18 Myths About Pregnancy (Your Man Actually Believes)

Pregnancy is an amazing period in a woman's life. After all, she's preparing a brand new life for its entrance into this world. Who knows what this baby will do in the future? Maybe they'll change the world? Find a cure to some serious disease? Save the environment? However pleasant it is to think of these things, there's always someone who ruins everything with their remarks. And usually, this someone is a man who doesn't have a clue about how pregnancy works and believes in the most ridiculous things we can ever think of.

From spicy food making the baby blind to a toddler squishing the unborn baby to Wi-Fi cooking the baby in waves, let's debunk some of the most ridiculous myths about pregnancy men still believe in.

18 Eating Spicy Food Will Make The Baby Blind

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According to Britannica, there is a myth that suggests that if a woman eats spicy food during pregnancy, it can burn her baby's eyes and it will result in blindness. But, in reality, hot food can't do anything like it (obviously!). The worst thing spicy food can do for you during pregnancy is giving you heartburn. Besides, despite the common misconception (not only men believe in), it also can't make you lose the baby or start your labor beforehand.

17 Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Step Over Ropes Or Cords

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There is a superstition saying that pregnant women can't step over ropes or cords because it can somehow make the umbilical cord tangled around the baby's neck. We're not sure how it may happen but, according to Britannica, there are people who actually believe this myth.

Please start using your common sense. Firstly, there's no scientific basis for it and secondly, even without science, one should understand that there's no way stepping over a cord can make the umbilical cord tangled.

16 If The Woman Cuts Her Hair, Her Baby Will Have Vision Issues

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Another myth Britannica tells us about goes that if a woman cuts her hair during pregnancy, she'll give birth to a baby with vision issues. How do they even see the connection between cutting your hair and giving your little one problems with vision? Common sense tells us that you can't! If you want to keep your baby safe, you can just refuse from dyeing your hair during the first trimester. It also doesn't have a confirmed link to birth defects, but, at least, it makes a bit more sense.

15 A Toddler Sitting On The Lap Could Squish The Baby

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Lana C., from Olathe, Kansas, shared the most ridiculous advice given to her during pregnancy. Someone told her that she shouldn't let her 2-year-old toddler sit on her lap during pregnancy. You might ask why, and Lana also asked why and the answer was, "So he wouldn't 'squish the baby'." Whoever gave this kind of advice should try and educate themselves more about pregnancy.

14 A Pregnant Woman Shouldn’t Drink Any Water Because It Makes Her Gassy

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Jessica R., from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, shared with Cafe Mom, "My mother's friend told me that pregnant women shouldn't drink water because it makes us gassy and suggested drinking nothing but whole milk or heavy cream. Yikes."

Wow. We don't know where this friend is coming from, but this person certainly needs to think a little bit more about their suggestion. How can a person go 9 months without drinking any water?

13 During Pregnancy, You Have To Sleep As Much As Possible

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Carmen S., from Tucson, Arizona, claimed on Cafe Mom how annoying it was for her to hear people saying to her that she should sleep as much as possible because her baby won't let her sleep when they're born. "Listen, dummies, that's not a thing!" she replied to them all. "You can't stockpile sleep. Sleeping more during pregnancy doesn't make you less tired later. And trying to sleep while pregnant sucks. Ugh."

12 All Kinds Of Cheese Are Off-Limits For Pregnant Women

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Another woman shared on Cafe Mom that she wasn't allowed to eat any cheese during pregnancy. "My father-in-law refused to get me a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast because he had it in his head that ALL cheese is off-limits for pregnant ladies," Tristan B., from St. Paul, Minnesota said. "Stop trying to police my food choices and give me a nice schmear of garden veggie on my bagel!" That's fair!

11 Using Laptop and Wi-Fi Will “Cook” The Baby In Waves

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One more Cafe Mom user recalls that when she was pregnant, she was suggested not to use her laptop and avoid using Wi-Fi, as well. The reason for it was that she could "cook the baby with the waves." Ummm, I don't think that the person who gave this "interesting" advice knows anything about how Wi-Fi works. Or about how pregnancy works. Should we give them a lecture?

