18 Rare Images Of The 'RHOBH' Cast Way Before Fame

Dating back to 2010, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been sucking in viewers for the past nine years. Considering how much love fans have for women like Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and others, one would think this show has been on for decades. Thinking back on all the drama that's transpired, how in the Hermes has RHOBH only been on for nine years!? It's mindboggling to think about!

Over the years, Bravo has re-introduced us to Beverly Hills stars Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Erika Girardi, Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards, Yolanda Hadid, and more. We've seen the ups and downs of their marriages, raising their kids in an area where everyone has it all, talking behind each other's backs, and even wildfires taking over their homes. We've seen cast members get fired, quit, and even walk off stage during Andy Cohen's reunions. And for long-time viewers, we've seen the ever-changing looks and personas of our favorite Beverly Hills locals.

From weddings to days on the cheerleading squad, we have 18 epic pictures of current and former RHOBH stars and what they used to look like before fame.

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18 Camille Used To Have Happy Times With Kelsey Grammer

All About THL

Camille was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for two seasons, from 2010 to 2012. After walking away from the show for "personal reasons," Camille focused on acting, raising her two kids after divorcing actor Kelsey Grammer, and forming a romance with her now-husband, David Mayer. But Camille couldn't stay away from RHOBH for long; she was a part-time castmember this season causing a rift between LVP and the girls.

17 Is Anyone Really Surprised That Denise Richards Was Also The Cool Girl In High School?


This 48-year-old is just as stunning now as she was as a cheerleader in high school! Appearing on season nine of RHOBH, Denise definitely brought in new viewers because she's so familiar. I mean, she was a Bond girl and the former wife of crazed actor, Charlie Sheen. Who wouldn't tune in to see what Ms. Richards is up to?

16 Teddi Mellencamp Has Made A Name For Herself After Changing Her Lifestyle


Teddi Mellencamp is the daughter of musician John Mellencamp and has been on RHOBH since 2017. To be honest, she doesn't bring too much to the table, but considering she's so dry, has an off fashion sense, and tends to unintentionally stir the pot, makes her a solid castmember of Beverly Hills.

15 Are We Sure This Is Dorit?!


It's crazy to think that Dorit Kemsley is 43 years old; this woman does not age (then again, does anyone in California age?). This mother of two has been on the hit Bravo show since 2016 and has made quite the splash with her *interesting* accent, financial woes with husband PK, and the entire situation regarding #PuppyGate. In 2019, Dorit is a stunner who looks NOTHING like the woman pictured above...

14 Lisa Vanderpump Has Always Been A Stunner


At 58 years old, Lisa Vanderpump is as fabulous as it gets. Being from the UK, she brings a level of class to the Beverly Hills that is often missing. From tea time to naming her home's property — LVP was once the Queen of Beverly Hills. As we know though, LVP left the show after her fallout with Kyle but that won't change how fabulous she looks.

13 It's Hard To Believe Brandi And Eddie Cibrian Were Ever Happy

Life & Style

Brandi Glanville. Where do we start with Brandi? Appearing on the show back in 2011, Brandi's entire storyline was how her husband (Eddie Cibrian) left her for singer/songwriter, LeAnn Rimes. But before LeAnn, he also slept with one of Lisa's employees at SUR, Schena. All in all, these two were a mess of a relationship which turned Brandi into a mess of castmember, which was exactly why Bravo needed her.

12 Wait... Is This Dorit!?

Reality Blurb

When looking at all of these older photos of our favorite stars, they all look somewhat similar. You can tell who we're looking at while we scroll. However, if I didn't place her name in the header, no one would ever know that was Dorit. The hair, the nose... Dorit claims to not having anything done besides cosmetically, but how does she explain this picture?

11 Erika Jayne Was Just A Dream In Those Days


Erika "Jayne" Girardi. Fans either love her or despise her. She's raw, she's authentic, she's honest, and she's outspoken. She has so much star power it's overpowering, really. While she married a man way older than she is, it appears she met him when she was fresh-faced and natural, which kind of makes us appreciate their relationship a little more, oddly enough.

