18 People Who Were Just Straight Up Wrong

Just because we have the infinite knowledge on the Internet and millions of books to educate us in more ways than one, does not mean we're all knowing. Even the most educated of people tend to forget some common things or ask questions that most people already know the answers to. It's life and we're allowed to slip up every once in a while.

But speaking of the Internet... it's a place where we can turn for information, but it's also a place we can turn to ask more questions. The only problem is, some of our questions or thoughts are...well, weird. We think one thing, but it's then proven that we thought wrong.

And since it we voiced this thought on the Internet, it's there for life, and there's no way of getting it back. *sigh*

Luckily, there's an upside to all of this. Some of our wronged thoughts are so hilarious that an embarrassing one can end up being funny. And that brings us to this article. These next 18 thoughts are 100% wrong. There's no truth to them. However, it's the flop in the whole idea that makes these wrong thought right. From shower thoughts to weird signs — here are 18 of the best wrong thoughts.

18 Can I Have On Ariana Grande, Please?

I think it's pretty well known that Ariana Grande got her start on Nickelodeon. After starring as Cat on Victorious, Ariana's career kind of skyrocketed from there. Not only could this adorable actress act but she could sing even better. One could say this little lady is a triple threat. However, once she made the jump from full-time actress to full-time singer, her look changed tremendously. She was no longer this adorable child star — she was a young woman.

Seeing the new and improved Ariana made a lot of people question who the heck she was. Ariana who? Aarron Grande? I don't know why her name was so tough for some people to grasp hold of, but it was. Nowadays, everyone has heard of Ariana Grande and we all know her name now. But does it sound like a font? Yes. Does it sound like something someone would order from a Starbucks menu? Absolutely. In fact, I bet if someone tried ordering a tall Ariana Grande, a barista would whip it up (don't take my word for it. But just give it a try.

While this person thought Ariana was a font and someone else thought she was a drink, those two thoughts are hopelessly wrong.


I never thought about what constituted classic rock, but I would have never in a million years put Weezer in that niche. Weezer is a rock band of sorts, but classic rock? Um.. Isn't that designated for rock bands from the '80s? I know Weezer didn't make it big until the mid '90s but I mean, I don't consider them classics... That just makes me feel old. And yes, like the conversation states, attacked. 

I know when a tutor is teaching a student, they're not supposed to tell them they're flat-out wrong; instead they're supposed to tell them where they went wrong and how they can improve.

But in this tutoring situation — this tutor has no choice but to tell this student they're wrong. On top of that, they should whip out some examples of what classic rock actually is. Sure, we may be biased and a tad touchy on the subject, but we're offended here! Plus, a tutor has to teach students new things... things they're not educated on. And if that's schooling them on rock bands  — so be it.

Wrong, kid. And considering a tutor is supposed to report back to parents or teachers – this kid better shape up or it's not gonna look so good.

16 Nope. Think Again.

I always think it's so sweet when someone tells another person they have feelings for them. Instead of beating around the bush, saying some cheese pickup line, or just explaining feelings in an out-of-box way, it's always refreshing to get some honesty. I'm all about it.

However, in this situation, it appears the crusher is wrong. They may have THOUGHT they had feelings on this person, but they're probably wrong. I mean, why else did the person they like quickly question their feelings. They're so taken aback by this emotion that they're demanding to hear reasons why they're so likable.


I, unfortunately, don't know how this conversation turned out. But I appreciate the honesty on both sides. And although the person on the receiving end of it doesn't understand how someone could like them — I like their response. I've never seen anything quite like it before, to be honest. One would think a response like this would make the original texter get cold feet and back away. But on the contrary, I think they like this about their crush. (And if they don't, I do, and that's all that matters.) Let's hope these two crazy kids made it work.

15 You Thought Wrong Mama Bear

I'm incredibly envious of people who get wrong text messages often. This NEVER happens to me. I think it happened more often in my younger years, mainly because people were just getting phones and they couldn't remember phone numbers or they were just getting ahold of the whole texting thing.

However, two HAVE happened recently to me — which was the first in a long time.

One of the numbers texted me and told me they saw me in Buffalo and that I looked "beautiful!" The only problem is I was not in Buffalo... I wasn't even in America... So there's that. The other one ended me being me on the opposite end. I messaged someone I haven't talked to in a long time, and was seeing if they were coming to my upcoming wedding. They took some time to respond, but they finally said "wrong number." I was actually super surprised since—again—this never happens to me. After I apologized, they texted me again, saying they hoped I had a great wedding! Thank god I texted a nice stranger, right?