10 The Baby Can See The Dad’s “Thing”

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An anonymous Cafe Mom user shared her story that's just as ridiculous as all others in this list. "My husband took A LOT of convincing to believe that we could safely [get busy] while I was pregnant," she claimed. "Apparently one of his idiot friends had him convinced the baby would be able to 'see' his [thing] and that would be bad, somehow? Yeah, I don't get it either."

9 Too Many Foods Are Dangerous For Pregnant Women

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Eriana S., from Portland, Oregon, had another myth-related problem during her pregnancy. "I found all of the food policing that pregnant women get is so annoying, but the worst is [the] people who try to tell you not to eat stuff that is totally fine to eat," she shared on Cafe Mom. "I was told not to eat fresh veggies, for crying out loud, because I could get E. coli, and to not eat fruit because of pesticides. Ridiculous!" Yeah, it is...

8 All Meds Are Also Off-Limits

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Sometimes, pregnant women need pain relief because they can experience a lot of discomfort and shouldn't just tolerate it. But some men prevent them from doing it. "My own husband tried to give me bad advice and basically pregnancy shamed me for wanting to take some pain relievers when I had a pounding headache," Zoe R., from Des Moines, Iowa, shared. "He felt like I couldn't take any medicine, ever, basically. Dude, I have a handout from my doctor on approved medicine, I'm good!"

7 Pregnancy Is The Same For All Women

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Although some men believe that there's something like a "perfect pregnancy" a woman should strive for, or that all pregnancies are the same, according to Parents, it's a myth. Instead, pregnancy is a highly personal process that is influenced by a number of things. The way the fetus is being formed and the way the woman feels during this period are caused by a mix of everything woman has around herself. It's never perfect, nor is it always similar.

6 Pregnancy Is Nothing But A 9-Month Wait Before Birth

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This is a thing only men (or women who have never given birth) can believe in. If they do, they should know that pregnancy isn't just "a wait". Instead, it's a crucial process for the baby's development that ensures their wellbeing in the future. So many things happen with the baby during these nine months. It's safe to assume that no other period in their life is so meaningful for them.

5 The Fetus Can’t Be Affected By The Outside World

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Some men believe that a fetus is sealed away in the mama's uterus and nothing bad can happen to them. On the one hand, the fetus is protected while it's inside but, on the other hand, it doesn't mean that it isn't affected by anything else. From the food the mom eats to the air she breathes and the way she feels – everything has a profound influence on the baby's development and subsequent life.

4 Pregnant Women Don’t Need Reassurance That They’re Pretty

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Women are expert critics when it comes to judging a female form, especially when it comes to their own form. And especially when it comes to their own form during pregnancy. They may think that they're "ugly", "immense", "fat", or even "grotesque!" And their man's job isn't to silently agree on these things. His job is to reassure that she actually looks great, attractive and that she's awesome. She'll feel much better and, as a result, his life will also become MUCH better.

3 Conception Occurs Only During Contact

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A lot of people (not only men) believe that conception occurs during contact and during contact alone. But, in fact, the man's sailors can stay inside the woman for three to five days. It means that if you were having these moments of passion a few days before ovulation, you can still get pregnant when the ovulation occurs.

2 You Should Try Every Day To Get A Woman Pregnant

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According to Woman's Day, some men believe in a myth that they should "get busy" with their women on a daily basis if they want to have a baby. Although it may sound fun, it's actually not true. Experts say that if a man with a normal "sailor count" does it every day, it can actually drive the count down. In other words, it'll decrease the chances to get pregnant.

1 The Ovulation Happens Only One Day A Month

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If you want to be effective at getting pregnant, it's a bad idea to "do it" only one day a month either. First of all, the ovulation day is almost never exact because the cycle can fluctuate and it can fall down on another day. Besides, as we've already discussed, the sailors can live in her body for up to 5 days, which means that it's a good idea to start trying 5 days before ovulation and do it every other day.

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