17 Memes That Totally Describe You In A Relationship

Relationships are funny, aren't they? They're like tiny little worlds of their own. They exist within a larger society, and yet, they are also private; riddled with inside jokes, secrets, and behaviors you only exhibit when in a relationship. Some of these behaviors are unique and based on the people in the relationship, while others we think are pretty universal. How do we know? Because of all the relevant AF memes! Clearly, there are some things that (practically) all couples experience. Some are sweet like the feeling you get when your S.O sends you a cute text or being protective of bae when you're out in public. While others are just true—like being pissed when your beau falls asleep before you. Yeah, every couple is distinct in some way, but if you've ever been in a relationship, we are sure you'll relate to these 17 memes in some way.

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17 When you just want to sloth around together

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One of the best things about being in a relationship is the fact that you don’t really need a stellar hangout plan to have fun. When you’re single, you try to plan exciting dates like museums, concerts, art exhibits, book readings, trivia nights, and what not. After all, this is the stage in which you are trying to impress the other person and show them how ~fun~ you are. While you can certainly still plan outings like these when you’re in a relationship, and many couples do, they are not necessarily requirements for a fun night when you're officially together and comfortable around each other. In fact, sometimes there’s nothing more fun than inviting your beau over to lounge around, pig out, watch Netflix for hours on end, or simply nap together.

16 When bae makes the mistake of asking you why you’re mad

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When you’re in a comfortable long-term relationship, the occasional vent session is expected. Maybe you had a terrible week at work and you’ve been waiting for Friday to tell your bf how crazy your co-workers have been driving you. Maybe your parents are coming into town and coordinating plans with them has been a nightmare. Or maybe, there are a couple of grievances you have with your boo that you’ve been holding back but now will share with him… in great detail.

There's a 99% chance your significant other will regret setting you into this vent spiral but at this point, there's no stopping you. Short stories turn into hour-long monologues, exaggerated character voices are utilized throughout the rant, and there may even be some quizzing to make sure everyone's paying attention to the details. What can we say, they asked for it!

15 When shyness goes out the window

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At the beginning of a relationship, it’s normal for you and your new beau to be overly polite to each other and even a little shy. After all, everything is new and you don't want your S.O to think you're needy or rude, and vice versa. During this phase, you don't ask many favors of each other, you don't point out little flaws (even if they annoy you to no end), and you even let them have the last slice of pizza. Yes, this stage of the relationship is pretty sweet, but let's be real, it's kind of unrealistic. Don't worry, though. As the relationship progresses, this timidness all but melts away. Once you're comfortable with your significant other, you're not afraid to let them know how you're really feeling. Hate the way he leaves his dirty socks all over your apartment? You tell him. You're dying for tacos even though he wants sushi? You tell him. And you better believe he better be ready to fight for that last slice of pizza. Yep, it's going to take a three-game tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors before you give that bad boy away.

14 When Bae texts you something cute

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At the beginning of a relationship, you get butterflies over pretty much anything—a text, a Facebook message, even an Instagram like. It could be something as boring as hello, but you're so infatuated with the newness of your relationship, that a simple greeting makes you swoon. While most people know that this honeymoon stage of the relationship eventually ends, that's not saying that your bae doesn't still know how to light up your day with a small gesture. After all, between the nicknames and inside jokes, your boo has 10x more material to make you smile with than when you guys first started dating. In fact, some texts will be so cute that your heart may just, uh, poop its pants. Oh, to be in luuuurve.

13 When you get a taste of your own medicine

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If you're the snarky one in a relationship, it's likely that you spend a large portion of your days roasting your loved one. Between questionable wardrobe choices, clumsiness, and gullible ways, sometimes it feels like you have so much material, you should be picking up sets every night at the Comedy Cellar. While this is all done in jest and with love, it's not all too surprising when your S.O. throws some roasty remarks your way every once in a while. It's only fair... except for the fact that you only seem to be good at doling out roasts, not receiving them! All it takes is one particularly personal roast before you're hanging your head in defeat and whimpering "that's not very nice" under your breath. Gotta be able to take it if you're giving it out!

