18 Reasons Why the French Bulldog is NYC's Most Popular Breed

The wide-eyed, bat-eared French Bulldog topped the charts in the 2015 AKC rankings for the most popular dog breed in New York. Not only are these pooches taking over social media, but the Big Apple too.

Here is why this particular dog breed is so increasingly popular with those who live in the city...

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18 They Are Not Big Barkers

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Frenchies make a lot of noises - quirky snorts, grumbles and sighs. Thankfully though, they are not big barkers! No complaints will be coming from next door's apartment about these snuffly angels.

17 They Are the Ultimate Snuggle Partners

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Frenchies are so low energy and chilled out that they make the perfect snuggle buddy. When it's too cold outside in the big city, they don't mind enjoying a duvet day - In fact, they embrace it!

16 They Are a Great Way to Make New Friends

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Despite there being 8.4 million people living in New York, it can be difficult at times to make new friends. Frenchies make the perfect opportunity to host "doggy dates" with other owners and The French Bulldog NYC Meet Up group now boasts 900 members. It's a great place to meet new people, and you get to hang out with your favorite breed!

15 They Share the Love Of Yoga With Their Owners


It would be a hard task to find a New Yorker who doesn't love yoga - it is the exercise trend in the city. The best thing is, Frenchies love yoga too! Now New Yorkers and their Frenchies can practice their best downward-facing dog together.

14 They Are Subway Safe

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Cab fares in the city can quickly add up, so for those who are savvy savers it will be better to take the subway. Luckily, Frenchies travel well and fit perfectly on the lap too.

13 They Will Always Bring the Laughs

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New Yorkers have a quirky, dry sense of humour and so do their dogs. It takes just one look from a Frenchie, with their cheeky grin, to really lighten the mood.

12 They Might Bump Into Lady Gaga and Miss Asia Kinney

Mommy loves us so much.🐽

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Lady Gaga rents a New York duplex penthouse (For a staggering $22,000 per month!) in the 40 Central Park South building. She shares the luxury home with her two French Bulldogs Miss Asia Kinney and Koji. The two are Instagram famous with 220,000 followers of their own.

If you're a Frenchie owner, then you'll have something to talk about!

11 There Are Hundreds of French Bulldog Experts in the City

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Founded in 2003, The French Bulldog NYC meet up group has already successfully arranged 122 previous meetings and can boast 880 members. For a small annual fee of $13.00 per year they arrange indoor/outdoor meet ups where Frenchies can get together in force. Here, you'll meet hundreds of other Frenchie enthusiasts who can guide you in Frenchie care.

10 They Capture the Essence of New York

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There are so many sights in New York – Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square – and it's all about standing out. No two Frenchies look the same; they come in a variety of colors and markings, and it's that unique appeal which captures the true essence of the city perfectly.

9 Touching Their Soft Coat is Like Therapy

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New Yorkers are known to complain on a regular basis about how busy, crowded, expensive, and too hot or too cold their city is. The perfect treat after an exhausting day surviving in the city is returning home to stroke a Frenchie's soft, velvety coat.

8 They Don't Need a Lot of Space

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Even if the apartment they live in New York isn't the grandest, you won't hear a Frenchie howling or complaining. They need a minimal amount of space which is a huge bonus for city living.

7 They Are Very Gentle Natured

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Frenchies love all the fuss and attention they get from strangers. Which is a great thing as there is plenty in this city.

6 They Are Far Away From Their Big Fear – Water

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Due to their small, squat frame and large head, French bulldogs can’t swim. Sure, they will take a walk with you around Coney Island but don't expect them to jump into the sea – The city is where they belong.

5 They Don't Need Too Much Exercise 

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This breed is not one that requires hours of intensive exercise. So if their owner just wants to chill after a long commute home then they are happy to do just that.

4 Those Big Eyes Are Like No Other

When's snow coming??? Heard it was 21C° in New York on Christmas Eve, that's CRAZY!

A post shared by Boss The French Bulldog (@bossthefrenchbulldog) on

Frenchies are well known for their big, brown, sensitive eyes. After a tough day in the city, they use their hypnotic powers to make everything better again. Okay, so Frenchies all around the world have these therapeutic powers, but in such a large city, New Yorkers need it the most!

3 They Have British Roots Which Can Be Bragged About


Everyone needs to secure some form of bragging rights in New York. Small Frenchie pups were used as lap warmers amongst the aristocracy and the social elite in England. Owners can actually say they are associated to royalty now.

2 They Aren't at Risk of Having Any Surprise Pups

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Frenchies really struggle with copulation and many are born through artificial insemination (Which explains why they are so pricey!). Due to their unusual body shape, they find it hard to reach each other. So there's a very slim chance of any mistakes happening.

If you are a Frenchie owner, please still consider spaying/neutering. Pet overpopulation is a real issue in America!

1 ... And Best of All They LOVE Playing Dress Up

🎶Live fast, trot hard, bad dogs do it well🎶

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Thanks to their easy-going nature, French Bulldogs will let you dress them up in all different kinds of adorable outfits. Making them the best pets to Instragram – ever. After all, Angela Carter did say, "Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual."

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