18 Photos Of Girls Who Look Really Good On Motorcycles

There’s a mentality that motorcycles are geared more toward men. The plethora of male-dominated clubs and gangs support that mentality and motorcycle companies push that idea even more. However, in the last several decades, there has been a major shift as women are taking to motorcycles just as much, if not more. It seems a statement of some sort with these women striking for their independence and forming their own clubs too. It’s a great way for them to bond and also present a positive image for younger women.

It helps when some of these ladies look incredibly beautiful. It’s not just common riders as scores of female celebrities are also avid motorcycle riders. While it’s easy for a company to use a beautiful model to show off a bike, many women are serious about riding them as well. They create amazing images to the point where entire calendars center around these gals. Here are 18 pics of women on motorcycles that are amazing to show how well beauties and bikes go together.

18 Miller Time


Marisa Miller is one of the hottest supermodels around, having graced countless covers. Having her do some photoshoots on a motorcycle makes for a terrific sight. But this is no mere prop as Miller is an avid biker, for real.

She’s done several photoshoots for Harley-Davidson and rides their bikes. She once shared the observation of “men are like motorcycles in that they can be dangerous if handled improperly.” It shows how a model can be a fantastic biker too.

17 Ripping Rodriguez


One reason Michelle Rodriguez is so loved is that she’s just as tough in real life as she is on screen. The Fast and Furious movies usually have her behind the wheel of a car but she has ridden a few motorcycles as well.

Rodriguez is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, taking part in races and can often be seen riding around Los Angeles on her Ducati. This pic shows the more glamorous side of Rodriguez when she can ride as well as Letty ever could.

16 Jumping Jones


Krysten Ritter is an actress capable of jumping between comedy and drama with ease. She’s best known for her starring role as Jessica Jones and her sultry looks lend themselves well to her parts.

Ritter has used a motorcycle in her shows and rides a lot in real life as well. This Esquire photo shoot had her looking boiling hot on a Harley and showing herself off nicely. Ritter seems to have cut down on such riding as she’s now a mom but would look terrific if she ever gets on the hog again.

15 Blonde Bombshell


Blondes and bikes are just a natural combination. Something about a blonde woman is also guaranteed to get a man’s engine running. Putting her on top of a stunning motorcycle just makes it even better.

This lady clearly showcases that attitude with a fun pouting expression and looks very alluring in her outfit. Even with her helmet on, she could easily stop traffic when taking the road and be a hot sight.

14 Soulful Singer


When you sing a song titled “Drive It Like I Stole It,” it’s only natural one is a speed freak. Krista Mae is a country music singer whose songs have played on motocross shows on ESPN. She’s also an avid biker who’s taken part in several competitions.

She actually suffered a serious injury in a crash in 2008 but was back on her feet performing within a month. She’s cut down since then yet Mae shows she’s as good at riding as she is singing.

13 Sweet Sydney


The Sydney Motor Show made a smart move by dedicating an entire presentation on women in motorcycling. This included a history of ladies on bikes, the evolution of their journey and, of course, several models on bikes.

This lovely model shows herself off in a good leather suit straddling an excellent machine. Her bright smile showcases how she knows just how to keep the legacy of female bikers going strong.

12 Indian Summer


While many female motorcyclists prefer modern machines, some are lovers of classic vintage bikes. Indian Motorcycle was the first motorcycle company in the United States and still produces classic-styled bikes.

This model looks like she stepped right out of the 1940s in a classic dress, leather helmet and a lovely look on her face. She seems ready to handle the vintage bike and show how an “old-styled” ride can look just as great today.

11 Chopra’s Chopper


Often landing on lists of the most beautiful women in the world, Priyanka Chopra was a fantastic star in the Bollywood movie scene. She broke out in the United States in the ABC series Quantico and is known for her marriage to Nick Jonas.

Chopra is a major motorcycle buff not just for her shows and movies but in real life as well. She gave herself a pink Harley Davidson and is often spotted sharing a ride with Jonas. It’s stunning watching this amazing beauty on a hot bike.

10 Model Rider


We know Miranda Kerr as a supermodel and some romances with famous men like Orlando Bloom. Kerr is also an avid biker, having done motocross ever since she was a kid.

She cut down on it as she grew into adulthood but would insist on using a bike for several of her photoshoots. In fact, Kerr’s farewell to modeling in 2014 had her on a Hawk to showcase her great style.

9 Not So Evil


Milla Jovovich is famous for her amazing action movie roles. Her biggest role being Alice in the smash hit Resident Evil franchise. Several installments have Jovovich riding a BMW, including a top-notch 1000 XR.

Jovovich doesn’t just act as a biker, she’s also used them for real many times. She loves to pose with bikes in her photoshoots and flaunt herself too. The woman is a sight on-screen yet just as great when riding in real life.

8 Punk Pink


Alecia Moore is better known as Pink, a major rock star. She’s also known for her love of motorcycles from motocross to full-scale hogs. She’s even used them for her concerts and can often be seen riding with husband Corey Hart.

Thanks to her huge success as a rocker, Pink can afford a nice fleet of bikes which includes her custom Triumph. Whatever bike she rides, Pink will dominate the road.

7 Burn Rubber


Harley Davidson has realized how the female motorcyclist is a market they need to tap in to. They’ve thus reached out with a new line of bikes aimed at women. As it happens, many female motorcyclists prefer the classic Harley with just a bit of customization.

The company continues to release new models and a line of female clothing yet many female bikers prefer more to show off they can handle these hogs just as well (if not better) than some guys.

6 Ring the Bell


Catherine Bell has been a popular TV actress for several years. She got her big break on the long-running JAG, moved onto Army Wives and can currently be seen on The Good Witch.

Bell is a longtime motorcycle buff and her love of them was even written into her Wives character. She owned nine bikes at one point although she has sold many of them off. Bell seems to have settled down in her age yet can still be gorgeous riding a bike.

5 Ride Like the Wind


As female motorcyclists have risen in popularity, they’ve found new ways to bond together. Women in the Wind International is a club founded in 1979 that’s now recognized as a great source of aid for lady bikers. It teaches safety while also putting out a positive image of motorcycling for younger women.

There are over 100 chapters around the world and is widely respected as a fantastic source of aid for female bikers today.

4 Red Hot


A beautiful woman on an incredible bike is a sight that’s always guaranteed to turn heads. This gorgeous gal proves that, settled on a huge machine and clearly knowing the reaction she’s getting from passersby.

Her leather outfit shows she’s ready to handle the road and the bright smile on her face shows she’s prepared to have a good time driving off. It’s a showcase for how beauties and bikes just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

3 Take the Curve


Female motorcyclists do face the challenge of sexism. It’s sad to say but the “women are bad drivers” line continues to be accepted as truth by too many men. Statistically, women are less likely to get into a biking accident than men are and their smaller weight helps control the bike better.

This gal is showing that off nicely by taking the curve with some skills and proving female bikers can handle their machines well.

2 The Open Road


The rise in female motorcyclists has been noted by many magazines. It’s a great sign of their independence and how they can handle the harsh road trips as well as many men can.

Entire female motorcycle clubs have been formed by ladies who enjoy the bond of sisterhood on the road. This pic showcases the feelings of a woman riding through the open road and proving themselves as wonderful drivers.

1 Battlestar Babes


Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer are best known for co-starring on the hit Battlestar Galactica reboot. The two are also close friends and major motorcycle buffs. In fact, they teamed up to recreate an epic trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans and have done several rides for charity.

Sackhoff even built her own customized bike. The two actresses are as amazing on the road as they are in any genre TV show.

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