18 Times Dogs Were Just Too Good For Us

Humans, by design, are flawed. We get jealous and lose our tempers, sometimes to the point of the war. We create and entrap ourselves in systems of oppression and competition. And sadly, we get so swept up in our race for future success, we all too often forget to enjoy the present. Dogs, on the other hand, are pretty much perfect. Sure, they may pee on the carpet or bark at inanimate objects for no reason, but they commit zero of the atrocities humans do so we give them a pass on that one. Dogs never verbally abuse or buy weapons. They don't oppress or imprison any other animals. And if there's one thing they're perfect at, it's living in the moment. We don't know what humans did to deserve these precious creatures, but by god, we're glad they're here. These are 18 times dogs were just too good for us.

18 When they proved to be lovers of all creatures

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Dogs are some of the sweetest creatures on earth. They can always tell when their guardians are upset and comfort them, they never judge or show prejudice and they accept most creatures they cross paths with. How else could you explain how this teeny tiny snail felt comfortable enough slinking his way to the top of this doggo? The only explanation is that this doggie was sooo chill and welcoming that this snail took one look at the top of that furry lil head said, “I want to go to there.” Humans can barely show this kind of openness with other people from our same species and it's usually just because they look different. Clearly we can all take a page from this dog's book.

17 When they went all "Lassie" and found you despite all odds

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If this pup isn’t the most loyal dog you've ever heard of, we don’t know who is. When this pup realized his guardian hadn't come home after a trip to the hospital, he knew he had to do something. Not only is this doggo incredibly perceptive but he is clearly an impeccable navigator, even sans Google Maps! While some loyal dogs go for the “stay in this one spot until my human comes back” route, this pupper was clearly way too proactive for that. Instead he escaped his house (we’re not gonna ask how) and followed his snout all the way to his guardian. A+ sniffing, bud! This doggo is as loyal as furry friends get and clearly was meant to be a bomb-sniffing dog or a detective on CSI. Seriously, this is impressive.

16 When they were down for pretty much anything

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Humans can be so difficult. Before you can be friends with them, you have to converse and see if you have anything in common, hang out for extended periods of time, have heart to hearts and maintain contact with phone calls and texts. How exhausting. Dogs on the other hand are easy. It takes about five seconds to establish friendship with most of them and as long as you throw them the occasional belly rub and doggy treat, you're good to go. On top of being the easiest friend to make, they're always down for whatever you have planned. Walk through the park? They're stoked about it. Spend the entire day learning a new trick? No problem. Help move a vehicle even though they have no upper body strength and don't even fully comprehend what they're doing? Of course! Dogs are da bomb.

15 When they were the sweetest Skype partners ever

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Ow, our hearts are hurting from how sweet this is. Considering how much dogs miss their humans when they're away just for a day, we can only imagine how they get after longer periods of time. Thankfully, because of technology, it's become easier and easier to interact with our dogs, even when we're away. Some gadgets are fancy and let you dispense treats for your dog while you’re at work, others just have a camera so that you can see what shenanigans your pup is up to and then, there’s Skype, otherwise known to your dog as “seeing a computer version of my favorite human on earth.” Anyone who has ever video chatted with their dog knows that there’s no feeling quite like seeing your dog freak out and try to wrap his head around being able to see you yet not being in the same vicinity. Hey, as humans, we’re pretty amazed ourselves. Sadly, the Skype session must eventually come to an end, leaving many pups like the one above with no choice but to stay close to where they saw their human last. So sweet.

14 When they choose you over everyone

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A trip to the park is an exciting experience for any dog. They get to interact with creatures that actually look, smell and act like them, there are usually plenty of sticks to play with and it’s definitely more exciting than just roaming around a backyard. Considering how fun this outing can be, it's no surprise that dogs go berserk the moment they enter a park and typically aren't down for just chilling with their guardian like they usually are. Well, except for this dog, that is. It's clear that this pupper has some deep love for his human. How else could you explain that with all of the fun he could be having running around the dog park he is instead curling up next to his guardian for a reading sesh, without even being able to read! That's true love.

