18 Photos Of J-Lo Working Out (That A-Rod Doesn’t Want Us To See)

The ageless wonder! Oh, how she seems to be getting better with age. Hard to believe that Lopez is now 50 - despite the age increase, she clearly isn't slacking off when it comes to workouts. In this article, we pay homage to Lopez in action, performing bicep, back, and of course, glute exercises. The only person we can see objecting to these pics is her man, A-Rod. That works double when it comes to photos of J-Lo alongside her trainer, who tends to be a little handsy from time to time.

Enjoy the article as we pay respect to the legend, simply working out and putting in the work. Like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let's get started!

18 Getting A Spot

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Yes, it is her trainer but still an awkward pic to look at, especially for poor A-Rod. The pic is a recent one taken in 2019 out in Santa Monica. J-Lo loves her routines and one of them entails working out with a personal trainer. Whatever the formula is, clearly, it seems to be working.

17 Working The Shoulders

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Nope, she’s not missing upper body day and putting her focus only on the glutes. Lopez is all about toning her entire body. She’s performing a lateral raise in the pic above – she’s definitely not messing around.

We assume A-Rod would rather we didn’t see this pic, given that all eyes are on a certain area...

16 Time To Squat

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Along with lateral raises for the shoulders, it only makes sense that Lopez also hit the squat. Her glutes have been booty goals for the last decade and that continues to be true today. The squat is a huge reason for the glute success, as is what she eats following her workouts.

15 More Trainer Help

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Ah yes, the second pic might make A-Rod at least a little nervous. In truth, we assume J-Lo’s trainer is just hoping she gets that full contraction on back day.

Lopez performs a couple of back workouts in the picture above, it’s not just glute day – she goes after every body part during her rigorous workouts.

14 Stunning Selfie

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A-Rod has a nice following of over three million fans. Though in truth, it doesn’t compare to Jens’s fanbase of over 100 million followers via the social media platform on IG.

Given such a community of followers, it is only fitting that the ageless wonder takes a second to snap a quick workout photo.

13 Bicep Day

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Add biceps to the list of body parts trained by the beautiful J-Lo. This workout was quite the experience as it took place in the Dallas Cowboys' training facility. We hope none of the boys were present on the day as it could’ve easily ruined anyone’s workout. Just look at that outfit...

12 Post Workout Pic

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This picture is a post-gym photo, taken in New York. Just like the rest of us, Lopez goes through her phone after a workout. She takes her training very seriously so in all likelihood, she keeps that phone away during the workout. No distractions, she’s just putting in the work.

11 Training With The Great One

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Talk about an iconic photo; this one features Lopez alongside the king of lifting weights, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The Rock is such an inspiration when it comes to lifting, despite his hectic schedule, he makes a point to train at the wee hours of the morning, not to mention that he even brings his gym with him while he travels!

10 Outdoor Workout

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The great part about Lopez and her workouts is the fact that she’s always open to new things – seriously, nothing bothers J-Lo.

We see some tires outside, which could have made for quite the workout, especially outside in the blistering California heat. Lopez knows that could amount to more calories being burned at the end of the day.

9 Workout Duo

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Let’s be honest, hitting the gym is a lot easier with a buddy. Sure, we like the solo workouts every now and then – however, having someone with you, pushing you along the way is also such a big boost.

Lopez gets that boost in the photo above, performing a shoulder movement.

8 More Outdoor Activity

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She’s getting it done and doing so outdoors, working up quite the cardio sweat. We’re assuming there’s some resistance element to Lopez’s workout – whatever the case might be - she makes sure to be the hardest working person in the room, no matter what the task might be.

7 Back Work

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She’s got the support of her trainer as she pumps those lats with a brutal cable exercise. The cable exercises can be quite demanding especially given the resistance element.

She’s got the full support of her trainer who’s just lurking in the background. The dude is likely hoping she asks for a spot...

6 Cowboy Workout

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It was a different kind of training for A-Rod out in the Cowboys facility. When it comes to NFL training, explosiveness is a big part. MLB players tend to put a greater focus on technique training, which is a little tamer in a sense.

Nonetheless, Lopez encourages her man as he puts in the work.

5 Cable Curls

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More bicep work and more help from her trainer. She’s working those bicep peaks in this exercise, a great one for the short head of the bicep! It isn’t just a bro workout, as we see from J-Lo in the pic above, it can also be a great way to blast fat even further while toning those arms.

4 Text Break

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She takes a little break for text messages while A-Rod gets on the ground and does some work of his own.

On some days, Lopez probably needs her phone during the workout, especially given her grueling and demanding schedule at the moment. A-Rod’s likely hoping it is business-related and not somebody sliding into her DMs.

3 In Position

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At the age of 50, we are in awe when looking at J-Lo. Not only that, but we’re also in awe of her flexibility and mobility, which remains untouched, somehow, someway. She still moves better than ever and a lot of that has to do with her background in dance.

2 All White Workout

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We’re not entirely sure what’s going on but we can confirm that we definitely approve. Lopez looks great in her stunning white outfit, the ageless wonder just keeps getting better with age.

It doesn’t get any better than getting a workout done with a gym to yourself.

1 Glute Work

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We end the list off with J-Lo performing one of her favorite movements, leg raises for the glutes. Clearly, she’s thriving when it comes to anything glute-related and the photo above is evidence of that. We wish we could say the same for A-Rod who seems to be struggling just a little bit.

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