12 When food solves (basically) everything

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Let's be real, food makes everything better. When you're having a bad day, a big bowl a pint of ice cream makes everything better. When you're studying for a big exam and are starting to lose your mind, snacks keep your sanity intact. And when you're fighting with your bae, sometimes just the prospect of food is enough to extinguish any angry feelings you're holding on to. And by angry, we mean hangry, because goodness knows a little bit of hunger amplifies a fight ten-fold.

Bae knows the trick. He knows that the best thing to do during a fight is not to stomp off or even offer affection, it's food. Going out to eat will get you out of the house (or fight zone), stuff your mouths with food so you can't snap at each other, and get those yay-food neurons firing in the brain. Yep, food solves everything.

11 When you finally let your guard down

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We think it’s safe to say that when you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, you always want to look your best. This means putting make up on even if you have plans just to lounge around the house, planning out your outfits meticulously, and making sure your hair is always done perfectly. This may seem very necessary when first entering a relationship, but eventually the whole concept becomes an afterthought. Sometimes, this is a result of simply being more relaxed around your S.O. Sometimes, it's a conscious effort of wanting to reveal your most natural self. And most of the time, you just ain't got time for that. And by "that," we mean putting on a full-face of make up just to Facetime for 20 minutes.

10 When you lose an argument

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Considering the level of closeness, you can expect to get into some petty arguments when you're in a relationship. These scuffles range from silly things like debating whether or not penguins have knees (they do) to more intense topics like "should Hillary Clinton be trusted?" Whatever the topic, it's pretty much guaranteed that things are going to get heated, and fast. After all, if you can't get into a battle over the anatomy of a penguin with your significant other, who can you do it with?! That's right, no one.

The truly interesting part is what happens after the argument is over. If you end up being right, you're likely giving yourself a high five and wagging your fingers dramatically at the other person as you cackle and exclaim "boo yah!" at least six or seven times. If you end up being wrong, however, you silently and try to change the subject. Pffft, whatever, let's talk about something else.

9 When your nicknames become the norm

There are two types of relationships—those in which first names are utilized and those in which first names are completely replaced by a nickname. For many, this nickname is "baby." It's an endearing replacement for your actual name and is a constant reminder that you and your love communicate in a way completely different than the way you interact with friends. While there are situations in which your boyfriend or girlfriend may not call you baby, like if you're in a crowded shopping mall and need to be called over quickly, or in front of family, for the most part you expect to be called baby. So much in fact, that when you're actually called by your first name, you feel your face scrunch up almost instantly. Excuse me, but unless I'm in some sort of life-threatening situation, my name is baby. Kthx.

8 When they cancel plans after you've gotten ready

If you're a lazy person, you know how hard it can be to muster up the energy to get dolled up for a date. You have to shower, straighten or curl your hair, do your makeup, pick out a cute outfit... it's exhausting just listing it out. Considering that on days when you have nothing going on, you can be found curled up on the couch with sweatpants, there's nothing worse than taking the effort to get ready only to have your plans cancelled. If you're unlucky, this will happen right after you've finished everything and are waiting for your boo to text you and tell you that he's on his way over. Now, all you have to do is find other plans, because goodness knows you didn't go through all of this crap not to go out.

7 When you think you're more intimidating than you actually are

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Every couple fights. Sometimes fights are spurred from trivial instances, like, if you're S.O. just spent the last hour scrolling through Seamless and you still haven't figured out somewhere to eat. Other times, it's a little more serious, like the fact that your beau said he was going to meet you at a certain place at a certain time, and then flaked at the last minute. Whatever the argument is about, if you're right, you're trying your best to show your partner that you mean business and you are not to be messed with. You raise your voice a little, slam a fist down, maybe even poke them aggressively. In your head, you're laying down the law, and pretty intimidatingly if we say so ourselves! The reality? Your partner's feathers are ruffled a bit but you're not really as scary as you think you look. Sigh. If you're lucky, they'll at least let you believe you're as frightening as you feel.

