18 Snapchat Pickups That Resulted In Comedic Gold

In a world where it's far easier to flirt with someone through the barrier of technology, Snapchat flirting has become a thing. Sure, it may not be as popular as it used to be. It also may not even be as easy as it is to slip into someone's direct messages on Instagram. But it's still something that people do. Why? Well, as I said, it's far easier, to be honest with someone, or explore creative elements of our nature, with the safety net of an app. If things don't go as planned, we can very quickly disassociate ourselves from that person.

It's far harder in real life. Half the time, the people we're Snapchatting or Instagramming with are new. We either met them on a dating app, creeping Instagram, or randomly at a party. If we know them well, we probably don't need Snapchat to flirt with them.

It's easier to open up via Snapchat. It's also far easier to disassociate ourselves from another when technology is involved. We delete or block them or simply stop responding. But if we mess up or come across too strongly, they can do the same to us.

Contrarily, if we do those things in person, the repercussions are far worse. Just think of it this way... Would most people rather have someone not talking to them online or completely shunning them in their office or at school?

But on top of it all, Snapchat is just a lot of fun. It allows us to play and be creative... As well as other things I'm not allowed to write about here. Anyway, here are 25 people who used Snapchat to flirt with people in a hilarious and creative way...

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18 What's Missing?

Via: Ranker

Imagine how creepy replicating this in person would be? Going up to someone cute and saying, "Hey babe, something's missing... and it's in front of me," followed by putting one's arm around an imaginary person, or worse, them, is a sure-fire way of getting slapped. Or, in this day and age, getting one heck of a lawsuit.

But somehow this is totally acceptable, and kind of hilarious, when it's done on Snapchat. It's also pretty charming since this girl clearly has the artistic skills of an epileptic paint-brush. A paint-brush that isn't just epileptic, but one who has a great deal of emotional turmoil weighing on them, thus making it hard, pointless even, to draw anything remotely resembling a human being. So, yeah, she's a bad artist. But most of us are, and most of us are even worse when Snapchat is involved.

Still, though, I'm pretty sure that all of us would enjoy receiving a message like this because it's just so pure, honest, and remarkably bad. All of those things add up to a person who may be worth our time and love. I think that most of us have a difficult time noticing people who are actually deserving of our love and affection. But if they send something like this, it's a clear-cut sign...

17 Pudding Pop

I don't know about others, but if somebody offered me some pudding, I may just be open to a date. Just don't tell Bill Cosby that. Lord knows he's used that line. Seriously, the guy had an endorsement deal with pudding. Now it's all starting to make sense why he liked feeding people it so much... Oh, God... What a world we live in... Hold family close, folks. Hold em' close!

Okay, so I admit, this image is a little creepy. I mean, it's simultaneously funny and strange... but it's most definitely creepy; at least in my eyes. But this Sam guy has over 100-thousand followers on Twitter and is verified as well. That means he can pretty much get away with anything. If anyone posted this image publicly, most people would think we were insane. But Sam can get away with it because he has a following and it looks like he's just eccentric and funny.

By now it should be blatantly obvious that I have absolutely no clue who this Sam guy is. Nor do I want to take the time to Google him in order to determine who I'm talking about. This is because I almost think this image is funnier if one doesn't don't know. It just looks like some random dude is trying to woo girls by offering them some pudding. And that's a pretty amazing way to flirt. Dare I say, that it's even quite noble... Yep... noble...

16 The Scientific Flirt

Via: Ranker

Fun fact: According to howmagnetswork.com (yes, that's an actual website), "a magnet is an object that has a magnetic field." It aggressively attracts other objects to it, most types of metals like iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt, and the two bond.

Though this information is incredibly simplified and missing some of the most important details about how magnets work (I.E. the North Pole, electricity etc.), it's necessary to understand to fully appreciate this Snapchat.

Sure, I could have gone on and on about magnets, but you didn't click this link to read about them, did you? No, probably not.

You're not a person who actually wants to learn how the world works (at least not right now). You're trying to escape your actual responsibilities like working, going to school, or looking after your kids who are probably about to jump in the pool you left them around. In that case, you should probably go check on them.