Regardless of my personal stories, I think it's kind of crazy that a person can text the WRONG person when they're supposed to be messaging someone who has their child. How does that even work?

14 SAME!

For most people, taking a shower is a time to reflect. It's a time to think about your day, your to-do list, what you're wearing that night, and if you should shave your legs. It's also a place where you can go and relax. Let the warm water flow over you, as you take a few deep breaths. And since the shower is the ONE place where we're not allowed to take our phones, it leads us to doing some questionable activity.

Take the person above; I thought I was the only one who let the water run off my fingers. I literally thought I was a magical being for being able to do this. Aqua Man is a wonderful comparison, but I thought I was Wolverine from X-Men. (Hey, it could happen...)

While this person was dead wrong, I like their train of thought. I could probably hang out with them. They seem to have an active imagination; an imagination I can get behind. 

Wait a second... The longer I look at this picture, the more questions keep popping in my head. As in, HOW THE HECK DID THIS PERSON TAKE THIS PICTURE?! Do they have a waterproof phone?!

13 Um... Call The Church

Mikaela Long is a YouTuber and former Vine star. So you could say she has quite the following on social media. And honestly, it must be incredibly stressful to be a social media star. Your content always has to be on point to continue your success. Not to mention your name is your own brand, so you have to share the same kind of content that your followers are attracted to. It seems like a lot of work, but once you've "made it," you've got it made in the shade.

As the tweet goes, Mikaela was just babysitting her niece — thinking nothing of it. How hard can it be to keep tabs on a child when they're sleeping in a crib, right? Well, as it turns out, very hard.

When Mikaela looked at the baby cam, her niece wasn't just sleeping, she was STANDING on her HEAD.

UM, yes — call the exorcist, the church, the precinct, and her parents — this kind of behavior cannot be normal. What child—who still sleeps in a crib—does head/handstands when they should be sleeping!?

Mikaela thought she would have an easy evening of babysitting, but she thought wrong. She was dead wrong.

12 He Makes A Valid Point

Now that winter is over (FINALLY), spring is quickly coming to an end and summer is about to say "hey, what's up, hello?"

While I am obsessed with warmer climates and adore spending my time outdoors, I wish it would slow down a bit.

We really only have around 100 days of warmer months, so no that January is over, it seems like spring is speeding up. And I'm not a fan of this.

I don't know if the warmer months seems to be approaching quickly because we're all aching for summer and vacations to start, but I'm not a fan. I feel like most of us (North Americans, especially) are so busy, that we rush through each day just to get through our lists. We're not really appreciating the day or the small things that benefit us every day. We just kinda zoom in and out and hope to make it to bed before 10pm so we can do the whole thing over again the next day. Are we stressing ourselves out more than we should? I think so.

But you know what? Enough inspirational talk. These warmer months need to COOL it. In this case, we all thought wrong.

11 You Know How To Pick 'Em, Ryan

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood. No — the world. He's tall, he's dark, he's handsome, he's hilarious — the man seems to be the whole package. Married to fellow actress Blake Lively and father to two children, Ryan seems to have the ideal life. Besides being married to one of the most gorgeous women in the world, he's also making a pretty nice living for himself. He knows how to live, that's for sure.

One of the best parts of Ryan, however, is his humor. His jokes are so dry and sarcastic that it's hard to tell if he's being serious or joking around. One of the jokes we all love laughing at is when Ryan trolls his wife. (The best part about this couple is that they actually troll each other. Blake can take it and she can dish it.)

Ryan Reynolds often gets confused for or compared to Ryan Gosling (another flawless human being). Blake also goes along with the joke and sometimes posts pictures of Gosling instead of her beau.

While Reynolds thought he was married to a truthful and faithful woman, he thought wrong. She thought her man believed her lie — but that's not the case. Reynolds knows who her heart belongs to.

10 They Do Kind Of Look Like Bubbles Of Gas

When scrolling online, we run into a lot of weird things. There are so many odd things posted online that what we thought was one thing, often turns out to be something else. It happens all the time (especially with my eyes — they deceive me all the time).

While I read the headline before I read what this man said, I now see nothing but a gas bubble. Especially from afar. 

Oh and incase you were wondering if this cave lion article was false, you'd be wrong. This actually happened. Back in 2016, researchers found a few tiny cave lion cubs PERFECTLY preserved for around 12,000 years! The tiny cubs were found in Russia and scientists had the idea to try and bring these fur babies back to life.

