18 Pure Posts That Prove We Do Not Deserve Animals

In recent months, we’ve seen a pattern form in the media surrounding political scandals, the global-warming crisis, a new mumps outbreak, and just plain raw negativity. The human race can be particularly self-centered and cynical even though we have been blessed with so many things on this wonderful planet. Among those wonderful things are the animals that we co-exist with. For the most part, they are selfless, pure, and kind companions and we, as spoiled rotten humans, do not deserve them. We don't even deserve the cute puppies that let us pet them on the sidewalk. We are not worthy and it's about time we show some appreciation and love to random animals all over the world. (Okay, we know animals can't really go on the Internet to check out their lives, but maybe this list will remind people who amazing these four-legged (or two legged) beings are and to give 'em more hugs.)

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18 We Don’t Deserve This Dog Who’s Just Trying To Get Fit

It’s not uncommon to see people at the gym that just straight up have no idea what they’re doing. We’ll admit that we’ve actually been some of those people before. Maybe you’re trying out a new machine you’ve never used before. Or maybe you’re trying to sneakily copy the ab routine of the girl next to you because, let’s be honest, she does know what she’s doing and you can tell that it’s working out for her. The dog in this video has kind of the right idea going by using this tactic. Though he doesn’t seem to have the right coordination or flexibility for this particular exercise, you certainly can’t knock him for trying. That’s more than most of us lazy humans can be accounted for.

17 We Don’t Deserve These Orderly Music-Loving Geese

We have to be honest – we have really no idea what is going on in this video. We are only certain of three things. First, these geese are very interested in this music (and we can’t really blame them). Second, these geese have more orderly conduct than any humans we’ve seen lately. And three, someone caught this moment of magic on camera for the rest of the world to enjoy. We’re super glad they did because this is just one of many examples of how we don’t deserve animals. These geese know what they want and they know how to act to get it. Comparing this to how humans act when they want something will leave a bad taste is anyone’s mouth. GEESE, on the other hand, are better behaved than we are.

16 We Don’t Deserve This Kind Dolphin Playing Catch With A Little Boy

This is so pure

This is so pure

Posted by VT on Monday, May 15, 2017

This video pretty much speaks for itself. Here we have a little boy that has somehow made his way to the side of a dolphin captivity pool and has sparked a game of catch with one of the dolphins living in the pool. Small children are kind of silly and we’ll admit that if that was our kid, we wouldn’t be too hopeful that his plan to play with the dolphin would pan out. But we’re proven wrong as we often are when underestimating the intelligence and overall amazingness of animals. We can see the boy throwing the ball to the dolphin and the dolphin not hesitating to throw it back. The dolphin even goes back into the water to retrieve the ball when the boy lost control. Do you know a human that would do that? Yea, because we sure don't either.

15 We Don’t Deserve This Itchy Scratchy Doggy

We don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but people are kind of hard to please. We need new phones every couple of months. We need big, spacious apartments that don’t break the bank. We need constant attention. We need to have the latest clothes and the most fashionable haircuts. We feel like we need all of these things and we work our whole lives striving for them. We’re inherently high maintenance. But not this dog, though. This dog is perfectly happy with a nice, relaxing head rub from one of those wire things that make you really ticklish but also simultaneously feel amazing. That’s all he needs in this world to be satisfied. He is living the good kind of simple life that we should all be endeavoring for.

14 We Don’t Deserve This Smiley Gecko and His Smiley Gecko Toy

We’d like to think that all of you have had at least one toy in your life. Maybe you’ve even had a toy that makes you especially happy and fuzzy inside. As for animals, we know that dogs have a ball or a chew toy that they cling to and cats will bat around a ball of yarn for hours. But if you don’t have a dog or a cat, we can’t imagine that many people think about buying their exotic animals toys. What would snakes even play with? We have no idea. Fish? Not a clue. As for this (slightly narcissistic) gecko, we know what to give him to make him light up, and that’s his little gecko toy. At first glance, it looks like another living gecko and that’s perhaps why this gecko is drawn to it. This reveals something very heart-warming about him – he just wants a friend.