It's fine... I'm not going anywhere... I'll wait right here...

Anyway, this is obviously a totally stupid Snapchat, but it's kinda hilarious at the same time. I mean, this person actually believes they're being cute and flirty with someone by sending them this picture. Seriously, people, what happened to the days when we just went up to somebody and were honest about the fact that we were interested in them?

15 The Nerd Processor

Via: Imgur

At first, I couldn't tell who in this Snapchat is the nerd; is is the girl who is reaching out to her partner by referencing these computer processors? Or, is it the person who owns the processors? If you're anything like me, your mind probably goes right to the person is legitimately a geek. Granted, I'm aware that a geek and a nerd are slightly different things, but we don't need to get into that argument right now.

Not knowing anything more about this than what's on display in the photo, I'd deduce that this mysterious person is a collector of processors. They either like to buy them because they think they're cool. Or they have kept each one after their computers have died. It doesn't truly matter which one of these scenarios is true, they're both kinda nerdy/geeky/whatever word you'd like to use that isn't mainstream or cool.

But after thinking about all of this further, it's become clear to me that it is, in fact, this girl who is the nerd.

It's not because she knows what these things actually are. (I, for one, would have no clue what they were unless I was able to inspect them close up. From the looks of this photo, those processors could very well be fine chocolate.)

The reason she's the nerd is obviously that she sent him this flirtatious Snapchat which has to be one of the most sinfully corny things I've ever seen.

14 A Trip To Mars

Via: Tumblr

Honestly, if this guy wants to date this girl he's going to have to hop aboard a flight to Mars because that's probably where she's from. You think that was mean of me? C'mon, just look at this Snapchat and tell me otherwise. I think that it's very generous to claim that this is a painting of an astronaut in space. Sure, we know that based on the caption she's used. But she could just as easily be underwater in a scuba-diving suit with colorful fish swimming around her. That or, she's wearing a colorful Middle Eastern outfit while walking around at night. The point is, it doesn't really look like a space suit. And the crazed look on her face isn't helping matters. I'm pretty sure Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, or Buzz Aldrin looked this depraved when risking their lives for space exploration.

Also, why is the phrase "out of this world" such a good thing? Do people know what's out of this world? An endless amount of unbreathable air. Lack of drinkable water. Harmful microscopic organisms. A Lack of gravity and stability... Chaos! Heck, there might even be dangerously advanced life-forms who seek to bombard us or at the very least will unintentionally infect us with some incurable disease if they ever came into contact with us. Yeah... I'd rather be "in this world,", thank you very much.

13 Going For Clarity

Via: Ranker

Sometimes going for clarity is the only way we can get what we want. Not everyone is as good at picking up signs as we may believe them to be. I personally didn't need to see the second image to know what this girl was trying to do with this flirty Snapchat. But that's because the first thing I thought of when seeing this girl was, "Man, I hope she's single."

Seriously... It's what I thought. I've never seen her before in my life. I don't know her name. I have no clue where she lives. But because I'm a stupid man, my mind immediately goes to the fact that I want this girl.

Yep... the Freudian Id in most men is so prominent, especially when we don't believe that to be true. So, when people say that men are stupid, the answer is that like anybody else, we can be, but we just tend to think more with our primal and instinctual desires. Heck, there's enough psychological studies that have been done throughout the years to prove that.

I'm also pretty gobsmacked that this girl is single. How could that be? She's obviously incredibly gorgeous? Could her personality be that bad that nobody wants to date her? I know you might be thinking that it's incredibly shallow to believe that all good looking people are usually in relationships, but can you honestly tell me that that's not true? If they're not, they're probably just out of a relationship or super focused on their career. And even when their personality is atrocious, they tend to attract people who are equally as bad.