13 When they were needy in the cutest way

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If dogs could find a way to keep you home with them all the time, they would do it in an instant. After all, dogs don’t understand all of the responsibilities of life. In their world, there are no bills, no need for money or a 401K, and no reason to really leave the house except to enjoy the sun. Hey, if we could all follow the doggy lifestyle, we would. Since dogs can’t really wrap their heads around where humans go and why in the world they would leave them, they understandably freak out when their best friends head towards the door. Some dogs start crying and whimpering, some try to block the door, and some (like the doggo above) just try to follow their humans, no matter what stands in their way. Oh, you needy little monsters, we love you.

12 When they proved to be more polite than some humans

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We think it’s safe to say that dogs are vastly superior to humans. They’ve never started a war, they haven’t traded in the wonders of nature for technology and generally, they are way sweeter than us humans could ever hope to become. This handsome pup is the perfect example of the incredibly sweet and innately kind demeanor some dogs possess. Instead of running up to their guardian and demanding their treat, this guy is respecting the rules of society and waiting in line like the rest of his little animal buddies. Yeah, these “animals” aren’t actually real, but wow! This pupper is more polite than a lot of humans out there! Somebody needs to put this photo up to remind humans that if this dog can be patient, they can, too.

11 When they yanked on your heart strings

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When you grow up alongside a puppy, you form an unbreakable bond with that animal. You’ve spent countless hours playing together, they’ve offered you unconditional love through some of life’s hardest moments and you’ve watched them grow into a truly awesome friend. However, as we all know, life can pull us in a bunch of different directions, and many times it’s away from our furry friends. Leaving your childhood home and pup is a heartbreaking experience that makes you just want to pick up a guitar and go Taylor Swift all over it. And the situation is made exponentially worse when your mom sends that inevitable post-graduation photo: your dog reacting to your absence. Just stab us with a thousand knives, why don’t ya?!

10 When they were more courteous than most drunks

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We know this article may seem like we think dogs are flawless, but don’t be confused, we know dogs aren’t always perfect. Dogs have accidents in the house, act up when they don’t get exactly what they want and freak out on a stranger for no apparent reason. The puppy above, for instance, must’ve had a rough night ‘cause now his dinner is all over the carpet. Happens to the best of us, pup. While some dogs would see their mess and run away out of fear and shame, this puppy is not only confronting what he did but is offering some support to his human who has been left with the unsightly task of cleaning up. Hey, most drunk people don’t even do that.

9 When they showed us all how to appreciate our elders

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: dogs are infinitely better than humans. When humans judge and critique, dogs accept and love. They don’t discriminate based on gender, race, creed, or age because let’s get real, all head pats are equally awesome in their eyes. The pupper in the photo above is the perfect example of this commendable attitude. While hanging with a senior citizen may not seem like a blast to some people, this dog is more than happy to spend his time hanging with an elder. Taking naps, going on walks, simply sitting on a chair and looking out the window—these guys basically love all of the same activities! Yep, we could all learn how to appreciate the company of our elders, dogs sure have.

8 When they got a taste of freedom and decided you were better

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Dogs are very sensitive animals. If you’ve ever stepped on your poor floof’s tail, you know this to be true. Dogs can get truly offended when you fake throw their favorite ball, don’t play with them when they’re yearning for it or basically do anything that mildly annoys them. From here, the situation can go in many different ways. They may just pout and put their heads down, they may start gnawing on your hand or they might be like the dog above, and run away from home. Dogs need a guardian, though. If they choose the latter route, it’s only a matter of time before they’re missing the plush comfort of their doggie bed, the warm touch of their human’s hand and the cyclic meals. Before you know it, they’re pawing at the front door, begging to get in. Yep, even when they act up, dogs always remember how good they actually have it.

7 When they proved to be more relatable than you ever imagined

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When you think about it, dogs are a lot like us. They get incredibly excited when they see dinner is about to be served, they know the value of a walk through nature and, well, sometimes they get tired from caring for their pups all day. You know how it is for moms. There are no breaks and no sick days. It’s a 24-hour job that requires constant attention, steadfast patience and an internal pep talk as compelling as a Tony Robbins seminar. As fulfilling as life as a mother can be, everybody needs a break, even moms. This fact is no different for dog mom. This golden retriever momma, for instance, has found a moment of recluse in the bath tub—classic mom hiding spot. Take a breather, momma, you deserve it!

