18 Released WWE Divas: What They Look Like Today

Nowadays, leaving WWE is by no means the end of the road for a Diva. Just ask Emma, who continues to thrive out of the company with the likes of ROH and Impact Wrestling (but let's not ask Sunny). For that reason, WWE is very cautious when releasing an employee; releases are becoming less and less likely, with a talent expected to endure their contract length.

In this article, we’ll take a look at alums from the past – each of these Divas still looks great. We’ll take a look at what they’re up to nowadays. Some remain in the business while others ventured off in other areas.

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18 Stacy Keibler

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She recently turned 40 which is hard to believe. Keibler maintains her stunning features post-WWE. She’s living a quiet life these days alongside her husband and the couple’s two children.

Stacy finally returned to WWE recently inducting her best pal Torrie Wilson into the WWE Hall of Fame.

17 Rosa Mendes

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She wasn’t known for her in-ring work, despite a lengthy run with the company Rosa wasn’t able to win the big one.

She still managed to make an impact, especially on Total Divas. These days, she’s working on her fitness App which caters to moms just like her. Rosa was also planning a return to the ring, though that was derailed following an injury.

16 Eva Marie

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She looks more like a wrestler today than she did during her run with WWE. Today, Eva’s rocking a purple hair color and looks shredded from head-to-toe.

Since leaving WWE, she has taken part in several entertainment gigs, including a spot on the popular reality show, Big Brother.

15 Jillian Hall

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A great heel on the microphone during her heyday with WWE, Hall made quite the impact, particularly with her “songs”...

She’s out of the wrestling business today and still looking quite great. Jillian recently stated on her IG that she’s set to have a child.

14 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee returning to WWE is a definite possibility. She’s still in her early 30s and did admit in the past that she does, in fact, have an interest in returning to the ring.

With CM Punk rumors currently swirling, maybe we might see his wife enter the fold as well – so many dream matchups!

13 Debra

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We throw it back to the Attitude Era, at the time, the likes of Sunny and Sable were making quite the impact with the audience. Debra shouldn’t be forgotten either, she was among the most popular at one point in time – especially during her run alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Debra still attends wrestling conventions worldwide these days.

12 Melina

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Such a talented wrestler, Melina made her mark during the Divas era. Unfortunately, it was her behavior behind the scenes that cost her.

She recently returned to WWE, though not under contract or anything like that. Here’s to hoping she can have one more run or at least a farewell match before calling it a career.

11 Christy Hemme

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Let’s just say Christy Hemme has been a little occupied since leaving the wrestling business.

She had quadruplets which made the news feeds everywhere. Back at home, Christy is a mother to five children! Surely, she isn’t plotting a return to the ring, at least for the time being.

10 Victoria

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What an undervalued gem this Diva was back in the early 2000s, particularly during the Ruthless Aggression Era. She was a fantastic heel – her work against Trish Stratus was so underrated and ahead of its time.

She remains in the business today both in the ring and at wrestling conventions. She deserves a final run or at least, a HOF nod.

9 Summer Rae

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Fans were none too pleased with WWE’s treatment of Summer during her final days. She was basically brushed to the side. Summer wasn’t the most gifted in the ring but she had a heck of a persona when called upon.

She remains active on IG with some stunning photos – younger audiences might want to avoid these...

8 Emma

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Speaking of harsh releases, fans weren’t too thrilled with Emma’s treatment either. Her character took a big hit during the late stages and she was eventually released.

To her credit, the release hasn’t deterred her passion one bit, she worked with ROH following the release and recently signed with Impact Wrestling. AEW might be next on the agenda.

7 Kelly Kelly

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Somehow, Kelly might be looking better today than she did during her time with WWE. Yeah, it is hard to believe but the WWE alum is doing just fine in her post-WWE life.

She has stated in the past that a WWE return is something she would be interested in. Still in her early 30s, we can definitely see this happening.

6 Dasha Fuentes

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WWE is very careful with who they release these days – especially with AEW ready to snatch up the talent.

Dasha Fuentes is a prime example; once released by WWE, she would join AEW as a ring announcer. The former WWE personality recently made her debut with the company in October – McMahon must be fuming.

5 Candice Michelle

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Not only did Candice get a farewell match on the indie scene but she also got a farewell match with WWE – basically winning the 24/7 Championship, at least briefly.

She’s a proud mom these days with her in-ring days in the past. She does take part in conventions and rightfully so, she has a lot of fans from her Ruthless Aggression days.

4 Kaitlyn

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She returned to WWE for the Mae Young Classic. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn wasn’t offered a deal – here’s to hoping that she can keep the dream alive on the indie circuit.

For the time being, fans can follow her journey via social media and platform like IG. She has her own clothing line and is a big fitness enthusiast.

3 Cameron

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It wasn’t the most eventful WWE stint for Cameron. Her memorable moments included pinning an opponent the wrong way and telling Steve Austin the best match she ever watched featured Melina and Alicia Fox.

To her credit, she got a lot better during her final days. Today, she’s out of the business as a talk show host and actress. There are rumors pertaining to an in-ring return.

2 Katie Lea Burchill

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WWE isn’t the be-all, end-all any longer. Talents can still make it elsewhere, just ask Katie Lea.

At the age of 41, she remains active on the indie scene, wrestling with the like of Women of Wrestling. She was also recently featured on an Impact Wrestling episode.

1 Eve Torres

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She has two children these days and she’s living life as a self-defense instructor. Truth is, Eve looks ring-ready despite her busy life, heck at 35 she looks better than ever.

She still keeps in touch with a lot of the WWE alums, she recently posted a picture alongside Brie Bella. She even remains close to the likes of Stephanie McMahon.

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