12 Literary Influences

Via: Mandatory

You got to appreciate someone who is able to reference literature when flirting with you. And I'm not talking about some stupid autobiography written by a Kardashian, or an obscenely biased political book, I'm talking about great fiction. I'm talking about a story. Something that allegorically talks about issues that have been prevalent for thousands and thousands of years. I'm talking about love, and lust, and despising, and every other word that belongs in that category, I feel like people don't appreciate fiction as much as they once did. But maybe that's because it often feels like we live in a time where our realities are as crazy as something we might read in a book. But it's still vital that we dive deep into our imaginations, develop our emotional experiences, and have a little fun with an amazing story, whether it's by means of a movie, play, or novel.

So, I give this guy or girl the highest marks for referencing William Shakespeare so hilariously. It's not only funny, but it's also completely relatable. Who can look at these photos and not think about a swelteringly hot day we wish would just cool down a bit. In fact, that thought reminds me of a joke I recently heard; "It was so hot outside that my bits were stuck to someone else's' leg." Ah, how graphic and relatable.

11 What Our Parents Don't Know

Via: Ranker

The truth is, most of our parents are blissfully unaware that the vast majority of us have or do send inapt photos or texts to people via Snapchat. And it's not just on Snapchat; it's because of technology in general that we do this. Snapchat just made it a heck of a lot easier and "safer" to do so.

Personally, I don't think risky messages is something to be ashamed of or to stop if you're doing it with people you trust, is legal, and you're doing it at your own will. It can add a lot of energy and downright fun to a relationship. I also think that it's natural to enjoy the danger of it. After all, everything we put on Snapchat is kept somewhere. Nothing truly disappears.

If our parents don't know we do "it," they certainly don't want to know we do it.

It's just like we don't want to know that they probably do a little bit of it themselves. Maybe it would be more socially acceptable in their minds if they thought all risky messages looked like this Snapchat? Perhaps they wouldn't be so freaked out by it. But the truth is, most personal messages shared back and forth on Snapchat are absolutely not like this. They are far more graphic. And that's part of the reason why this flirtatious Snap is so funny.

10 The Flirting Felony

Now he's a decently drawn snap artist. And those are pretty hard to come by. Most people's Snapchat drawings look as if they were done by a 3-year-old iguana with now workable hands. But this guy clearly put some effort into this. Just look at the detailing on the Aviator sunglasses... He's a pro.

Not only is he a total pro at using the painting tools on Snapchat, but he can also flirt like a champ. That's saying something since most boys who still have a teen-stash can't even work up the courage to talk to someone they're crushing on. And even if they can, they probably shouldn't until after they've at least bought a razor. Seriously, it's just the worst part of puberty for guys. Well, except for being caught in the middle of the vocal-change... That gets really embarrassing.

I also have to appreciate the emphasized final line of his caption. Sure, it's more than likely not something he initially chose. After all, Snapchat does have a limitation on characters in their photo captions. But because he had to draw out the final two words, it makes the Snap as a whole have more dynamic. It's far more striking and thus far funnier. So, bravo, Officer, you totally arrested my engagement.

9 At Risk Of Personal Injury

Via: Guff

You know that somebody's worthwhile if they're willing to sacrifice their own safety in order to make you happy. Sure, it's stupid, but I'm not sure there's anything remotely intelligent about love or lust. It's one of those natural things in life that has no intellectual value, it's purely emotional, maybe philosophical, too. Sure, an argument could be made against what I'm saying, but an argument could be made about literally anything anyone says. And if you're one of those people who just likes to be a contrarian, then you probably have rude friends and live a petty-filed life. But, on the plus side, I'm sure you could argue that, too.

We do some of the most downright stupid things when we start developing feelings for someone.

All of our notions of who we are become compromised when we start to fall for someone. But this guy is literally going to fall for somebody, and in some way or another, these tied-up shoelaces are the perfect metaphor to the universally complex feeling that we all have at some point in our lives.

As for the snap itself... well, it's a little creepy. It's also a little weird. Kind of not funny. But maybe that's because I'm not currently in love and therefore I don't appreciate how nice it would be to receive an image like this.

8 Someone For Everyone

Via: TheChive

I actually envy those types of people who are deemed not mainstream enough to be seen as someone who most people want to date. A perfect example of this type of person is a Star Trek fan. Chances are, if you're a huge Star Trek fan, you're probably not someone Megan Fox, Chris Hemsworth, or the gorgeous person next door wants to date. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, I don't believe I'm wrong here.

