18 Photos Of Friends Stars Who Look Unrecognizable Today

The show made its debut in the fall of 1994 and would end a decade later in May of 2004. Perhaps not even the cast and crew could have predicted this type of success, more than a decade later the show continues to thrive on television, Netflix and just about anywhere else. Heck, fans are revolting with rumors that the show is set to leave Netflix.

We’ve seen so many characters come and go throughout the ten seasons and the 236 episodes. In this article, we’ll give an update on what some of our favorite underrated stars on the show look like today. In truth, lots of these celebs look unrecognizable – unless you’re a major diehard fan that is.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started!

18 Kathy (Paget Brewster)

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Ah yes, who can forget Kathy, the character that almost tore both Joey and Chandler apart? Poor Chandler even spent some time locked up in a box to show Joey how sorry he was...

Brewster is wearing a wig in the pic above (we think that should be noted). She’s still in the business today at the age of 50, recently working both TV and film gigs. "Open the box!"

17 Judy (Christina Pickles)

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Who can forget Judy, the mother of Ross and Monica? She loved to play favorites especially when it came to anything Ross related. After all, Ross did call his mother every night while Monica hooked up with family friend Richard...

She looks different nowadays but still great at the age of 84. Fun fact, she’s actually born in West Yorkshire, England.

16 Tag (Eddie Cahill)

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Yup, our good buddy Tag has aged a little bit. That’s evidenced by the photo above – he’s not playing with a scooter alongside Joey anymore, instead, he prefers a day out on his boat catching fish (like Rachel)!

He still looks great however and remains active in the business. He’s one of the busier alums from the show since the series came to an end.

15 Joshua (Tate Donovan)

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Fans feel indifferent when it comes to the role of Joshua on the show. Ross and Rachel had separated so he was put in a pretty bad spot, to begin with. He only took part briefly as a crush Rachel had. Who can forget Rachel even proposing...

Tate still hits the gym as evidenced by the photo above. He might regret turning down Rachel's proposal given Aniston’s aging process...

14 Charlie (Aisha Tyler)

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Another woman that got in the way of our favorite Friends, Charlie Wheeler began as a dream girl for Ross, the only problem? She was caught locking lips with Joey at his rooftop party!

Currently 48, she would go on to thrive after the show – among her notable gigs included a talk show hosting gig.

13 Nora Tyler Bing (Morgan Fairchild)

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Known as Chandler’s wild mother, she had a limited role on the show. She was used mostly during the first seasons – who can forget her encounter with Ross? Boy, was that an awkward situation...

The 69-year-old continues on in the business still actively working in both film and television.

12 Susan Bunch (Jessica Hecht)

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Another character used in the earlier seasons, we can’t forget about Ross’ rival, Susan Bunch. What started off as innocent trips to the gym would eventually lead to the demise of Ross’ marriage.

She’s currently 54 and more than active in the business. Hecht not only appears in films and TV but she also works theatre; she was recently part of a production with Newhouse Theater.

11 Fun Bobby (Vincent Ventresca)

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A limited role on the show, Fun Bobby became a fan favorite during his relationship with Monica. Although brief, he did make a positive impact.

He looks a lot more serious nowadays, especially in the photo above. The 53-year-old is a father of two today. He’s also very active on television with numerous roles throughout the years.

10 Julie (Lauren Tom)

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It was hard to dislike sweet Julie; the only reason some fans might’ve turned on her was due to the fact that she kept Ross and Rachel apart.

The actress did some voice-over work after her time on Friends; she worked on shows like Futurama and King of the Hill. She also took part in Pretty Little Liars.

9 Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale)

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Anyone else wonder what would’ve happened had Ross called Emily back prior to her wedding? Who really knows, but what we do know is that entire relationship and storyline made for some compelling TV; the “I take the Rachel” line has to be one of the greatest moments in the show’s history.

Helen continued on after the show with lots of TV show cameos overseas in the UK.

8 Phoebe Abbott (Teri Garr)

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The 'Phoebe’s mom' storyline should have lasted a little longer – at least some additional episodes given the significance – looking back, it seemed pretty rushed.

Teri’s set to turn 75 at the end of the year. She retired from the business mainly due to health-related issues; she’s unfortunately suffering from multiple sclerosis.

7 Carol Willick (Jane Sibbett)

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It was actually Anita Barone that was slotted in this spot during the pilot. Ultimately, Jane reprised the role. Little do fans know, Anita would reappear on the show as a part of Barry and Mindy’s wedding.

Jane was the right fit on the show. She’s currently 56 and in truth, the Friends star really hasn’t aged too much in terms of her looks.

6 Mona (Bonnie Somerville)

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The timing of this relationship just wasn’t right for Ross, heck he would even forget that the two were dating at some points on the show. Comedy Central has an entire article dedicated to why Ross didn’t deserve Mona!

She looks very different today at the age of 45. Mona still looks great, without a doubt. The actress remains active in film and television sporadically.

5 Marc Robinson (Steven Eckholdt)

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He made his debut in season three and would become a thorn in Ross’ side for years on the program. Marc turned out to be a major reason as to why Ross and Rachel split – something Friends fans just couldn’t forgive him for!

His involvement in TV and film are quite tame nowadays, he also looks pretty darn different!

4 Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin)

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Mr. Heckles needed a greater life span on the show – he was taken off far too quickly. Heckles became an underrated fan favorite for his sneaky ways, who can forget when he stole Ross’ monkey, Marcel?!

The 78-year-old had some notable parts most recently which included a spot on Breaking Bad and the HBO show, Barry.

3 Ben (Cole Sprouse)

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Who could’ve predicted that Ross’ son would grow to even greater popularity than his dad as a mammoth Disney star? Cole has quite the reach nowadays especially on social media with nearly 27 million followers.

He has come a very long way since playing the role of Ben.

2 David (Hank Azaria)

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Did anyone else wish David and Phoebe would have ended up together? Mike ultimately got dibs but who knows, maybe if the show lasted a little longer David would have swooped in once again!

Of course, he’s among the busier former stars from the show working a plethora of gigs including voice work, TV, film, theater and even video games and documentaries.

1 Emma Geller-Green (Noelle Sheldon)

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If Friends were to resume today, this is what Emma would look like. She’s perhaps the most important baby in the show’s history – who can forget Ross picking up his red sweater and Joey’s eyes almost rolling to the back of his head?! What a moment!

She’s all grown up today and dare we say she resembles Rachel still today.

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