10 Does Lisa Rinna Ever NOT Smile!?


Actress Lisa Rinna is never without a smile. This beauty has had the same sized lips and hairstyle since her babies were born. She was even a skinny mini right after birth! Nothing seems to have changed with Rinna since those early days of fame. When it comes to Bravo, she's been a star on the show since 2014 and seems to be one of Andy Cohen's favorites.

9 Kyle And Mauricio Have Always Been A Good-Looking Pair


Kyle Richards has been acting since she was a child but she always remained in the spotlight somehow. After falling in love with Mauricio Umansky in the '90s, the two married and went on to have three children. Nowadays, Mauricio's real estate empire continues to grow and Kyle's fame through RHOBH is also on an incline.

8 Ken Todd In His Pre-Lisa Days (But Who's The Woman?)


Surprise! The man on the left is Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump's husband of over 30 years! While that is not Lisa on his arm, the couple has always been adored by viewers before she decided to leave the franchise. Ken and Lisa have taken over the hospitality business in both the UK and West Hollywood, which is how they afford their lavish lifestyle (and a $300,000 kitchen renovation). When you look at the man's face in the picture, it'll instantly tell you it's no one other than Ken.

7 Yolanda Hadid Will Always Be A Beloved Housewife In Our Eyes

Family Tron

From 2012 to 2016, we were introduced to former model Yolanda Hadid. The ex-wife of multi-millionaire Mohamed Hadid, she was then married to musician David Foster. Throughout her seasons, we saw her raise her three kids, battle Lyme Disease, and go through another divorce from David. Yolanda has been through a lot but fans admired her calm nature and courage.

6 Erika Girardi And Thomas In Younger Years


Erika Girardi's husband Thomas is 30 years older than her. When he met her, she was just a young, single mother working hard to provide for her son. After taking her under his wing, the two fell in love and have been together ever since. We don't see images or clips of Thomas too often but when we do, it sure is fascinating. Hey, love is love, right?

5 Who Would Have Thought Yolanda And Mohamed Would Create The Next Supermodels Of Our Generation


Yolanda was married to Mohamed for six years, and in that six-year marriage came three gorgeous children. These children, of course, are supermodels Gigi and Bella, and son Anwer. Although the marriage fell apart, it's fun seeing how close the kids are to both their parents; something many fans wish was shown on TV since Yolanda left the show.

4 Lisa Rinna Looks Just Like Her Daughters!


Rinna is the mother of two stunning daughters who are spitting images of their mother. Both will full lips and gorgeous skin, they're also finding their way in the modeling world. On RHOBH, Rinna has shown some of her parenting moments on screen, although many fans wish they saw more — especially since she's married to Harry Hamlin.

3 Denise Richards In Her Beauty Shot Days


Looking back at this old headshot, it appears Denise's face has stayed the exact same. It's no wonder she's still acting and modeling in 2019! Watching Richards on Bravo has been exciting for fans because she recently married a new man (Aaron), she adopted a daughter with special needs, and her overall appearance on the show is way more relaxed than the other stars, which has been comical among the ladies,

2 Kim Richards In Happier Times With Her Kids


As most fans of the show know, Kim Richards (sister to Kyle) hasn't been on RHOBH for a couple of seasons, but she started filming back in 2010 when the franchise started. Kim is the mother of four girls and has had many meltdowns on air. They were the kinds of meltdowns that were almost too upsetting for TV, to be honest. After having multiple personal demons, she left the show but made some cameos now and then.

1 Does Kyle Richards Age!?


The answer is no — Kyle Richards does not age. At 50 years old, Kyle has never looked better but there's something about her old photos that makes us love her more. It appears that nothing's changed for Kyle. She's always living her best life and it was refreshing to see her FINALLY stand up to Vanderpump. Kyle has a voice and I'm glad she's using it in newer seasons.

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