If you were a Star Trek fan in high school, I bet you didn't get a lot of action. I'll even venture a guess and say that you didn't even have your first kiss until after you graduated. Don't worry, I think you know by now that most people who looked at a Star Trek fan and felt grossed-out were shallow, unworthy people to start with. But still, it hurts to walk through life thinking you're not good enough.

But the thing about being in a niche like this, means you have a community. Take a Star Trek convention for instance. It's basically a place where everyone can feel welcome. They all have a shared interest that is something to be celebrated and not disliked. The creator of this Snapchat would basically be a god at a Star Trek convention. It has nothing to do with looks either, it's purely a shared interest that others are devoted to. This guy is instantaneously more interesting because he came up with this snap.

Try being someone who doesn't have a niche like Star Trek and isn't conventionally someone people are attracted to. That's a far harder life. So, Star Trek fans, rejoice! You have an easier home to find. You have a community who will support you if you look for it.

7 Viking Love

Nowadays there seem to be titles for absolutely everything, especially when it comes to  orientation. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing. Or, at least, it shouldn't be. But it can be is confusing. There seems to be such complexity surrounding it. And for those who don't live in those worlds, it can often feel like a little alien. Good people also don't want to offend others by nature, but sometimes people do feel like victims when called the wrong terminology. Though individuals generally seem more sensitive about orientation terms, dietary and lifestyle classifications have also been other avenues where an onslaught of new terms have sprouted.

For instance, I didn't know that lumberjacks had their own person term... I didn't think it was a thing until seeing this Snapchat. But hey, you know what? It makes sense. Vikings need love, too. That's what I take away from this wonderful snap.

Personally, I don't think the terminology discussion is a hill where anyone should metaphorically die on. I've heard valid points on both sides of the argument, yes, I know, the people who don't want to be overly politically correct have some legitimate concerns. I just generally feel that it's not a big deal to call someone what they'd like to be called... We already do it with names... But, having said that, if somebody starts calling you James when your name is John, it's not THAT big of a deal. Hopefully, you can correct them, and if you can't, whatever... There are bigger fish to fry.

6 Drax The Destroyer

Via: Hearstapps

I'm pretty sure the person who came up with this Snapchat either thinks they're the most charming—and maybe even the most hilarious—person alive. This act just tells me that. But, on the other hand, they could be a literalist like Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. This person could be from a planet who takes every word at its direct meaning, instead of considering slang, sayings, exaggerations or modern colloquialisms. And if that's the case, we pretty much should call the women in white coats on them immediately.

I will say, that this is a pretty charming thing to do. It's random and kind of stupid, sure. But funnily enough, most really charming things in life are completely without intelligence if you really think about it.

I mean, does this person truly believe that it's remotely smart that another person would be endeared to them by them writing the words, "my day," and then highlighting them? I mean, it's just plain silly. But still, you'd be hard-pressed not to feel a little tingle in your stomach if someone you really liked sent you this. I think it's because we like being thought of especially in the most inconsequential moments of someone's life. And let's face it, it's clear that this person would rather be doing just about anything than sitting in this class and actually taking proper notes.

5 Break Me Off A Piece

Via: Hearstapps

I don't think there's anything more romantic than offering to split a chocolate bar. This world is so full of despise and outlandishly depressing events that happen at all levels of life. Sure, not all of us are starving to death. We may not be worried about where our next meal is going to come from. Therefore we are allowed to worry about other things in life; like are we the person we want to be? Or if we're making the people around us as happy as they could be. Not to mention, we have to deal with all sorts of horrific interactions on the daily.

For instance, nobody likes having to go to the bank and actually talk with someone in line, but we feel like such rude people if we don't at least smile.

Anyway, that may be a first world problem, but what makes it all worthwhile is the fact that we can come home to a big chocolate bar. Offering to split it with someone, is like giving another person half your happiness. Yes, I know that's a lot of pressure for a chocolate bar to have, but something tells me that manufacturers know that people depend on their product for emotional support... Heck, after all, ice-cream is basically universally seen as something that helps people get through their breakups.

