18 OTT Mothers-Of-The-Bride Who Went Too Far

Mothers of the bride are always super emotional when the big day comes. Seeing their “little girl” all grown up and walking down the aisle is a moment they have been thinking about all their lives. There is so much to do to prepare for the once-in-a-lifetime (in some cases) celebration, from gown shopping to cake tasting to writing a sappy speech. Most of these moms have trouble holding it together, and lots of them unravel right before everyone’s eyes.

These mothers of the bride may love their daughters to the moon and back, but based on these pics, they have a funny way of showing it. We all know that some moms can be overbearing, but isn’t the wedding day supposed to be about the bride?

Check out these messy mothers and be thankful they are not attending your wedding. Some mothers just do not know when enough is enough.

18 When Mom Can’t Also Wear A Veil…

Via: brides.com

Brides beam when they wear their delicate veil. It frames their face and completes the entire bridal look. Veils are elegant and exquisite, crafted with detail and artistry. Mom isn’t supposed to wear one too, so this mother decided her headpiece would overshadow her daughter’s. At least she will stand out from the crowd.

17 When Mom Wears A Wedding Gown

Via: theknot.com

This mom thinks it’s not fair that her daughter gets to wear a wedding dress and she has to choose something off the rack. Instead of picking something less bridal, this mother figured she’d look beautiful in a bridal gown too. Maybe she’s hoping to renew her own vows at the ceremony so she doesn’t have to throw another party.

16 For Leather Or For Worse

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There is always that one mom who can’t help but be the center of attention. This leather-clad mother of the bride isn’t your typical wedding guest, but she rocks her look like a champ. Her daughter may have wanted to hide behind a bush, but mom is confident and can’t wait to walk her daughter down the aisle.

15 Mom Makes An Entrance

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While her daughter is covered up in a billowy gown, mom has other plans for her entrance. Her revealing red dress isn’t ordinary, but she certainly has the figure to pull it off. Maybe this mom wants her daughter to know that she, too, can still look hot decades down the road. Dad doesn’t seem to mind.

14 Breakdancing Or Breaking A Hip?

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This mom is showing the guests that she still has the moves. She’s putting all her energy into dancing the night away, even taking off her shoes so she can really get into it. Her daughter may think mom’s a hoot, but one day they both may regret this dance floor fiasco.

13 Mom’s Hot For Hubby

Via: thebalancesmb.com

This groom is good looking, but the bride doesn’t want her mom to be that enthusiastic about it. While it’s nice for mom to get along with the newest family member, there is such a thing as too close for comfort. The only woman kissing the groom should be his new wife. Mom can at least wait until the wedding is over.

12 Better Than Her Own Marriage

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The bride is in the background as her mom steps up and flashes a smile. She’s super excited about this special day, and the look on her face speaks volumes. At least she’s happy about things because sometimes family members get in the way of what’s supposed to be a joyous celebration.

11 Glitter And Graffiti

Via: weddingchicks.com

This photographer had an interesting idea to snap a pic of the bride and her mom in front of a graffiti-filled wall. Aside from the unusual backdrop, mom apparently thinks she’s going to the disco. Her glittery dress is far from demure, while the bride is looking lovely in lace. This mom has her own sense of style, and it obviously includes thousands of sequins.

10 Red Hot Mama

Via: pinterest.com

While the bride’s away, mom will play…with the photographer. This mom is ready to make the wedding day one of her best by showing up her daughter and giving everyone an eyeful. It’s certainly nice to see mom so self-assured, but perhaps her wedding look is a tad too tempting.

9 When Mom Spends Too Much On Useless Stuff

Via: vogue.com

Just in case the wedding wasn’t costly enough, mom decided to splurge some more on useless robes they’ll wear only once. Without the embroidery on the back, we’d still know which woman was the bride and that the other is the mother. Still, some moms can’t help but fall for the marketing tricks companies play on parents.

8 A Fight? Not Tonight!

Via: brides.com

You’d think the bride and her mom could put their differences aside for one night, but these two are going at it. The only question is, where’s the groom to break it up? Perhaps the women are just joking around, but even this sort of horseplay could turn out terrible.

7 Dabbing The Dampness

Via: sarahbethphoto.co.uk

There is never a shortage of tears when the bride comes down the aisle. These ladies each take in the experience in their own way, with one woman smiling and the other drying her tears. We can only guess which one’s the mom. Hopefully, the crying didn’t get any worse than a couple of sentimental drops.

6 Emotions Running High

Via: alekskus.com

It’s pretty obvious that this mother of the bride is beside herself. Her emotional expression is rather extreme, but perhaps her love for her new son-in-law is special. If she’s this sentimental on other occasions, family gatherings are going to be hard to handle. Just imagine the tears when the turkey comes out of the oven on Thanksgiving.

5 Perhaps The Champagne Got To Her

Via: nicoladawsonphotography.co.uk

There’s no reason to cry when there’s a perfectly good (and full) glass of bubbly right in front of ya. These ladies are losing it, but if they’d just take a sip to take the edge off, their emotions wouldn’t be so raw. Weddings are meant for happiness, not hopelessness.

4 Mom’s Not In Sync With Her Stylist

Via: hastaindavis.com

Moms of the bride want to look picture perfect on their daughter’s wedding day, but this mother doesn’t seem to like what she sees in the mirror. Her hairdo is only half done, but her expression says that she’s not quite satisfied. Hopefully the bride looks beautiful from head to toe.

3 The Awkward Mother-Daughter Dance

Via: YouTube.com

Today there are plenty of families who take the dance portion of the wedding to a whole new level. This pic shows a bride and her mom performing what seems to be a choreographed routine for the wedding guests. They don’t look particularly talented, but they must’ve had fun making fools of themselves.

2 Time To Cut Mom Off

Via: davidscholesphotography.co.uk

Mom looks blitzed and the bride is nowhere in sight. Seems like this mom of the bride made one too many trips to the open bar and now she’s feeling free to dance like nobody’s watching. She’s making odd gestures and looks a bit goofy, but she’s having a night full of fun. Too bad she probably won’t remember much of it the next day. Although, this lady could be fully functional and just wants to “whoop it up” to celebrate the ceremony.

1 Rave Or Reception?

Via: adorlee.co.uk

The bride seems to have slipped out of the room to make way for these wild women. They are proving that they’ve still got plenty of energy to give it their all on the dance floor. The music is pumping and these broads are moving to the beat. They are definitely going to feel sore come sunrise.

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