13 We Don’t Deserve This Red Panda Who’s Acquainting Himself With A Rock

He cant take it 😂

Posted by Readingry on Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red pandas are silly little things. If you have been keeping up on social media, you’ve probably noticed a spike in videos about these furry balls of excitement. They are rambunctious and lively—to say the least—as you can see by the video above. This red panda comes bounding out of his indoor habitat and encounters something unusual. Unlike humans, this red panda takes a step back to examine this unknown rock rather than using force and aggression. He embraces this newness and then begins to play with it. If only us impatient humans could learn to embrace things that are new to them rather than immediately writing them off as dangerous. Then, maybe we would deserve this red panda. But not until then, we don't.

12 We Don’t Deserve This Stylish Pup With A Fresh New ‘Do

Everyone (or at least most people) love the feeling of stepping out of the salon or barber shop with a fresh haircut. You just feel better; you feel more like yourself knowing your hair isn’t a complete mess. This feeling of awesomeness isn’t exclusive to human beings however. Pups have the right to look and feel flawless, too! That’s why there’s nothing stopping this little guy from spending a day at the barber shop getting his ‘do shaped up, as well as getting a nice shave (not really but it’s still cute). The stylist even gave him some extra water for the road. I wonder if he had a big date that night! Either way, we should all strive to be as energetic and in love as this pup.

11 We Don’t Deserve This Shy Raccoon Duo

While we’re on the subject of hair and being stylish, let’s take a minute to appreciate this beautifully naked raccoon and his super supportive furry friend. Not everyone is comfortable in their own skin and that can make people not only self-conscious but also cause people, and animals, to shut themselves off. Luckily, this withdrawn little guy has a good pal to bring him out of his shell (or from the under the deck) and into the world. Lots of humans shame people who are different from them, but these two raccoons seem to have a bond that aesthetics can’t mess with. If we could learn a lesson or two from this cute couplet, the world we live in would be a much friendlier place to exist.

10 We Don’t Deserve This Floppy Corgi Puppy

Corgi Puppy Can't Stop Splooting

Baby corgi SPLOOTS 🐶💕💕💕

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Have you ever come home from a long day at work, or a date that didn’t go well, or maybe after a day during finals week when you’re swamped with exams and papers and immediately flop down in defeat? Well, if you think your life is difficult being a working, thriving human being, you probably can’t even imagine how tiring being a corgi puppy can be. Think about it – you have to learn all the new smells, decide which toy is your favorite, figure out which part of the bed you’re going to sleep on, find time to bond with your human, and still look completely adorable all the time in between all of that. We don’t give these tiny fluffs enough credit, that’s for sure.

9 We Don’t Deserve This Health-Conscious Otter

By nature, otters are carnivorous. In the wild, otters eat anything from frogs and eggs, to crabs, sea urchins, clams, and snails, depending on where they live. But, as you can imagine, these kinds of foods can be really heavy in calories and fat, which is good for wild otters who need every ounce of fat on their bodies to keep them warm. But for domesticated otters like the one in the video above, they need to keep themselves fit. They’re similar to dogs in the way that too many treats will bulk them up, but they won’t have really any way to burn off the fat because they’re not swimming nearly as much as their wild brothers and sisters. That’s why this slippery dude has to be health conscious. It looks like he's doing a spectacular job so far, though!

8 We Don’t Deserve Pippa The Mail-Obsessed Golden Retriever

This is Pippa the golden retriever. She has a very important job; every day, she goes outside to collect the mail from the mail carrier and brings it back inside to her adoring parents. But her parents don’t always get mail and this makes Pippa sad. So, on days when Pippa’s family doesn’t have any mail to collect from the carrier, the carrier writes a special letter just for Pippa so she can go about her life doing her job and making her humans proud. If this isn’t the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen, we don’t know what it is. Not to mention, Pippa is more dedicated to her job than half of the humans we know and we are so not worthy.

Also, can we start some sort of petition to get fans of Pippa to send her mail??

7 We Don’t Deserve This Hard-Working Office Feline

Just like Pippa the golden retriever, this unnamed kitty cat is also hard at work. If any of you have seen The Office, you know that A LOT of scanning and faxing goes on in a bustling, functional office. And who better to do it than someone who is genuinely interesting in the work that they do. This cat is so interesting in fact that it has literally thrown itself into understanding the ins and outs of how this copier machine works. Any good worker knows that trial and error is a big part of progress, so how can we blame this cat for testing out the copier to ensure that it is in tip top shape? If you ask us, this cat deserves to be named employee of the month for its dedication.