Even if it's via Snapchat, if someone offers some of their chocolate to you, especially peanut butter cups, they may, in fact, be the real deal.

4 Slaying Something

Via: Ranker

I really have no idea where the term "slaying" came from, but I can totally understand how some people, especially women, could be offended by its use. Maybe that's just because of where my mind goes when I hear the word, or my misunderstanding of it's meaning. But then again, I'd also say that it's probably not that big of a deal. And if we get to see this hilarious and creative Snapchat because of the word, then maybe I'm for it.

Of course, this person spent a great deal of time designing this particular snap and that should be appreciated. The drawing is of the prince in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, one of my personal favorites growing up. But seeing the prince used in the context of aggressively picking up chicks is kind of a childhood ruiner. Although he did fall for a girl with horrific insomnia. Or, at least, insomnia is probably what he thought she had.

Putting my personal Sleeping Beauty bias—as well as my dislike for the word "slay"—aside, this is a pretty funny flirty snap. It's also pretty creative and would at least make almost any girl smile when receiving it. And hey, it also appears like he's working as he's "slaying." Women tend to love a guy who's a hard-worker.

3 Collecting The Dragon Balls

Via: Bustle

I was a Dragon Ball Z fan when I was a kid, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it's about. I recall the superhuman characters with insane and completely unrealistic powers defending the planet from all sorts of super-powerful alien creatures and androids, who were all particularly good looking for a kid's TV Show... Not that I mind that latter point when I was a kid. Other than those points, I really don't remember any of the details. I don't recall context, character names, exact locations, and most importantly, the purpose of the Dragon Balls.

The only thing I can deduce from this flirty snap, in regards to the Dragon Balls, is that they were very important and the main characters wanted to collect them all.

I seriously don't remember why, but I don't have enough energy to go and Google it. That's probably because I really don't care all the much.

Aside from the obvious innuendo that's present in this flirt snap, I will say that the use of this filter is pretty ingenious. It's precisely like the animation style used in the show. It also adds another layer of weirdness to this already strange snap.

2 That Bowtie Though

Make no mistake, this is absolutely a flirty Snapchat. He isn't really asking for fashion advice. He's all about making a statement. Men who wear bowties are usually making a statement of some sort. And in this particular case, his statement is," What's up?". Oh yeah, he's a total flirt. I don't know who he's texting, but he or she is more than likely to be wooed by his flirtatious gaze, confident question, and on point fashion choice.

Though there have been a great deal of very creative Snapchats on this list, including wild drawings, punny statements, and general weirdness, one doesn't need to go all out in order to successfully flirt with someone via this app. All it takes is a little pizazz, a good looking photo, a confident comment or question, and maybe even some cool style. You really don't need much. And, as I've said, it's far easier than going up to somebody in person and flirting with them. Although, I will also say, that flirting in public can be far more effective if it's done right.

But having said that, this guy probably has no trouble flirting with people under any circumstance. I mean, c'mon, this guy is more than confident, and perhaps that's the main trait we need to succeed.

1 What Mr. Sprouse Says

Via: Twitter

Even Cole Sprouse understands how the dating world has changed. It's not what it used to be. People seldom approach each other on the street and flirt. There usually has to be some sort of device that separates them. Of course, Cole met his girlfriend the old fashion way. You know... in person and without a dating app such as Tinder or Bumble. In fact, it was on the set of their hit CW and Netflix series, Riverdale.

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Cole and his stunning girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, have confirmed their relationship status, even though every single young person on the planet has known they've been together for months and months. There have been too many romantic photographs of them together, private vacations to Hawaii, and public sentiments that they've both made about each other that it's all too obvious.

You basically only needed eyes to be able to see that Cole and Lili have been secretly dating since almost the beginning of the release of the first season of Riverdale.

Even though Cole met his girl the old fashioned way, there's no doubt that he's used Snapchat to flirt with her. It's basically what we all do. Whether you love it or hate it, it's reality.

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