18 Memes Only Lazy People Would Understand

We'd write an intro here, but we're too lazy.

Ugh, alright. Fine. Here goes:

We all have lazy days. Sometimes it's nice to lounge around and do nothing. It's relaxing. But for some people, lazy is more than a once in a while activity. It's an occupation. It's something that they are passionate about. And most importantly, it's something that you un-lazy people just wouldn't understand. Here are 18 memes that will make every lazy person say, "Same."

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18 This dog is your spirit animal

Via: pinterest.com

Um, excuse us, meme (if that even is your real name), but you don't know us. You're not qualified to tell us who we are and aren't like. Maybe we are every bit as lazy as this "fell asleep and stayed asleep in the rain" doggie. You don't know what we've done. You don't know what we've been through. Quit acting like you have a right to judge us.

Alright, let's not argue. It's too taxing, and we only got a five hour nap today. Anyway, that's not even the point we wanted to make. We wanted to bring this meme to your attention because this lovely Golden Retriever is your spirit animal. Yes, if you had a patronus, it would be this incredibly lazy dog. Do what you will with this information.

17 You want to be productive, but you want to not be productive more

Via: pinterest.com

Your general feelings of *meh* get in your way most of the time. You would fight to overcome them, but, again, *meh.* Your level of laziness is so advanced that it has hindered all of your efforts to exercise, and it's standing in your way of becoming an organized, fully functioning human being. Face it, your laziness is getting in your way of getting your sh*t together.

But as a professional couch potato, you know better than to admit that you are too lazy to do anything. That would hurt your rep. No, you are a clever lazy person, and you have a slew of potential excuses that you're just itching to use. That's why this meme is so on point for all you lazy peeps out there.

16 You avoid making extra work for yourself at all costs

Via: buzzfeed.com

Small chores are the bane of your existence. Running errands, paying bills, having to hit "continue" when you've been watching Netflix for seven hours, and it asks if you're still alive. Why are there so many boring, not fun, energy-sucking things to do? Does the world not understand how much you don't want to deal? Get with the program, world!

One of the things you hate the most is having to do dishes. The very thought of having to leave your cushy, warm spot on the couch in order to go scrub the food off of some plates and cutlery makes you want to cry. That's why you, as a lazy person, have a shed full of disposable cups, bowls, plates, forks, spoons, and paper towels. It sounds like you put a lot of effort into being that lazy.

15 You're not always lazy. Sometimes you just don't give AF

Via: 9gag.com

Yes, it's true. You're lazy. But you aren't always lazy. Laziness may be your main trait, but it doesn't dominate your life. You know how to put on your work gloves and get sh*t done. You don't do it very often, but you do know how to switch gears from sloth to workhorse.

It's just that most of the time, even if you aren't bent on being lazy, you still just don't care. Your life motto is "Why bother?" Why make your bed if you're just going to get back in it tonight? Why change out of your pajamas when you're just going to put them back on again? You're lazy, no one's disputing that. You just wish that people appreciated the fact that you also don't give AF.

14 But mostly you're lazy

Via: pinterest.com

So you read the stuff we wrote about the meme above this one. We like to play that sometimes you're not lazy, you just don't care. Yeah about that. It turns out that we may have lied on purpose accidentally. Oops.

Work? Pfft! You don't know how to "put on your work gloves." "You don't even own work gloves! What were we thinking? The very thought of work makes you break out in itchy, red hives. Oh, but it is true that most of the time you don't give AF. We weren't kidding on that one. Your cup of care is empty. Ambivalence is your middle name, making your full name Lazy Ambivalence McIndifference III. By the way, you're the third in a line of extremely lazy people.

13 This person is your lazy soulmate

Via: buzzfeed.com

If you weren't too lazy to read the meme above, then you know one thing: your soulmate is out there. You will find love someday. Well, you will if you aren't too lazy to go out and find him or her. Seriously how do you think you're going to fall in love if you never leave your house? Is some hot lazy person just going to waltz in like they own the place, make some popcorn, and settle in on the couch with you to watch a movie? Get real.