"The cubs were dug last year from their icy grave complete with all their body parts: fur, ears, soft tissue and even whiskers," Dr Albert Protopopov explained. For the time being, the cubs are still being frozen until more scientific advancements come to place to make this actually possible. And if it does become possible, does this mean we can bring people back from the dead? We shall see one day!

9 The Bermuda Triangle Is No Joke

I don't remember what age I was when I first heard about the Bermuda Triangle, but I remember being completely obsessed with the whole thing. In case anyone forgets, it's an invisible area in the Atlantic ocean, between the coast line and Bermuda where STRANGE things happen. Also known as Devil's Triangle, there have been numerous of mysterious things happening in this area; like disappearing planes, boats, other dimensions, and disappearances.

It's pretty serious. There's no real proof that there's some kind of force in this region, but too many weird things have happened for someone not believe in the Bermuda Triangle. And as a child, I literally was nervous for the day I'd encounter the triangle. The only thing is... that's happened literally one time.

My best friend's family has a home in Bermuda and we did, in fact, fly into the Bermuda Triangle. Did anything happen? No. Did our plane crash? Nope. But was it scary knowing this? Absolutely. All the rumors begin to mess with your mind and you literally think the worst.

But if it weren't for my friend's family, I would have never ventured to Bermuda. So yeah, if you're not flying over Bermuda, I guess you never have anything to worry about.

8 I'm Crying

First of all, since when are we calling Starbucks Starbz? I'm not a fan of this, so please stop it.

I saw the photo before I saw this girl's tweet, so I too thought her coffee cup was rocketing off to space. But that wasn't the case. I thought wrong. Her camera is a tad blurry but it's her "baby" that's enjoying their pup-a-chino.

Since the dog is black with a white throat, the white fur looks like smoke is exhausting from the cup — which is hilarious. 

While we're on the subject of pup-a-chinos, does anyone else think it's a horrendous idea? I think it's adorable Starbucks thought of this little thing, and gives pups a free cup of whipped-cream, but like... there is no way all that cream is good for dogs. I mean, it's not even good for humans, so how is whipped cream okay for pups?

I know my mom's husky gets SO excited for her pup-a-chino, but as soon as she's done scarfing it down — her belly instantly hurts. You can see it all over her face; she's pissed. What's worse is she's pissed at us because we're the one's who essentially made her belly hurt. UGH. Thanks a lot Starbucks. You're making us look like the bad guy here!

7 Nice Try, Chad

One of the most adorable things about pets is their little habits. I think we all know cats find themselves int he strangest positions are are somehow comfortable. Dogs, however, can be the same way. They might find a box more cozy as their bed than an actually doggy bed. It's perplexing, but adorable all at the same time.

While Chad thought his dog would stop sleeping by his feet when he took the time to go to the restroom, he thought wrong. His little pup loves his one-on-one time with his owner. And, apparently, Chad chills in the bathroom long enough for their pup to pass out.

Maybe his dog loves the smell of his clothes and that's why he falls so comfortably in them? Who knows, maybe this pup even falls asleep in this guy's hamper. (Actually, that would be really adorable. Their noses are way stronger than ours, anyhow.)

I think the cutest part about this comparison is how big this dog got. He used to fit perfectly in his dad's undies, and now he can only rest his head on them. Ugh, sweet child. We don't deserve dogs. Especially those weirdos that sleep in our underwear...

6 You've Just Been Burned

The person in blue CALLED it! I'm actually in awe. I'm speechless. If there's a way to handle a creepy texter — it's this way. Honestly, this is the only way to handle a situation like this. Because although some people will ignore the text altogether — that's not really shutting them down. They might just think you're busy and give you another text a week from then. So yeah, be bold — be this person.

This person thought they were being suave with the whole "Hey stranger" text, but they thought wrong. The person in blue knows their game; they know how this person works.

In fact, I think we all know how this person works. There's many of them out there in the world. The funny thing is, though, that the creep literally told them they were "harsh." Um, no I don't think that's the word you're looking for. I think the word you're looking for is honest. Because if that wasn't your intention, you would have replied accordingly.

I know some people like to do cozy things casually, but the person in blue isn't about it. They've moved on. So adios, bucko. Don't text again. Find someone else who falls for your lame lines.

