These 18 Relatable Posts Are The True College Valedictorians

As a college graduate, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't compare life to college life. The only issue is, I graduated from my Master's Degree in 2015, so I think it's time to move on, don't you think?

Regardless of how long ago I graduated, college was one of the best and worst times of my life. I met friends that are my best friends to this day (they're all bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding), I got to play college athletics, I met my (now) fiance, and I fell in love with the city I went to school in. At the end of those years, I had more positive things happen for me than negative. But, with that being said, there were also a lot of dark days.

College is stressful. We have midterms, final exams, requirements, attendance, internships, and then we're supposed to have some kind off social life. There's a reason why every single college graduate says those four (or more) years go by in the blink of an eye. It's because each day is jam packed with activities that we can't keep track of the day. It's a whirlwind, really.

With the good and the bad, though, I wouldn't change those days for anything. And the next 18 moments are everything college students (and prospective students) and graduates can relate to on a real level.

18 *Act Natural*

I Don’t know what it is about college tours, but it’s a completely different ballgame when you’re not in the tour.

When you’re in high school and begin taking tours of different colleges and universities, you feel like anything is possible. You see all of the freedom you can have, all of the space you can make yours, and all of the fun you could potentially have. But when you’re an actual student seeing a tour go down… You feel like someone is watching you (and that’s because they are).

Most student tours allow their parents to go along with them, which makes it even more uncomfortable. Teens, a tour guide, and parents means a whole lot of questions. Because even if you’re just chilling in the dining hall eating a grilled cheese sandwich, seeing all those eyes on you makes you feel like you’re eating it wrong. It gets even worse when you make eye contact with a few of those youthful teens, and feel obligated to say something positive, but when the time arises — you can’t think of a thing to say.

In fact, you’re probably hungover, so the only things you would say are lies anyway. Well, lies or barf. Whatever came out first, really.

17 Willy's Coming With Me

One of the hardest parts about leaving for college is saying goodbye to the family pet. Sure, I know saying bye to your family is hard, but they at least know what’s going on. They know where you’re going, how to contact you, and when they’re seeing you next. A family pet knows none of those things.

This is why so many college students try to get their parents to let them take the family dog or cat to college with them. The only problem is though—no matter how much you miss them—they were probably quite fine at home. They’re comfortable there, they have room, they have stability, and not importantly — they have a routine. So bringing a dog like that to college (world of the unknown) is dicey.

First of all, not many dorms or homes allow students to have animals. Secondly, with classes, studying, and a social life — there’s no way in heck that a student is gonna have time to give the same care to their pet. Especially dogs. Dogs need way more time outside and more attention.

So, sorry student. It’s best you take Willy back home to momma. Although he looks like he’s ready to learn more about science and peeing on trees, he should be at home.

16 The Cry Closet

A cry closet? What the heck is a cry closet? Then again, the description is literally on the name — it’s just something I’ve never really seen come to life.

I wanna say all of us have cried a little bit in our own closets, but I don’t think that’s true. I know I definitely shed a few years while looking at my clothes back in my teenaged years. And no, it’s not because my clothing options were so beautiful that I shed a tear. It was probably because of a boy, high school basketball which I disliked more than the word “corn,” and the fact that school was hard for me.

(Again this is a 17-year-old girl I’m talking about. Crying was inevitable.)

I don’t know if this “Cry Closet” was placed in this university as some kind of art statement or if the librarians literally wanted a peaceful place for their students to cry. Regardless of the answer, it still makes things awkward (and sad) AF.

Can you imagine seeing someone walk in or out of that thing? Do you automatically give them a hug and wish them the best or do you casually walk by, trying not to wonder why they were crying in the first place?? I don’t know what I would do on this situation!

15 School Is A Dream

Holidays during infancy through high school are a breeze. They're fun, they're filling, they're relaxing. This is mainly because you live at home with your parents or guardians, so you probably see relatives a little more often than you would if you lived alone. However, when one goes away to college — they're away from home (usually) for months. They're not seeing their aunts, uncles, or cousins on the regular, so when school break comes up, and it's time for Thanksgiving dinner with the whole squad — those questions pour in.

The frustrating part is, not only do we need to break down our life as a college student to one relative, we need to break it down to each and every family member who wasn't around when we were telling our story the first time. So we end up answering the same questions 20 times, and it's so bloody annoying.

