18 Kittens Eating Ice Cream Because Summer is Coming

Summer is coming and as if you weren't excited enough, we are throwing adorable kittens eating ice cream into the mix! We have orange, gray, and spotted kittens all eating different types of ice cream, and looking so cute while they do it. Whether you fancy vanilla or chocolate as your favorite flavor of ice cream, you won't be able to pick your favorite kitten because they are all so adorable.

A delicious summer treat and furry little kitties are bound to make you smile and get you in the mood to bust out those sandals! These kittens are ready for summer and are here to serve up a dish (or cone) of cuteness.

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18 This little guy wore his hat so that he could introduce you to the rest of the adorable kittens eating ice cream!


17 This little kitty already ate its ice cream, but seemed to have misplaced the cone!

Kitten with ice ceam cone on head

16 Look at me mom, my tongue changed colors!

Kitten with rainbow colored ice cream

15 Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to a delicious treat such as ice cream!

Kittens sharing ice cream

14 Oh my... oh wow... so good... must have more!

Kitten with ice cream on face

13 Sunglasses? Check! Hat? Check! Ice cream? Check! Looks like someone is ready for the beach!

Kitten with sunglasses and ice cream

12 It takes two, baby! It takes two, baby! Me and you!

Kittens share ice cream

11 Don't you worry about me, I can reach the top all by myself!

Kitten with ice cream sundae

10 How many licks will it take to get to the center?


9 I'm here with my favorite treat and I'm ready for my close up!

Close up of kitten with ice cream

8 Must have delicious, chocolatey, nutty ice cream treat!

Cross eyed kitten with ice cream

7 Hey! Can someone please pass the sprinkles?

Kitten finishing ice cream cone

6 Does anyone know where I can get more of these? Yeah, I'm definitely going to need more!

Kitten with eyes closed eating ice cream

5 So full... but can't stop eating ice cream!

Full kitten with ice cream

4 I think I could be talked into doing this kind of thing everyday!

Kitten licking ice cream

3 Sorry, I have no clue who ate your ice cream... I was just sitting here minding my own business!

Kitten with head in ice cream

2 Nothing to see here folks...

Smiling kitten with ice cream on face

1 That was a lot of ice cream, I think I feel a brain freeze coming on!

Wide eyed kitten and ice cream

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