18 Strange Things Ferrari Owners Have To Put Up With

Ferrari has proven itself as one of the most famous and successful automotive brands in the world, as well as one of the most recognizable brands from any industry. Posters of their beautiful, expensive and exclusive cars get pinned up on the walls of children all over the globe.

From the earliest days, when Enzo Ferrari himself commanded the entire company and its motorsport teams—to today, when celebrities clamor over each other hoping to get their hands on the latest special release—Ferrari maintains a sense of panache that no other car company can even hope to match, regardless of how fast their cars might go or how much they might charge for them.

But not everything about owning a Ferrari is as wonderful as it might seem. Keep scrolling for 18 weird things Ferrari owners have to deal with.

18 Wait Lists

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Most car buyers who decide the time has come to move on to a new vehicle just walk into a dealership expecting to be able to leave with the car of their choice. That’s not the case with Ferrari, though. Ferrari keeps close tabs on who they allow to buy their cars, especially the higher-end or rarer models. The more Ferraris you've owned—responsibly—the better your chances get.

17 Weird Windshield Wipers

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Ferrari's automobiles are rolling works of art (especially compared to the strange statue behind the Enzo, above). Yet in art, every detail matters, so it's odd that little elements like the Enzo's windshield wiper would end up so strange. It’s all due to the car's curved windshield, which limits how low the wiper can go.

16 Approval To Buy

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Getting approved for new Ferrari ownership takes effort. First, a relationship with a dealer is a must—and not just some used Ferrari dealer, the real-deal dealer. Then, proof of funds, of course. However,  to keep their brand image pristine, elements like public reputation, age, previous vehicle ownership, and general presentation come into play before Ferrari will allow someone to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one of their cars.

15 Tiny Luggage Compartments

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Ferrari generally makes sports cars, though there are definitely some great grand tourers in the mix, as well. While cars like the GTC4Lusso might have space in the back, most Ferraris don't have enough room to fit much luggage. Front trunks, especially for mid-engined cars, can be extremely small, while the rear trunk can rarely even fit a small human.

14 Confusing Keys

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Even most semi-luxury cars, like lower-end Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes-Benzes, come with valet keys these days. But Ferrari takes car keys to a whole new level. Case in point is the 288 GTO, which actually comes with four keys: one for the doors, another for the ignition, another for the fuel take, and finally one for the engine compartment.

13 F1-Style Steering Buttons

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Part of Ferrari's massive reputation worldwide comes from their success in motorsport, especially Formula 1. However, while Formula 1 drivers need to keep their hands planted precisely on the steering wheel while controlling every little detail of their massively powerful race car's functions, do normal Ferrari owners really need confusing F1-style buttons on their steering wheels?

12 Terrible Climate Control

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The Ferrari Enzo needed to live up to its huge name, and for the most part, it did. But one aspect where it struggled—and where many Ferraris struggle—is the climate control. Seen above is the actual climate control cluster from an Enzo, which looks cheaper and less effective than the same controls on its contemporary Volkswagen Golf.

11 No Resale Clause

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Managing to buy a Ferrari is no small feat. First, most people will never be able to afford one. Then, there's the struggle of getting Ferrari's approval. Next is actually getting on a wait list anxious for your turn. And then, what if you don't like the car? Well, it turns out that Ferrari owners have to sign a contract stipulating that they won't resell their car without Ferrari's approval.

10 No Customization

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One way that Ferrari attempts to keep their brand image perfect is by restricting the modifications that people can make to their cars. A classic example was the DJ Deadmau5, who wrapped his Ferrari in a Nyan Cat-inspired design. Ferrari actually got their lawyers to send him a cease-and-desist letter because they were so disgusted.

9 Ferrari Can Buy Back The Car

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Once someone owns a Ferrari, to a certain extent, they actually don't own the Ferrari. In reality, the list of rights that Ferrari maintains over their vehicles extends down to when an owner wants to sell, Ferrari can opt to buy the car back themselves. This would make sense if the car is in pristine, museum-level condition, though it probably applies also to undesirable customers selling to other undesirable customers.

8 Ferrari Mechanics

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Some Ferrari owners would never buy a new Ferrari. They want those old, classic designs that were etched into their brains as children, with the Colombo V12 and smooth lines that have gone by the wayside. Owning a vintage Ferrari though is nearly akin to burning money because Ferrari mechanics are few and far between, and charge an arm and a leg for everything.

7 Frequent Engine Rebuilds & Maintenance

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Even modern Ferraris, though, require maintenance—from simple oil changes to full-on engine rebuilds, the bills can pile up sky-high. It would seem reasonable to assume that since Ferrari mechanics charge huge sums for everything, they wouldn't have to do the same repair—like an engine rebuild—over and over again. Yet sadly, Ferrari is known for awful reliability.

6 Strange Cigarette Lighters

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There are certain little details in a car's design that can become serious problems in the mindset of owners. For example, most people wouldn't dare to smoke in their expensive Italian sports car, but for those who would, they'll have to deal with Ferrari's odd cigarette lighters. Like cupholders, cigarette lighters can definitely have a personality.

5 Annoying Hood Struts

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Perhaps one reason Ferrari mechanics can cite as a justification for charging obscene amounts of money for their labor has to do with Ferrari's inherently odd designs. Case in point is the Ferrari Enzo's hood. To open up the hood to and access the engine bay requires three people: one on each side of the hood itself and a third to prop up the seriously beefy hood strut.

4 Complex Special Ordering

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This is one strange quirk about owning a Ferrari that most owners may actually learn to relish. After all, in today's era of automobile options packages, being able to go down a checklist of options and select exactly those that you desire sounds pretty great. Plus, well-optioned cars command a premium on the secondhand market, as well.

3 No 4WD 2-Seater

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Just take a look at BMW's ridiculously complex and humorously-named sedan, coupe, crossover, and SUV lineup to discover the lengths automakers will go to provide a potential product for every buyer. Not Ferrari, though. One example is the lack of a two-seated all-wheel drive, a la Lamborghini's Gallardo or Huracan and Audi's R8 (the GTC4Lusso above has four seats and is also quite ugly).

2 No More Stick Shifts

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One part of Ferrari's legend in the automotive world is their gorgeous gated shifters, like the one pictured above. Sadly, though, Ferrari has decided that manual transmissions just aren't feasible for their performance-minded consumers, despite the fact that plenty of enthusiasts love to row their own gears and also that most Ferraris never get pushed anywhere near the limit of their performance potential.

1 Getting Beat By JDM Imports

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A seriously annoying thing that Ferrari owners have to deal with is getting challenged for a race at just about every stoplight. But that's just part of owning a flashy, expensive sports car. Probably the worst aspect, though, is being scared to floor it in your flashy, expensive sports car because any damage is going to cost 10 times what that guy in his JDM mod-job might incur by redlining and bang-shifting.

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