18 Things Kylie Has Recently Spent Her Billions On

Kylie Jenner has accomplished more in her twenty-something years of life than most people are able to do in a lifetime. Then again, it helps that she has been in the spotlight since a pre-teen, and her famous family’s antics have certainly afforded her many opportunities. Despite being a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie is considered to be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, and although she works hard, she also plays hard. And what we mean when we say play, is she spends her money on a lot of things, including fancy holidays and impressive cars.

"Why have money if you can’t spend it," must be Kylie’s motto, because she spends her cash on luxury items that most people would feel are frivolous, and below are some of those things!

18 We Love That Kylie Adores Her Pets, But She Also Spends Big Money On Them

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Kylie Jenner is now a mom to a daughter named Stormi, but even before she gave birth she was a mom; a dog mom. Kylie’s made no secret of the fact that she loves her dogs, and they are definitely a big part of her family, but they also require a chunk of her paychecks because according to TheTravel, when she bought an English Bulldog it set her back $50,000!

17 When Kylie Travels, She Likes To Do It In Style (And You Better Believe That Does Not Come Cheap)

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Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan always seem to be traveling, either for work, or jetting off to some luxurious destination, and jetting is the way to describe their travels because this bunch likes to go places in private planes! According to Business Insider, Jenner flys with ExecuJet, and these trips do not come cheap!

16 We Feel Sad When We Break A Nail, But Kylie Loses Big Money Every Time It Happens Because Her Manicures Are Expensive

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Kylie Jenner’s appearance is important because she has created a brand around it (or more specifically, around her lips) and fans know that she is forever changing her hair color and wearing new outfits. She is always impeccably groomed, and this includes her nails, which regularly need to be manicured!

15 Kylie Cares About Her Appearance And She’s Been Known To Spend Ridiculous Amounts Of Money On Hair Extensions

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We mentioned earlier that Kylie Jenner has been known to change her hairstyle (almost as often as she changes her outfits) and she loves wigs and hair extensions. In fact, the extension artist behind one of Jenner’s looks told Refinery29 that the custom-made ponytail she was wearing usually costs around $6000 to $8000. Wow!

14 We Know This Mama Has So Much Love For Her Daughter, But She Tends To Throw Bday Parties That Are OTT

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Kylie Jenner loves motherhood, and she is completely dedicated to being a great mother to her daughter, Stormi. But fans may have noticed that Jenner tends to go a little over the top when it comes to birthday celebrations, and it seems pointless spending so much money on a first birthday for her daughter when she definitely wouldn’t remember a thing!

13 Actually, Kylie’s Been Known To Go All Out To Celebrate Her Own Birthday

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Then again, Kylie Jenner loves to celebrate. She has been known to go all out for her own birthday, so it probably shouldn’t have been unexpected that she would do the same for Stormi. Actually, it’s not just birthdays that Jenner celebrates in style, but all holidays, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween!

12 Hey Kylie, Do You Really Need A Collection Of Luxury Cars?

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There are a lot of things that Kylie Jenner likes in this world, but few compare to her love of luxury cars, and boy, does she have a lot of them! It seems like she’s always changing her mind and buying another car (or receiving one as a gift), and her collection includes a Ferrari, which according to TheTravel is valued at $1.4 million!

11 Properties May Be A Good Investment, And If So, Kylie Has Invested A Lot!

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Kylie Jenner has grown up in the spotlight, and fans have watched her transform from a preteen into a young woman. Jenner’s family’s decision to share their lives with the world, via their reality TV show, has offered fans a glimpse into her life, and her decisions, which include investing in properties. According to CheatSheet, in the last few years, Jenner has spent more than $40 million on properties.

10 Over The Years, She’s Made Her Love Of Jewels Quite Obvious

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Kylie Jenner likes the finer things in life, and if they sparkle in the sunlight then that’s a bonus. Over the years she has shown off her jewelry, and when it comes to the items that she favors, well, they don’t come cheap. According to Business Insider, she has an impressive watch collection, including a Rolex Pearlmaster 34, which has a starting price of $53,250.