Relatives are never satisfied with the answers given either. They'll judge you regardless of the answer. You can tell them you're in a serious relationship and they'll tell you "Oh honey, you really should explore and be single." Likewise, you can tell them you're single and loving it, and they'll say "Oh honey, when are you gonna stop goofing off and settle down already?" It's a lose-lose, honestly.

14 The Year Was 1978

I think we learn in the first grad that plagiarism is illegal AF and to never do it. You can copy one sentence without thinking about it and teachers will lose their mind. Now, when I was a kid, I did this a few times accidentally. I genuinely spaced out and copied a few words. (Mind you, I was in the fifth grade then.) My teacher recognized the sentence structure and pretty much told me what I did was theft. I stole someone else's intellectual property and I felt like trash after the fact. More so because I genuinely didn't mean to, but hey, lesson learned.

Now that I am an adult whose writing pays my bills, I understand how dangerous plagiarism is and try to keep tabs on that kind of thing when editing work. However, when it comes to writing papers or projects for college courses — it can be pretty hard to make a fact your own.

Like, how many different ways can we write that "She was born in 1978"? Well, there are a ton of different ways to incorporate this. But when you're in college, you literally don't give a darn.

You have 10 other papers to accomplish and are just trying to complete this project so you don't fail.

13 Friends For Life

The sad thing about birds is they’re one of the oldest “endothermic vertebrates” (as Wikipedia likes to tell me) and they still do some silly stuff from time to time. Now, I’m no bird whisperer or anything like that, but something tells me they like playing with fire. Birds seem to get bored and like to mess with us.

Have you ever noticed when driving, there’s always one or two birds that wait dangerously long periods of time, chilling on the road, before flying away from a car? It’s like they WANT to get hit. Or like they’re playing a game of chicken, and the last bird remaining is... well... dead.

But let’s get back to animals on campus. Animals on campus seem so much more... humanized that the rest of the animals. I mean, besides this bird running into the school’s window, I’m sure he was just having a fun time learning from the outdoors. He’s getting a free education and has zero job prospects (besides being a hunter and a gatherer, of course). But it’s not just the birds, it’s the squirrels too. This squirrels aren’t afraid of anything on campuses across the globe. They’ve seen some pretty unimaginable things, I’m sure...

12 Live Your Dream!

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to realize that what we’re looking at is one of the nation’s most eligible bachelor. Now, I don’t know if this man is taken or single, but that really doesn’t matter. This man is a winner. He’s a keeper.

A lot of students bring their laptops to class because it’s more efficient for note taking. It’s way quicker and doesn’t require your hand to cramp up. While not every professor allows students to bring laptops (in fear they’ll be browsing the web instead of learning), this dude brought his and had zero qualms with what he was doing.

He could have been taking notes from the lecture and even be participating in what the professor was talking about, but no. He had better things to do.

He was learning how to paint with the one and only Bob Ross. Was it on a canvas? No. What’s even better, he was painting on Microsoft Paint. I can’t see what Ross was painting, but I think it’s safe to assume this dude is trying his best. I think that big grey thing in the left-hand side is a cloud of some sort? Regardless of what he’s painting — he’s a treasure. He needs to be on the next series of The Bachelor.

11 Needlessly Vicious

It’s a known fact that when you go to college, most students are going to go out drinking most nights of the week. There’s ladies nights, wine Wednesdays, thirsty Thursdays, and then there’s the weekends… The drinking doesn’t seem to stop. (Quite honestly, I don’t remember where I got all the money to buy booze?)

One of those things that accompanies plenty of alcohol are those loose morals and the ability to no longer be afraid. Anyone who’s anyone can stroll up to you at any moment and ask you for your number. Some people don’t even start up a conversation — they just kinda lead with “Yo, can I get your number?” (wow how romantic…). The problem with these situations, however, is that women feel “bad” saying “no.” So even if we don’t find the person attractive in the slightest, we’ll give them our number or a fake number just to get them out of our hair.

BUT WHY CAN’T WE JUST SAY NO? Why do we beat around the bush? Why are we so ashamed to say “no, you can’t have my number”? It boggles my mind. So if anyone is like the majority — you can always pull the move that this girl pulled.

10 HOW?!

Before I dive into this image, I literally thought it was impossible to get an 11 on exams… I’ve failed exams before and I’ve never had anything below a 30 before. So… I hope that person graduated…

Lab exams are a whole other mother, though. I don’t know what these two are majoring in, but in my college, anything “lab” related obviously had to do with the health, physical education, and pre-med genre of majors. And let me tell you, it’s no joke.