6 We Don’t Deserve This Hound Who Accidentally Ran A Half-Marathon

Running marathons and half-marathons isn’t for everyone. The training for them alone takes loads of heart, sweat, and dedication… for a human. But for this hound from Alabama, it took merely an opportunity to present itself at the right time for it to take the plunge into running a half-marathon. And not only did he run in this half-marathon, he ran so well that he placed 7th place and received a medal for his achievement! If this proves anything, it’s that humans get too fixated on the end goal of winning or placing in a race that they forget about the fun journey that gets you there. This hound has not forgotten, though. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not afraid to dive into an opportunity like this one.

5 We Don’t Deserve This Loving Snake And Mouse Twosome

The story of this delightful friendship started out not so delightful. To be frank, this cute little mousey was purchased as a snack for this snake. This snake was supposed to munch on this little ball of adorableness. This is just how life works sometimes. But not this time. The owner of this snake plopped the mouse down in the snake’s cage and five days later, the mouse was still alive and well. Not only that, but it looked as if the two had been lifelong best friends. Snakes don’t just let anyone sleep up on their curled up bodies. It takes a special bond for a hungry predator and its prey to live alongside each other like this. It just goes to show that humans don’t know everything about the animal kingdom and its mysterious ways.

4 We Don’t Deserve This Protective Pup

Another respectable duo comes in the form of a scared cat and a protective and caring dog. In the midst of a very loud thunderstorm, either the cat sought comfort from the dog or the dog felt compelled to offer some security to this clearly anxious cat, and the result was a truly heart-warming story. We grow up learning that cats and dogs don’t typically get along, but this isn’t always the case as we can see by these two animals who trust in each other to protect and comfort one another in times of stress. We can speak from personal experience when we say that thunderstorms almost always warrant a thunder buddy, and these two didn’t even need a spoken language to convey that need.

3 We Don’t Deserve This Grizzly Better Who’s Just Trying To Cool Off

Grizzly bears are known to congregate around water. We're taught this from the time that we were little because of the pictures that show bears chilling in the middle of a fast-moving river. Or maybe they're pictured on the edge of a scenic waterfall catching big, floppy fish in between their powerful teeth. But this video shows that maybe this isn’t their only motive. Perhaps grizzly bears also need to just cool off and relax sometimes. After all, catching food in your mouth as it flies through the air while you’re trying to remain calm while in a river can’t be an easy thing.

Grizzly bears are also mistaken as being very aggressive. This isn’t to say that you should go out and try to pet them, but let’s give ‘em a little respect for civilly climbing the steps to enter the pool rather than ripping it down like a savage.

2 We Don’t Deserve This Pupper Who Just Loves Road Trips

This is Quincy the dog and his human Patrick. The two are a pretty well-known around the Internet for their adorable six-second Vine videos that give a sneak peek of the many adventures they have together. The best part about Quincy the dog is that he is always up for an adventure. Unlike quite a few humans we encounter throughout our lives, Quincy clearly sees the enjoyment in every moment he spends with Patrick. He loves his human endlessly and reflects every bit of excitement Patrick shows him. As Patrick howls in excitement for their road trip, Quincy is right behind him with another responsive howl to show that he cannot wait to spend more time with his favorite human. We clearly do not deserve him because he’s not only cute as a button, he just radiates the kind of pure joy we need in this world.

1 We Don’t Deserve This Horse That Tucks Himself In

In just about every stage of our lives, it is frowned upon to lay down wherever we are and curl up for a sometimes much-needed nap. Not only is it frowned upon, but it’s grounds for being fired from your job or kicked out of class with a merit on your record. But this horse right here doesn’t care about any of that. This horse knows that when that exhaustion from carrying lazy humans around all day hits, it is time to sleep. In addition to not having a single care in the world about laying down in the middle of the day for a quick sleep, it’s also super independent. It doesn't need a human to tuck it in or read it a bedtime story. This horse just needs a blanket, a pillow, and time time to spare.

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