18 New Cars That Prove GM Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing

The monopoly of General Motors has had a grip on the motoring industry for decades now, commanding market price, creating demand, overproducing cars, and many other unsavory things. The new car market is a fast-paced, demand-driven, growth oriented system that's about the farthest thing from sustainable. Yet every year, they belch out new cars by the hundreds of thousands.

The quality of most of these cars is dubious at best, and with tons of recalls paired with a generally unsatisfactory product, it's a wonder GM is even a car company at all. Let's take a look at some of the new cars that have come out from GM that proves GM doesn't know what they're doing.

18 Chevy Camaro

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The Chevy Camaro has, in the past decade, become radically better than it used to be. But for all of its developments, it still has a ways to go to catch up with European competition and, while its price is hard to beat, the competition makes up for it in sheer quality. Plus, just look at that ugly mug.

17 Chevy Silverado

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If the front end of this thing doesn't say it clear enough, this isn't one of the best cars that Chevy has made – a bit of a far cry really. And besides, buying a new car creates a massive carbon footprint, as does running a gas-guzzling truck. In this climate crisis, that's just not cool.

16 Chevy Cruze

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The Chevy Cruze was renewed for the 2019 year, and it's a bit of a conundrum as to why. It’s indeed a sensible option with a good amount of room, good economy, and an affordable price. But why buy something this ugly when for a similar price when you could have any number of other cars?

15 Buick Envision

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The Buick Envision is the kind of car that when you see it, it's hard to envision any car that could look uglier. That grill is just hideous, the lines are all off, the dimensions terrible. And for the price compared to what you get, it doesn't even make practical sense, let alone style sense.

14 Chevy Blazer

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For those astute, the Chevrolet Blazer was once an off-road SUV that was simple, straightforward, reliable, iconic, and a blazing success. So, in an effort to make people more interested in a lame, cheap crossover that isn't really relevant, Chevy cheapened the Blazer name just to try and boost sales. Lame.

13 Buick LaCrosse

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Anything Buick, despite their rebranding efforts, is best to steer clear from. They are cheaply made, not worth their price and, even if you like their new branding and styling, they only did that to raise their prices and create demand. Not cool, considering production is causing uncontrolled harm to the planet.

12 Chevy Sonic

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The Chevy Sonic is a subcompact hatchback that's pretty efficient and good on gas mileage, but it's not really up to par with the competition. Cars like the Mazda 2, the Golf, the Ford Focus are all a much better choice to go with over the Sonic.

11 GMC Terrain

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The GMC Terrain has a name that might make you think it's an off-road vehicle capable of taking on all kinds of, ahem, terrain – but it's not. It's just another average, uninspiring, wasteful Crossover that car companies are fascinated with fabricating demand for, just so people keep buying their product, no matter how poor the quality actually is.

10 Chevy Spark

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The Chevy spark is a compact hatchback that doesn't beat the competition in any way. In fact, it seems its biggest role is to allow the competition to have something to beat. It's too tiny, too cheaply made – the list goes on. I mean, what can you even keep in that tiny trunk?

9 Buick Cascada

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If you want to buy a convertible and you buy this one, you'll probably learn quickly the gravity of your error. Though it's hard to see why anyone would want to buy this thing, with the wedge shape and stubby front end, it's really all just bad, inside and out.

8 Cadillac CTS

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For a sports sedan, the Cadillac CTS is a far cry from the sensible option. At the price of almost $50,000, you could have pick of a wide variety of better, more powerful, more efficient sedans, like BMW or Volkswagen. If you're willing to help the planet out and buy used instead of new, the options are even wider.

7 Buick Encore

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The Buick Encore is about the last thing that anyone would give an encore for. If anything, we wish it was discontinued last year, or the year before, or before it was even made. There's plenty of cars in the world, we don't need anymore. That can't be emphasized enough.

6 Chevy Suburban

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The Chevy Suburban is a gas-guzzling carbon menace that's bringing destruction to Earth faster than many other cars out there on the roads. To buy a brand new car, especially one of these, is to ignore all of the science and proof that the planet is in dire need of our help, not our emissions and waste.

5 GMC Acadia

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The GMC Acadia is just plain irrelevant. It's not the kind of car you really hear about, nor see driving on the roads. Yet somehow it exists, using up our resources, polluting our air, creating massive amounts of waste. It's a shame, really, and proves that GM has no idea what they're doing.

4 Chevy Malibu

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The Malibu has been in production for quite a long time now, and every year it seems like it gets a complete makeover, always looking different, yet somehow always the same poor quality. Having owned one, it really is a far cry from a quality car. All for those profit margins, right? At any and all costs.

3 GMC Yukon

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The GMC Yukon, in 2019, gets a phenomenal 15 miles per gallon. That's it. There's a pressing climate crisis happening, people are fighting for the lives and ecosystems of millions in a last ditch effort to save the planet, and GM is still producing this abomination. They have no idea, do they?

2 Chevy Trax

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The Chevy Trax just looks so strange, with a rounded, insignificant front end, a bulky crossover body on a sedan chassis, and a general air of pointlessness that makes it just look so sad. It also has a lame engine and below average fuel economy. That's just a shame, really.

1 Chevy Tahoe

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The Chevy Tahoe is, in its own right, not the worst car in the world. It’s sensible and reliable. But at the same time, trying to market and sell a brand new one of these in 2019, when climate change is a major issue, is borderline criminal. Get it together GM.

Sources: Car Gurus, GM Authority & Motor 1

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