5 Genius!

To start this one off, I don't know one person who would say and engineering degree is useless. We need engineers! The jobs may be hard work, but they get paid a pretty penny for all of their hard work and dedication to their craft. Regardless, I think it's sweet that this dad gave up his career (whether it's for a short time or forever) to be a stay-at-home dad. There's not enough of them if you ask me.

But whether you're a stay-at-home mom or dad, one things for certain: parenthood is bloody hard. And this dude has TWINS! Taking care of one infant is hard enough, but imagine taking care of TWO at the same time! Not to mention they're both on different schedules and the parents have to kind of sync them to do the same things at the same time. For instance, one might be napping while the other one is hungry. Or one of them is eating while the other one is having their diaper changed every two seconds. All hands need to be on deck.

While some people thought this man's degree was useless (again, who?!), he's proving them wrong. Who's the winner now?

4 You're Wrong — There's A Lot Wrong

Oh, Thierry. Poor, poor, Thierry. There's A LOT wrong with this picture. You thought wrong.

Now, as a coffee aficionado, I know a lot about different coffees and what's in them. As soon as I saw this sad image, I know that this person ordered a double espresso. But wherever they were clearly don't know coffee like other specific coffee shops. Because they gave them two espressos in their own cups.

While this server wasn't technically wrong (a double espresso is two shots of espresso), it's not everyday they're in two separate cups. 

I enjoy espresso in my caffeinated beverages; it gives me that little kick I didn't know I needed. However, I don't think I'd ever just order an espresso to sip on. I love the taste of espresso when it's mixed with milk — not when it's by itself. So, no thanks. Considering I spend most of my time in Europe though, a lot of people order espresso on the regular. Everyone is casually sipping on this small, strong drink. The polite thing is that most cafes serve their espresso with a small cup of water. So that's a nice touch that I think can make all the difference.

3 No, Baby.

This entire situation is just kind of sad.

Not only did they message someone (in such excitement, may I add), but they never got a response. Then, the next day they responded with "Hi." However, it was then that they realized they were having an entire situation with themselves. No one texted the, "Heey!!!!!!" No one even texted them "Hi." They're just having a casual conversation with themselves. Sigh. Poor dear.

I don't think I ever did something like this, however, I've definitely sent a drunk text where I never got a response. And I now know in these kinds of situations that I'm just supposed to leave it as is and don't say one more thing. But, at the time, I would text back the next morning apologizing for my drunk text. Sometimes my apology was accepted and other times, there was no response. *Whoops*

Thankfully those days are far behind me. I now have a bae that just ignores my drunk texts or asks me if I need a ride. God bless his heart, right? What's better is he'll ask if I need any food, which is actually the best response anyone could ever get when texting another human.


THIS PERSON THOUGHT WRONG. They thought OH so wrong.

I always thought if there was one universal rule when it comes to April Fool's Day, it's to not joke about one's relationship. A small joke could be turned into an epic disaster in a matter of seconds. What started off as an odd joke of "I don't want to be with you anymore,"turned into an actual breakup (I'm assuming).

Like, no offense, but what was this person thinking?

What were they expecting the person in blue to say? Were they expecting them to plead with them not to leave? That they're so in love with them and that they can't imagine a life without them? Well, who knows what they were thinking, but it obviously wasn't what they had in mind.

I can't ever imagine a fake breakup going well. I don't even know why they would pull such a stunt. Even though it's April Fool's Day, that doesn't mean you mess around with matters of the heart. That just seems kinda dangerous, no? To be honest, if someone pulled this on me and immediately told me they were kidding around — I'd probably break up with them SOLEY because their humor was FAR off base.

1 Me Right Now

You know what's a joke? Weddings.

Hear me out. Weddings are beautiful, filled with love, emotions, and compassion... But the price tags for weddings are actually horrendous. I'm getting married in less than a month, and even though my man and I have been saving for a while and are doing fine financially, it's surprising to see how much something this for as little as flowers or a darn napkin rental.

I swear — if you called a limo service and said you needed a car for a reunion, they'd give it to you for half off. But once you call and say you need a car for a wedding for the same amount of time — boom. The price escalades because they KNOW a bride and groom has no other choice. It's a bunch of BS.

Even though my partner and I have money coming in monthly from our jobs, it still feels like we're not amounting to anything. All the money we're making is going straight into arts and crafts and stupid  momentos that no one else is gonna remember.

While I don't regret anything we're doing and would do it all over again, it's a real pain in the butt. ESPECIALLY when you roll up to the ATM and see your balance.

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