18 Nikki Bella Fitness Pics That’ll Make Vince McMahon Miss Her

She made the bold decision to move out and start a new life out in LA. The decision worked out as Nikki and Brie got WWE’s attention – successful auditions would lead to contracts back in 2007. Since then, they’ve thrived both in and out of WWE – becoming megastars. Especially when it comes to Nikki Bella, she’s sought after by females around the world for her perfect shape.

In this article, we’ll do exactly that by paying homage to her shape. We’ll take a look at current and throwback pics of Nikki in the gym – without a doubt, if Vince sees these pics, he’ll want her back on the roster.

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18 Squat Day

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It was a squat day for Nikki Bella. She has 135 pounds on the bar, a weight some men would struggle with (at least those who don’t train or have proper form).

Bella seems to do it with ease, even locking the position enough to pose for a pic. She isn’t missing glute day!

17 Biceps Curls

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Bella isn’t just about lower body and ab workouts. She also throws in some upper body movements which include the bicep curl – a workout that a lot of ladies are hitting. Don’t worry about getting those bulky arms, that’ll only happen in the case of a higher calorie intake – which Bella certainly isn’t on.

16 Seflie Time

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She finds the time to snap a quick selfie and one we are all thankful for. This throwback picture was taken at John Cena’s gym out in Florida during their time together.

These days, Nikki is out in LA, with a new man and certainly, a new gym environment. Just keep them selfies coming, please!

15 Post-Workout

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It was a different kind of workout for Nikki Bella out in LA. She was just finishing up her dance class during the stint on Dancing with the Stars.

Bella adapted beautifully and she became among the top celebs really quickly. Obviously, she also had great chemistry with partner Artem, as the two are an item today.

14 Deadlift Day

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Given her stance in the pic above, it is deadlift day for Nikki Bella. She’s got a perfect position locked in and she’s ready to go.

Nikki has some serious strength and a lot of her training involves moving bigger weights, especially during her WWE days. She has the perfect blend in her fitness routine.

13 Hollywood Workout Gear

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She’s stepping out in Hollywood with some good looking gym gear. Heck, WWE fans might say that her gear is somewhat similar to Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s WCW gear back in his NWO days.

Nikki has the perfect look as she’s about to enter a training session. Most of us wish we were there.

12 IG Beauty

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She posted this stunning photo to her IG account. The shirt reads “Fearless” on the back, one of Nikki’s classic slogans.

She’s also sitting on a bench press which makes us think, does Nikki even bench press? If she does, that’s pretty darn cool, if not, it still makes for an awesome photo.

11 Splits

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She’s pulling the splits outside. This was one of the many Nikki Bella workouts posted to her YouTube channel. Let’s just say a lot of them get more attention not only for Nikki’s fitness skills but her beauty as well.

As evidenced by this photo, not only does she have the strength but she also has the flexibility to back it up.

10 Workout Pic

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Let’s just take a second and reflect on this picture – man does Nikki ever look darn shredded.

Let’s keep in mind that Nikki also suffered several injuries during her WWE career, particularly dangerous neck injuries. Despite that, she’s still going strong out of the ring these days, getting better and better like a fine wine.

9 Medicine Ball

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She’s holding a medicine ball in the picture above. We assume after the photo was snapped, Bella threw it as far as she could. That’s another great way to build some significant core strength.

We hope Bella returns to WWE one day. She did hint at a return to the ring – though Nikki admits the timing and storyline must be intriguing enough.

8 Twinning

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Surely, both Nikki and Brie get in a lot of workouts alongside one another. This is another throwback shot of the two taken at John Cena’s gym.

Even Daniel Bryan would take part in workouts at the Florida facility. Obviously given the breakup, we assume that’s no longer the case.

7 Working Them Glutes

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Ah yes, what can be more intense than trying to workout while impressing both Nikki and Brie, who are just staring you down in the background. Let’s just say your form suddenly gets a lot tighter, not to mention that a sudden burst of energy also takes shape out of nowhere.

6 Twin Pose

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The twins have come quite a long way since their earlier days prior to WWE. The twins kept active by playing soccer at the high school level – Nikki almost continued on.

The two would eventually decide on a move to LA, in search of stardom. They landed several modeling gigs along with commercial cameos. It all changed once WWE got wind via a Diva Search audition.

5 Deep Breath

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Before its time to go down for a squat, as Nikki does in the photo above, make sure to stay as tight as possible, while taking a massive deep breath – as if someone is about to give you a shot in the stomach and you're kind of bracing yourself for it.

4 Side Plank

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We get a behind the scenes shot of Nikki Bella performing a core movement, the side plank, which is great abdominal and overall strength builder.

Bella has some fine form in the picture above, we assume she was tired after the shoot, needing to perform the movements more than a couple of times, over and over again – it is pretty much like a workout on its own.

3 Locker Room Selfie

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For those that train religiously or even casually, we all have the moment of feeling that euphoria post-workout. We’re feeling and looking great so hey, why not snap a photo of all that progress. We assume Nikki gets that feeling almost every training session, so we don’t blame her for the candid locker room pic.

2 Sizzling Photoshoot

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She has the gear on and that also includes the gloves. Nikki recently uploaded this jaw-dropping photo to her IG account.

Yup, she looks pretty darn good while training, though not just during a professional shoot, during workouts, generally speaking without the fancy camera equipment.

1 Tug Of War

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We end the list with a great picture of Nikki, playing tug of war in yet another stunning photoshoot.

Although she’s away from WWE, we’re still able to keep up-to-date with Bella through these great IG posts, not to mention her YouTube channel which is also loaded with lots of content.

Sources – Twitter & IG

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