that would be one long process that no-one has time for.

10 High School Hell


Did this sum up your high school experience? Basically, was it a fiery hell?

Personally, I think this was everyone's time in high school. Maybe you feel like it was an okay time, but chances are, you felt lucky to leave that place behind and start your life for real. There's honestly nothing like being a teenager because you can't wait to grow up and you just want to be able to experience all the magical things that you feel that the world has to offer. Sure, you get older and grow up and realize that not everything is amazing, but when you graduate from high school, you can at least live with the dream a little while longer. I bet this guy did just fine, though, because he's got a great sense of humor.

9 That's His Last Name


This guy wins the competition for a last name that we would never actually expect to be a real name. Not that there is a competition for that, of course. But if there was, he would be awarded first place. Of course I'm not trying to offend anyone — Gaylord gets the job done!

I just know that this poor kid probably got teased a lot growing up (and the teasing probably didn't end when he graduated from high school, unfortunately. Sometimes so-called adults are even worse than teenagers). People are ridiculous, and mean, and intolerant, and can't resist making fun of someone for no good reason at times. I'm pretty sure that he came up with a good comeback after a while, though. You would probably have to if you heard the same thing enough times.

8 So Fly


The whole "catching flies with honey" phrase is so weird, right? Maybe we haven't really thought about it that much because it's not really a popular saying anymore. But when we stop and consider it, it's definitely strange. We don't want to look at flies and we definitely don't want to pour honey on them. Okay, now things are getting gross.

This guy gets points for choosing a saying about "being fly" as his high school yearbook quote. Because calling yourself "fly" is such a '90s throwback and is, therefore, always absolutely epic and magical and amazing. Sure, he probably got some laughs when his classmates saw this, but I think that he did a good job; he should be very proud of himself. You only get one high school yearbook quote and this one is perfection.

7 A Nice Guy


Do I think this guy thinks he's nice? Maybe. Possibly? He only mentioned it twice... So I'm gonna go with a yes.

It's really something to compliment yourself in both a description underneath your name and also in your yearbook quote. It might suggest that you're not really that "nice" since you clearly think very highly of yourself. I'm just saying that if you're truly the nicest guy (or person) around, you might not want to say it; you might want to let other people decide for themselves. Sure, he was trying to be funny by quoting "everyone" but I'm not so sure that the joke really landed... Then again, there are worse things to call yourself than "nice" so I'm going to give this guy a pass. Hey, maybe he really is a total sweetheart. Who am I to say?!

6 Big Biceps


I hope that this guy knew that this was a spelling mistake; and that "importanter" is not really a word. What would be worse, if he didn't have any clue or if he knew but included it anyway? Hmmm...

Let's hope that he absolutely knew that importanter was a fake word and go with that. The alternative is just way too depressing. I don't want to think that high school grads are going to college and are going out into the world not knowing things like this about spelling and grammar. That would be a really terrible, miserable thing to believe, and there are enough sad things in the world as it is. It's a funny quote, though, I'll give him that, but I also hope that he didn't exactly agree with it.

5 Just A Single Mom


This is a hilarious quote and many of us might not even know why we're laughing so hard. Maybe because he's obviously nothing even remotely close to a single mother, and for some reason, that's just so funny and so amazing to giggle at.

Maybe it's because this is absolutely not the kind of quote that we would expect to be in a high school yearbook. It's not like this is a common thought. Song lyrics and TV quotes, sure, but not something like this. It's not like teenagers go around chatting about what it's like to be a single mom all the time. They definitely don't. They're more likely to talk about Instagram and pizza (which are amazing things, of course, and which we all love even though we're not in high school anymore).

4 A Lot Of Hours


Is high school really 113,880 hours?! I want that time back...

Just kidding (well, maybe not, but let's say that I am). I get that high school was an important time in our life and all. We made lasting friendships (maybe). We learned a lot of useful information (possibly). We became who we really want to be (hopefully). It was definitely a strange time in our lives, that's for sure, and this girl summed up how we probably all felt when we walked across that graduation stage: we got a piece of paper and a handshake from the principal or a senior faculty member. That was it. Well, okay then. At least life did get better after high school for most of us (as in all of us). Otherwise, it would seem truly unfair.

3 Joe McDonald Had A Farm


Is this the funniest thing that you've ever seen or is the funniest thing that you've ever seen?! It's absolutely perfect that this guy chose this as his yearbook quote. I can't think of anything else that would be as perfect as this.

He could've ignored his last name and the obvious joke that went with song lyrics, but we're probably all super glad that he chose this instead. Also, I feel for the guy, don't you? I can only imagine how many times he heard "So, do you do have a farm?" throughout his elementary, middle school, and high school careers. Kids are so unoriginal, it's almost crazy. You would think that they would come up with something unique; where have the original insults been!?

2 That's True


This wins the contest for "most accurate yearbook quote." This guy thanked his body parts for all the awesome things that they have done for him, and all we can do is nod our heads because, well, all this is totally true.

Sure, the last part of this quote might be considered a bit cheesy and lame, but what's a good yearbook quote that isn't both of those things? Exactly. The cheesier and lamer, the better. That goes for a lot of things in life (like birthday and anniversary and Valentine's Day cards), but yearbook quotes especially. You can't take yourself too seriously and you definitely can't when you're leaving high school, so I'll give this guy props for his yearbook quote. It's pretty solid and original.

1 I Didn't Do It


This is immature, to say the least. Yes. It's definitely immature. But there are a lot of things about high school that are immature (including the teenagers who walk through its hallways) and that's why this is a perfect yearbook quote.

It would be awesome if we could say this when we get in trouble as an adult, right? Because despite our best efforts and good intentions, there are times when adulting is tough and we mess up and make mistakes. It would be so helpful to just put up our hands and go, "I didn't do it" and move on. Sadly, real life doesn't work like this, and this guy probably found that out once he graduated from high school. But he was living the dream for a little while there, and we love this quote.

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