18 Selfies MCU Cast Members Wish They Could Take Back

During Hollywood’s golden age, celebrities seemed so far out of reach that the idea that interacting with them on a regular basis seemed unfathomable for most people. However, now that social media sometimes feels omnipresent in our society, many of today’s biggest stars have become more accessible than ever before, at least from afar.

Given the fact that virtually everyone carries around a camera in their pocket, when stars venture out into public there is a very good chance they will be asked to take selfies with fans. On top of that, many stars snap that kind of photo when they are alone and post them online. Unfortunately, some selfies being out there is less than ideal for the celebrity involved for one reason or another. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 18 selfies MCU cast members wish they could take back.

18 Miserable Michael Douglas

Via thehansindia.com

Among the most charming actors in Hollywood history, in a long list of movies, Michael Douglas has managed to seem smooth beyond belief. On the other hand, in this selfie of Douglas, he not only doesn’t look like someone you’d want to deal with, but he seems to be really grumpy.

17 Paul Bettany Looking Awkward

Via deadline.com

Considering that this Ron Howard and Paul Bettany selfie was taken while the pair were working on a Star Wars movie, you’d think that the actor would look overjoyed. After all, not only was he joining one of the most beloved film franchises of all-time but he was posing with a Hollywood heavyweight. Instead, at the moment this shot was taken Bettany looked really awkward especially due to the odd thumbs up.

16 Benicio del Toro Uninterested

Via picpanzee.com

Ideally speaking, when a celebrity takes a photo with a fan they want it to seem like it was a reasonably enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, when it comes to this selfie that Benicio del Toro evidently took with a fan while they were on a plane, it looks like del Toro couldn’t be less interested in being part of the moment.

15 Charlie Cox From a Bad Angle

Via Twitter.com

When it comes to this Charlie Cox selfie, we have no idea what he was thinking when he took the photo, let alone why he posted it online. Shot from an angle that makes it look like Cox has a double chin even though he doesn’t, he also looks washed out in the image due to the lighting in the background.

14 Michael Rooker My Little Pony

Via Reddit.com

On the bright side of this selfie, it is a lot of fun to see an actor like Michael Rooker who often plays very unlikable characters sporting a smile and toys around his neck. Unfortunately, that doesn’t negate the frat guy impression that Rooker’s sunglasses and backward hat give off which is not great considering he is much too old for something like that.

13 Samuel L. Jackson Annoyed

Via hermoments.com

If there is any actor in Hollywood that seems like they are not going to put up with guff from fans, it is Samuel L. Jackson. Don’t get us wrong, he seems like a perfectly nice gentleman but we don’t picture him tolerating fools. With that in mind, we don’t know what happened before this selfie was taken but it seems to have annoyed Jackson. Of course, for all we know he is pretending to be irritated but the impression this photo gives is still the same.

12 Chris Pratt Double Chin

Via Pinterest.ca

Back when Chris Pratt was best known for starring in Parks and Recreation, it was clear that he was OK with mocking his own size, as he seems to be doing in this selfie. However, after getting into incredible shape, Pratt has gotten into his own looks enough that at various times he sometimes posts selfies showing off his chiseled body. With that in mind, we can’t imagine he loves having this selfie out there still.

11 Robert Downey Jr. Getting Beautified

Via twigur.com

Considering that Robert Downey Jr. clearly was getting his hair fixed when this selfie was taken, it is amusing to see just how ridiculous he looks. Sporting patches under his eyes, with his mouth positioned awkwardly, and his head angled back just far enough that we can see up his nose, it is quite the combination.

10 Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson

Via bigsta.net

Probably the most fun looking photo on this list, when this picture was first taken Vin Diesel probably loved it. However, since then Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got into a very public feud. While the pair of men no longer appear to be notably hostile toward one another, they certainly aren’t the best of friends which must tarnish this selfie for Diesel.

9 Miley Cyrus Looking Out of It

Via therichest.com

For those of you who don’t know why a photo of Miley Cyrus qualifies for this list of MCU actor selfies, she voiced the character Mainframe in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Seen here alongside a fan in what should have been a perfectly nice-looking selfie, we can’t help but notice that it sure looks like Cyrus wasn’t exactly sober when this image was taken.

8 Dave Bautista’s Big Head

Via claretandhugh.info

Definitely, an actor who is known for his big physique, when you watch Dave Bautista on the big screen he looks larger than life which is a great thing for his career. However, in this selfie Bautista has made it look like he has an incredibly oversized head which isn’t such a great thing.

7 Rebecca Hall Intrusion

Via heraldextra.com

Unlike the other entries on this list, this selfie doesn’t appear here because it is embarrassing for the star involved for one reason or another. Instead, this shot of Iron Man 3’s Rebecca Hall belongs here because it clearly was taken without her knowledge or permission which is the type of intrusion that loads of stars complain about.

6 Zendaya is Not Impressed

When it comes to this selfie, we’re not sure which is these two MCU stars should be more impressed. After all, Zendaya either seems rude or like she is trying too hard to be edgy. On the other hand, Tom Holland comes across like the type of person who can’t let their friends chill without shoving a camera in their face.

5 Tom Hiddleston Overly Posed

Via CBR.com

Widely considered to be among the best looking male stars in Hollywood today, there is no doubt that Tom Hiddleston has some excellent genes. On top of that, he usually seems like an easy-going and fun guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. However, in this selfie, he doesn’t come off very well because it looks like he is trying way too hard.

4 Elizabeth Olsen at the Wrong Moment

Via gfycat.com

Here is the thing about the internet, when a famous person posts something online there is bound to be someone that does their best to make them look bad. For instance, when Elizabeth Olsen held her own camera in order to stream video of herself to the internet, someone took this selfie screengrab from the footage since it makes her look bad.

3 Miley Cyrus Fake Teeth

Via ebaumsworld.com

Clearly trying to have a little bit of fun when she snapped this image, Miley Cyrus made the choice to post this selfie on social media at the time. However, we can’t imagine she is still overjoyed to have this selfie out there given the fact that her dog looks so uncomfortable and nobody wants it to seem like their pets are less than happy.

2 Gwyneth Paltrow with Weinstein

Via playgroundmag.net

Right off the hop, we don’t know for sure that this photo is a selfie but it certainly looks like Gwyneth Paltrow’s arm is positioned well to be holding a camera to us. That aside, we are sure that she wishes to forget that she was ever in the presence of Harvey Weinstein at all given the fact that he has rightfully been disgraced.

1 Anthony Hopkins Twitter Selfie

Via dailymail.co.uk

Throughout Anthony Hopkins’ illustrious career, he has proven himself to be one of the best actors of all-time many times. More often than not cast in roles that take advantage of his ability to be regal at a moment’s notice, fans have come to see the actor in a certain light. On the other hand, Hopkins posted a video of himself going nuts on Twitter which this screengrab is taken from and it takes away from his hard-earned mystique.

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