18 Photos That Ruin The Gimmicks Of These WWE Divas

Back in the day, it was forbidden for heels and babyfaces to travel around alongside one another – never mind hanging out in the same locker room backstage. Today, WWE is an open book, whether it be with the network specials or IG photos posted by the talent. The current crop of talent isn’t afraid to show who they are behind the scenes and in most cases, they’re nothing like their actual gimmicks on-screen. That starts at the very top with Stephanie McMahon, who is surprisingly the biggest sweetheart in WWE behind the scenes.

We’ll feature candid pics that really hurt the gimmicks of these Divas. Some photos feature them with their real-life partners while other pics show them in a different manner away from what we are used to seeing.

Enjoy the article, folks.

18 Sasha Banks Smiling With A Fan

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Given that she’s currently a heel and cruel with the fans, this photo doesn’t help her gimmick.

In truth, Sasha made it clear that she doesn’t mind taking a picture with a fan when it is a totally spontaneous encounter – she just doesn’t like it when fans basically stalk her flight information in order to meet her... we have to agree with that.

17 Billie Kay Breaks

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She plays an arrogant and annoying heel on-screen. Off-camera though, Billie is different and she showed us her emotional side when meeting her hero, The Rock.

Billie started to cry when The Rock started to give her some words of encouragement just prior to SmackDown’s debut on FOX. It was a moment she’ll never forget and a genuine one that tugged on our heartstrings.

16 Kairi Sane’s Smoking Selfie

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Prior to WWE, a lot of talents have smoking and steamy pictures from their past. That even includes the innocent Kairi Sane, who has a plethora of pics, both from past photoshoots along with candid pics taken by herself like the one above.

Given her star status with WWE nowadays, we doubt we’ll see such pics re-emerge.

15 Alexa Smiling With A Fan

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An arrogant heel that just doesn’t care about the fans – that’s Alexa’s persona on-screen. What some might not know is that Alexa is the complete opposite away from the ring and one of the biggest sweethearts that there is.

This is one of the many pictures featuring Alexa alongside a fan at the airport and yeah, she’s even smiling.

14 The NXT Crew

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Both the heels and babyfaces hanging out backstage. What Triple H doesn’t tell us is how close wrestlers are behind the scenes – especially given that they’re all living in the same area and usually traveling alongside one another on the norm.

Relationships also include heel and babyface characters, but its best Hunter doesn’t tell us for the integrity of his show.

13 Bayley Dodges The Hug

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Things are a little different these days as Bayley finally turned to the dark side. However in this instance, Bayley totally ignored a fan who was reaching out, ready to get a hug.

A fan would also admit that the same thing happened at the airport, with Bayley refusing to take a hugger pic. So much for her “hugger” gimmick...

12 Peyton With “The Enemy”

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We assume Vince McMahon might be red in the face looking at this picture. It features WWE star Peyton Royce alongside a man working for the enemy, Tye Dillinger, now known as Shawn Spears with AEW.

The couple recently married in what was a beautiful ceremony. Royce shared multiple photos via her IG account.

11 Vega With Her Real Man

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Wait, that’s not Cien Almas... Vega admitted in past interviews that there is no romance whatsoever between the two and instead, they share more of a brother and sister type of relationship.

Vega is married to Aleister Black – which is a surprise to many given how different their gimmicks are on-screen.

10 McMahon & Lynch

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Nope, it isn’t like Stone Cold and McMahon back in the day, despite Lynch’s outlaw gimmick.

Vince is all in when it comes to Becky Lynch and he’s the main reason for all her ongoing success in the last year. The two shared quite the moment following Becky’s WrestleMania victory, crowned as both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion.

9 Team Meeting

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Here’s what WWE doesn’t show us or in this case, NXT. It is all the talent together behind the scenes, as Triple H and company hold a talent meeting. WWE has these as well from time to time – they usually have one before every show hours before kicking it off.

8 Carmella & Corey

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WWE wisely decides against mentioning this on-screen. Of course, there was a little bit of backlash over the relationship given some tweets issued out by Corey’s ex-wife.

On platforms like IG, it is very evident that the two are enjoying each other’s company. But yeah, WWE isn’t going to show us this on the broadcast as it’ll hurt both their gimmicks.

7 The Nice Lacey Evans

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Lacey does a great job of performing as a heel. Off-screen, she’s the complete opposite. Evans is a proud mother and always really sweet to the fans – don’t let her gimmick fool you – that interaction with the cop was fixed and meant to make Lacey look like a heel. She’s also very charitable!

6 A Moment Of Bliss

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She was a heel at the time with NXT, however she just couldn’t help herself with this genuine reaction to being picked on the main roster with SmackDown.

The wrestlers weren’t told so it made Alexa’s reaction that much better. She burst into tears overjoyed with the decision.

5 Flair & Almas

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Another relationship going on behind the scenes, Charlotte and Andrade. The two are very close and they even grew frustrated when landing on different brands; WWE actually changed the decision later on, putting both of them on RAW.

We haven’t seen anything of the two on-screen – though knowing Vince that might change in the future.

4 Edgy Asuka

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Similar to Kairi Sane, Asuka has enough smoking pics pre-WWE to fill up a list of 20 or even more.

This is just a sneak peek at some of her former pics – yes, most are of them are pretty revealing, which really goes against her current gimmick.

3 NXT & The Main Roster

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We’re in a different era today. The current era loves to show fans the backstage pics, even if it compromises somebody’s gimmick.

We see that in special WWE Network documentaries along with candid pics that are taken behind the scenes, such as the one above featuring Baszler and the former trio, the Riott Squad.

2 Ember & Alexa

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At times, the most unlikely duos can be the closest friends behind the scenes. On-screen, Moon and Bliss play opposites in terms of their gimmicks.

Though in real life, they are very similar and appreciate each other’s company, especially when it comes to the road life.

1 Stephanie All Smiles

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That angry and bitter Stephanie McMahon is all part of the show. It is crazy to think that the biggest villain arguably of the 2000s is actually the nicest McMahon and one of the biggest sweethearts backstage.

Stephanie is just as great with the fans – there’s a reason her dad put her as the brand ambassador, Stephanie has great PR skills.

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