9 Kylie Loves Designer Baby Gear, And She’s Been Known To Spend Her Money On Expensive Products (Which Also Match Her Outfit)

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When Kylie Jenner became a mama she wanted to make sure she had all the gear she needed, but, unlike many other moms, it seems her gear needed to match with her designer outfits. In addition to her love of designer labels, according to TheTravel, Stormi has an impressive wardrobe, and when Jenner was still pregnant, she is believed to have spent $70,000 on baby clothes in one shopping trip!

8 Taking Time To Relax And Unwind Is Important, And Apparently Spending Loads Of Cash Per Night Is Also A Requirement

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan look as though they have the most glamorous lives ever, and they spend a lot of time relaxing in exotic locations. Kylie Jenner works hard (she wouldn’t be a billionaire if she didn’t) but she also likes to take time out of her busy schedule to relax and unwind, and you better believe her holidays do not come cheap!

7 Yes, This Is One Of The Nicest Looking Yachts We Have Ever Seen!

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Speaking of Kylie Jenner’s holidays not being cheap, we have to mention how she decided to spend her 22nd birthday on one of the most gorgeous yachts anyone has ever seen!

In one of her more recent trips to celebrate her birthday in 2019, she flew to Italy and chartered a superyacht worth $126 million, The Guardian reports.

6 When She Travels, She Has An Entire Hotel Room Dedicated To Her Clothing

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Kylie Jenner has to look her best when attending events or going to business meetings, and when traveling, she makes sure that her clothing gets the VIP treatment. According to MSN, when Jenner was on the road with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, she required an entire hotel room dedicated to her clothes!

5 Perhaps A Necessity, But Kylie Forks Out Millions To Pay Her Manager (And Mama), Kris Jenner

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan can thank their momager Kris Jenner for their success, at least in part, because Kris works hard behind the scenes to ensure that all her children make the best business decisions and benefit from the most lucrative deals. But having Kris as a manager doesn’t come cheap, even if she is Kylie’s mom, and according to Business Insider, Kylie pays her mama a 10 percent management fee.

4 Who Has Time To Lie In The Sun? When You’re Kylie, You Can Spend Hundreds On A Single Spray Tan Session!

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Kylie Jenner may travel to some of the most beautiful beach destinations, but that doesn’t mean she has time to lie in the sun and get a tan. Instead, she opts for spray tans at Jimmy Coco, and according to Business Insider, a session costs $350. Although one tan session may not make a dent in her finances, if you add them all up over the years, that’s a pretty big chunk of change!

3 She Has Designers Scrambling To Dress Her, And Kylie’s Wardrobe Is Enviable (And Expensive)

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Kylie Jenner has collaborated with big clothing retailers, and although she does wear some high street brands, her wardrobe is also filled with designer clothing, and we all know that these pieces cost thousands of dollars! Although we cannot know for sure what Kylie Jenner’s closet is worth, we do know that her bags are worth over $1 million (more on that later)!

2 Kylie Likes To Reinvent Herself, And It’s Not Just Extensions That She Spends Thousands On, But Also Wigs

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Kylie Jenner has been known to sport brightly-colored hairdos, and she doesn’t get these looks by dying her own hair, rather she opts for wigs. And these wigs are not the type you get from the local party store, instead, they come from hair guru, Tokyo Stylez, and according to TheTalko, they can cost between $600 to $5,000 per piece.

1 Can You Imagine Having A Purse Collection Worth More Than Some People’s Homes?!

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Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe is not just made up of expensive clothing, but also ridiculously overpriced accessories, and she has a love for handbags! According to TheTalko, she has a purse collection worth over $1 million, and some of her prized bags include a chocolate-colored Hermés Birkin bag (actually she has many from this luxury brand), as well as from Fendi, Chanel, and Dior.

Sources: TheTravel, BusinessInsider, Refinery29, CheatSheet, Kylie Jenner Instagram, The Guardian, MSN, TheTalko.

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