18 Photos Of Danielle Busby Pregnant (That Adam Is Obsessed With)

Fans will recognize Danielle Bugsby from the beloved TLC reality show Outdaughtered. She and her husband Adam signed on to the show after they discovered they were expecting quintuplets. Danielle gave birth to five daughters on April 8, 2015, marking the first-time all-girl quintuplets to have been successfully born in the U.S. They named their girls: Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker. Danielle and Adam already had an older daughter, Blayke, who was born in 2011. Adam and Danielle have been married since 2006 and struggled with infertility before each of their pregnancies. Their show debuted in May of 2016 and it entered its fifth season this past June. Fans love seeing the girls growing up and also how the busy parents deal with having so many kids under the age of five. If their reality show is any hint, it seems like the Bugsby family is handing it like champs!

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18 The Couple Met Working At Target

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Before all of the kids and the fame, Danielle and Adam were making ends meet while working at Target, which is where they met in 2003. The pair married in 2006. We both worked at Target in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and just kind of hit it off from working side by side, and we fell in love. I like to tell everyone our carts collided in aisle 5,” Danielle told Style Blueprint.

17 They Struggled With Infertility At First

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Though you’d never guess it nowadays, Danielle and Adam previously struggled with infertility. They used fertility help to pregnant with their first baby, daughter Blayke, and also when they conceived the quintuplets. Needless to say, we bet there was a time where they never could’ve imagined having six kids.

16 It Took Them Two Years To Get Pregnant

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Even though they’ve got a whole brood of kids now, it actually took Daniele and Adam two years to conceived before she got pregnant with their eldest child. “We both knew we wanted to have kids but never imagined being faced with the challenges it would take to actually have kids,” Danielle has shared, Romper reports.

15 Danielle Used To Have A Full-Time Career

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Nowadays, Danielle’s main job is taking care of the couple’s six children. But before she became a mom, the reality star was a fulltime career woman. Danielle used to work as a Project Coordinator for BP Oil & Gas. There’s no word on if or when the celebrity plans on returning to the workforce.

14 They Couldn’t Afford The Quintuplets At First

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Shortly after Danielle got pregnant with the quintuplets, the couple set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the expenses associated with her pregnancy. They needed money to pay for the babies’ stay in the NICU, a full-sized fan to transport the new family of four, and also an average of 1,500 diapers per month.

13 Their Doctors Recommended Terminating

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It’s an anomaly to have five babies at once, and knowing what a challenge it would be for the parents, Danielle’s doctors originally suggested she have a selective abortion to reduce the number of fetuses. Due to their religious beliefs, the parents refused. “We are holding on to our faith and convictions as followers of Christ and refuse to abort over half of our babies per the medical doctors' advice,” the wrote on their GoFundMe page.

12 The Family Are Devout Christians

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Christianity plays a big part in the Bugsby family’s life and they’re not afraid to share about their faith on their reality show. “After reading my devotional this morning, it spoke to me. It’s HARD sometimes, really hard sometimes… to stop…take a breath… and we see Gods beauty he has placed in front of me,” Danielle wrote on social media this year.

11 Danielle Ate 4500 Calories A Day While Pregnant

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A woman needs to eat if she’s pregnant- and Danielle was no exception. The reality star has admitted to consuming 4,500 calories a day while expecting her quintuplets. “I had not one craving ever because I worked with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that allowance,” she told Fit Pregnancy.

10 There Were Only Four Embryos At First

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While Danielle and Adam are now known for having five babies all at once, originally there were only four embryos. However, one of the eggs ended up splitting, which is why two of the quintuplets (Ava and Olivia) are technically identical twins.

9 Her Pregnancies Went Really Smoothly

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Although pregnancies with multiple babies are more high-risk, everything went pretty smoothly for Danielle during both of her pregnancies. “I was blessed with a great pregnancy. I was never really sick, though I constantly had crackers everywhere (ha)…I actually loved being pregnant,” she once wrote on social media. “Such an incredible feeling and miracle to have a baby growing inside you.”

8 Adam Had Post-Partum Depression

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It wasn’t just the fact that he had five newborns at home that overwhelmed Adam; the father suffered post-partum depression after welcoming the quintuplets. “I am 100 percent [supportive] of my husband, he is my other half! It’s just shocking to hear what he has been going through,” Danielle wrote on social media in support of her hubby.

7 The Quints All Have Heart Problems

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Shortly after the five babies were born, Danielle and Adam discovered their children all had heart murmurs, which must be treated with medication. One of the quintuplets, Hazel, also has an eye condition called congenital nystagmus. The infant had to undergo a procedure in order to treat the condition.

6 They Make $25,000 Per Episode

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Raising six children has got to be expensive. But luckily the Bugsby family makes a cool $25,000 per episode, so we doubt they’re too worried about finances. Adam also still has a full-time, so we’re sure they’re not hurting despite losing Danielle’s income after the quintuplets were born.

5 The Couple Runs A Spin Studio

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As if they weren’t already busy enough, it turns out that Adam and Danielle also run a spin studio. The pair were long-time fitness buffs, even before having children. So, it made sense for them to open a gym when their finances and schedule allowed for it. The spin studio is called Rush Cycle and is located in League City, Texas.

4 The Kids Keep On A Schedule

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In order to keep things running smoothly in their household, Danielle and Adam are firm believers in sticking to a schedule. “I can’t imagine having five babies that didn’t eat and nap at the same time!”, Danielle has said, Romper reports. “We know their routine, so we can still have quality time as husband and wife—and still spend special time with Blayke.”

3 They Didn’t Sleep When The Quints Were Born

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With five newborns and a toddler in the house, it’s no surprise Danielle and Adam suffered from severe sleep exhaustion when their quintuplets were born. You’re just running on empty, on no sleep, all the time. It’s just crazy,” Danielle told People, adding that night-time feedings were always the worst.

2 They Still Manage To Go Out On Date Nights

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Despite having six kids, Danielle and Adam still manage to find time to spend just with one another. Thanks to their strict schedule, they always manage to pencil in a date night for the weekend. “Most Fridays or Saturdays, one of them is date night for us and one of them is family night,” Danielle has told USA Today.

1 They’re Done Having Kids

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Unsurprisingly, Danielle and Adam are officially done having kids (biologically, that is). “It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won’t be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt,” Danielle has told InTouch.

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