As a freshman, I thought I wanted to be a health teacher. I fell in love with my health teacher in high school and wanted to be just like her. However, when I got to college and began taking all the labs associated with health and anatomy courses, I realized that I was NOT cut out for this major.

Did I love health? Yes. Was I READY for the workload that went along with it? No.

As a college athlete, I had no time and quite frankly, I just didn’t care. So I ended up changing my major and I’m SO glad that I did. If I didn’t, it would probably be me in this conversation (and I would probably be the one with the 11).

9 'Freshman Not Permitted To Bring Cars'

I always find it hilarious when college campuses tell students that freshmen are not allowed to bring their own cars. First of all, if a student wants to bring their car — they’re gonna bring their car. Second off, not every student has the funds or confidence to take public transportation to get to class, go to work, or run errands. So a car is the easiest option for them if they already have one.

Nevertheless, parking in and around campus is always a joke. (And yes, I understand this is why colleges don’t want freshmen to bring their cars — but I don’t care.) There needs to be another option. Colleges and universities should know that people are gonna have cars, and they’re gonna need more parking than necessary. But no. There’s never any parking. If you don’t show up for class an hour before it starts — you’re not finding a parking space. You’re just not.

So this dude is truly thinking outside of the lines with this one. WHY DIDN’T I EVER THINK OF THIS!? Giving someone a lift to their car in exchange for their spot is a great way to find a spot quickly and to make more friends.

8 I Need The Flogsta Scream As An Adult

What. In. The. World. Is. A. Flogsta. Scream? And WHY in the world am I not hearing about this until well after college? If I knew about this like, five years ago — Buffalo would be filled with screams as soon as the clock struck 10pm.

Every college kid is still away at 10pm, so this actually works. Especially since this is a way to blow off some steam, so why not make it at an hour where students are still doing homework and semi-studying?

My only qualm with this whole screaming thing is that what if bad people catch on to this trend and start producing crimes or mugging people at 10pm, because they know no one will hear their screams — due to the Flogsta screams?

And what if there are homes surrounding the campus that always think an emergency is happening at 10pm every night on campus?! Hearing collective screams from women that late at night is horrifying.

Luckily, I researched this whole screaming phenomenon a bit more and realized that Flogsta is a neighborhood in a larger city in Sweden, which means that not too many partake in this whole thing since there’s only two universities in that area.

7 *Quietly Knocks On Door*

At the beginning of every semester, teachers tend to give small packets of death, otherwise known as a syllabus. These packets break down what the teacher expects from students in class, when the tests are (sometimes teachers will even post dates), how to contact them, and how the teacher will be grading students and their performance.

The issue with the first day of class is that, most teachers will either tell you there are chances to do extra credit (which they encourage, because who knows when you’ll need a little extra help) or how extra credit will not be given. Now, at this naive moment in time, most students believe they don’t need the extra credit. They believe in themselves and their capabilities.

The only problem is, as time goes on, students realize how bad they actually do need extra credit… And that’s when those sulky emails start piling in. Even if a teacher says “I don’t give extra credit,” sometimes an email asking for some help can… well, help. But not all teachers are created equally. Maybe dressing up like an old toad will make your teacher think you’re someone else and help you out a bit… Wait — is that a toad… What is that?

6 I'm Useless

The sad thing about college is that everyone starts out with such angelic promise. Everyone is straight out of high school, still tan from summer vacation… They’re ready to learn and make the most of the rest of their lives. It’s sweet honestly.

But as time goes on, you realize how dumb you really were. College isn’t about riding rainbows, getting As, and reaching your goals — it’s about survival.

You’re literally just trying to make it from Monday-Sunday without fainting in your bowl of Cheerios (OMG I love Cheerios).

There’s even a hilarious difference at house parties. As a woman, I recognize more female things than male. I know who took the longest to get ready, who’s single and asking for it, who doesn’t want to be there… I know it all from a glance. And as an upperclassman… Ha! Upperclassmen show up to house parties in the most relaxed of outfits. Sure, they have makeup on and some jeans — but they’re barefoot and don’t care. But freshman gals… Those poor dears are still trying to find their way in the world. They don’t even know who they are yet. Now, as an almost 30-year-old, it’s hilarious. But as a student at a house party — there’s an easy-to-see divide.

5 Mr. Red Does Not Play

As Beyoncé’s great song “Formation” states, Mr. Red did not come to play, he came to slay. (Okay, so she never referred to Mr. Red, but you understand the comparison.)