But according to this Facebook post, true love is waiting for all of you lazy people. Somewhere, at this very moment, your soulmate is calling the bookstore that they are in because they are too lazy to get up and ask them when they close. *Sigh* It's so romantic.

12 Shoes that fit? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Via: funsubstance.com

Groceries. Yuck. We all hate them. Well, no we don't hate them. We love them. Chocolate milk is a grocery, as are potato chips, pudding, frozen pizzas, and breakfast cereal. Groceries? If you're listening, we're sorry we said we hate you. We didn't mean it. You rock. But putting groceries away is so not fun. There is no other way to describe it.

We all remember when we were teenagers and our parents came home with a car full of bags. Naturally, they would tell you to come help, which meant that you had to stop whatever you were doing (which was probably nothing, since you were so dang lazy), find whatever pair of shoes you could slide on your feet, and help carry the groceries in. This meme rings true in the hearts of every lazy person alive.

11 This is your Christmas tree

Via: buzzfeed.com

Christmas trees? Why are those a thing? They're just so much work. Wouldn't it be easier to just, you know, give us our presents? We don't care if they sat under a tree for a few weeks before we unwrap them. We aren't picky.

Everybody loves Christmas, even lazy people. It's just that lazy people don't feel the need to decorate for it, like most people do. They don't bother with pine trees. They don't need them. They have car air fresheners. And, anyway, why would you want to go cut down a tree on some farm? Why would you pay someone to let you do their work for them? It makes no sense and, frankly, even if we weren't so lazy, we still wouldn't partake in that scheme.

10 You're lazy at the expense of your electronics

Via: pinterest.com

The fact that your phone is on one percent and your charger is just a foot away from you is not the point. The point is that you are a shamefully lazy human being who probably deserves to have their phone die on them.

That feeling is awful, though, even if you do deserve it. It's not unlike the feeling you get when you spent ten minutes finding the perfect position to fall asleep in, only to realize that you have to go to the bathroom. Or when your show ends, but the TV remote is all the way over on the side table, which is actually only three inches out of reach. It's like the universe is trying to punk you. Well, we hope you're laughing Universe, because we think your sense of humor is sadistic.

9 Procrastination is your favorite hobby

Via: 9gag.com

As a child, while all of the other boys and girls were learning how to play instruments, or while they were working up a sweat at (insert sport here) practice, you were lying around at home, strategically avoiding your obligations. Procrastination, that was your skill. You procrastinated your chores the same way a concert pianist tackled a virtuoso. It was more than a bad habit for you—it was an art form.

You could put off language arts homework like a professional. You neglected history reports and science assignments with ease. You were amazing. Over the years, that talent has only grown. You are ten million times the procrastinator than you were then. You may well be the best procrastinator in the world, but sadly we'll never know for certain, because you are such a great procrastinator.

8 You could see yourself in a low stress job

Via: dumpaday.com

As a lazy person, it has taken many years, but your body has finally acclimated to your advanced stage of inactivity. You really can't afford to elevate your heart rate. You have to keep your blood pressure at a steady level, even if the numbers indicate that you are technically deceased. You didn't choose the thug life. It chose you.

However ridiculous and made up these conditions may be, you still have to take them into consideration when choosing a career path. You wouldn't want to do anything that is too physically demanding. For example, you probably wouldn't want to risk becoming a master carpenter, or a personal trainer, or a greeter at Walmart. Those kinds of jobs are just too risky for someone as lazy as you. But if you could swing a gig at a sticker-putting-on-fruit factory? That would be "peachy."

7 You always do the bare minimum

Via: buzzfeed.com

You said, "get the job done," you didn't specify how you wanted the job to be done. You didn't say, "get the job done and do it well, you lazy moron, or I'll have you fired." If there is anything that lazy people value, it's efficiency. They don't care how something gets done. They don't care to what degree that thing is done. As long as the result meets the bare minimum requirement, they will be perfectly satisfied. And on the off chance that they aren't satisfied, they will probably be too lazy do anything about it.