6 When you want to end the fight

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And this brings us to our next point: ending a fight. Let's be real, no one likes to stay angry for long periods of time, and if the fight was silly or you were wrong, chances are, you want to wrap it up and go back to being a loving couple. Sometimes, this is easy and can be done in mere minutes. Other times, your S.O has taken the argument to heart and is either relishing in the fact that they were right or are too annoyed to have things go back to normal right away. While you should definitely give your S.O some time and space to get over the fight, we understand if you simply can't deal with the lingering awkwardness after and demand an end to it. An exclamation of "come back in here and love me!" usually does the trick.

5 When people are checking bae out without your permission

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If you're a monogamous dater, you know the overwhelming urge to protect "what's yours" and make sure that anyone that may be throwing eyes on your S.O. knows that they are off-limits. Some people go hard and keep tabs on their boo's social media messages and snoop on their phones. Others only go to protective mode when out in public with their beau. You suddenly become hyperaware if any girl starts flirting with them, you notice when other people check them out on the subway, and you are especially acute to when someone is being a little too chummy at a party. Usually, your mere presence is enough to ward off any unwanted advances. And sometimes, it's not, and you have to lay on the PDA pretty thick to make sure everyone knows what's what.

4 When you sacrifice sleep to talk to them

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There are certain things we sacrifice for our significant others without a second thought. These are things like the last slice of pizza, space on the DVR, and sometimes, our precious sleep cycles. You stay up to comfort your S.O when they've had a rough day at work and need to vent. You stay up late and catch up with them if you haven't had a chance to talk to them all day. And every once in a while, you stay up simply because they're not sleepy yet and you don't want to leave them in the lurch.

Yeah, you may be effing up your circadian rhythms for days to come, but these are the types of sacrifices customary in a relationship. Just be prepared to order an extra shot of espresso in the morning.

3 When your S.O falls asleep before you

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Although you know in the back of your mind you can’t expect your beau to stay up late with you every night, there’s nothing worse than when you’re S.O falls asleep first and leaves you awake and bored as heck. Everyone knows that watching a horror movie, binge-watching Netflix, or having a late night munch session is 10x better when someone else is partaking in the fun. Sure, you should probably just accept that your S.O is tired after a long day and find a way to entertain yourself. Orrrr, you can jostle your partner awake, exclaim that sleep is SO 2015, and force them to stay up and hang out with you. Yeah, we'll go with option #2.

2 When you can finally start eating like a normal person

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When you first start dating someone, you always want to present your best self. This is most evident with eating. After all, nothing kills the mood faster than chowing down on a burrito, tomatoes, lettuce, and shredded cheese falling like confetti from your mouth. So, you try to eat daintily and ladylike, eating at a snail-like pace and avoiding meals where you don't have to unhinge your jaw to fit a bite into your mouth. While this charade can last for weeks and even months, eventually you become comfortable enough in your relationship to, you know, eat like a normal human. Suddenly, sandwiches and burgers are eaten with vigor, a piece of food stuck between your teeth isn't the end of the world, and a dribble of sauce on your shirt is not a sign of sloppiness but of someone truly enjoying their meal without inhibitions. How beautiful.

1 When you demand attention

With all of the distractions there are nowadays, it can be hard to keep your S.O’s attention. There are video games, T.V., Facebook, texting, YouTube, Snapchat ... and that's just scratching the surface. Sure, when you first start dating, you guys wouldn’t multitask during your hangouts, but now that you’re more at ease around each other, your S.O may not always put 100 percent of their attention towards you. While you've probably been guilty of getting distracted yourself, you can't help but feel entitled to their attention sometimes. And when that time comes, you're not afraid to let them know. You snatch their phone out of their hand and chuck it onto a couch across the room. You block the television just to show them that you disapprove of this blatant ignoring. You may even throw yourself across the floor dramatically and proclaim that you need their attention... all of it.

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