This is a professor who was so dumbfounded by a student’s absences that semester, that he literally went through the trouble to make this sign for his meeting. I mean, after missing pretty much a month’s worth of classes, there is no way this student should pass. And don’t tell me that they had some personal things happen to them — because there’s way around those things. I.e. communication.

When there’s an illness, a death, or anything of that severity, professors do everything they can to make sure the student has what they need to succeed in that hard time. All that they ask for is honesty and open communication. That’s it. So I don’t think this student had personal issues like those listed above. I think he was just too lazy to make it to class.

Usually though, when people miss THAT many classes, they know they’re not gonna get a good grade. So to email your professor to talk about your grade is just…. dumb. What else does he expect?

4 We. Don't. Get. Dressed. For. Men.

Kendall Lyman, ladies and gentlemen! This tweet is everything. I graduated a few years ago so I really don’t know what college students like or don’t like in other people when attending class. However, I do remember wearing sweats all the time to class. This was mainly because Buffalo, New York is freezing more than it is warm and sweats got me through some cold times. To be honest, I never really thought about if a person didn’t like what I was wearing. Why would they care what I wore? I feel like, if anything, a lot of people judged those that actually got dressed up to go to class.

I know there are some lectures or projects that require students to dress business casual, but that was literally once a year. For the most part, everyone wore bulky clothing.

If anything, this tweet makes me feel bad for people who dress for others. You should wear an outfit that is calling your name; not Jacob or Anna’s name in your 8am lecture.

If you wanna wear sweats — WEAR SWEATS. If you wanna jeans and heels — MORE POWER TO YOU! Just like Kendall said, those people aren’t paying for your degree, so wear whatever the heck you want.

3 It's Time To Focus

When I first read my syllabus, I always told myself I had SO much time. “Oh five group projects, two papers, a few tests, and a final exam? No sweat, I have four months.” But then somehow, someway, time slips past us and we no longer have all the time in the world to get stuff done. Where the fudge has the time gone!?

Whether it’s midterms, exams, or finals, there’s something that kicks all of us into overdrive when that time comes around. We always find out what we’re truly capable of around testing time. We stay up way later than normal and try different studying remedies than normal; whatever can help, right?

I remember studying for finals before winter break, and my teammate told me that if you drank red wine while studying, you’ll retain memory better. So what did I do? I snuck a bottle of red wine (the chap kind, of course. This was college, after all, so nothing with a cork) into the the library, and sipped on it as I studied.

Did it work? I don’t think so, because I spent more time laughing my butt off at the fact that I was drunk in the school’s library than studying.

2 Please Help Me

I knew a lot of kids in college who took some pills here and there to help them retain information and to study longer into the night. I, myself, never pulled anything like that because it freaks me out to take pills when you don’t necessarily need them, but that’s for another day. What I’m saying is, my friends that did have an extra boost still struggled on exams. One even got caught taking pills, so who’s really the winner in that situation? Umm…. me, because I was nowhere in sight, mmmkay?

I feel like whenever we need out brain to focus on something big like studying, there are so many other things going on at the same time that we would rather be doing.

Exams always change from student to student. So while you have exams Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday — other friends may be done with everything by Wednesday. This, in turn, means you’re gonna be missing out on some end of the semester parties, and that’s just something you need to get over. It’s something you have to fight.

The thing I always told myself is that there will always be parties. Parties will always be going on into late in the morning. So study, take that test, and then party hard with friends.

1 Wait A Second...

Okay sooo, this meme is rather interesting. I've seen plenty of kids who think two pus two equals 22. And as sweet as that is, I have never seen anyone reply to this equation with the Jesus fish. This is a new one for me.

Speaking of Harvard University, though (and universities in general), can you imagine them being so relaxed that they're sending text messages instead of length emails and snail mail? I can't imagine being late for lunch simply because an advisor at a potential school was texting me non-stop while I was driving. As if young kids aren't on their phones enough — imagine if they were also texting school administrators!

Also, I'm sure this shows my age but do teachers still get bothered when students are on their phones in the middle of class? I'm sure they get peeved in high schools, but what about colleges and universities? Do those professors dislike the fact that students would rather be messaging their besties about Friday's rager instead of learning that two plus two equals Jesus? I don’t know about you, but I think this crayon drawn equation is way more important that what Bobby did at the party on Friday. Or should I say who he did, mmmkay.

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