So it makes perfect sense that the lazy person in this meme neglected to take the light bulb out of the package before screwing it in. Sure, it might cause a fire, but who cares?

6 This is fancy cooking

Via: tumblr.com

Cooking requires effort, and effort isn't exactly a lazy person's strong point, ya feel? All that slicing, and dicing, and chopping, and boiling, and sautéing, and grilling, etc. It's a nightmare for someone with an activity intolerance. Don't even get us started on all of the stuff that's involved with cleaning up the kitchen once you're done.

When you do decide to cook, you know it's a rare occasion. Okay, so what you call "cooking" other people call, "Remove frozen microwaveable meal from box. Slit film. Microwave on high for three minutes." Don't you think that's splitting hairs, though? After all, the end result is still food, so even if all you're doing is heating something up in the microwave, it still took time to prepare it. Well, that's what we're going to tell ourselves, anyway.

5 Pajamas before work clothes

Via: dumpaday.com

This meme is right. Having more pajamas than actual clothes does say a lot about you. It says that you are a homebody who is super lazy. But it also says that you value comfort above superficial fashion trends. It says that you are person who values people for more than just how they look on the outside. You appreciate people for who they really are.

You are more than just a lazy bones. You are a lazy bones with a good heart and a wealth of understanding. You are a rare gem in a sea of cookie cutter people. The world would benefit if more of us were like you. But not too much like you, because if everyone was just like you, nothing would ever get done.

4 You spend half your life like this

Via: dumpaday.com

It took you all of two seconds to find that comfortable position on the couch. You'll be damned if you have to get up to go find a blanket because your body suddenly decided that the room was a little too chilly. Like, "Why didn't you say something before I got settled in, body? Why you got to make my life difficult?"

If you're sitting there, judging lazy people in a holier than thou fashion for covering up with decorative pillows because they're too lazy to get up to get a blanket, you're a hypocrite. There isn't a person alive who hasn't done this. Stop acting like you're so much better than us. If we weren't so lazy and out of shape, we would kick your ass for throwing shade like that.

3 Chores

Via: buzzfeed.com

Moms. They're always wanting us to do things. "Take out the trash," "vacuum your room," "help me hide this body." Don't get us wrong on this, we love our moms. They take care of us and love us and all of that other sentimental crap. But don't they understand that we don't want to do all of those things because we are lazy? Don't they get that while we agree "the dish washer isn't going to unload itself," that isn't an incentive to get up from the couch to do it? *Sigh* Being lazy is so hard.

So when you're a lazy teenager, the sort of shenanigans mentioned in this meme are pretty typical. They're also diabolically manipulative. If lazy people weren't so lazy, they'd be some hardcore villains.

2 You make plans to do nothing

Via: pinterest.com

If you set aside time to yourself with the intention of using it to do nothing, then chances are, you're a lazy person. Of course, you could just be an introvert. Or you could also be a lazy introvert. But since you're just some couch potato schmo on the internet, we'll never really know the answers to those questions, will we?

Anyway, back to discussing this meme. Time spent doing absolutely nothing is like crack to lazy people. It's what they thrive on. Some of them would even go so far as to say that they need it to survive. Doing nothing for lazy people has the same effect as when you plug your phone into its charger. It provides some much-needed energy. Of course, these lazy people will never use that energy, but still, it's nice to know that it's there.

1 You come up with clever solutions to difficult tasks

Via: pinterest.com

You've probably heard the quote by Bill Gates. It goes like this: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Yeah, you read that right. Lazy people are the bomb diggity. Their bodies may be immobile, and it may look like they fell asleep with an open carton of Chips Ahoy! cookies in their lap, but inside, their minds are going one-hundred miles an hour. They are constantly thinking up solutions to the world's biggest problems. Just you watch, all of society's biggest issues, like world hunger, global peace, Charlie Sheen—all of those problems will go away as soon as we assign the task to the smartest, laziest person we can find.

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