6 When they invaded your personal space in the best way possible

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If there’s one thing dogs don’t have, it’s a sense of personal space. Oh, you're enjoying a nice dinner with your significant other after a long day? How about a stare down that makes you feel horrible for not intentionally dropping your food on the floor? You selfish human you. Or how about that study session you desperately need to have to pass your test? Would a puppy laying right over your keyboard make that easier for you? Yeah, dogs sure know how to get close and personal, even when that may not be exactly what you want. Then again, this total lack of personal space made this incredibly adorable moment possible. Seriously, who doesn't wanna wake up from a nap with this snout in their face? It's a lifestyle, man.

5 When they tried everything to cheer you up

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Like we mentioned before, dogs are incredibly affectionate and will pretty much do anything to win over our love. They learn new tricks just to be called a "good pup," they go to the bathroom in specific places just to please you and when you're upset, they'll do anything to get you to cheer up again. If you thought cats were the only ones who brought their guardians gifts, think again. Puppers are also big fans of gift giving. Yeah, they're not giving you a gift card or a new Xbox, but their gifts are sweet nonetheless. A pine cone? In dog world, that's like a Rolex watch. Except even better because this pupper didn't just go to a store ready to drop some cash, they went out and tirelessly searched for the perfect gift from nature. That’s effort.

4 When they were incredibly patient

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If you truly want to marvel at a dog’s patience, put a baby near them. That small human will tug at their pet’s tails, step on their paws and continuously try to climb them like a jungle gym and what will you see when you look at that dog’s face? Nothing but patience. Nothing but a stoic look of “this tiny human is pretty damn annoying but I will do the noble thing and protect it anyway.” That’s loyalty, man! That being said, a dog will still try their best to protect themselves as well. Just look at this husky. Clearly not her first rodeo. She knows better than to just chill when there’s a baby around. Does she run into another room though? Nope. She just "baby-proofs" herself and let's the baby have at it. Good sport is an understatement.

3 When they stayed by you when you needed them most

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Dogs are there during our most vulnerable moments. They always run over when they see you crying, they’ve definitely seen some embarrassing falls over the years and if you happen to get really sick, they’re there to lend you some furry support. Yeah, laying in a hospital bed for hours on end is way less fun than playing fetch or running around the dog park, but for the pupper in the photo above, it’s just part of being loyal. Why would he want to languish alone at home when he can be right on the front lines of their human's recovery. Plus, since he’s a big ol’ doggo, there’s really no need for the nurse to bring around extra blankets. Making life easier for everybody, it's what dogs do.

2 When they knew the art of trade far too well

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It's second nature for dogs to want, well, pretty much whatever you have. Sometimes, it's a tasty morsel of food hanging off your fork, other times it's a piece of jewelry they have mistaken for a toy and if you're giving attention to your laptop more than them, you can bet they're going to turn that keyboard into a personal bed. Dogs aren't just beggars, though. They know how to barter for what they want. If playing dead gets them a piece of jerky, they'll do it. If getting their own leash from the door gets them a belly rub, they'll fetch. And every once in a while, you'll get a crew of pups, like the one in the photo above, who have clearly mastered the art of trade. Pretty impressive.

1 When they were the best pets ever

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Dogs are such good sports. You can tease them and cuddle them virtually whenever you want, they don’t claw your face off even when you pull the fake fetch trick and they keep their chill even when you dress them up in ridiculous outfits. Yup, nothing makes a human happier than dressing their pupper up in all sorts of garments from coats and sweaters in the winter, costumes during Halloween and, of course, pajamas just for cute and totally Insta-worthy shots. Pit bulls may be thought of by some as having an aggressive nature and violent roots, but we can guarantee that no one is thinking that pit bulls are dangerous when looking at this adorable photo. Just look at them! Dressed up in a onesie and still keeping their chill. Dogs are the best.

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